• Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • TOP 100 FUT CHAMPIONS REWARDS!! FIFA 20 Ultimate Team
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Comments • 111

  • Matthias
    Matthias Month ago

    1:55 me on tinder

  • Jayden Yarrow
    Jayden Yarrow Month ago

    Your content is so bad you never have good videos

  • keith Andolini
    keith Andolini Month ago

    Hello a french guy robert87000 say that he beats you during the last fut champion ,i don't believe it.

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob Month ago

    Tekks is hands down best fifa player

  • Logan Helton
    Logan Helton Month ago +1

    Show all you get from a pack please its boring when you cut out a walkout even if they’re bad

  • isaac evensen
    isaac evensen Month ago

    When you play a match. Do you focus on the player, the ball or the enemy player?? Someone help

    • Theodore Bagwell
      Theodore Bagwell Month ago +1

      isaac evensen I know it’s a bit of an awkward answer but it’s really necessary

    • isaac evensen
      isaac evensen Month ago +2

      Theodore Bagwell Alright

    • Theodore Bagwell
      Theodore Bagwell Month ago +3

      isaac evensen all of them at once

  • Dylan Laws
    Dylan Laws Month ago

    Im really starting to get bored of these fut champs rewards, nobody ever packs anything and I watch them all, EA really needs to fix this.

  • HERO 0
    HERO 0 Month ago +1


  • Youss FC
    Youss FC Month ago +1

    Dope! Cool game

  • Alfons Isaksson
    Alfons Isaksson Month ago

    why is tekkz so happy for shelvey

  • Arisio Batista
    Arisio Batista Month ago

    Tekkz coming to Brazil to teach me play big Hug you are the Player

  • Danny Villamizar
    Danny Villamizar Month ago

    why do you use joao cancelo over kyle walker

  • Its Skinkly
    Its Skinkly Month ago

    The last 1min was basically a waste just to get another ad in a 10min video smh

  • Tby
    Tby Month ago

    I got van dijk out of silver 1

  • Evil Genius
    Evil Genius Month ago +1

    Why not upload some gameplay videos 🤷

  • Anas&Ayub Maye
    Anas&Ayub Maye Month ago

    just stop talking and open the packs, we don't wanna hear u singing

  • dzinooo 99
    dzinooo 99 Month ago

    Stop saying im not gonna lie just dont lie ffs

  • ·Mni ·
    ·Mni · Month ago

    musaad,do u remember thia name?

  • HarveyH 01
    HarveyH 01 Month ago

    7:45 he got van dijk

  • The DankFish
    The DankFish Month ago

    Got red van djik from gold 3 sorry boys

  • Valentina Salloum
    Valentina Salloum Month ago

    Your awesome kid, i wish i was good as you are. Keep up the good work 😀

  • Ibrahem Mostafa
    Ibrahem Mostafa Month ago

    Pro clubs team follow us to feel the glory contact us to join the club
    The dba7een is back🦁

  • Ibrahem Mostafa
    Ibrahem Mostafa Month ago

    Pro clubs team follow us to feel the glory contact us to join the club
    The dba7een is back🦁

  • AMER
    AMER Month ago +23

    This dude needs to see the sun once In a while

  • Franco Brisco
    Franco Brisco Month ago

    Can u upload tips and tricks to improve please????

  • Eesa Hussain
    Eesa Hussain Month ago

    Nice expose it at the beginning still nice vid

  • Boabl1690
    Boabl1690 Month ago +7

    When you hire cheap editor

  • uncharted 108
    uncharted 108 Month ago

    pastel virgin go outside

  • Eziller
    Eziller Month ago +1

    No ones gonna talk about how he blurted the screen and played music to get to 10 mins...

  • Khaled Alawadhi
    Khaled Alawadhi Month ago

    Nice keep grinding

  • Farel Nabilaldi
    Farel Nabilaldi Month ago

    hunter on mbappe..

  • Jamie
    Jamie Month ago

    I'm glad you are not gonna lie

  • danny mcgurgan
    danny mcgurgan Month ago

    Didn't watch you gave it away lol

  • MX7
    MX7 Month ago +1

    I got van dijk at gold 3 couldn’t have gone any better yesterday

  • ChromeFN
    ChromeFN Month ago

    Football is nothing without origi

  • Le Pariologue
    Le Pariologue Month ago

    Master 🙌

  • Sauce
    Sauce Month ago

    Is he speaking english? Fuck man, go back to school

  • Faiz 007
    Faiz 007 Month ago

    I have not seen fifa gives tekkz any good players 😂😂😂 but anyway he’s beast and does not need good players he already got

  • Paul_demo 07
    Paul_demo 07 Month ago +1

    Do you stream at twich??

  • Thomas Teague
    Thomas Teague Month ago +2

    Bruv post some gameplay

  • Cameron Ironside
    Cameron Ironside Month ago

    Does anyone know whether Tekkz is going to lie to us?

  • deasy 21
    deasy 21 Month ago

    Another good video.thanks

  • DhTekKz
    DhTekKz  Month ago +172

    Editor is gonna get a Right hook, one second

    • Liam Walsh
      Liam Walsh 20 days ago


    • Killer_zX
      Killer_zX Month ago

      One2live4 that’s a bit creepy mate, don’t you think 😂 I’m jk

    • One2live4
      One2live4 Month ago

      Do a tour of your room

  • Jahirul Islam
    Jahirul Islam Month ago

    Packed Sonny in Silver 1 rewards? Decent.

  • Osama Zaid
    Osama Zaid Month ago

    I love you ❤️ I follow you from iraq 🇮🇶

  • R Y
    R Y Month ago

    these pack aie terrible

  • Gionap
    Gionap Month ago

    Look my video fifa 20 Neres thexvid.com/video/vVCJy_NG_nQ/video.html and subscribe to the my channel 👍 thexvid.com/channel/UCAnQMQ4GH51R4P1hkE0F7Eg

  • s p a r t a n
    s p a r t a n Month ago +51

    The editing is absolutely tragic

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo Month ago

    Fire your editor lad

  • Flamestriker7
    Flamestriker7 Month ago +10

    We want to see what you get like the editing skills but I want the players man

  • xJosh04
    xJosh04 Month ago +14

    Is rashford still 100k 😂😂

  • Crumbs Hd
    Crumbs Hd Month ago

    Gameplay ?

  • Finn Nolan
    Finn Nolan Month ago +3

    Played u in weekend league lost 7-3 youre too good🔥

    • Faiz 007
      Faiz 007 Month ago +1

      But you scored 3 goals against the best FIFA player 👍🏼👍🏼

    • Faiz 007
      Faiz 007 Month ago

      Salman Mujtaba agree 👍🏼

    • Salman Mujtaba
      Salman Mujtaba Month ago +2

      At least you scored 3 goals. Nice.

  • Javier Labarta
    Javier Labarta Month ago


  • 32 Grizzxy
    32 Grizzxy Month ago

    Gowa tekkz you legend

  • Samuel Keller
    Samuel Keller Month ago +4

    I Know in the First 10 sec steht you get fekir but im still watchin

  • Tajay Mais
    Tajay Mais Month ago

    Saw the flag mate...

    • Jonito
      Jonito Month ago

      Editor messed up, he said it

  • Ádám Takács
    Ádám Takács Month ago

    King divock was amazing 👏👏👏✌ You are the best player . YNWA

  • Luis 24
    Luis 24 Month ago


  • Kevin Ren
    Kevin Ren Month ago

    when content is dry you should play pes for fun