Lee Dong Wook ❤️ Yoo In Na Shares Behind The Scenes Photos And Thoughts From Cast As Drama To An End


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  • Marlene Sampaio Lopes

    👏👏👏Parabens elenco maravilhosooo.

  • Prilli Dwi Firliani

    Please real date yo in -na lee dong wook

  • Trixie Manahan
    Trixie Manahan 3 months ago

    Thanks but this video is dizzying.

  • Wulan Widiari
    Wulan Widiari 4 months ago

    Oppa .. please merry her ❤❤

  • glam Rockr
    glam Rockr 4 months ago

    i really enjoyed touch ur heart.i came to love everyone of the characters!

  • Ammiel7
    Ammiel7 5 months ago +1

    I really loved this drama

  • contessa zamudio
    contessa zamudio 6 months ago

    I didn't finish it but I love the flow of the drama hoping for both of u to happiness and good health........ Looking forward for ur new drama

  • Cool Rosie
    Cool Rosie 6 months ago

    All the supporting characters ..added the add-on values to the drama..main n supporting casts had awesome chemistry.Excellent casting!

  • marissa messakh
    marissa messakh 6 months ago +2

    Best drama 2019💖💖💖💖💖

  • 이명다
    이명다 6 months ago

    They have great resemblance too

  • Lizet hernandez
    Lizet hernandez 6 months ago

    a second part please. It was one of my favorite doramas ... I really liked the way they all worked

  • Gan Chook tin
    Gan Chook tin 6 months ago

    So sad, I do not see any love between LDW and YIN off screen. They seem to drift apart at the party. Shocking news today, LDW dating Song Hi Ho. Anyone can verify? Hope it's April Fool's joke.

    • Dear Nors
      Dear Nors 4 months ago

      I love YIN and LDW to be a real couple. I don’t know if it is true or just a rumor but then sad to hear LDW dating another actress, but still hoping that one day they will end up together.

  • TheMask
    TheMask 6 months ago

    Yoo In Na ♥️♥️♥️

  • Ycsen Me
    Ycsen Me 6 months ago

    So sad😟 I will miss them

  • honeyskies 0515
    honeyskies 0515 6 months ago

    I will never forget touch your heart its the first time for me to believe that love do exist in this cruel world that we live in.thank you for making a tv series like this.

  • Rose isMyBias
    Rose isMyBias 6 months ago +10

    And now Im waiting for the dating and wedding news coming from them💖

  • lalisa_manoban 48
    lalisa_manoban 48 6 months ago

    I will never forget 'touch your heart'. I will remember it for a long time, thats a peomise i will always keep

  • Rose Opider
    Rose Opider 6 months ago +1

    Im sad that this drama is over.... i want more more pls...

  • รจนา ศรีโท

    Thanks love you I need Drama want then together

  • anne noor
    anne noor 6 months ago +1

    please be happy and Married.

  • Editha Katindig
    Editha Katindig 6 months ago


  • Mari
    Mari 6 months ago +62

    and here I am... waiting

  • Labyrinth Atelier
    Labyrinth Atelier 6 months ago +4

    LDW smooth moves to YIN 😍
    It may just be a filler drama not meant for ratings but its so beautiful

    ANA MARASIGAN 6 months ago +4

    Love this drama ...i just hope they have a touch your heart 2........💞💞💞💞💞💞

  • Luzviminda Garces
    Luzviminda Garces 6 months ago +1

    Awwww sooo love this drama.

  • Irene Pattugalan
    Irene Pattugalan 6 months ago +1

    Best drama for 2019...

  • Acer
    Acer 6 months ago +6

    I love LDW & YIN together. I hope they’ll become a pair for real.

  • RinzU PatnaiK
    RinzU PatnaiK 6 months ago


  • baby david dance
    baby david dance 6 months ago +4

    Not forgetting the supporting role couples in the law firm and the two prosecutors and the staff in always law firm they were all amazing actors and actresses

  • baby david dance
    baby david dance 6 months ago +11

    Love it so much this should be the best drama 2019 n my best favourite drama out of all Korean Drama in gonna watch it over n over again perfect couple

  • Nada Darmawan
    Nada Darmawan 6 months ago +29

    Anything about Wookie I love it,You In Na is lovely paired indeed 💖 💖 💖

  • Die Miee
    Die Miee 6 months ago +10

    So fast ? Over already? Oh no..gonna miss ldw & yin & also all the actors whose played in this wonderful drama. Ldw so handsome in this scenes..with different hair style...suit..he totally capture woman heart. He's very good looking.

  • Bae Joohyun
    Bae Joohyun 6 months ago +27

    even though its a happy ending it's a bit lacking, but overall its a good drama, Im gonna watch it over and over again. I hope we can watch LDW and YIN again in the future as the leads

    • nako mochi
      nako mochi 5 months ago +1

      I'm just curious, what was it lacking??

  • Kichan archiereid
    Kichan archiereid 6 months ago +7

    I will not my best ever drama my first and last on going drama thx for deliver such a beautiful story

  • Aleciram Bolaños
    Aleciram Bolaños 6 months ago +1

    I love it ❤️

  • Dorothy Mayang
    Dorothy Mayang 6 months ago +70

    Best korean drama 2019 Touch your heart..love them all

  • Elena Dumi
    Elena Dumi 6 months ago


  • QueenB6230
    QueenB6230 6 months ago +31

    LOVED it!!! The best drama for 2019, so far. Amazing cast and crew, story line and everything. Made me cry, laugh out loud and fall in love.

  • Nurfaisah Murtang
    Nurfaisah Murtang 6 months ago +4

    Love them so much 💞💞💞💞💞

    JCS CHOI 6 months ago +1