Do All Atheists Think The Same?

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
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Comments • 14 714

  • Jubilee
    Jubilee  25 days ago +851

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    • Roc Ghost
      Roc Ghost 8 days ago

      @NimberethI'm not

    • Sh! Sch?
      Sh! Sch? 16 days ago

      Please release the full version of this!!!!!!

    • chris sonofpear1
      chris sonofpear1 19 days ago

      Speaking as an agnostic, and from what I observe, there are two basic types:
      Those who believe God either does not exist or cannot be reliably proven to, and those who would not agree God can be defined at all, seeing a fairly paradoxical or tautological definition thereof to usually be given.

    • AzureAnie
      AzureAnie 22 days ago +1

      Now do an Odd Man Out for this

      DIFFERENT NAME 22 days ago

      You should do people with the exact age and birthday and lived in the same place there whole life

  • Supreme Zay
    Supreme Zay 2 hours ago

    Wish they had someone like me on here who was actually just raised non religous haha but than again our non-chalance would probably ruin it its really a whooole different mindset

  • Ulfberth War-Bear
    Ulfberth War-Bear 2 hours ago

    Dude i hate when Christians say "pray for me or say God loves you" even tho they already know im atheist😂

  • J. G.
    J. G. 2 hours ago

    What about "Do all bodybuilders think the same?"

  • Zion Daniels
    Zion Daniels 4 hours ago

    id be interested in a "Do all Young Married People Think The Same?"

  • jude hansen
    jude hansen 6 hours ago

    I literally have met people who would not be my friend due to atheism???

  • Alice Lemieux
    Alice Lemieux 12 hours ago +1

    Religion isn’t bad, people that take advantage of it and use it as a reason to hate is horrible. I think that this is very controversial because religion sometimes helps people to get trough things but it caused SOOO much harm and still causes a lot of harm. And I think that no one should be discriminated because of what they believe or don’t believe in.

  • Sally Sam
    Sally Sam 12 hours ago

    i understand that they choose to not have a belief but i myself couldn’t imagine my life without God i respect their decision and i’m happy and they are happy.

    • Elysian Sounds
      Elysian Sounds 12 hours ago

      Thanks for being so open minded, but isn't your wording a bit strange? They are not "choosing" not to have a belief. The religious are the ones choosing to believe something

  • P. Baehr
    P. Baehr 12 hours ago

    I really appreciated the thoughtful honesty of everyone involved in this segment, and I’m a Christian employed as an evangelist. I was expecting more anger. It was nice to see humans sorting through truth.
    To the exMormon and the exJW - I’m with you 100% that you’ve been sold a lie. But the fact your religion was false doesn’t mean atheism is true. You don’t want to be the dwarves in Lewis’ Last Battle who miss truth bc horribly wounded by a lie.
    To blue shirt and Jew-ish girl, religion is ultimately about facts, in the same way that science is about facts. It’s not about preference. We live in a real world. Either there is or there isn’t a God. Ultimately our feelings about God matter no more than our feelings about gravity. The key is to seek truth - what actually is true?
    To everyone, who is Jesus? It’s a vital question to ask in life. If he’s God, that changes everything.

    • Maksie0
      Maksie0 5 hours ago

      "Atheism is true" is a nonsensical statement. Atheism isn't a set of claims or beliefs, it's the position of nonbelief in theistic claims. And the question "who is Jesus?" is only a vital one if you already have the Christian conclusion in mind.

  • Horacio
    Horacio 14 hours ago

    As an atheist I love all these people 💜 this was wholesome.

  • Miguelito
    Miguelito 15 hours ago

    "Ive had some pretty great ouija board experiences" stfu what does that even mean, it's a boardgame from Hasbro

  • Dank Dose
    Dank Dose 17 hours ago

    I'm an atheist and I believe in Allah

  • Hilary Ofosua
    Hilary Ofosua 17 hours ago +1

    Yall should do :do all ex amish people think the same

  • Amy Posadas
    Amy Posadas 21 hour ago

    Do all Kpop fans think the same ? 😂

    • Amy Posadas
      Amy Posadas 15 hours ago

      Elysian Sounds think about it nobody needs to see anything 💁🏻‍♀️and I was clearly joking by the emoji bruto 🙄

    • Elysian Sounds
      Elysian Sounds 17 hours ago

      Nobody needs to see that

  • DontHatemusiK
    DontHatemusiK 22 hours ago

    These are the nicest atheists I've ever seen. Good vetting...

  • Lyricflower Gaming
    Lyricflower Gaming 22 hours ago

    Are all millennials crazy YES will my generation gen z have to fix the world when there down with it YES

  • Denise Resendiz-Rodriguez

    I respect there views but God is almighty and nothing will convince my otherwise

  • Matt Romero
    Matt Romero Day ago

    Everyone of their concerns/hangups about God has to do with other flesh and blood humans misguiding them or a lack of a larger perspective

  • Atsillac A
    Atsillac A Day ago +1

    skirt girl aka ryann seems so smart and open

  • ThatAsianKid
    ThatAsianKid Day ago +1

    Do "Do all boomers think the same?"

  • TheAxisOne
    TheAxisOne Day ago

    The arrogance is these ones

    • TheAxisOne
      TheAxisOne Day ago

      @Elysian Sounds Belief and factual statement is a different thing. But otherwise i would agree.

      “You believe because you have seen me. Blessed are those who believe without seeing me.” is what a Christian would give you as a reply.

    • Elysian Sounds
      Elysian Sounds Day ago +1

      @TheAxisOne Surely the same statement can be turned around on the religious as well? Professing things to be true of which they have no proof

    • TheAxisOne
      TheAxisOne Day ago

      @Elysian Sounds They speak in definitive even tho they are simple creatures and they seem to understand that part. If they have no omnipotence then one should not speak about stuff they have no clue about in definitive terms.

    • Elysian Sounds
      Elysian Sounds Day ago +2

      How are they arrogant?

  • Miguel Jordan
    Miguel Jordan Day ago

    I’m an atheist but i dont wanna be everyone to be an atheist bcs like if religion doesnt exist the what would people be scared of? I mean like most people are scared to do bad things bcs they believe in god, and i’m afraid that without religion the world will be in a great chaos, like criminal rates are increasing and war everywhere, i know that religion is somewhat really annoys me, especially when the people is too fanatic. But looking at the bright side it could be worse without religion. And some people can have hope bcs they believe in god. I think that all ppl shld mind their own business, that’s like the best option

  • TheReportOfTheWeek
    TheReportOfTheWeek Day ago +2

    Christianity is a joke. There I said it.

    • cold convictions
      cold convictions 4 hours ago

      @Maksie0 I ain't playing with my after life , facts spoken about The Most high are glorious..... Why do you think I'm playing with you? What do I have to gain? I'm just trying to wake my brothers and sisters in the name of Jesus Christ

    • Maksie0
      Maksie0 5 hours ago

      Cold convictions can you stop LARPing, it's really embarassing.

    • cold convictions
      cold convictions 21 hour ago

      Talking alot of heresy for someone within
      Crusading range
      Deus Lo Vult
      you stand alone
      I stand with the King of Kings
      Almighty God blessed is He
      By his side his one begotten son
      Whom forgive the sins of the world
      Jesus Christ
      FORTUNA Teus
      FORTUNA Meus
      Deus Vult

    • Anna Louring
      Anna Louring Day ago

      You didn't say it tho. You wrote it.

  • Blabber Doo
    Blabber Doo Day ago +2

    Christian: I believe in Christianity
    Catholic: I belive in Catholicism
    Muslim: I believe in Islam
    Me: I believe in Science

  • Al UK
    Al UK Day ago +2

    Delusions can be very comforting. If you abolished religion tomorrow someone would invent it because it fills an emotional need.

  • Alaa Atari
    Alaa Atari Day ago

    Ryann is adorable. I seriously appreciate people like her, who although they disagree with our beliefs, she still wants the best for us. Something I want her and Victor to see; religion is not what causes problems in this world, but rather specific PEOPLE of a religion are the issue. If some people would learn to be more open to one another's views the world would be a much calmer place overall. Just like a Muslim or Jew has their own community, so do Atheists.

  • Kenza
    Kenza Day ago

    do all cat lovers think the same?

  • Hexiii
    Hexiii Day ago +1

    I like how nobody was Christian ✝️

  • Amber Connelly
    Amber Connelly 2 days ago

    Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. God loved us so much that He came to earth in the flesh. He had many temptations, bur He remained a perfect, sinless man until He died on the cross. When He said, "It is finished," He was telling us that our debt in God's court has been paid. When he was laid in the tomb, He buried our sins with Him. God cannot be with any one of us if we are tainted by committing one sin. This is because God is Holy, and must only be around His Holy creations. The lake of fire will be the second death and final destination for billions. God has given you a free way to Heaven. TAKE IT!!! AMEN!!!

    • Amber Connelly
      Amber Connelly Day ago

      Elysian Sounds I'm sorry for whatever you've been through to harden your heart towards your Father. Really, I am. I've had depression and anxiety for many years. They led me to despair to the point of trying to take my life 3 times. God saved me all 3 times, because He is in charge of my life. I should be dead. I am here for a reason, you are here for a reason. I love you. Your Father in Heaven loves you. So much. I hope that you hear His voice and trust Him before its too late.

    • Amber Connelly
      Amber Connelly Day ago

      Maksie0 My job isn't to make people believe. It might not convince you, but it might convince someone else. My job is to tell everyone the truth, and Gods children know His voice. When they hear it, they will believe it. I'm sorry for you that you've hardened your heart to God. I would be devasted if you died in your sin, but its up to you.

    • Maksie0
      Maksie0 Day ago +2

      How is this meant to convince nonbelievers?

    • Elysian Sounds
      Elysian Sounds Day ago +2

      Whatever you say dear

  • Yana E. Yanakieva
    Yana E. Yanakieva 2 days ago

    First of all in the coran, the bible and the first testament, there is not that mich difference, there is a lot of proof that God, Allah and YHWH are the same and one God. I understand where they're coming from. Also in buddhism you are believing in energy much more than a gad per se. So to think that good energy will generate good action in domino like effect is to agree with the buddhism religion. Educate yourself to find a way to be in peace with yourself guys♡.

  • Nick Potter
    Nick Potter 2 days ago

    1:20 Though agnostics are open to the possibility of God or gods they still *don't believe* in them. Thus all agnostics by default are technically atheists.

    • Evieteresa
      Evieteresa 17 hours ago

      Agnostic people can be theists. Atheists don't believe in gods.

    • nazi mario
      nazi mario 2 days ago +1

      Well not quite because and atheistic claim is about belief (i do not believe in god) while an agnostic claim is about lack of kwoledge(it is impossible to know god's existance or non existance)

  • Random Person
    Random Person 2 days ago +2

    i just don’t get why people believe in god. how could anything in the bible be real? how could that be possible? parting the red sea? yeah... bet.

  • stoprollin
    stoprollin 2 days ago

    i was thinking that it was gonna be like “we don’t know, there’s no proof” on everything.

  • Marc Anthony Brajak
    Marc Anthony Brajak 2 days ago +1

    If you think the God of the Bible doesn't exist because bad things happen to good people, then you don't understand scripture.

    • cold convictions
      cold convictions 12 hours ago

      @Elysian Sounds honestly Man I don't know what to tell you scoffer, you would argue the time of day with clock in hand if I said God made the sun and moon to give light even through the darkness of night

    • cold convictions
      cold convictions 12 hours ago

      @Elysian Sounds that 10 day old baby is with God in heaven for his soul is back with the Almighty

    • Elysian Sounds
      Elysian Sounds 13 hours ago

      @cold convictions So a baby, 10 days old, being wiped out by an earthquake, or dying due to a heart defect. How is that baby being tested?

    • cold convictions
      cold convictions 14 hours ago

      @Elysian Sounds trails and tribulations things to test our very being

    • Elysian Sounds
      Elysian Sounds 14 hours ago

      @cold convictions He's God. He is infallible, all powerful, incapable of error. There is literally no limit to what he can do. So why then does this earth have flaws?

  • kelly schlosser
    kelly schlosser 2 days ago +20

    everyone on this episode: i’m atheist
    erin: thats not vegan

  • Maddie Schmidt
    Maddie Schmidt 2 days ago +3

    I’m sorry but the JW honestly has some hatred and I feel like that’s a part of a biased system

  • Jeffery Walls
    Jeffery Walls 2 days ago +2

    Took a class on Eastern religions and the philosophy of them. I feel like the world would be better off without Abrahamic religions. Religion on a broad spectrum can lead to a better overall appreciation of life in general, not just human.

  • Planet07
    Planet07 2 days ago +1

    ‘’ So who I’m to say who you should believe’’
    I’m a Muslim but I really like this kind of thinking.

  • Miss Lady
    Miss Lady 2 days ago

    I feel like everything was fine in whatever I believed. Until the moment I became a Christian that’s when things changed and people changed. I never knew what Christians went through until now. They go through a lot and also people assume you were raised Christian and that you haven’t did research. People literally come to me saying things to debunk what I believe in but failing to realize I know that and I also know MORE. 😂 I cannot believe how people are now it’s like they don’t like it but I’m not pushing it on anyone... I swear I don’t even bring it up but people some how know that I am and always bring it up. I don’t know how they know they claim it’s how I act and how I refuse to do certain things but don’t bring it up ! Stop trying to push things on me man.

  • Arslan Haider
    Arslan Haider 2 days ago

    I guess among these atheists most of them are not against concept of God they were just satisfied with the concept of God they were taught

  • Anti Matter
    Anti Matter 2 days ago +1

    1:27 yup definitely gonna change my beliefs because of some sad projection.

  • Clinton Lowery
    Clinton Lowery 2 days ago

    At least we can see that even atheists can be extremists. God help us. See what I did there?

  • Benji McCaw
    Benji McCaw 2 days ago

    Sorry it has to be said. Atheist are boring, condescending, know it all arseholes

    • Elysian Sounds
      Elysian Sounds Day ago +2

      @Benji McCaw Atheists don't have to prove anything. Theists are the ones making a claim, a claim that God exists. The burden of proof lies with them. And the fact remains there is no proof to back up said claim

    • Benji McCaw
      Benji McCaw Day ago

      Elysian Sounds they say their opinions on religion like their opinions are a matter of fact. They say here praying is a waste of time. Even though some disagree they say it won’t achieve anything but how do they know so much better. They don’t know prayers don’t work. Prayers have no doubt saved peoples lives in some situations and at other times given people the comfort to make their prayers answered. Here’s a little known fact. The universe existing has the same probability of rolling a dice 5million times and rolling a 6 on all 5 million tries. That is impossible because by the laws of probability that die would be considered a rigged die. Aka God rigged it. That’s my issue with atheist, they act like know it alls. When a matter of fact is that there is probably more proof of a higher power than their being none. But atheist can’t accept those ideas and say they are wrong flat out when they can’t prove that themselves

    • Elysian Sounds
      Elysian Sounds Day ago +2

      How so?

  • Matylda Gortych
    Matylda Gortych 2 days ago +1

    "i know what i've achieved was my own effort?"
    and when religious people achieve something it is magically not their own effort?

  • El Rey Del Mundo
    El Rey Del Mundo 2 days ago

    I've never wanted to be in one of these until now.

  • Abby Andrew
    Abby Andrew 2 days ago +11

    They all went to "agree" for "I grew up religious." I wish they had someone that was raised without theism!

  • Ren Tsuki
    Ren Tsuki 3 days ago

    How do are we defining God?

  • Kom Kom
    Kom Kom 3 days ago

    why did you bring such garbage atheists? That moron feminist open to wiccan and paganism? WTF?

  • Pete Medlhux
    Pete Medlhux 3 days ago +1

    Science is too young to understand Spiritual matter.

  • Song Bird
    Song Bird 3 days ago +2

    I am an athiest and this is relatable.

  • GandalfAndFerg
    GandalfAndFerg 3 days ago

    I am very against these instagram polls. it's not a poll of atheists but directly asks of an atheist experience...

  • ally hastings
    ally hastings 3 days ago

    i would’ve loved a religious person in the mix with the atheists just to show their perspective and at least get the word into their head

    • Elysian Sounds
      Elysian Sounds 17 hours ago

      @ally hastings Ah, Pascal's wager? So how do you know your God is the correct God to believe in then? Who says you won't go to hell for worshipping the wrong god?

    • ally hastings
      ally hastings Day ago

      Elysian Sounds it’s a way of communicating with your God. And believing in God gives you hope. imagine just dying, what’s after that? nothing. you stay below the ground or in a jar forever. But if you believe in God, at least there is a chance of living after your life, in a place with no suicides, no shootings, no hate. Just love.

    • Elysian Sounds
      Elysian Sounds Day ago +1

      But what does it actually achieve?

    • ally hastings
      ally hastings 3 days ago

      like what harm does praying do to you, like you hardly even waste time! you could pray while your on the toilet target than reading a book or being on your phone,. or while you’re awake before bed and can’t fall asleep.

  • drakkn h'ghar
    drakkn h'ghar 3 days ago

    Ragnar: religion is silly
    Alfred: even so it is still necessary

  • Neisha
    Neisha 3 days ago

    Do all incels think the same ?

  • Ethan Jarskey
    Ethan Jarskey 3 days ago

    I personally don't have a dear of death or nothing because it's just nothing I won't even be able to be scared, on the other hand an afterlife or eternal life is horrifying!

  • Cameron Rose
    Cameron Rose 3 days ago

    oh it makes me so sad that these people are atheists. the one guy called God and a-hole. and the fact that praying is a waste of time it just makes me sad. i wish i could go share the gospel with these people so bad and i pray that God will put people in their lives to share the Lord with them. atheism in itself and other religions are sad and i pray that everyone will get people in their lives to share the gospel with them

    • Maksie0
      Maksie0 2 days ago +1

      Don't feel sad for me, Cameron. I'm fine without your religion or anyone else's.

    • Evieteresa
      Evieteresa 3 days ago +2

      "atheism in itself ... sad" How so? It's the default state we're born into and it's likely healthier for people to not have deluded world views. A god belief isn't necessary for one to be happy or fulfilled in life.

    • Elysian Sounds
      Elysian Sounds 3 days ago +5

      Just fine without "the gospel" thanks

  • Skeptic Samia
    Skeptic Samia 3 days ago

    Ok now we want Ex-muslims one

  • Hersh Shorsh
    Hersh Shorsh 3 days ago +4

    There was actually a study where they took two groups of people diagnosed with cancer, one was regularly prayed for and the other wasn't, Spoiler Alert, there was no difference and both groups had the same death-survivor ratio.

  • Green Grass
    Green Grass 3 days ago +2

    Honestly just believe what you wanna believe. Don’t hurt anyone, and **DONT BE PREJUDICE** so many people tend to be biased against one side or just criticize them so much. Just don’t, they are people just like you

    TRAPANESE 3 days ago

    Intuition is spiritual it’s a 6 sense. If you don’t believe in intuition then your most definitely not spiritual. You can be spiritual without being religious.