• Published on Nov 27, 2018
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    My name is Alec Steele and I am a 20 year old blacksmith from Norfolk in the United Kingdom, now living in Montana in the USA! I upload a vlog from my day at the workshop almost every single day. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
    What do I make? LOTS of Damascus steel, knives, swords, axes and more and of course, I always love hearing your suggestions for future projects in the comments below!

    So if you want to see lots of forging fun, blacksmithing badassery, cinematic hammering and more in my Daily Vlog - please subscribe here by hitting that red button!

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    Alec Steele Blacksmith 2018
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  • caseydog3
    caseydog3 Month ago

    Sasquatch gonna get you out there...you are no longer in socialist UK you can buy a gun soon

  • Matt Lewandowski
    Matt Lewandowski Month ago

    good country... I have family in the billings area.

  • Tony Franchise CA
    Tony Franchise CA Month ago

    Montana is amazing. I am a Cali Refugee, moved to Utah & love it. But I’m thinking about ID or MT later. You’ll love it there....
    Great work lads 👌

  • Tyson Jackson
    Tyson Jackson 2 months ago

    Alex - I install mirrors and windows for a living. You should use some mirror mastic adhesive to help hold the mirror on the wall. You will be sorry if you don’t. If something ever breaks the mirror it will shatter into large very sharp shards. If you use adhesive between the wall and the mirror, if it gets broken it will mostly stay together allowing you to clean the broken glass up safely.

  • Laurence Gibbs
    Laurence Gibbs 2 months ago

    Alec that’s beautiful but nothing compares to sunset over kings Lynn, you can’t see it then, or when the sun rises over will’s mother’s!

  • Jacob Nelson
    Jacob Nelson 2 months ago

    I see your getting into the American spirit. You don't have a cart for your bottles yet so you tied them to some electrical conduit on the wall. Lol

  • Crazy Dark Angel
    Crazy Dark Angel 3 months ago

    everytime I watch a video I wonder why are your pants so thicc

  • DjSilentEcho
    DjSilentEcho 3 months ago

    Tip: set up some flashback arrestors, much safer.

  • Mythic Cobalt
    Mythic Cobalt 3 months ago +2

    Clearly will hasn't seen my handwriting then

  • Jerry king
    Jerry king 3 months ago

    What's the big draw to Montana for both of you....???

  • Curb Stomper
    Curb Stomper 3 months ago

    Should have moved to Colorado way prettier and I may or may not be biased cause I may or may not live in Colorado

  • JudgmentDay78
    JudgmentDay78 3 months ago

    Serious question, why use propane and oxygen rather than acetylene and oxygen? Acetylene flames are about 2300 degrees hotter than propane. I get not using it in the forge, you could melt your steel, but wouldn't it cut better in the torches?

  • Lost Boy
    Lost Boy 3 months ago

    Pls see me

  • Lost Boy
    Lost Boy 3 months ago

    Yooo dude i live in mt

  • Riley Neville
    Riley Neville 3 months ago

    swear i saw will from somewhere apparently he's from seattle so

  • Richard Wills
    Richard Wills 3 months ago

    Where did you find that dude who is helping?
    He is like an american joey essex.
    He gonna burn the place down mun keep an eye on him

  • Brando Black
    Brando Black 3 months ago

    Alex u need come visit us in New Mexico you would like the scenery here my friend ya can visit the real wild west

  • Matthew Reynolds
    Matthew Reynolds 3 months ago

    You should come down to Taos, New Mexico and check out some of the hiking trails down here this spring!

  • 316350
    316350 4 months ago

    Alec Steele what was the song playing during the hike portion of this video?

  • Jeremy Yanke
    Jeremy Yanke 4 months ago

    why propane?!? Acetylene is the way to go bud.

    SKORM 4 months ago

    Stupid America cnt

  • alexandarmakxmov
    alexandarmakxmov 4 months ago

    those Montana shots need color grading ..... nice!!!

  • StizzelCizzel
    StizzelCizzel 4 months ago

    Why didn't you get an oxy-acetylene setup?

  • Morti James
    Morti James 4 months ago

    This whole endeavour must have cost an absolute fortune

  • hummpty dummpty
    hummpty dummpty 4 months ago

    imperial system... someone shoot me

  • Jeremiah Langston
    Jeremiah Langston 4 months ago

    169 trolls disliked this video... wtf

    • sp1nrx
      sp1nrx 4 months ago

      Yeah... I know... Blacksmithing is so metric....

  • Steve Specht
    Steve Specht 4 months ago

    Let’s see a Valyrian steel sword the white walkers are coming

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 4 months ago

    Two questions;
    What’s the name of the dog?
    Why aren’t we seeing more dog?

  • Jansen Wrighter
    Jansen Wrighter 4 months ago

    With those hikes this time of year you should have a rifle on your back looking to harvest a elk

  • Romain Bouchez
    Romain Bouchez 4 months ago

    Just awesome👌😄

  • Emmanuel Etchells
    Emmanuel Etchells 4 months ago

    Alec, Love your videos, and I am not surprised you moved to Big Sky, keep up the great videos!

  • Michael D
    Michael D 4 months ago

    Sorry but not sorry, Washington state is so much prettier.

  • anonymous Pikachu
    anonymous Pikachu 4 months ago

    Get a goldfish!!!!!

  • Graham Parr
    Graham Parr 4 months ago

    I was just wondering, are you going the full Yankee experience, hunting, shooting an fishing?

  • Josh Greening
    Josh Greening 4 months ago

    What part of Seattle Will? I live in Renton hahaha

  • alex shock
    alex shock 4 months ago

    The edits on this video seem different

  • Daniel Rawlings
    Daniel Rawlings 4 months ago

    “Don’t do it Will!” 😂😂😂
    I cracked up.

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 4 months ago

    Don't forget your Bear Mace. And look out for Mountain Lions. Seriously.

  • Craig Sudman
    Craig Sudman 4 months ago

    "Oh I like fire so much"...as the overhead sprinkler heads engage.

  • Aaron Bigge
    Aaron Bigge 4 months ago

    So side note. Are you gonna become a US citizen??? Also please make sure your carrying a large caliber on your bikes never know what ya gonna run into.

  • Jman9112
    Jman9112 4 months ago

    Be careful of the Bigfoot.

  • Carrie Carmody
    Carrie Carmody 4 months ago

    I am so happy you are loving Montana, once you get settled hopefully you can find time to travel around. Devils tower is amazing and everything in South Dakota is breath taking as well! Happy travels!

  • Trenzhart
    Trenzhart 4 months ago

    Is that a Reate knife?

  • Greg Shera
    Greg Shera 4 months ago

    Is this Will guy Alec's boyfriend?

    • Timothy S.
      Timothy S. 4 months ago

      Nope, just good friend and now co-worker

  • BrockGrimes
    BrockGrimes 4 months ago

    4:33 blur, 4:39 no blur hmmmmmm

  • Snoberry
    Snoberry 4 months ago

    Haha up until now I never heard anyone else call it "home de-pot"

    • Snoberry
      Snoberry 4 months ago

      +sp1nrx I've heard Home Despot a few times but I always call it "Home De-Pot" and never heard anyone else say it lol

    • sp1nrx
      sp1nrx 4 months ago

      How about Home Despot?

  • Jesus Picazo
    Jesus Picazo 4 months ago +1

    For y'all rainbow six siege players, at 4:39 there is a valk camera under his desk.

  • Kelly Swoape
    Kelly Swoape 4 months ago

    You’re my type of person, man. Love the videos and the hiking clips. Stay cool.

  • Henrique Otte
    Henrique Otte 4 months ago

    I never cared about a vpn protection until now :)

  • Bear Brown
    Bear Brown 4 months ago

    So are you guys going to be doing commission work?

  • oldshovelhead
    oldshovelhead 4 months ago

    Love it! 8:55 PROPER Yehaw!!!!

  • Patrick the Railwayman
    Patrick the Railwayman 4 months ago

    Right: Nice hiking weather there to be sure ;) As an old outdoorsman from the PNW, May I suggest when You go hiking in future, You may want to bring along some essential gear in Your pack, such as wool gloves & face mask, space blanket, various signaling devices, [maybe a loud gun ] some drinking water, fire starter, some candy bars in plastic zip bags so bears may not smell You, a fire extinguisher sized flask of bear spray for when the bears smell You, [ they can detect prey from miles away You know ] perhaps 2 more dogs [ in the event it turns into a 3 dog night ] and above all else, a partridge in a pear tree)
    Happy Holidays... I always get a laugh from your vids )

  • DDD45LC
    DDD45LC 4 months ago

    Are you here for good or just a visitor,.. c'mon guys like you can't fabricate your own bottle rack? I thought blacksmiths make their own tools, your good at showing us how make things,.. show us how to make a bottle rack!!!

  • Evan Dickinson
    Evan Dickinson 4 months ago

    Alec, have you ever worked with CruForge V? I know Will has made a few knives from it. Knowing your... "love" of hand sanding, I'm looking forward to watching you try to polish it. Cheers from Florida!

  • IdeaBulb `
    IdeaBulb ` 4 months ago


  • Azrel Tsukahara
    Azrel Tsukahara 4 months ago

    Hey alec..someone is stealing your content.. skripsi TV .. i found 1 of your videos in this channel..is it one of your channel..?

  • Jirka Hluštík
    Jirka Hluštík 4 months ago

    Is Alex, the viking or the Alex, the chef going to appear again?

  • Scott Thomas
    Scott Thomas 4 months ago

    Making an empire I see, educating yourself on administrative and executive tasks...impressive

  • Brutal Fates
    Brutal Fates 4 months ago

    Hey Alec, I am a fan of your work, and your attitude. Very inspiring. I am a trained Industrial Designer, and currently going for my second degree in fashion design. I wish I could work with you but I am currently on my life's path and am very happy. Good luck in your new shop!

  • juantransportador
    juantransportador 4 months ago

    Can you make me a bowie knife, I live in las vegas Nevada and there is no place where I can find good quality knife here.

  • CharlotteCenter
    CharlotteCenter 4 months ago

    If you want more natural light in the grind room line the ceiling window cut outs with inexpensive Mylar film. It's sold as emergency blankets @ dollar stores. Just cut to size and apply. The good news is you can try it with thumbtacks to see the effect before committing to gluing it in place.

  • дмитрий деревянкин

    two red jewish cockroaches are lit.

  • Robert Mason
    Robert Mason 4 months ago

    Alec do you sell tools specifically your hammers?
    I can question how in the hell did you end up in Montana?

  • James Ellsworth
    James Ellsworth 4 months ago +1

    MONTANA: 'Big Sky Country', broad vistas and fine scenery. Shop is looking good. Looking forward to seeing Will's chef knives (the knives I use most often!)

  • M1A2 Abrams
    M1A2 Abrams 4 months ago

    Why not make your own cart for holding your propane tank and oxygen tank?

  • C P
    C P 4 months ago

    Welcome to the USA! Can't wait to see you become an American! You're already learning! Who needs steel caps on the top of gas tanks anyway?! Git er dun!! xD

  • Derek James
    Derek James 4 months ago

    You wrote learn how 2 rite 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • jf c
    jf c 4 months ago

    LOVE how alec's videos are 50% out of focus

  • Metal13 Wolfgang
    Metal13 Wolfgang 4 months ago


  • Res Ipsa Loquitur
    Res Ipsa Loquitur 4 months ago

    MDF is a bitch to paint...

  • hogfry
    hogfry 4 months ago

    Oh. Also. As a shop warming build.
    I suggest a feather Damascus Bowie Knife.
    Great way to break in the new tools.

  • hogfry
    hogfry 4 months ago

    Never. EVER buy a trolley You. CAN. MAAAKE!
    -Every shop nerd, fabricator, and grease monkey; ever.
    Its like using the Mona Lisa as a coaster for cheap beer...

  • C_Squared
    C_Squared 4 months ago

    Come down to North Carolina and we will do some shooting.

  • sanju royan
    sanju royan 4 months ago

    Are they brothers ???

  • The New Penny Forge
    The New Penny Forge 4 months ago

    Vewy complicated 😆 11:40 Bless him. Love ya Alec!

  • Nick Brown
    Nick Brown 4 months ago

    Why use propane instead of acetylene?

  • Dillon Warman
    Dillon Warman 4 months ago

    Is the guy who's been helping you your partner? Like a boyfriend?

    • Timothy S.
      Timothy S. 4 months ago

      Nope just business partner and friend

  • shaw4020
    shaw4020 4 months ago

    Use the frame from the press and power monster hammer packaging for quick shelves

  • Burton's Attic
    Burton's Attic 4 months ago

    Great Montana shots!

  • Rapid Ferrari
    Rapid Ferrari 4 months ago

    I guess they don’t have snow days in Montana

  • Shutup Orpissoff
    Shutup Orpissoff 4 months ago

    So you totally ripped off Albatross by Fleetwood Mac and got away with it? (5.00)

  • SandCrabNews
    SandCrabNews 4 months ago

    Outlets were masked good. My father was an electrical contractor. Remove wall plate, spot of tape, paint.

  • Långöra
    Långöra 4 months ago

    The Team America theme song should always be played at some point in all of his future videos. It makes sense to me.

  • Daemon Ember
    Daemon Ember 4 months ago

    Next you need a big old forge dog

  • thicknight1
    thicknight1 4 months ago

    Welcome to America. Don't get sick.

  • david white
    david white 4 months ago

    They make safety caps for the bottles to protect them when the regulators are on. We have to use them at work

  • Kimberly Cuhendis Klaas

    Can a 10-year-old intern she is homeschooled

  • Big Bill at Iron Garage

    Montana is gods country. Born and Raised in Montana.

  • Chris Powers
    Chris Powers 4 months ago

    I wonder if Alec will attempt to become an American citizen. Or will he have dual citizenship

  • oneggorin
    oneggorin 4 months ago

    should have used plumbers tape on those torch fittings to stop any small leaks

  • Sparkman61
    Sparkman61 4 months ago

    Carry a sidearm on those hikes. We don't want to read any news stories that begin with "Englishman Attacked by Mountain Lion"

  • Max Mund
    Max Mund 4 months ago

    And then he introduces us to Will...after 6 episodes...

  • Flying Pictures
    Flying Pictures 4 months ago

    Alec, flashback arrestors? At the bottles and inline at the hand piece. Its coming eh, lots to do but fantastic place.

  • PeacefulGoon39
    PeacefulGoon39 4 months ago

    love that you both are working together I was a bit sad he was also going to leave !! but nice news !! you guys are awesome !!

  • Jack McMahon
    Jack McMahon 4 months ago

    What’s with the blurred white board at 4:30??? Hiding a master plan are we?

  • Admiral Stoic Rum
    Admiral Stoic Rum 4 months ago

    Oh you should make a flexible boning knife. That would be amazing to see how much flex ya'll can put on it.

  • CmrdDarius Sapphire
    CmrdDarius Sapphire 4 months ago

    The mountains are calling out to Alec's inner Dwarven Blacksmith, "Go find that Mithral Ore!!!"

  • Donald Duncan
    Donald Duncan 4 months ago

    Curios question why didn't you just not build a welding cart for torches

  • Myzt1c Z3r0
    Myzt1c Z3r0 4 months ago

    I am happy that you are taking time to get out, and enjoy the outdoors there it is nice. Any chance that you guys are going to give full cnc a spot in your new shop?

  • Ragpots ceramics
    Ragpots ceramics 4 months ago

    Hats off to Alec - moved to an entirely new continent, and missed about 2days of vids!