Johnson Requests an Extension from the EU - Brexit Explained

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
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    Despite promising for months that the UK would leave the EU on the 31st October; this weekend Parliament forced Johnson to ask for an extension to the deadline. However, Johnson went some way to get around this, by sending three letters to the EU including one where he laid out how much he disliked the idea of an extension. In this video, we explain exactly what happened, and discuss the legality of Johnson's move.
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Comments • 864

  • Rolando Cueva
    Rolando Cueva Month ago

    What happened to your voice?

  • conservative intellectual

    Content on this channel is getting repetitive...

  • Susan Appleby
    Susan Appleby Month ago

    No if's no buts. Very impressive stuf.

  • RP
    RP Month ago

    If this happened in normal country Benn act itself would ve illegal As it violates Basic human right to free speech... But UK Is a ahithole when IT comes to human rights

  • B.T.
    B.T. Month ago

    General Elections! Let’s get rid of the remoaning traitors! They have had their chance to vote for a deal. Now they didn’t, we can bring in some refreshment... Brexit Party! Once Farage has delivered Brexit, we can vote Labour and Tory again.

  • Haat Praat
    Haat Praat Month ago

    I have been listening to stories of post Brexit societal melt down for 3 years now. I can't wait any longer. I will run amok this weekend.

  • Jang
    Jang Month ago

    only a few yeara ago that party was lead by Cameron and now by this buffoon... if brexit achieved anything is to destroy any semblance of respectability in the UK's consertvatives

  • JimboRustles
    JimboRustles Month ago

    Yes no, maybe... I don't know
    Can you repeat the question?

  • callyharley
    callyharley Month ago

    31st October is now dead in a ditch, poor Boris the man is a bloody disaster in regard to predictions, why promise things you can't deliver?

  • Marcus
    Marcus Month ago +1

    Coward MP's forced Boris to get an extension... The same Coward MP's would won't ask for a General Election... LEAVE MEANS LEAVE

  • CJ Dennis
    CJ Dennis Month ago

    Bring back Jack! Jack's narration is the perfect mix of seriousness and "this is insane"! Ben is too serious and not as fun.

  • Brad Underachiever
    Brad Underachiever Month ago

    Fu** Brexit

  • sam banks
    sam banks Month ago +1

    Boris Screwed The Public over there was me thinking he had a Plan does he fuck! He Would Have Got More Respect For Braking The Law....

  • zedgar
    zedgar Month ago

    Highest degree of masonry at its finest

  • Bigyeti Technologies

    so is he dead in a ditch yet?

  • Father Mark
    Father Mark Month ago

    Loving watching this clown slowly dissolve.

  • Joshua Glass
    Joshua Glass Month ago

    Just leave

  • Ben Mayhew
    Ben Mayhew Month ago

    so much for getting brexit done

  • Rob Richardson
    Rob Richardson Month ago

    As my comments read elsewhere on this channel, can I respectfully urge you to exercise the basic common decency and courtesy to refer to the Prime Minister and to all public servants you make reference to by their full names or titles of the posts they hold?
    I feel sure that irreverence is not the way you were brought up, the bona fide media refer to the PM and to other politicians by their full names or job titles, perhaps you would kindly do so in future? Your approach in this respect, which is otherwise a reasonable and informative presentation, lacks polish and professionalism and comes across as slovenly and loutish!
    I hope these two points are helpful and taken onboard as constructive, criticism with good intentions to improve rather than a blatant disrespectful and personal attack on you. I would otherwise willingly subscribe to your channel but for the reasons which I've mention above which need desperately and professionally addressing and until this courtesy is afforded, I will withold my subscription to this channel.

  • VJ Roth
    VJ Roth Month ago

    There are people who claim, quite reasonably, that the UK essentially didn't do anything to deserve another extension from the EU. Well, the UK political class sure doesn't deserve anything by this point, except maybe an overthrow, but the perspectve of the EU is a bit more nuanced, as always.

    See, contrary to what many people for various reasons say, the EU is concerned with people first and foremost. The idiocy of UK's referendum, of what transpired after it and of Brexit itself is not a fault of the UK's citizens, or at least not directly. It is mainly the fault of the UK's broken (or way-one-sided-disfunctionally-archaic-in-need-of-several-updates, if you will) political system, that favours only conservative politicians (no matter what party they're in) and decades of blaming "the EU", "the Europe" or "the Brussels" for any hard political measure the politicians chose to make (no matter whether the EU had anything to do with it or not).

    So the UK's citizens are not to blame and almost none of them voted for wild exit (no deal Brexit) anyways. It would be immoral to kick them down off the cliff, just because they got kidnapped by maniacs. It would be akin to nuking entire Syria just to get rid of the ISIL.

    And than there is the other, probably even more important issue: It is true, that the UK will be economically hit the hardest by any Brexit, not to mention No Deal, but they are by n means the only ones. The Republic of Ireland will be hit extremely bad and several other countries within the EU will feel the harm for a decade at least. The overall EU economy will be damaged as well.

    Thererefore there is little incentive for the EU to kill off the negotiations, if it only does harms everyone. The short term childish satisfaction of punishing the UK that might be felt by many, doesn't even begin to balance the damage that it would do to both sides.

    I will even risk sounding like a "leftist ideological conspiration theorist" but the only partiesthat would truly benefit the no deal brexit are the following:
    >> the ultra-rich that have their funds managed in the UK or it's oversea territories, that are the ones behind the whole idea of NoDeal Brexit, and who are doing their best to avoid the EU tax-evasion laws to be implemented in the UK by 2020, as scheduled;
    >> the Russian Federation, that always gains geopolitically by weakening the EU or the USA;
    >> the USA, because the EU will be a somewhat weaker partner to them and the UK will be economically literally at their mercy;
    >> maybe China, economically, depending on how the industries cope with the chaos.

  • Stevie Lantalia Metke

    There is still time to revoke Article 50...

  • James Buesnel
    James Buesnel Month ago

    What a circus. Most people know the truth anyway. The UK Political class never accepted the result of the referendum in the first place and have always tried to sabotage it. To be fair I don’t think this is necessarily the EU’s fault, it’s the fault of UK politicians trying to have your cake and eat it with this “close and special arrangement” exit. Either you’re in the EU or you’re not... WTO, then hopefully FTA as soon as possible. If you want to have a review in 5-10 years time, fine, but at least get brexit done properly first....

  • Sophie Nugre
    Sophie Nugre Month ago

    Just saying Johnson *could* have circumvented the benn act by resigning. :P

  • Nicola
    Nicola Month ago

    I wonder if he had to que up at the post office . Or did he go to the self service.

  • Star Gazer
    Star Gazer Month ago

    Can't Johnson be censured for lying to Parliament when he said he wouldn't send the letter?

  • Simcha Daniel Burstyn

    Hey tldrnews guys, I thought you might want to know that your podcast isn't updating on podbean...

  • Moonlight Vibes
    Moonlight Vibes Month ago

    Is 5 years not long enough for you ?

  • Sx Vx
    Sx Vx Month ago


  • Transparent Lemon
    Transparent Lemon Month ago

    That’s totally legal. No where in the law did it say anything about Johnson sending a letter saying he was kidding. He sent the original letter instructed by the law so he didnt do anything wrong

    • Transparent Lemon
      Transparent Lemon Month ago

      They should specify. If a law is vague and has and has to be interpreted that’s their own bloody fault isn’t it

    • Erik Jorgensen
      Erik Jorgensen Month ago

      You don't know the phrase "spirit of the law" do you?

  • Nicholas Woolfenden

    Bretards have no mandate or other rights to sink businesses and the economy. Until just one person in a senior government role can demonstrate that there are economic advantages no deal Brexit won't happen.
    There is no investment in the UK anymore and this will have far reaching consequences to all people, not just remainers and Leave.
    And Brexit hasn't happened in any form. Johnson's deal is an insult to MPs and the public. Where are all the deals Fox et al wanked on about.
    Project Here is there for all to see. For fucks sake listen to your captains of industry other than that pub owner.
    It may be nasty now but imagine the reality of no subsidies, no research grants, no offsets. The 39 billion pounds is incorrect, it is gross, these elements are subtracted leaving about 18 billion. That 36 was Project Bretard, nothing more.
    In a way I wish that a no deal happened. It would show Mogg, Johnson Farage et al are frauds enriching themselves only.
    Brexit has lost any meaning, people are sick of it. It needs killing.

    • Star Gazer
      Star Gazer Month ago

      You do realize your juvenile use of the word "Bretards" completely removes any legitimacy you might have had to participate in the conversation, right? Grow up.

  • MadSpacePig
    MadSpacePig Month ago

    MPs did not vote to 'delay brexit', they voted to pass the Letwin Amendment, which does not server the purpose of 'delaying Brexit'.

    Also, Johnson has not gone against 'the spirit of the law', he has broken the law. This is an exact quote from the Benn Act: "The Prime Minister must seek to obtain from the European Council an extension". That is very clear, he must *actively seek* an extension, not just send a letter.

  • Jorg Kuijt
    Jorg Kuijt Month ago

    Could you explain why BJ is in such a rush to get Brexit done? I heard it is to avoid the new EU tax-avoidance laws, which will be implemented next year, which I'll guess will stir up a lot of dirt for the most wealthy in the UK.

    Can't think of any other benefit a Brexit would bring, The Misguided common-folk will be poorer, the NHS will be bought up by the USA, and Schotland and Northern Ireland will want to leave little England and their Empirial UK dream asap

    Which leaves Little england, dreaming to be a Tax-haven, just ofshore close to a really powerfull tradeblock. Just like Hong Kong.

    Boris and his backers will be safe,..Unless the folks in the UK wake up.

    I wish you wisdom and a second referendum,


  • Michael Zheng
    Michael Zheng Month ago +2

    Breaking news next morning: Prime Minister found dead in a ditch near London this morning

  • Freybomb Irvine
    Freybomb Irvine Month ago

    Day 2546465657576566665434 of brexit.
    We are still in stalemate... Nothing has happened.


  • Richard Rijnvos
    Richard Rijnvos Month ago

    What about the third letter? You did not go through this one in more detail as anticipated at 2:13

  • WeirdestWolf
    WeirdestWolf Month ago +1

    Okay, listen, this is just fucking ridiculous at this point, can we please just force a general election or people's vote? The public doesn't want this shit anymore, they don't want brexit and they sure as shit don't want more fumbling and incompetence from the various governments for the nth time since the vote. It's been 3 fkn years for god's sake, can they not see that this isn't working?

  • Precolso
    Precolso Month ago

    If you keep trying to do something and keep failing. Don't do it again (common sense!)

  • Fla Master
    Fla Master Month ago

    Am I dumb or did they not talk about the third letter?

  • American Dog
    American Dog Month ago

    Parliament must send an envoy to Brussels expressing a request for the extension
    In the mean time parliament must move to jail Boris

  • American Dog
    American Dog Month ago

    Jail Boris

  • Matthew WH
    Matthew WH Month ago

    Love Boris sending a photocopy 😁😁😁

  • 6c33 3374
    6c33 3374 Month ago +5

    "It's... it's not like we want an extension or anything baka"

  • EditioCastigata
    EditioCastigata Month ago

    Very disappointing this didn't start the new tradition of ritually executing incompliant PMs to be finally draped in a ditch.

  • Bughatii Lovren
    Bughatii Lovren Month ago +1

    Imagine received two letters one contradicting the other

    • Unlawful_Falafel
      Unlawful_Falafel Month ago

      i mean i'm sure they expected it to happen so i doubt it was very confusing when it did

  • TheViperFan
    TheViperFan Month ago

    Did BoJo not shout very often and lozdly, that 'great' britain will leave at October the 31th?
    Well, you should not take a clown serious.
    What a shit-show.
    I really feel bad for the people of Scotland and the occupied part of Ireland.
    Don't let them do that to you!
    Declare independence!
    🇪🇺 ❤ 💪 ✌ 🇮🇪

  • wesley rodgers
    wesley rodgers Month ago

    Do or die October 31. Hahahahaha.. hahahahaha... hahahahaha.....

  • mattdobz
    mattdobz Month ago +1

    Wrong. Boris didn't write the first letter, it was photocopied from the template created for the Benn Act, the only thing he added were quotation marks at the beginning and end.

  • Richard Dawson
    Richard Dawson Month ago +2

    Well done Boris you clever man. Showed all the remoaning snowflakes in parliament right up 🤣

  • RabbidTheNabbit
    RabbidTheNabbit Month ago +1

    If i were the eu i would grant the uk a 2 year extension just to annoy boris lol

    • Sami Sund
      Sami Sund Month ago

      Well, EU's stance has been and is that extensions are ok long as they are used to achieve something... 😂

  • TSC x
    TSC x Month ago +1

    Thanks TLDR for another great video/ Ben we LOVE your voice and think you sound adorable!!!/ Thanks guys for a truely brilliant body of work!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Waters
    James Waters Month ago

    Boris Johnson has been pushed in a corner by disgraceful, undemocratic, dishonourable pigs in parliament. It's a good job I'm not him cos I'm so angry that I'd probably whip them all with my belt. It's absolutely disgusting. If they had worked with the government to prepare for no deal instead of blocking them at every turn, then we would be prepared for any outcome. I'd rather live under a dictatorship than have any of them in power. The bellends. It's not Johnson, or Brexit that is endangering this country, it's a government that refuses to work for the people.

  • TorianTammas
    TorianTammas Month ago

    Johnson requested an extension so he lied again. It is time for the ditch Mr. Johnson.

  • Cristina Lexy Reef Tank

    Boris Johnson is a puppet dictator put it there by Hedge funds(Rupert Murdoch and others betting staggering amounts of money on Brexit)planning to rig next General Elections

    • Unlawful_Falafel
      Unlawful_Falafel Month ago

      anti-semetic dog whistling? really? what is the RT's comment section?

  • Laiane Peixoto
    Laiane Peixoto Month ago

    And about the cover letter?

  • roglo
    roglo Month ago +1

    BJ broke the law by not signing the letter. The law asked him to send the letter. Without a signature, a letter is not a letter. It could have been sent by anybody.

  • ohcrapitsmrG
    ohcrapitsmrG Month ago

    Hungary will veto extension

    • Sami Sund
      Sami Sund Month ago

      I hope so, it seems UK is not capable to leave by them selves so maybe EU should do it for them.

  • Yoo
    Yoo Month ago

    i cant imagine how depressing it is not living in the uk

    • Yoo
      Yoo Month ago

      @Star Gazer its ok

    • Star Gazer
      Star Gazer Month ago

      I don't live in the uk and I'm not depressed about it. Commas make all the difference.

  • Isambardify
    Isambardify Month ago

    How can the official position of a global superpower be "can we have a brexit extension please (but no not really)"?

  • Sam Vince
    Sam Vince Month ago

    It’s not possible to violate the ‘spirit of the law’ so not sure why Boris would be brought to court. Only thing I can think of is intentional disruption by the opposition because they’re sore losers and have been for over three years now.

    • Erik Jorgensen
      Erik Jorgensen Month ago

      > It’s not possible to violate the ‘spirit of the law’

      You don't really believe that do you? It is perfectly possible. Laws are often enforced based on obvious intent. Unless he is going to claim that is he is fence post stupid and did not understand the intent of the law he does not have a chance.

  • Емиля Чернова

    Brexit is no longer the main issue at stake, but how to get ride off that bloody psycho once and for all. Hope he gets to that ditch.