Gucci Men's Tailoring campaign: Harry Styles

  • Published on Jun 4, 2018
  • The famed song ‘Michelle’ plays as a soundtrack to the new #GucciTailoring campaign featuring Harry Styles in #AlessandroMichele’s latest sartorial designs.
    Photographer/Director: Glen Luchford
    Art Director: Christopher Simmonds
    Music: ‘Michelle’ written by John Lennon, Paul McCartney
    (c) SM Publishing (Italy) Srl
    Performed by Blacrabbit band
    Produced by Pete Nice
    (P) How Far Music
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  • Ora J
    Ora J Day ago

    I'm simple, I see Harry....I click

  • Emily Marquez
    Emily Marquez Day ago +1

    Harry styles.😍😍😍😍I love

  • youngoth
    youngoth Day ago


  • Elisa :v
    Elisa :v 2 days ago

    Cómo tatuarse un vídeo?

  • Alyssa Stepus
    Alyssa Stepus 2 days ago

    Oh so you mean you’re using Harry Styles to trick me into watching this ad? Alright cool let’s begin

  • PVpop
    PVpop 3 days ago


  • Shaila Sams
    Shaila Sams 3 days ago

    They probably cooked the chicken Harry left it in the store

  • Francisca Toro
    Francisca Toro 3 days ago

    My two favorite things, Harry and the song Michelle ❤️

  • SuJ Juarez
    SuJ Juarez 3 days ago +1

    *Sees harry

  • Anna Young
    Anna Young 3 days ago

    I wouldn’t have gotten the job cause...

    I’m scared of chickens

  • Anna Young
    Anna Young 3 days ago

    So you’re telling me that all those people saw Harry walk in WITH a chicken and than leave WITHOUT it, (the chicken), and didn’t say anything.


  • Esme Jp
    Esme Jp 4 days ago

    Gucci knows how have my attention 😂

  • Dina Orman
    Dina Orman 4 days ago

    This man can eat chicken nuggets while doing handstand and still be attractive...

  • Carmen Gonzales
    Carmen Gonzales 4 days ago

    No mas que hermoso sale Harry 💜

  • Carlita Angulo
    Carlita Angulo 5 days ago

    Harry looks so perfect 😍😍 there ❤

  • GurlYouGotThat Waow
    GurlYouGotThat Waow 5 days ago

    I want to be that chicken

  • Random
    Random 6 days ago

    I watched this a thousand times and studied it. I have yet to find a deeper meaning, it’s seriously just Harry Styles eating fish and chips and leaving a chicken.

  • George Boole
    George Boole 6 days ago

    Nanana mira la facha

  • BlondeDirectioner
    BlondeDirectioner 6 days ago

    Are you seriously making me jealous of a chicken

  • HairBuzz
    HairBuzz 6 days ago

    better than kfc!!

  • Amanda Amelia
    Amanda Amelia 7 days ago +1

    Behold! I give you the Gucci King: Harry Styles!!

  • sleepwithsocks
    sleepwithsocks 7 days ago

    At least it wasn't KFC

  • Maha Sy
    Maha Sy 9 days ago

    Harry's shoe looks like my grandmother's shoes😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • laura goes wonderland
    laura goes wonderland 10 days ago


  • Random
    Random 11 days ago +3

    If Harry wasn't famous and this wasn't a Gucci ad, this would be one weird youtube video.

  • Random
    Random 11 days ago +2

    I can't say I'm not confused.

  • v and l
    v and l 11 days ago +1

    why did i just watched this
    why did i just liked this
    im going to watch this again

  • *Beattriz alves
    *Beattriz alves 12 days ago

    I didn't know that I needed it till I see it

  • Gabriela Moura
    Gabriela Moura 13 days ago


  • Shruti J
    Shruti J 14 days ago

    What did I just watch?

  • unknown asmr
    unknown asmr 14 days ago

    That kid is me if Harry sat next to me 0:52

  • Cvetanka & Donka
    Cvetanka & Donka 15 days ago

    Oh my god I didn’t think I could love him more

  • Lashawnee Myo
    Lashawnee Myo 15 days ago

    Love how he just leaves the chicken behind 😂💓

  • Salomé Hau
    Salomé Hau 15 days ago

    Why spoil this beautiful music😭 now the harry style 's fan think that "Michelle" is from harry style GOD GIVE BACK JOHN LENNON !!

  • bradieee
    bradieee 16 days ago

    So British

  • Argie.
    Argie. 16 days ago

    * cries in Gucci *

  • Nana Hs
    Nana Hs 17 days ago


  • Jacob McCluskey
    Jacob McCluskey 18 days ago

    Beautiful song 😎

  • Nice little buddy Fuck you asshole

    Hey, I v been trying to find this song in that way, how it sounds there, but I found only original and it doesn’t sound quite similar, so it would be awesome if some of u found it :)

  • Emilia Torres
    Emilia Torres 20 days ago

    I dont get this, but if harry is in it,its automaticly a good ad

  • Ema Haq
    Ema Haq 21 day ago

    2019 and its still the best GUCCI commercial!😍

  • afroinness
    afroinness 21 day ago


  • Anastasia Andujar
    Anastasia Andujar 22 days ago +1

    Just casually walks down the street CARRYING A CHICKEN

  • Melek Kalacay
    Melek Kalacay 22 days ago

    İ love You harry styles

  • Simran Dahiya
    Simran Dahiya 23 days ago +1

    Harry Styles is my religion for real!!!

  • 1d2020 !!
    1d2020 !! 23 days ago

    What happend to Kevin??

  • Agustina Rotela
    Agustina Rotela 24 days ago


  • 최영은
    최영은 25 days ago

    And months later he still has those grandma slippers on 🤭💚

  • Ana Korres
    Ana Korres 25 days ago

    i’m in love for this video

  • Queen Styles
    Queen Styles 25 days ago


  • amina khalid
    amina khalid 26 days ago

    he's so beautiful

  • Dima Rk
    Dima Rk 27 days ago

    This looks like it should be a kfc commercial

  • Midnightdiva x
    Midnightdiva x 29 days ago

    When a chicken is luckier than u.

  • Midnightdiva x
    Midnightdiva x 29 days ago


  • hella
    hella 29 days ago

    He drizzles ketchup 💀

  • Prerana Mahajan
    Prerana Mahajan 29 days ago

    Look at harrry 👀 he is looking so cute 😘

  • Emily Marquez
    Emily Marquez 29 days ago

    I love gucci I love harry styles

  • Dunia Jawad
    Dunia Jawad 29 days ago

    I could watch this over and over again.

  • Peyton Anderson
    Peyton Anderson Month ago

    I'm so confused

  • Mackenzie Kelly Bradley

    This man lowkey kills me

  • Barbie Rinzivillo
    Barbie Rinzivillo Month ago

    Mado che freschezza

  • Barbie Rinzivillo
    Barbie Rinzivillo Month ago


  • Andrea Trinidad
    Andrea Trinidad Month ago

    So he forgot the chicken

  • Sana Junaid
    Sana Junaid Month ago

    0:51 lil ed sheeran is that u

  • justin
    justin Month ago

    Harry Styles😁😁😁

  • Robe 08
    Robe 08 Month ago

    Gucci your lucky

  • Q 97
    Q 97 Month ago

    Michelle, ma belle

    BATHROOM * Month ago

    Them fish and chips look tasty

  • Lexi Jo
    Lexi Jo Month ago

    that chicken was lucky until the end. rip chicken.

  • Kevin el brony
    Kevin el brony Month ago

    Who else doesn’t understand anything?

  • Ana Pătrașc
    Ana Pătrașc Month ago

    Any directioners?

  • Layal Rifai
    Layal Rifai Month ago


  • Олена Петришин

    the definition of art

  • pri 00
    pri 00 Month ago +1


  • Tysann Johnson
    Tysann Johnson Month ago

    Why is that chicken more iconic than anything any one has ever done

  • Fuck You
    Fuck You Month ago +1

    Gorgeous baby☀❤

  • Mary S
    Mary S Month ago

    *"Michelle, ma belle..."*

  • Khaleeqa
    Khaleeqa Month ago

    I wish Harry styles would leave a chicken in my chip shop

  • Awadh Sao
    Awadh Sao Month ago

    Came here only to see Harry❤️

  • Me
    Me Month ago

    H A R R Y

  • Angélie Richard
    Angélie Richard Month ago

    crying in a cool way

  • aylen tejas
    aylen tejas Month ago

    Yesssss babe

  • lalo lola
    lalo lola Month ago


  • victoria
    victoria Month ago

    This was the best birthday gift I've ever gotten.

  • Gabi B
    Gabi B Month ago


  • h. // 1975
    h. // 1975 Month ago

    imagine haz is right next 2 u and all u do is continue eating.. huh wack

  • Itz Uni
    Itz Uni Month ago

    Did anybody notice that they were cooking chicken while harry was holding the chicken?

  • MyApplePieWasFreakin’WorthIt

    This is what you call TRUE art

  • Shichhya Jugjali
    Shichhya Jugjali Month ago

    Umm sir... sir. Yo- you left your chicken.

  • Francine Garcia Carranza

    Bello 7w7 ♡

  • Singing Eminem
    Singing Eminem Month ago

    The only model that eats while posing for Gucci

  • Tania X CNCO
    Tania X CNCO Month ago

    Harry Styles eres un dios griego ✨👌😍😍💞

  • Tania X CNCO
    Tania X CNCO Month ago

    Como cuando la gallina tiene más suerte que tú 😭😭😭💗

  • Ori gr
    Ori gr Month ago


  • t e a
    t e a Month ago


  • Avril 0u0
    Avril 0u0 Month ago

    Lo más hermoso que he visto ❤

  • Camila Santiago
    Camila Santiago Month ago

    what,s a name music

  • Fedy Fedy
    Fedy Fedy Month ago


  • Emecinco 5
    Emecinco 5 Month ago

    Oh my god, I've a lot of questions 😮

  • Shae Norris
    Shae Norris Month ago +1

    imagine eating some chicken nuggets than Harry Styles comes in holding a chicken, orders frys, drops of the chicken than leaves 🤣