The Disney Star Wars Universe is Dead.


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  • R Nickerson
    R Nickerson 5 hours ago

    So... you just make videos of you reading what others write? These videos suck

  • Robert Dane
    Robert Dane 10 hours ago

    I can testify and I have the footage that the same Jyn Erso mess happened at my TRU. Can't even unload her for $3.00.

  • Tim Karlsson
    Tim Karlsson 11 hours ago

    I have read a little of an article in Sweden were they actually says that a lot of media gives us an misleading picture of the fans of star wars

  • Tor Arne Svingen
    Tor Arne Svingen 11 hours ago

    Not seen Solo in theaters and won't see IX either. Last Jedi sucked balls!

  • cowsho
    cowsho 12 hours ago

    Waaaaaa this isnt MY Star Wars, Waaaaaaa. Fucking crying man child spent all day to make a 15 minute video because he found one person who agrees with him.
    Star Wars is for women now. Get over it. THE FORCE IS FEMALE

  • MrEmpireBuilder
    MrEmpireBuilder 15 hours ago

    Of course Star Wars is dead now. What else you gonna do? The history of Han, Luke and Leia are unfixably ruined. how else would you describe their characters as portrayed from Force Awakens onward? Leia does the same thing only now the actress doesn't really care. Han solo regressed (very heroic, I know). Luke was used as a marketing prop. They had no idea how to make his character mature. That's all it is.

  • Legendary Hero
    Legendary Hero 16 hours ago

    Even Rome fell. I love Star Wars and all but releasing a new movie every year isn't a good idea.

  • D. Greg
    D. Greg 17 hours ago

    This should be considered plagiarism.

  • catholiccontriversy
    catholiccontriversy 19 hours ago

    As someone who saw Solo, I'd say a main reason it's failing is because it's not that good of a movie. It's a moderately written fanfiction, that somehow convinced Disney to fund and produce it. Generally speaking, it's a really simple story where "things happen because they need to happen" and "lets put everything Han hinted at for a back story in the original trilogy in this movie" and all sorts of other "hokey fan film things" (looking back at it, I saw better directing in student films for a lot of scenes). Yes, if The Last Jedi wasn't mostly a disappointment (there were some good things, but the bad generally outweighed the good) people wouldn't be sour on Star Wars and Solo probably wouldn't be losing money because "hey it's Star Wars, lets go see it." However, that could have been remedied if you had the "fan critics" (non-professional guys who just like going to movies no matter what and talking about it with friends and the internet) tell everyone "no really guys, Solo is great, The Last Jedi was a mistake and they realize that wasn't Star Wars, this really is Star Wars," it'd be making money. However, you have fan critics (such as myself) saying "don't waste your time on this fanfiction."

  • Roman Woolner
    Roman Woolner 19 hours ago

    I can't believe I'm saying this but...

    Bring in George Lucas!

  • ŚÇÀŔ
    ŚÇÀŔ 20 hours ago

    Wow, you really have a hard on for whining about star wars.

  • Low Hyde.
    Low Hyde. 21 hour ago

    No, it's not.
    Comes down to ownership of property.
    Like it or not bitches Disney owns Lucasfilm, and guess what codknockers, Kathleen Kennedy is still queen bitch in charge, and Ryan Johnson's trilogy is so still a green light!
    But maybe, hopefully there's something new on the horizon, maybe we could perhaps check out some buck Rogers or even flash Gordon reboots.
    I'm done with Disney wars, and I wish you guys would just buy the property, or just shut the fuck up and maybe look for some new shit to hate, cause I'm bored.

  • AshGames
    AshGames 22 hours ago

    What the fuck it wasn't that bad guys

  • Dylan Parker
    Dylan Parker 22 hours ago


    • Andy Miller
      Andy Miller 14 hours ago

      Dylan Parker The books don't matter.

  • micheal wells
    micheal wells Day ago

    Star wars is dead like the taun taun in EP V except it is stuffed with shit and dead Luke Skywalker dust i hope disney loses money. They think kenobi is their only hope but ben died in that movie. The plot of TLJ was the final blow the han solo film was kicking the dead taun taun.

  • michael G
    michael G Day ago


  • Jackendo
    Jackendo Day ago

    The only way to save Star Wars now is to reveal that Jar Jar is actually the main Sith Lord behind the scenes

  • Seth Stover
    Seth Stover Day ago

    I love the pre sequels!! Probably even more than the original, the pre sequels makes the original better they connect so well

  • Xubnigurath Dark destiny walker


  • CubeTech Studios
    CubeTech Studios Day ago +1

    I liked the new star wars movies, it cant even compare to the old ones, but as standalone movies their good in my opinion.

  • Unbelievab1e
    Unbelievab1e Day ago +1

    Just stop beating the dead horse nobody fucking cares shut the fuck up.

  • Brian Young
    Brian Young Day ago

    Ruin Johnson gets what he deserves along with Katie Kennedy. I am not the only one who thinks this Disney!

  • Gerald Robles
    Gerald Robles Day ago

    You guys are world-class f****** idiots nothing but cry babies so STFU

  • richardshalla
    richardshalla Day ago

    They should turn the whole thing into a kids movie franchise, they'll make money and get rid of all the temper tantrums.

  • Praetor 98
    Praetor 98 Day ago

    It’s time for our generation to make our own mythology. Our Star Wars.

  • Elbert Lee
    Elbert Lee Day ago

    Kennedy did ZERO to expand the SW universe. Nothing NEW was ideated or created. Instead, we have nostalgia (well done A New Hope Copycat), while killing off Han Solo, then The Last Jedi showing just how conceited Johnson is and just how SPOOKED they are with fans, that the entire film was focused on unimaginative, non Ideative DECONSTRUCTION CRITICS SERVICE, meant to provide critics with jab points at dumb movie going audiences. Why kill Solo AMD go through the trouble of telling us to forget them then do a Solo nostalgia anthology? What is the SW build put strategy? Nothing... Johnson went way out of his way to make sure Luke didn’t turn into a wide Yoda or an old hero based on the honesty of the character. He was resolute on wiping the slate clean for his own trilogy. Zero compelling characters not even for Merchandise. Not that Kennedy should base her decisions on licensed merchandise, but god, did she miss on just about all counts of how to make a compelling SW story. CREATE. IMAGINATION. The subversion crap is for other films
    What did Kennedy actually Create? Just Yin Yang Force and a nice Darth Vader scene in Rogue One to help rebuild the Vader brand that Lucas soiled a little in is prequels. ZERO IDEATION. PEople who had no nostalgia found the stories old and trite (China). It’s proof that they milked fan good will, then crapped on them.

  • Gavin M
    Gavin M Day ago

    This just rehashes everything that has already been said. Episode 9 will happen and will likely breath new life into the franchise.

  • space man reviews

    God damn you mickey mouse!

  • space man reviews

    Boy Disney really screwed this up good! The sh-t hit the fan! The titanic hit the f--king iceberg once again! All because the f--king mouse got political!

  • Jason McCann
    Jason McCann Day ago

    Did you seriously just read me an entire article? Is literacy dead?

  • Ralph Wiggam
    Ralph Wiggam Day ago

    I will never see another movie Directed, Written, Produced, or contributed to by Rian Johnson. Ever.

  • Marcos K.
    Marcos K. Day ago +1

    An you all thought that Jar Jar Binks was bad! hahahahahahaha

  • Derek Bates
    Derek Bates 2 days ago

    What boggles my mind is how you yuppies fail to realize that the "flawless", "absolutely perfect" MCU is also Disney property. In a sense, the once edgy Marvel Comics have been dumb down much the same way as Star Wars.

  • Ryno R
    Ryno R 2 days ago

    Worst movie ever made? Pluto Nash! hands down. Second worst movie ever made? Its a tie between The Last Jedi and Spookly the Square Pumpkin

  • Rellston
    Rellston 2 days ago

    You got 52 new Mails Barbara. Better check them soon.

  • Brian Fuller
    Brian Fuller 2 days ago

    Most SW fans were still optimistic about Ep.8 but Last Jedi was made. And.. most fans hated it. Soylo tanked. The franchise is certainly damaged and Disney does know that drastic action is required. The Mousehouse has too much invested to let an expensive and valuable brand fail. You are correct that KK and Crew would be willing to let Lucasfilm burn for agenda. This isnt the Disney plan.

  • Kingブランドン
    Kingブランドン 2 days ago +1

    This is what happens when you hire a egotistical femenist as your CEO, and then allow Disney to buy out your empire to make a quick profit. Meanwhile hiring different directors to make each movie thereafter each with their own arrogant directing to appeal to this shitty self-absorbed generation, and that any millennial with a realist sense of direction hates to be apart of. I saw this fact after a few months of watching The Force Awakens, and then getting hyped to see the sequel. I realized in that moment all I cared about after Han's death was Luke's character potrayed by Mark Hamil who is like my favorite movie character ever. These movies suck, Disney sucks and this generation sucks~
    They had to pay Mark Hamil to keep his opinions to himself...

  • Kingブランドン
    Kingブランドン 2 days ago

    No one can fix this~

  • Fr33dom Nightcore
    Fr33dom Nightcore 2 days ago

    Star Wars is screwed, and it’s a shame

  • Jason Cavitt
    Jason Cavitt 2 days ago

    If you're going to read articles aloud, try enunciating. Speed-slurring is ineffective and annoying.

  • elhaupto
    elhaupto 2 days ago

    How fucking stupid can you be, lol.

    • elhaupto
      elhaupto Day ago

      I'm the troll? This entire video and this entire retarded movement to shit on a perfectly good movie is the troll. One minute in and the narrator calls everyone who disagrees with him a paid shill and moans about Star Wars's nonexistent decline in popularity. Fact is, outside of the youtube circlejerk, everyone liked this movie just fine.

    • Q Z
      Q Z 2 days ago


  • LEPrecon007
    LEPrecon007 2 days ago

    I'm just going to say this is how JJ can save the series with Ep. 9. The whole Rey parents plot is going to be something along the lines of "Kylo lied" and Luke isn't a force ghost he and Snoke transfered their essenses before they died. Luke into Kylo and Snoke into Hux. But they don't really take over until the end of the movie and they have their big battle. Rose dies on the falcon while they are in transport. Finn and Rey actually get some character development. And to top it all off Lando is Finn's uncle, Rey is Bail Organa's great niece and Kenobi's grand daughter. Rey and Kylo end up together after Finn dies in the final battle, and the Skywalker line continues on to the next trilogy.

  • Bryan Anderson
    Bryan Anderson 2 days ago

    Star wars has been on hold since revenge of the sith. At some point maybe it can continue.

  • Acesahn
    Acesahn 2 days ago

    Obi Wan side stories...? Thats the hope for the franchise?

    • Marcos K.
      Marcos K. Day ago

      Yeah he will be watching luke grow up... in a desert... that might be great... right? or maybe in a prequel side movie working with anakin? yeah right!

  • Shazy Jeo
    Shazy Jeo 2 days ago +1

    Hey great video on reality of Star Wars blunders ! Last Jedi is a total waste of SW time and a complete flop movie franchise ! Watch my take in Kathleen Kennedy & Rain Johnson SW videos topics on my TheXvid channel 😃

  • ViciousAlienKlown
    ViciousAlienKlown 2 days ago +1

    These leftist morons attack the fans and the toys don't sell and ticket sales plunge. Sounds about right, communists clearly don't understand the basics of capitalism. Virtu signaling doesn't make you money but does make you annoying.

    • Q Z
      Q Z 2 days ago +1

      ViciousAlienKlown it almost seems like they are pursposly ruining the franchise.

  • Henrik Tamminen
    Henrik Tamminen 2 days ago +1

    Disney is formed by a bunch of junkies

  • lost soul _
    lost soul _ 2 days ago +1

    Who's cares about Star Wars really ! Do not waste your time with all this BS comic books Star Trek Star Wars and all the things of this Earth that you worship and bow down to it is the Lord Jesus Christ Our Lord Heavenly Father God who you should worship and praise time is short ! The force or the dark side will not save you it is a relationship with Jesus Christ that will save you

    • Q Z
      Q Z 2 days ago

      No one is looking towards star wars for moral guidance or spiritual discipline, it's just a fun distraction from life. ( or at least it was a fun series until recently)

    • Jordan COYG
      Jordan COYG 2 days ago

      Fuck off

  • Bryce Bitetti
    Bryce Bitetti 2 days ago

    How many videos have you made with this exact same title?

  • Chris Debnam
    Chris Debnam 2 days ago

    They fucked over Luke, basically, in ep 7 and 8 .

  • Chris Debnam
    Chris Debnam 2 days ago

    I was going to say disney killed star wars but really George Lucas killed it by selling it.

  • Kritterbug
    Kritterbug 2 days ago

    maybe if disney hadnt discredited the expanded universe they could come up with a good idea for a movie too bad they startes writing off their biggest fans right of the bat instead]

  • Kek Soriis
    Kek Soriis 2 days ago

    Well solo was good...

  • Emily Brown
    Emily Brown 2 days ago

    I know I didn’t go and see Solo because I absolutely HATED The Last Jedi...

  • Brian Farkas
    Brian Farkas 2 days ago

    I agree, its shambling undead corpse will haunt us for awhile yet.

  • Rob Robb
    Rob Robb 2 days ago +1

    SJWs mean to me....
    - Sitting down highways and streets to protest while doing NOTHING to directly change society
    - Attacking people on. College Campuses because they DARE to have a different opinion than the majority of students
    - ALL whites males who disagree with the what SJWs say and/or are intrinsically bad, racists, misogynistic and white supremacists
    - SJWs seems to think that they have the right to foist their ideas to the masses through entertainment (even if it means to alter a character’s behavior to “fit” the Liberal Zeitgeist)
    - SJWs right to speech stops when it impedes others to enjoy that same right

  • Nick Thompson
    Nick Thompson 2 days ago

    How did they manage to ruin such a great franchise so fast? This must be a record of some kind.

  • IamTheGherking
    IamTheGherking 2 days ago

    TFA, ROGUE ONE and SOLO are the only good Disney star wars movies. Stop being butthurt over TLJ, we get it, it's a shit film. Move on.

  • Logos Truth
    Logos Truth 2 days ago +1

    OK, Disney and Lukas Film - you have called me names (unwarranted) and shamed me - Now I will drag myself to the movie theater and pay the bucks to watch the movies you demand that I must love, no matter what.

  • jasethehair
    jasethehair 3 days ago

    The last Jedi was a stinking pile of doodie it totally ruined the franchise for me ... Star Wars has been milked to death 😱😱

  • Darkness Falls
    Darkness Falls 3 days ago

    And this is why Lord of the Rings will always be my favorite franchise.

  • Dave Reeves
    Dave Reeves 3 days ago

    Aww well! It's been milked enough lol

  • daffie1967
    daffie1967 3 days ago

    35 years to build a franchise, 6 years to destroy it, good work disney

    • hajkie
      hajkie 2 days ago

      Nah. People whined extremely much about prequels too. Said THAT ruined the franchise. Obviously since the franchise is still here, its not ruined. There will be more star wars. There will be more star wars games.

  • Chief The Outdoors Men

    And we all thought Star wars battlefront 2 EA was bad. After seeing the last jedi I realized the greedy company of EA did a better job than Disney.

  • Thomas Krebble
    Thomas Krebble 3 days ago

    We must make an example of Star Wars and destroy it for its sjw and feminist rhetoric. Stars Wars is dead and needs to be buried.

  • Darius Cole-Samuels
    Darius Cole-Samuels 3 days ago +1

    Sad part is that rose fin rey poe all have potential. But are taken terribly.

  • Mr T
    Mr T 3 days ago +1

    Its because these greedy fucks see a money maker that's all it is to them .Its the same in the gaming industry .

  • Sindiso Ncube
    Sindiso Ncube 3 days ago

    she lives of our hatred

  • ravenwda007
    ravenwda007 3 days ago +1

    Boromir: “What is this new devilry?”
    Gandalf: “KathleenFilms...”
    (Dwarvish Chants)
    (Legolas and Aragorn are terrified at what they see)
    Gandalf: “It is a demon from the ancient Disney World...”
    (Dwarvish chants)
    Gandalf: “This foe is beyond any of you...”
    Gandalf: “RUN!!!!”
    (Epic Dwarvish music)
    Gandalf: “Lead them on Aragorn! The end is near!”
    Gandalf: “Over the bridge. Fly!!!”
    (The fans make it across the Bridge of Fire)
    (Gandalf stops on the bridge)
    Gandalf: “You cannot pass!!”
    (The demon witch laughs)
    Gandalf: “I am a servant of the secret fire. Wielder of the flame of Walt Disney. Flame of the mouse!!”
    (The demon witch attacks, but it has no effect)
    Gandalf: “Go back to the shadow!”
    (The witch screams)
    Gandalf: “You shall not film!!!!!!”
    (Gandalf cracks the bridge of fire)
    (The demon witch foolishly steps on the damaged bridge of fire and falls into the abyss. Never to return)

  • Abraham Zamora
    Abraham Zamora 3 days ago

    Sucks too tbh I was looking forward to a obi wan spin-off you know

  • Gerardo Guijarro
    Gerardo Guijarro 3 days ago

    Directors made it look a little like star trek.

  • the king
    the king 3 days ago

    disneys star wars movies ( all 3 ) were crap. i didnt like them myself. if others did then thats up to you. dont force me to like them. the force just wasnt with disney when the movies were made.

  • DallasHammster
    DallasHammster 3 days ago

    Given that I saw an interview where Lucas said that Star Wars was all about the rise (I, II), fall (III, IV, V), and redemption (VI) of Anakin Skywalker, I stand firmly by my belief from years ago that VII, VIII, and IX never should have happened. They should do more stand alone spin-off stories.

    • hajkie
      hajkie 2 days ago

      Not quite, already as late as in 2005 george lucas had already began developing the 7th movie in the third trilogy, after which he intended to sell the franchise. But lucas has also gone back and forth on this. One time he said the star wars story was over because of vaders death. Then he changed his mind again,

    • DallasHammster
      DallasHammster 2 days ago

      I remember him initially saying that too. I also remember him later saying he just said that because he thought it sounded good in the press. ^_^

    • hajkie
      hajkie 2 days ago

      George lucas had initially planned to make 7, 8 and 9. I am still old enough to remember that this was his plans.

  • Biotic
    Biotic 3 days ago

    Great video and all but I really didn't wanna stare at that douchebag's face for 15 mins, it made me sick.

  • Mike M
    Mike M 3 days ago

    Jar Jar Abrams needs to go too.

  • Rob Robb
    Rob Robb 3 days ago

    The BIGGEST MISTAKE was the “SW:EPVII movie” should been the FIRST movie of Rian Johnson’s ‘new’ Trilogy (w/o Like, Lea etc)
    and NO SJW !!!!!!!!

    • hajkie
      hajkie 2 days ago

      SJW = socially progressive, means you work towards concepts such as feminism, civil rights, multiculturalism and other equality factors.

  • Lisa Adler
    Lisa Adler 3 days ago

    Please sign my petition

  • Dick In Trump
    Dick In Trump 3 days ago

    What are you talking about?? The new movies are amazing !!!!

  • gar y            .
    gar y . 3 days ago +1

    marxists destroy everything..... SJW/liberals are simply espousing marxist theology.

  • C40
    C40 3 days ago +1

    Rogue one and solo movie were good but TLJ and TFA were rubbish

  • Jesse Lankford
    Jesse Lankford 3 days ago

    This video made me subscribe.

  • Andrea Perazzolo
    Andrea Perazzolo 3 days ago +1

    I think that the two star wars stories have a lot of sentiment and attention for the original spirit of the saga and "the clone wars" and "star wars rebels" continue to make us dream. But since I watched the 7th I think that the new Trilogy will be the death of star wars because it's made Just for money. Rogue One in a single film gives dignity to new characters and shows us a long waited slaughter Darth Vader, Solo creates a beautiful background of the legendary character and gives us Darth Maul as we'll see him in "Rebels", they are good films because they make me feeling similar emotions that I felt with the original movies.

  • Martin Fairclough
    Martin Fairclough 3 days ago

    Disney, marvle, d.c , usually fuck up everything. I think marvle is the worst.

  • Martin Fairclough
    Martin Fairclough 3 days ago

    The worst thing star wars did wad kill off hansolo.he was the best charricter.

  • Bob squash
    Bob squash 3 days ago


  • Chris Bishop
    Chris Bishop 3 days ago

    Disney/star wars YOU ARE DEAD TO ME FOREVER.

  • J Egner
    J Egner 3 days ago

    Saw this article ot was amazing.

  • hyper super meme
    hyper super meme 3 days ago

    Disney it's time to put down old yeller

    WALTHERS14 4 days ago +1

    You guys are doing a great job creating "content" that just *radiates* your channel's name!
    I...kinda wanna see your channel reach 200,000+ subs, if anything (at the very least), to see how you try to convince advertisers, networks, and TheXvid itself as to why your "talents"/"content" is worth spending money on...i.e. monetization
    (although, judging by the stuff you make, that's gonna be very, very hard.)
    But, hey, I'm not some mindless mook who'll believe anything anyone says , so what do I know?

  • Joe Garingan
    Joe Garingan 4 days ago +1

    Rian Johnston or Rian Jokeston ? I seriously can't tell the difference between the two anymore.

  • Alex Clark-Thompson
    Alex Clark-Thompson 4 days ago

    This is what happens when the main aim of a movie is not to be good but just to push an agenda.

  • Global Angel
    Global Angel 4 days ago

    Guys don't be dramatic. Movies have survived worse. Star Wars will survive they are just in a down period.

  • Ev Munky Gallagher
    Ev Munky Gallagher 4 days ago

    And even though everyone is aware of the damage Disney has caused people will still pay to watch the movies. Fools never learn.

  • Captaraknospider
    Captaraknospider 4 days ago +1

    Heshe wrote a better tlj than Disney.

  • Derek Harris
    Derek Harris 4 days ago

    I honestly have no hope for episode 9 and everything in me hopes it bombs hard. Don’t agree? Imagine this... if episode 9 turns out to be a massive success all of this fan backlash over episode 8 will be forever relegated to a small group of angry, sexist, homophobic males. No thanks. Down with episode 9!!

  • Leonard Baker
    Leonard Baker 4 days ago

    Nice video

  • Jake Skywalker
    Jake Skywalker 4 days ago +1

    That parakeet faced mfkr destroyed star wars. Burn it all down. Piss out the flames. Shit on the ashes. Spit on it's grave.

  • TheNakedLarry
    TheNakedLarry 4 days ago

    U need to speak slower