The Disney Star Wars Universe is Dead.


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  • Sean Thompson
    Sean Thompson Day ago

    Novelizations of Star Wars movies used to be a guaranteed #1 bestsellers. However, the novelization of "Solo" did not even make the New York Times or USA Today bestseller lists. I never thought I'd see the day!
    However, the recent “Thrawn Alliances” about a fan-favorite Star Wars EU character (Grand Admiral Thrawn) was a #1 New York Times bestseller! I wonder if Disney’s paving over the Expended Universe (EU) with their bland, politically correct garbage was a good idea?

  • oink
    oink 8 days ago

    Lawrence Kasdan killed Star Wars. Not Rian Johnson. Not Kathleen Kennedy. Not Ron Howard. Not even Phil Lord and Chris Miller (though why in your stupid little heads would you think they’ll kill Star Wars with their style?)
    Colin Trevorrow came very close to killing it but Kennedy told him to fuck off because his movies were shit. Wish the same could happen with Kasdan.

  • Retroid84
    Retroid84 11 days ago

    Wow Disney you guys are really handling this precious $1 billion investment well aren't you . If it isn't the bland mediocre movies it's the game developers you hire trying to scam the entire fan base. Let alone the actors who play these roles being vocal about their dislike of what you have done to their characters etc.
    Well done!
    *slow clap

  • Cool Dude
    Cool Dude 17 days ago

    Star Wars 1: SJW Meance
    Star Wars 2: Fan Wars
    Star Wars 3: Revenge of the SJW
    Star Wars 4: Fan's new hope
    Star Wars 5: The SJW strikes back.
    Star Wars 6: Returns of the Fan
    Star Wars 7: The Fans Awaken
    Star Wars 8: The Last Fan
    Star Wars 9: A dead Franchise!

  • thetom12395
    thetom12395 18 days ago

    i loved darth plagues book witch made me excited for force awakens i didnt like it but i did like snoke. i was into all the threoys on who snoke was and so on witch made me hopfull for the star wars future. but thennnnn THE LAST JEDI came out . i hated it not only did they break alot of the rules and lore of star wars they also killed snoke without giving us info or back story or anything else about him . and dont get me started on RAY or should i say MARY SUE

  • Alvin Carter
    Alvin Carter 18 days ago

    Please Disney make an Obi-wan movie. 😢😢😢

  • Duncan Sutherland
    Duncan Sutherland 19 days ago much more compelling Rey would be if she had to undergo the same rigorous training that Luke did? Her initiation could potentially have been even more epic as she learned the mysteries of the Force. How they screwed up what once appeared to be the greatest movie franchise in history is mind boggling. One would have thought it was a no brainer. George Lucas and Joseph Campbell gave them the road map. All that money and writing talent just killed the goose that laid the golden egg.

  • Duncan Sutherland
    Duncan Sutherland 19 days ago

    “Rey, everything has been handed to her so there is no hero’s journey.” Brother, that is sooooooo spot on. They destroyed the magic of the franchise. There is no metaphysical draw to the story telling. You’ve been Nostradamus with regards to the franchise’s demise!

  • Farmozza Azzarqa
    Farmozza Azzarqa 19 days ago

    First Star wars, next Marvel.

  • snake knife
    snake knife 19 days ago

    SW died the first nano second jar jar crapface hit the screen and it has not and will not comeback ever.

  • Reâpers Curē
    Reâpers Curē 20 days ago

    Rian/Kathleen calling people sexist after the shitshow of TLJ

    The fans calling Rian and Kathleen cucks after Solo. Justice.

  • Gustave Frankfurter
    Gustave Frankfurter 21 day ago

    The next one will have Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck in it.

  • Harald Haram
    Harald Haram 21 day ago

    Boycot ep09!

  • freakylinks99
    freakylinks99 21 day ago

    Disney killed Star Wars and turned it into Social Justice Warriors in space. TFA was a blatant remake of ANH with a feminist spin and it all went downhill from there...The problem is they blatantly try to fit the agenda into every scene, like every scene with Finn and the general in Ep8...Plus unnecessary shit like Lando sexuality...Why the fuck do we even need to know what his sexual preference is? What does it add other than shock value and score SJW points?

  • Frances Lambert
    Frances Lambert 22 days ago

    WOW!!! Someone who feels the same way I do about disney. All they are interested in is $$$$$. The more $$$$$ the happier they are. Weather it's $$ at their parks or their movies, they don't care. I bet ole Walt is screaming in his grave about he way the modern disney is being run into the ground. How many families can really afford to take their kids to the parks without going into credit card debt??? I never could afford to take my kids there, and that was in the 70s & 80s. Now a ticket is $90+ for adults and I don't know how much for kids. Personally, I don't think disney is for kids any more. It's for disney and shareholders wallets.

  • Michael Gordon
    Michael Gordon 22 days ago

    Funny, in the recommended videos is a thumb for the last jedi..for 2.99! A new release star wars movie and they cant even get a fiver for it? Wonder how well sales have been for it to be at bargain bin prices already...

  • Just Imagine
    Just Imagine 22 days ago

    I always wondered why they keep showcasing Darth Vader. The guy who went into a jedi school and killed children.

  • Tom Van Gool
    Tom Van Gool 22 days ago

    sometimes it's better to let these morons do their thing, some painfull truths

  • MrKexarn
    MrKexarn 22 days ago

    Let just say the real star was was 1-6 and all the disney doing right now is just disney star wars😂 I dokt even think I gonna warch the last one

  • Twilight Shooter
    Twilight Shooter 23 days ago

    Boycott anything Ryan Johnson or Kathleen Kennedy in the future.

  • Bryan Johnstone
    Bryan Johnstone 24 days ago

    I want to see the world expanded, I'm not interested in more of the same. I've only seen the ep 7 and rogue 1 (of the new movies), neither made me feel like I need to continue watching or that I'm really missing much. I may watch the new trilogy all together or not, call me of Disney decides to do Knights of the old republic.

  • Stephanie Loverde
    Stephanie Loverde 24 days ago

    The prequel trilogy DID NOT leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth. Maybe a select number of “fans” but not everyone. Prequel haters are the reason we have Disney now, because they drove Lucas away from his own franchise and are why he said he wouldn’t make anymore since everyone says what a terrible person he is. Which is also why he described the Star Wars sale as a divorce. So thanks a lot prequel haters. You may walk like men, but you are still vicious, mindless monsters for giving us Disney.

  • 1oAce
    1oAce 24 days ago

    I love it when something fails... And they argue it was because it was too smart for the audience.

  • Matthew Crazy Wolf Story

    I'm learning film making in college. My film and narrative class is teaching us about misogyny, racism, sexism, white male privilege, and the entire time all I can think about is how TLJ preaches this bullshit and how much it failed. Then I realised that I may be wasting a ton of my money for this.

  • David Parry
    David Parry 26 days ago +1

    SJW Wars.... the Empire loses AGAIN!

  • Kevin McKinnon
    Kevin McKinnon 26 days ago

    Fuck it. I wonder what Star Trek is up to.

  • ConspiracyKill Happens

    I HATE when people lump in the Disney wars failures with comparisons to the prequels. The prequels ARE the BEST made Star Wars movies. Hating it was just trendy.

  • dan broski
    dan broski 27 days ago

    *looks at disney*
    Me: I HATE YOU

  • andrew clark
    andrew clark 29 days ago

    (((Disney))) everyone's favourite tribe of red sea pedestrians, using an IP to "hammer whitey more"
    who could have guessed it.

  • Shannon Pace
    Shannon Pace 29 days ago

    STAR WARS = R.I.P.

  • emmm
    emmm 29 days ago

    Wow, I had no idea about all this garbage going on.

  • ohgary
    ohgary 29 days ago

    IMHO your channel isn't video it's really audio, i.e., a radio program. Just say in'.

  • liam holloway
    liam holloway Month ago

    Sexist and racist because I hate rose and I’m beginning to Star dislike the actress. Kill bill go go yuburi fucking lover her but wait isn’t she asian and a female yeh of last Jedi actors and writers in racists and sexists and daisy Ridley is a ducking moron she dosent even know what Mary Sue is yet she plays one the fucking bitch. Send that awful bitch back to casualty where she belongs she’s awful

  • Tim WillIams
    Tim WillIams Month ago

    I’m done with Star Wars there is no continuation ,it’s all wrong,not interested.

  • Herr Absurd
    Herr Absurd Month ago

    Come here to watch a man read web posts! World class bullshit!

  • Ryan Carmichael
    Ryan Carmichael Month ago

    ... It was at this time, I realized that Disney actually did it...They actually killed Star Wars... Now is the time to mourn as we did when Carrie Fisher died.
    RIP Lucasfilm

  • Robert Ramirez
    Robert Ramirez Month ago


    IM TOYS Month ago

    This was the worse Star wars storie teller and director. This guy should be fired.

  • Giblet535
    Giblet535 Month ago

    Maybe Disney should hire Uwe Boll to do the next Star Wars installment. Lest we forget: every premise in Star Wars runs contrary to science. For people who always wonder "How does that work?", the entire Star Wars series is less exciting and imaginative than sci-fi thrillers such as "Turner and Hooch" or "The Notebook".

  • Mats F.
    Mats F. Month ago

    Trying to pull in more female viewers? So they go to the cinema just for Rey? I thought there was alot of girls watching the old star wars.

  • Dan Cogan
    Dan Cogan Month ago +1

    Speak slower.

  • Paul Allen
    Paul Allen Month ago

    Is that you PBS?

  • gamervideos11
    gamervideos11 Month ago

    Death to Disney SJW Star Wars!

  • lesnara hamilton
    lesnara hamilton Month ago

    hhh fans ruined star wars now ill never see more of rey now the fans will make them make the same movies as 4 5 and 6 because the fans want to see the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over

  • Team Tundra 2
    Team Tundra 2 Month ago +2

    Disney SW may be hated
    But SW as a whole will NEVER die

  • Samuel DeSanto
    Samuel DeSanto Month ago


  • Space Wave 9
    Space Wave 9 Month ago

    I am actually very sad that Carrie Fisher is now gone and the rest are too old so we will never imagine/see what a REAL star wars sequel trilogy made by a competent and not mega-greedy shit company such as Disney, directed by somebody like Christopher Nolan not delusional imbecillic sjws like Kennedy and Johnson. Imagine the potential these movies had and some poeple destoryed them for money and for their stupid political agendas

  • Sal Paradise
    Sal Paradise Month ago

    You whiny cunts said the same things when the prequels came out. Wrong then and wrong now. You are NOT FANS ON ANY LEVEL. FUCK OFF

  • freerolll
    freerolll Month ago

    Did you just bitch on the internet complaining about poeple bitching on the internet? This is pure gold lmfao.

  • Derek Callaughan
    Derek Callaughan Month ago

    Funny how I was kinda into the original (mostly because of Darth Vader, Yoda and Palpatine) but I equally enjoyed the prequels and current two. It’s interesting that I am not considered a legitimate fan. I’ve paid my money like everyone. I have lived through all of the Star Wars movies and incarnations (was born in the 70’s). I deserve to enjoy the movies without having Bill O’Reilly like pundants of the internet trying to drum up a fan base of haters and bratty little boys without the skill or talent to build their own creative capital. Shut up millennials and super geeks with no life, I AM and HAVE the right to enjoy my Star Wars experience. I didn’t ever like Han Solo as a character (such an American Deusche) but actually liked the movie. My favourite of all Star Wars movies has been Rogue One. My favourite animated was the Clone Wars so I’m keen to see it return. Just get over yourselves people and enjoy it for what it is. It’s only Star Wars, not ‘War and Peace’.

  • dlux3888
    dlux3888 Month ago

    I would like this video 1,000 times if I could.

  • Month ago +4

    Single largest mistake made with the new movies, removing EU from the lore and starting over. There was a huge amount of story telling thrown away.
    2nd is making SW a platform for political views. It's entertainment, not a soapbox.

    • 27 days ago +1

      +Warsie 4, 5, and 6 were telling a space opera. 1, 2, and 3 were political statements. 7, 8, and the 2 side stories are trashing the original lore and force feeding fans propaganda and unneeded personal agendas into entertainment. Fans have reacted in kind.
      If the writers and producers stayed true to the original story and not made the franchise their personal soapbox, they wouldn't have alienated their core fanbase.
      Look at Ghostbusters 3, Ocean's 8, anything Michael Moore has made. LoL they don't make money or earn very little to what they could have, if only they stayed within the original SW vision.

    • Warsie
      Warsie 27 days ago

      Star Wars has always been a soapbox

    • TK-9085
      TK-9085 Month ago this is true

  • Lotto Litt
    Lotto Litt Month ago

    Rian Johnson fight me now u fucking pussy

  • Kuldip Binning
    Kuldip Binning Month ago

    Goodbye an fk off.

  • LodanSD
    LodanSD Month ago +1

    Disney killed 1313....
    Of Course Disney is killing Star Wars, They don't think about what the fans want, they think about what They want!

    NV SNAKE Month ago

    Why George? Why? Why did you sell your legacy? A franchise loved by ALL that told a epic amazing story is now tainted by social engineering and SJW agendas. The story doesn't even matter to these people at this point. Their goal from the start was to disenfranchise the old fans. Kathleen Kennedy stated in an interview that Star Wars wasn't "relatable" to girls and that only boys could like the franchise. She couldn't be anymore further from the truth. Women and youngs girls have been fans for years. But when you shift the focus away from the story and characters to what gender has the power then you piss off everyone. Everyone.

  • Somregularguy
    Somregularguy Month ago +1

    Kinda the people’s fault, if they didn’t give Lucas so much backlash for the prequels, which I’ve always thought the Star Wars fan base was just overreacting, then non of this would’ve happened

  • Somregularguy
    Somregularguy Month ago +3

    There’s always legends :)

  • El Padre con Verga Larga

    The soy is strong with you... a powerful shit you will become henceforth you shall be known as Darth.....Fiber

  • El Padre con Verga Larga

    Only way to save it is to throw away at least episode 8 and try it again

  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly Month ago

    Shame on Disney; why would they pick a nobody like Johnson to do Star Wars? Three movies and a handful of episodes of Breaking Bad is not substantial enough to be privileged to work on a Star Wars movie. Unless, Kathy is setting up Disney so George can get the franchise back, heck I think Disney might even pay Lucas to take back Star Wars now that it's dead. I hope so; I would love to see Star Wars Detours and the live action TV show that Lucas has about 50-60 scripts written. I think we all got excited and thought "Now the saga will be finished" when they took over Star Wars and we're also excited about the possibilities of Star Wars attractions at their parks. I now have a really bad feeling about the whole thing and I'm not sure I want to support this debauchery. It was fun Disney but I think you killed the (Star Wars and Disneyland) kid in me and frankly I think you're too big for your own good.

    • Robert Kelly
      Robert Kelly Month ago

      "Autodesk", "ATT", "Symantec", and "Disney" are all killers of really good products.

  • wcharliewilson
    wcharliewilson Month ago

    What?? Whatever... here's the solution for Disney:

  • Mr.steal yourgirl
    Mr.steal yourgirl Month ago

    The last jedi is probably the best star wars movie yet. Fuck all you fake star wars fan. You're not a fucking star wars fan

  • Billy Batson
    Billy Batson Month ago +3

    TheXvid is selling the old Star Wars movies for $18 each, they're selling Disney's crap for $3.00. lmfao...
    Also, the new films received the same amount of Thumbs down votes as the old films Thumbs up votes. Gotta luv it..

  • PanzermansBunker
    PanzermansBunker Month ago

    Cherish the original trilogy. Trash the Disney fema-nazi crap! Hit them where it the cash register. Buy nothing from the shills!

  • Tom Griffiths
    Tom Griffiths Month ago

    Yep its dead. The truth hurts time to let go. How did this get written?
    ☝️I don't think the Kenobi or other side film's will breath life back into this dead horse.

  • Kevin R
    Kevin R Month ago

    You should call this channel: "World class whiny little bitches"

  • CFHforever
    CFHforever Month ago

    Not even interested in episode IX

  • Erd Tird Mans
    Erd Tird Mans Month ago

    Please don't read an article to us. I can read it if I want to. You're doing the same thing all those dumbass reaction videos do, but even worse because there's not even a video for me to watch in the mean time.

  • James emadison
    James emadison Month ago

    The last Jedi was the reason why I didn’t watch solo

  • Robb Robzz
    Robb Robzz Month ago

    Wow so you read an article. Great video!!!

  • Christopher Justice

    You know, you morons have been saying “Star Wars is dead!” For the past 8 months now. But the franchise is still going strong, and the new films and the OT are loved and adored by the younger fans. You guys have no idea what you’re talking about. BTW, of course toy sales are down! Nobody buys toys anymore, it’s all about video games these days and you know it you disingenuous ass wipes.

  • JoshuaK
    JoshuaK Month ago

    rather irrelevant but: I would've preferred something with jaina solo and or Lukes jedi academy not getting wiped out by one clown, or coruscant getting blown to smithereens etc. But I honestly just don't care about anything disney decides to puke up anymore. Fuck them and fuck their star wars.

  • Dowhat Iwant
    Dowhat Iwant Month ago

    Unless all of the marvel heroes in the Ms marvel movie get to gangbang and creampie her I'll pass

  • Unicron4ever
    Unicron4ever Month ago

    The Five Stages of Grief of a Star Wars fan:
    1) Denial: insisting that TLJ was the Greatest Story Ever Told on the big screen
    2) Anger: Going online to vent about *everything* that went wrong with Star Wars (is that even possible?)
    3) Bargaining: trying to have TLJ removed from the Canon
    4) Depression: losing your Star Wars hype
    And finally,
    5) Acceptance: Not attending to anymore Star Wars movie (aka, skipping Solo)

  • Unicron4ever
    Unicron4ever Month ago

    "You can't paint all of us who are dissatisfied as sexists"... Well, I'm a woman & a Feminist & a Star Wars fan AND I think TLJ sucked balls!!! So, there goes their argument.

  • ryan thoroman
    ryan thoroman Month ago

    social media was one of the worst things to happen to movies. Some people should just keep their opinions to themselves. Get laid for a change. Your opinion will change.

  • Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa

    Star Wars has become a piece of turd and a joke. I did not watch Solo and they can shove their Star Wars up their SJW asses.

  • Kameraden
    Kameraden Month ago

    I jumped ship from Star Wars even before Disney. Because Mobile Suit Gundam is just superior to it in every way. I mean common this is "Gundam's" Prequel series climatic Battle, better than any of the ones you see even better than the Classic Star Wars films in my opinion. The final bit of this actually reminds me of the German Army when they marched into Paris and how they held a memorial ceremony at the Grave of the own known soldier after their victory march through the streets, a sign of respect for their defeated enemy. Respect between enemies is something not expressed well in Star Wars. Only flaw in this video clip in my opinion is the fires burning at the end, but it does add a heavy heart to the visuals. Seeing a fleet of any kind so totally destroyed is heart breaking.

  • Crocmaster McGeezax

    Good, Star Wars should have died in 1983 after Jedi. That movie sucks.

  • SKYRULE-49
    SKYRULE-49 Month ago

    78% of diehard star wars fans are men. The market proved it.


    How are we sexiest we like asoka
    And racisit what about mace

  • Justin Silvers
    Justin Silvers Month ago

    That bullshit racist excuse doesn't work. Why would you want to make a star wars movie if it's entire fanbase is racist?

  • Wojciech Szajek
    Wojciech Szajek Month ago

    who even cares anymore? thats the biggest tragedy nobody is looking forward to the next SW movie.

  • Joe Curr
    Joe Curr Month ago

    Hahahahaha. I am massively responsible for the death of Jew Wars. I pirated all the movies since Phantom Menace...a lot. I beat down Facebook by attacking their stocks, smacked around youtube by beating them at their own game. Jews, my agenda: Give Hitler a good laugh, while I whiten the world back to pre 1970s am I doing? Give me some credit, dividing the Jews up to put our king in place on the board, cost a lot, and in time too. People all talking out their asses, not one of you knows what's really going on, or what's at stake. Want to open your eyes? Watch: The Greatest Story Never Told. TheXvid it. Remember...Trump 2020 or utter commie leftist insanity...I know you'll make the right choice. 14 88

  • Chiathur
    Chiathur Month ago

    Should be called "How the Star Wars Universe was killed/murdered by Disney and how much Disney got as a bounty"
    Well.. might turn out to be a bit long, but well, that's one for the reading in between I guess...

  • Kr Ri
    Kr Ri Month ago

    Disney ''Star Wars'' vs Warner Bros. dc cinematic universe- who did it worst ?????

  • Arthur Winkles
    Arthur Winkles Month ago

    You hit the nail on the head. Star Wars can’t survive without the fans.

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer Month ago

    The problem is not the movies... It's the Fanbase

  • Applemonkey
    Applemonkey Month ago

    Darth Vader is soooo patriarchal.

  • fishbot
    fishbot Month ago

    condraulations rose teko has sucsesfuly made the list of biggest mistakes in starwars history
    along with jar jar binks and the holiday special
    but there is a difference gourge Lucas tried to fix them
    as in less jar jar binksin the other prequels
    and the rest of his cerea hunting down and destroying any and all copies of the holiday special

  • Frank Tedder
    Frank Tedder Month ago

    It was dead the second Lucas took the check

  • Fred Hogg
    Fred Hogg Month ago

    Miserable idea of reading word for word - lazy lazy lazy

  • Kim Moumouni
    Kim Moumouni Month ago

    Is she related to j.f.k

  • Richard D
    Richard D Month ago

    The most important thing you said in the whole video was, "these people will burn down Star Wars for the sake of ideology, and they'll take all who oppose them down, too." That is exactly what is happening. Make no mistake. It is being done on purpose, as part of the destruction of our culture. Film in general is being degraded, not just Star Wars. The NFL is being taken down in the same way, the Miss America Pagent cancelling the swim suit competition, and ad nausium. Logic and common sense are being replaced by feeeeelings.

  • 69johndz
    69johndz Month ago

    Kathleen Kennedy - still employed by Disney
    Rian Johnson - still employed by Disney
    J.J. Abrams - still employed by Disney
    James Gunn - Fired by Disney.

    • 02 S L
      02 S L Month ago

      69johndz james gunn made comments about pedophilia and since disney is a children company that would ruin their image

  • Xenovista
    Xenovista Month ago

    That propaganda was dead on arrival.

  • AnarcheOW
    AnarcheOW Month ago

    Cool can we make prequel movies now