1 Year haircut transformation on a stranger 💈 I got RAN up on 🤦🏻‍♂️ Must watch 😳


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  • VicBlends
    VicBlends  4 months ago +3552

    It would mean the world if yall could take a couple of seconds to follow me on IG @vicblends ✊🏼 Thank you for the support fr 💙

    • Tinera King
      Tinera King 2 days ago

      Wow you hooked him up God bless you 🙏👑👑👑🍾❤️❤️

    • luke keefe
      luke keefe 3 days ago

      That's a sick fade, I'm trying to perfect my fades but I panic, you got a tutorial so I can gain confidence please bro?

    • neha. shaurya
      neha. shaurya 5 days ago

      Pls pls pls try to facilitate special need kids..... you will be blessed Alwz...

    • K P
      K P 10 days ago

      Going to add you on IG now. Love Vic.

    • johny ubankta
      johny ubankta 13 days ago

      Thumbs way up brother and to the 50 yr old guy,God Blesz

  • Dustin Is Driving
    Dustin Is Driving 3 months ago +13625

    Definitely one of the best & cleanest cuts you have done. Keep up the great work

    • Axwaix
      Axwaix 24 days ago

      My dad's DNA

    • Cpt Cap
      Cpt Cap Month ago

      Looked better before

    • Hazzy
      Hazzy Month ago

      @Lil VaSSioS why do you careeeee bro

  • J L
    J L 2 months ago +5736

    “Promise I won’t mess you up”
    Cuts off literally all the beautiful hair he had LoL.

    • Frost GM
      Frost GM 5 hours ago

      @Diablito el Demonio gang I been there 🤣

    • Child friendly comments
      Child friendly comments  4 days ago

      @missperfect luxury your name says everything i need to know about you

    • Frost GM
      Frost GM 4 days ago

      @Astafar a kerebi nope

    • Astafar a kerebi
      Astafar a kerebi 4 days ago

      this is better than before

    • methandphetamine
      methandphetamine 5 days ago

      @Free4nemm his hair was in his face. if he had a problem with his hair he would've cut it by then

  • Amstro Gaming
    Amstro Gaming 3 days ago

    That shirt was a beautiful reassurance that Vic's chosen the correct journey for himself. Love catching his vibes and advice, its genuine and uncommon in this world.

  • Greeklish
    Greeklish 27 days ago +68

    For everyone talking about how he shaved his head, they cut out the part where the person asks for what they want

    • Harpylady269
      Harpylady269 10 days ago +1

      I was gonna say....the kid probably wanted short

    • 397war
      397war 24 days ago +1


  • GnadroJ
    GnadroJ Month ago +595

    “Haven’t had a haircut in over a year”
    *Literally has 3” hair*

  • Rawr
    Rawr 2 months ago +9587

    “Promise I won’t mess you up”
    Proceeds to shave head
    *edit* guys it's a joke please stop being mad at me it was a simple joke he looked good with his haircut.

    • LiL Rice
      LiL Rice Day ago +1

      @Rawr exactly guy did something wierd i didn't like it atll was like bru take all off lol and growing my hair again for a dye thinking of very light pink recommendation

    • curtis wyatt
      curtis wyatt Day ago


    • Zeroshiki
      Zeroshiki 3 days ago

      @Azryen Kä Everybody has their thing. Not everyone can do everything on Earth, bro.

    • Antonio Misel
      Antonio Misel 5 days ago

      There's still alot of good people all over. The powers that be like to divide and conquer. People are waking up though.

    • ifeanyi ogbennaya
      ifeanyi ogbennaya 10 days ago +1

      Lmfaooo this had me dying

  • Devan Fenton
    Devan Fenton Month ago

    Vic, you are honestly the best thing to hit the internet in a long time! Thank you for your kindness!

  • Travis Fowler
    Travis Fowler Month ago

    Vic I love what you do brother... your amazing... keep on blessing everyone you come in contact with... you are doing God's work down here! You truly are an inspiration to many of us! Much love and respect my friend!

  • Zeroshiki
    Zeroshiki 3 days ago +1

    Love those words of wisdom from pops over there. If you don't have self-respect, you have nothing.

  • Bryan Howard
    Bryan Howard Month ago

    Keep doing this work bro! 💪 you never know what 1 free cut could inspire someone that needs just a nudge of kindness

  • Jason Chavez
    Jason Chavez 3 months ago +3655

    “I promise I won’t mess up”
    Proceeds to cut 95% of his hair off.

    • Astafar a kerebi
      Astafar a kerebi 4 days ago

      he didnt mess up kid

    • methandphetamine
      methandphetamine 5 days ago

      @8Ball waffle you need to proceed to try to make jokes. maybe youll actually crack a funny one

    • methandphetamine
      methandphetamine 5 days ago

      @Thxnder yes it does. not everyone looks good with a buzzcut. some people have different head/face shapes that look better with longer hair

    • keem star
      keem star 15 days ago

      @Amber Sumerall What does being white matter with hair. Every male cares about their hair the same way girls care about their makeup and hair. Yeah keep bringing up “oh he white so he must care for his hair”. What if I say “yeah cause he black that’s why he cares about his hair”. Smh y’all got no logic or chill, you just have racism and hate in your heart. And I know that for a fact girly

    LENDAN Month ago


  • Sarah Johnson
    Sarah Johnson Month ago

    I'm so happy you do this. It builds confidence in people it brings moral up it is 💯 inspirational and you gain so much respect because you respect them first! You are awesome 😎

  • Mickey White
    Mickey White Day ago

    Love your vids, I’m a 53year old grandpa, young men like you give hope to others, keep it up and many blessings to you

  • David Faxon
    David Faxon Month ago

    Vic I'm blessed to have a local barber that's a dope as you. You're a hell of barber, and more importantly a hell of a person

  • Tait Absher
    Tait Absher 3 months ago +6983

    “I won’t mess you up” *proceeds cutting like kid is entering the marines*😂😂

    • methandphetamine
      methandphetamine 5 days ago

      @Mitchell Sheppard you aint never lie to the barber? plus he was being recorded he was prollt anxious

    • Karmic
      Karmic 20 days ago

      @Tc_Elisethegamer Gaming you play Gacha now i know your opinion REALLY doesn't mean anything lol

    • Tc_Elisethegamer Gaming
      Tc_Elisethegamer Gaming 20 days ago

      @Karmic okay? End of conversation.

    • Karmic
      Karmic 20 days ago

      @Tc_Elisethegamer Gaming if you think that's a bad haircut then you probably a no life who haven't had a haircut for like five years and gets freaked out when someone has fresh cut

  • BeastModeBadger
    BeastModeBadger Month ago

    I love this guy for the simple fact he learned the art of give and take, he gives back to the community with his skills in exchange for wisdoms. I'll leave it right thurr

  • fazard khan
    fazard khan Month ago +59

    This young brother needs more exposure apart from having mad skills with the razor he's also a very intelligent and inspiring person

  • Peyton Gilbert
    Peyton Gilbert 9 days ago

    Man I love your vids and have a lot of respect for you. Just keep doing what your doing.

  • William Tarr
    William Tarr Month ago

    Love this dude man, such an inspiration we need more people like this god bless

  • iankingcarter
    iankingcarter 3 days ago

    This man is seems like a genuinely good person

  • S Monster
    S Monster Month ago +40

    Man dude brings a tear to my eye… wish more of youngins did things like this

  • macshaw
    macshaw Month ago +2

    im so proud of all these guys. amazing energy there

  • CommanderRich
    CommanderRich 21 day ago +1

    “promise i won’t mess u up bro”
    man took all his hair he broke that promise faster than i can even say promise

  • Josh Rivera
    Josh Rivera 4 months ago +742

    "You teach in another way"
    Agreed..you are an inspiration. keep doing what your doing bro... It matters

    • Spaz
      Spaz 20 days ago

      Teaches what? Sharing is caring? Kindergarten shit

    • ImJewish
      ImJewish 3 months ago +2

      Yes, it matters. I love Vic 💜

    • MTBPauly 21
      MTBPauly 21 4 months ago +4

      True this man is truly a blessing to everyone he touches

  • Melissa DuMarce
    Melissa DuMarce Month ago

    We need more people like you. Ur awesome. Keep up the great work.

  • Dice Linden🎲
    Dice Linden🎲 16 hours ago

    Vic you are personally my biggest inspiration by far you are the greatest

  • LiL [ash]
    LiL [ash] Month ago

    I love that you actually give all these people a real hug.

  • Carlos McMahon
    Carlos McMahon 8 days ago

    He is amazing and inspiring, with his message and haircut.

  • CEO of potatos
    CEO of potatos 3 months ago +7792

    The anxiety he must have felt when the razor slide through his hair

  • Shirley Hinton
    Shirley Hinton Month ago +2

    You make me feel good, concerning my hopes and dreams. Inspiring my grandchild to share, create, donate. God bless.

  • Shayne Liburd
    Shayne Liburd 6 days ago

    It’s so awesome and inspirational that you do this!

  • Jamar Mckay
    Jamar Mckay Month ago

    Your inspiration sis spreading world wide brother keep that up I got mad respect for you my guy

  • Dawit Azin
    Dawit Azin Month ago

    every time when i watch this guy he just make me happy

  • Mikey
    Mikey 3 months ago +1165

    This man is wise beyond his years. One hell of a role model. In the age where the dumber the crap you do equals the more clout you get, this man doing it the right way. And blessing his community…respect times 💯! 🙌

    • Mikey
      Mikey 3 months ago

      @TrapHouseTV what are you actually talking about? Lol Why in the world is this your reply to my comment??? 😂 Talk about random…

    • TrapHouseTV
      TrapHouseTV 3 months ago

      Maybe he wanted longer hair, you messed his shit up.

    • Ҩarnage
      Ҩarnage 3 months ago +1


    • flookie
      flookie 3 months ago +1

      😂😂 smfh what world am I living in

  • Sean Ward
    Sean Ward 23 days ago

    The man the message and true heart of a lion with his dedication!! Keep it up!!

  • Fearless1
    Fearless1 Month ago

    Vic, you are an inspiration man! Positivity!

  • j silver
    j silver Month ago

    You turned this fella physically from a boy to a man w that cut. You’re an artist

  • 275cvchuck
    275cvchuck 27 days ago

    Personally i think the world needs more people like you....you are truly one of a kind!!!

  • Daily Valorant
    Daily Valorant 3 months ago +2346

    "I promise you I won't mess you up"
    *Cuts 90% of his hair then leaves*

  • Icon Dee
    Icon Dee Month ago

    He’s giving them hope love you all man your going to be big time bro

  • JtK
    JtK Month ago

    I love your videos. You give so much love. A hair cut isn’t just superficial. It’s empowering.

  • Jaminator
    Jaminator Month ago +1

    All my friends were like "buzzcuts are great!", I got my hair cut to near that level and now I feel cold all the time, never again.

  • Monika Feite
    Monika Feite 7 days ago +1

    That dude doesnt even look 50 he looks 39 lol.so inspiring

  • Lil_pep
    Lil_pep 3 months ago +2012

    This guy's ideal world has everyone rocking fades lol

    • Michael Maclane
      Michael Maclane 28 days ago

      You walk into the barber shop and there's just 35 pictures of Boosie on the wall, lol.

    • TheMinidoo
      TheMinidoo Month ago +1

      "I haven't had a haircut in a year" dude have been struggling growing his hair for a whole year and the barber just reset it to level 0. His fade will last 2 weeks and back to the pain for growing it back again 😂

    • Kyle Ayres
      Kyle Ayres 2 months ago

      You have no idea how hard it is to fine a consistent fade

    • chris
      chris 2 months ago

      @s0kin you a dood or a chick? And why you say that

    • Dan H
      Dan H 2 months ago

      @Miyako Hoshino so what do you have?

  • Thomas Moore
    Thomas Moore Month ago

    These videos show that there is still Good in the world.. love it bro 🤝

  • Supra9210
    Supra9210 Month ago

    Man has a real haircut now. I’m keeping on to be a great barber one day too man. Barley started but I’ll keep working hard at it.

  • Andrea Pack
    Andrea Pack Month ago

    On God this man makes my day everyday

  • Maneyka Brown
    Maneyka Brown 2 days ago

    I love it!!! Keep doing what you doing.... your amazing 💜💜💜

  • Shes Divine
    Shes Divine 3 months ago +1331

    That’s clean for sure but honestly… I WAS CRINGING CAUSE THAT KIDS HAIR IS GORGEOUS… HE JUST NEEDED A STYLE!! I completely wouldn’t have shaved it that short!! God bless all of them!! The love and kindness in this mans heart is real!!

      NBA GLOSTAR Month ago

      @yoann birrien the good ol O’Hare air cut

    • Vickie Payne
      Vickie Payne 3 months ago

      I couldn't agree more but after thinking about it I changed my mind. While he definitely had a gorgeous head of hair I can't imagine him doing it any other way. Being a homeless individual I'm sure paying for a haircut is the last thing he''d ever want to "waste" his money on. Going as short as he could and it still looking great was the best choice he could make.

    • Nooters
      Nooters 3 months ago

      He probably asked for it

    • Jessi Valdes
      Jessi Valdes 3 months ago +1

      He's a barber. 97 percent of barbers don't know how to use scissors no lie bc I ask all the time I just go to a salon

    • Ky DaGuy
      Ky DaGuy 3 months ago +1

      He doesn’t just cut their hair without asking them what they want to do to it . just saying but I feel what u saying tho

  • Yami Yamz
    Yami Yamz 6 days ago

    Dude skills so nice. Turned him into a pro am baller after the cut.
    Jokes aside- respect this man

  • Nicole Byers
    Nicole Byers Month ago

    Your messages are truly inspirational. Thank you😊

    FIRST LAST Month ago +165

    “I’m not gonna mess you up bro”
    *Shaves everything off*

  • Owakwa Xego
    Owakwa Xego Month ago

    Yo all the way from 🇿🇦 no cap I got mad love for what you do. Your conversation motivate me on God. Thank you brother, keep walking!!!!@!!!!!!!!❤⭐😄

  • Σταυρος Τσιαρας
    Σταυρος Τσιαρας 3 months ago +1223

    "Yo bro haven't have a haircut in over a year" *hair almost perfectly trimmed*

    • AveryJAwesome
      AveryJAwesome Month ago +2

      @Σταυρος Τσιαρας Just think of it like taking a shower. If you just run the water over you and call it a day, did you really take a shower? Or do you have to actually clean yourself with soap and the works?
      That's the same concept they're trying to convey with a haircut versus a trim.

    • Σταυρος Τσιαρας
      Σταυρος Τσιαρας Month ago

      @Braden R hahahah bruh what?

    • Braden R
      Braden R Month ago +7

      Depends what he considers a haircut really does he consider a trim a haircut or just a trim, but also some peoples hair just grows like that

  • Jonathan Luis
    Jonathan Luis 5 days ago

    This was a really good transformation, I liked that style.

  • Donavan Bagley
    Donavan Bagley 4 days ago

    I think if you saw what he looked like after and then before to start it off, more people would realize it is a nice cut. Everybody looks strange at first glance when you see them the first time after a barber visit. Also he said it had been a year since last cut, so obviously it had to be that short from last barber.

  • Michael Bock
    Michael Bock Month ago

    There should be more people like these guys keeping it real

  • David Ho
    David Ho 4 days ago

    If he didn’t cut his hair in over a year, his hair would have been way longer than that.

  • Brandon Brooker
    Brandon Brooker 4 months ago +2519

    this fade is probably the cleanest one I've ever seen.

    • Death Hades
      Death Hades 3 months ago

      @Brody ? nah man, says who? Brody? Nobody knows hin

    • SwappedOutZ71
      SwappedOutZ71 3 months ago

      *early 2000s boosie fade has entered the chat*

    • Big Biscuit
      Big Biscuit 3 months ago

      Naw he got way better people he cut

    • Jimi The Goat
      Jimi The Goat 3 months ago

      @Kingloaf ok

    • Kingloaf
      Kingloaf 3 months ago +3

      @Jimi The Goat bro u can’t tell me that every person he cut asked for a damn fade. Especially this one. I’m not hating but a fade ain’t hard at all. He did a trim before on a black dude but that’s bout all I seen

  • 1BabyGlokk
    1BabyGlokk 7 days ago +1

    He most likely asked for that cut he ain’t just shave his shit without approval 😂

  • Troy Scott
    Troy Scott Month ago +1


  • Unstoppable Morgan
    Unstoppable Morgan Month ago +125

    “Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.” ❤️

  • ThisTimeZ
    ThisTimeZ 20 days ago

    That is one of the best fades I've ever seen! He really cleaned him up. Went from a boy to a man

  • Tamalii
    Tamalii 2 months ago +1689

    2 weeks from now he gonna need to find that dude again

    • rock the world
      rock the world 5 days ago

      @THE MASTER yaa , you are right bro . I have tried buzz cut but after 2 week i have cut it again or it will look like round head ...

      THE MASTER Month ago +7

      @Raúl Germán Hernández Sayago his cut will not last more than 2 weeks even if he tries to preserve it.

    • Raúl Germán Hernández Sayago
      Raúl Germán Hernández Sayago Month ago +2

      Why? I don't understand

    • Cason Bantad
      Cason Bantad Month ago +2

      @Papa Meags has 3 Legs in fact papa does have three legs and a sixth sense for dropping BANGERS

    • Papa Meags has 3 Legs
      Papa Meags has 3 Legs Month ago +19


  • Kingpen Games
    Kingpen Games 5 days ago

    You know how much trust it takes to accept a haircut from a random person lol

  • RealBoiJare
    RealBoiJare 3 days ago

    “In over a year” bruh my hair grows that long after 2 months haha

  • Louis Coop
    Louis Coop Month ago

    Man that's super respectful he ain't nothing but a stand up much respect

  • jordan webster
    jordan webster Month ago

    i love how how he changes people life’s

  • Badass BobY
    Badass BobY 3 months ago +2373

    "Haven't had a haircut in over a year"
    *Looks like got a cut 2 weeks ago*

    • BigandBad Golf
      BigandBad Golf Month ago

      @PredCatcherHawxx speed of hair growth has nothing to do with ethnicity

    • PredCatcherHawxx
      PredCatcherHawxx Month ago

      @BigandBad Golf im white and my hair grows faster than that

    • Sir Scribble
      Sir Scribble Month ago

      I think he meant he never got one done by like another person. Like he probably hasn't gone to an actual haircut place to get one.

      BEETHOVEN Month ago

      @BigandBad Golf bro, hair grows 1 inch every month lol.

    • Misty
      Misty Month ago

      @BigandBad Golf nah it grows at the normal growth rate. If your hair looks like that after an entire year then your hair grows abnormally slow

  • Scott Lee
    Scott Lee Month ago

    The part at the end that he says thank u for trusting me that got me keep it up 100% ❤👊👊

  • Soca Baby
    Soca Baby Month ago

    Wow, what a beautiful transformation. Excellent work, as usual.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💜💜💜🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • BranDaGenius
    BranDaGenius Month ago +1

    He’s a teacher. Respect Vic

  • Nano Skee
    Nano Skee 14 hours ago

    Amazing! God bless your kind heart and soul 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    TARANTiNO 3 months ago +85

    This guy is just straight positive vibes. Having people like him in your circle motivates you you to better yourself . Respect

  • tmthyfrndz
    tmthyfrndz Month ago

    Damn that was a nice ass fade. When you go to a barbershop, the goal of a barber should be to always give a crispy cut. Don't have that customer walking out feeling robbed. Good shit bruh

  • Kiwi Gurl
    Kiwi Gurl Month ago

    Complete transformation. Ceazy how a great haircut changes your entire look. So handsome. Great guy doing this.

  • Tinei Tei
    Tinei Tei 26 days ago

    Thank you young man for blessing people around the world. God bless you.

  • charli williams
    charli williams Month ago

    Wowwwww amazing!! He looks sooo good! He was handsome before but after your work you really blessed him!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!🖤🙏🏽

  • whtblitz_rt-yt
    whtblitz_rt-yt 4 months ago +104

    Like OG said, we need more of both of yall in the world. Kindness is amazing, and most of all its free. Keep doing your thing bro, glad to be one of the ones that can say I was here before your channel hit a milli. Cause that's coming soon.

    XOSKINGPIN 999 27 days ago

    I wish i could learn to cut and spread positivity from you fr fr 💯

  • Daphna Hannon
    Daphna Hannon Month ago

    Niiiiice!!!!!! Very touching. We need more of that in this world!!

  • Sherrie Austin
    Sherrie Austin Day ago


  • Flamemonarch
    Flamemonarch Month ago +1

    His videos are always deep; love it

  • Aaron Dbs
    Aaron Dbs 3 months ago +884

    The long hair was better to be honest

    • CartoonJunky
      CartoonJunky 3 months ago

      To you

    • Rayven
      Rayven 3 months ago

      @Zenshidel "No race owns the hairstyle" "Culturally, they own the hairstyle" Which is it?
      And i'm not assuming you're racist, just misinformed.
      Also, you say it's historically a black man's haircut, but it was used first by white people?

    • Zenshidel
      Zenshidel 3 months ago

      @Rayven I worded it just fine.
      Culturally, they do own the hairstyle. But that doesn’t mean nobody else can use it. If I said “that’s John’s refrigerator”, does that necessarily mean that nobody else is allowed to take anything from it? Of course not. “Ownership” does not HAVE TO denote exclusivity, which is why I fail to understand why you assumed that to be the case with what I said. It CAN mean as such, but it doesn’t have to. Of the two assumptions you could’ve made, you made the incorrect one where I meant that “only black men are allowed to sport this hairstyle”. Nobody in their right mind would argue that; that certain people are literally forbidden from sporting certain hairstyles. That’s beyond radical, and yet you assumed it to be the truth. Probably because of a political agenda, if I had to wager a guess.
      Instead of asking what I meant by my comment just to be sure, people are jumping to the conclusion that I’m racist. Shows how sensitive and willing to stoop to defamatory allegations everyone is nowadays. Absolutely shameful.
      And just to clarify for future accusers: if I ever say that a certain style “belongs to” or “is owned by” a specific demographic, that’s not me saying that they are the only demographic who is permitted to sport it-that’s me saying that it is *historically* theirs. As in, throughout history, they were the ones who typically owned it. Such a comment is absolutely harmless and speaks to absolutely nothing regarding rightful/exclusive ownership.

    • Rayven
      Rayven 3 months ago

      @Zenshidel Well, you definitely could have worded that better, "black man's hairstyle" sound very much like you're portraying that black people own the hairstyle.
      that aside, we will just have to agree to disagree

  • Kyle Lowrey
    Kyle Lowrey 10 days ago

    "I'd love too give you a free haircut". TheXvid check comes in.. Guinness world record: Most money made from one haircut! Lol..
    The message given: Priceless..

  • Metro Leek
    Metro Leek 23 days ago

    My man is never going to forget this ever 🔥🔥

  • Nick Bushta
    Nick Bushta Month ago +1

    If this dude hasn’t got a haircut in a years it would be way more out of control

  • scoop woop
    scoop woop Month ago +48

    If I let my hair grow out for a year I wouldn't be able to see. How does his hair grow so damn slow

    • hokword
      hokword 26 days ago +1

      I know it's so weird right, it's like people had a different growth process from one another

    • TheNoid 211
      TheNoid 211 Month ago

      @Edward Cullen doesn’t matter if it’s staged it’s still motivating people to do better and to take the risk

    • Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen Month ago +8

      Because it's not true. It's a poorly staged video

  • K Rodgers
    K Rodgers 3 months ago +520

    Don't look like it's been growing over a year, but regardless of that much respect to the guy offering the free cut. More individuals like him needed

    • Michael Corleone
      Michael Corleone 2 months ago

      You watch this video and that's all you have to say? Pretty sad

    • melocomanTV
      melocomanTV 3 months ago

      Lmao cutting your hair does not affect the growth in anyway

    • prettzle
      prettzle 3 months ago

      @Nguyễn Hải Dương i shaved my head, it grew past my chin in a year lmao

    • Nguyễn Hải Dương
      Nguyễn Hải Dương 3 months ago

      @prettzle trust me i shaved my head, they dont grow out liddat lol

    • Jonah Ray
      Jonah Ray 3 months ago

      Some peoples hair grow really slow like mine

  • BrigetePhoebe Moore
    BrigetePhoebe Moore 11 days ago

    Awww that's the shit that needs to happen now days and all the words form them 2 men r on point and the gentleman that has full trust is a awesum thing ..!💯

  • RJ Carter
    RJ Carter Month ago

    That's such a nice thing you do. Awesome haircut, too.

  • John Singleton
    John Singleton Month ago

    You are a good man with tears in my eyes I say this your a inspiration to alot. Stay down

  • Romie Rome
    Romie Rome Month ago

    I wish we could have saw this young mans family reaction to his fresh look

  • Michael
    Michael 4 months ago +2486

    Probably one of your cleanest cuts

    • Warrior
      Warrior 3 months ago

      @Emilis Valiusis yes

    • Thxnder
      Thxnder 3 months ago

      @akaDrex it looks fresh af fym

    • FuNny MMA
      FuNny MMA 3 months ago

      Could have left some on top tho damn g

    • Sos
      Sos 3 months ago

      @akaDrex what ? It’s literally just a fade it’s back to the basics how can u hate on a fade ?? I can tell ur white

  • Acid Ninja4234
    Acid Ninja4234 Month ago

    This man has heart ❤️

  • Christian Schell
    Christian Schell Month ago

    Love this wish I lived in la so you could give me a cut I haven't had no guidance but I have a kid at 17 another on the way no help from my parents love what you doing bro

  • Angel Padilla
    Angel Padilla 22 days ago

    I would love to get a haircut from you i haven't cut my hair and almost two and a half years

  • Vonnie Arroyo
    Vonnie Arroyo Month ago +1

    WoW that's awesome
    You are great man good job continue to shine upon all those you have reached out to, as well as those people whom you yet to share your wisdom with, and you will touch many more "SHINE ON" INDEED WE ARE THE CHOSEN ONES... SPEAK GREATNESS, GOODNESS, PEACE AND LOVE INTO EXISTENCE MUCH THANKS & LOVE FROM THE MILE HIGH CITY *DENVER*