Bake with Me! Cashew Cookie Skillet

  • Published on May 17, 2018
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  • hello bixth
    hello bixth Month ago

    Finally I found someone who bake like me😂😂

  • Gusn
    Gusn 2 months ago +1


  • Sara Marie Ro
    Sara Marie Ro 2 months ago

    Please More recepies

  • Simetry
    Simetry 3 months ago

    How is it that by your face i can tell you are a ballerina?

  • Paola mt
    Paola mt 3 months ago +1

    I recently found your channel and been binge watching all your vids! You're such an amazing person! and I'm dying because i just finished watching your video on matcha, and now youtube recommended me this one so i was like why not, and in your matcha vid you used almond flour and collagen peptides, and in this one you're like who tf has those things

  • José Antonio
    José Antonio 4 months ago

    you´re funny

  • Nora 22
    Nora 22 4 months ago

    you look likeee Anna from frozen

  • Katelyn Cavanaugh
    Katelyn Cavanaugh 6 months ago +1

    where are your earrings from? they’re so cute!!

  • Audrey McCann
    Audrey McCann 6 months ago

    You’re made my day with this video 😂 this reminds me of myself when I cook.

  • Pawnee & Aztec
    Pawnee & Aztec 6 months ago

    Luv ur hair!!!

  • angie bolanger
    angie bolanger 10 months ago

    i just posted a new video, its a makeup tutorial and its pretty decent, i would love some feedback from anyone.

  • PawsleyDirt
    PawsleyDirt 10 months ago

    Wait wha...!?
    Had my bong ready and everything!

  • Malin
    Malin 11 months ago

    You look so much like a younger Alexis Ren!

  • jinchaaa%
    jinchaaa% 11 months ago +15

    i can relate omfg i HATE when i'm trying to bake for my friends and i end up poisoning them instead :(((

  • Raven Smith
    Raven Smith Year ago +2

    More healthy sweets plzzz in keto so this helped :)))

  • S Music
    S Music Year ago +58

    Just found your channel and am currently binging all of your videos. You are so genuine and sweet and such an inspiration for an aspiring dancer like me xxx

  • Hawaii Belle
    Hawaii Belle Year ago +2

    Where are you earrings from?

  • Zoe Markham
    Zoe Markham Year ago +1

    Just found ur channel and I love it! U r so nice and ur videos r so fun to watch!

  • Jacky Ba
    Jacky Ba Year ago

    Lol!!!!! Salty like me

  • Emily Renee
    Emily Renee Year ago +1

    where are your earrings from love?

  • afro deity
    afro deity Year ago

    hahaha!!! the reactions were soo worth it!!

    ZOLITA Year ago +38


    • Ewwura
      Ewwura Year ago +2

      ZOLITA i love you . 💓

  • Ciara Orness
    Ciara Orness Year ago

    Girl I have been binging your videos! Can’t wait for you to blow up 💗

  • Lidia Cardenas
    Lidia Cardenas Year ago

    Awesome video and personality

  • Richa Mishra
    Richa Mishra Year ago +10


  • Emilia Rieth
    Emilia Rieth Year ago +6

    I just found your channel and binge watched all of your videos although it’s midnight-ish where I live :D I just think that you are such a kind and inspiring person and it’s because of you that I want to eat more healthy again because I kinda got off track. Keep on inspiring people with your videos✌️☺️🌱

  • LifewithLindsey
    LifewithLindsey Year ago +2

    Make donuts! haha! so excited for sleeping beauty! you will be amazing 🌻

  • Kayla Lyn
    Kayla Lyn Year ago +27

    I love how real this is 😂

  • Oceane Iglesias
    Oceane Iglesias Year ago

    lovveeee ittttttt

  • alaina eliz
    alaina eliz Year ago

    who else was on that livestream yesterday before THAT happened 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Anna. Dancer
    Anna. Dancer Year ago +50

    I found you channel recently and watched your “what I eat in a day video” and now I am honestly obsessed! You have such a great and genuine personality! Your videos are such great quality and they are so inspiring! Much love from Florida!

  • Mitsy Marie
    Mitsy Marie Year ago +3

    Your so pretty! Ilysm