Why Can't I Make Money Off My N.C.A.A. Career? | NYT Opinion

  • Published on Oct 9, 2019
  • California’s initiative to allow college athletes to profit from their talent is a boon especially for women and competitors in sports without pro leagues.
    An exuberant top-scoring floor routine by U.C.L.A.’s Katelyn Ohashi went viral this year, making her one of the most famous college gymnasts ever. But N.C.A.A rules prevented Ohashi from making any money from the performance. In this Video Op-Ed, Ohashi argues that college students should be given the ability to earn income from their athletic achievement.
    Last week, Gov. Gavin Newsom of California signed a law to do just that. The Fair Pay to Play Act, would allow college athletes to strike endorsement deals, a move that would transform the entire business model of college sports. Changing the rules would be especially beneficial for women and athletes in sports that lack professional leagues.
    But California’s changes aren’t scheduled to take effect until 2023, and that leaves the N.C.A.A. plenty of time to mount challenges to the law. If the law is upheld, the N.C.A.A. will have to decide whether to penalize California’s universities with fines, or even expel them from the association. For now, California is betting that the huge size of its college system, and its influence in college sports, will make that impossible.
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  • mirahsan2
    mirahsan2 5 hours ago

    They need to turn it into a work study type thing where kids get paid like it’s a job

  • 310smoker
    310smoker 9 hours ago

    women don't support other women , because they are haters. its a fact women dont like sports as much.
    you guy's need to support each other.

  • FBI
    FBI 14 hours ago

    Literally all the money made by the NCAA comes from football and basketball

  • Julien Entezari
    Julien Entezari 17 hours ago

    Have you considered Professional Wrestling?

  • Sparks Dojo
    Sparks Dojo Day ago

    Love this!

    HEAVYWALL 70 Day ago

    Get sports out of institutes of higher learning
    Problem solved
    You’re there to learn , not play football
    That’s why trade schools don’t have sports teams
    I have zero love for either dog in this fight.

  • Pene De Rinoceronte

    Want more financial freedoms? Fight back against the jews. Im not sure why this obvious and self-evident truth is so controversial.

  • Billy Ludacriz
    Billy Ludacriz Day ago

    She Thicc

  • Sly Lataupe
    Sly Lataupe Day ago

    No no no, she did not succeed because she is ugly... that’s all

  • 6xshazammx9
    6xshazammx9 Day ago

    This girl is so FIT

  • Jacobo0069
    Jacobo0069 Day ago

    So a free education isn't enough along with insurance. Plus you're representing the school you attend and the program they offer not yourself. You didnt make yourself better your coaches did by coaching. You sign a contract when you enroll in that college. 4% in media coverage then stop having trans in your sports to taint the sport

  • Diamondsandgold
    Diamondsandgold 2 days ago +1

    Athletes deserve their fair share and THEN SOME!

  • SuperSix Delta
    SuperSix Delta 2 days ago

    Nobody cares. People will watch this stuff in the Olympics when there's a medal at stake, but outside of that...meh...yawn...boring.
    That's why you can't make any money at it.
    So...move on.

  • marco3sm
    marco3sm 2 days ago

    Sad story, not the only one unfortunately! I think this business of NAaC is against America's fondamental values of freedom and self-made man/woman that made this country great!

  • ILikeMe 123
    ILikeMe 123 2 days ago

    Isn’t capitalism supposed to be about making an earnings off of your talent and ability? Oh wait, that’s not capitalism. Capitalism is about rich and powerful people exploiting other people’s talents for profit while giving as little back as possible. So nevermind, they’re doing right.

  • kerpal321
    kerpal321 2 days ago +1

    perhaps a full body oil massage would make you feel better

  • Of The Dawn
    Of The Dawn 2 days ago +1

    Because I'll stop watching college like I stopped pro sports.

  • Gabriel Preciado
    Gabriel Preciado 2 days ago

    But that scholarship money you don’t wanna pay yourself??

  • Luis Anghel
    Luis Anghel 2 days ago

    I don't go to college so I don't even know what any of this means.

  • i m asian
    i m asian 2 days ago

    good I wasn't in sports!

  • fockthisguy
    fockthisguy 3 days ago


  • Jay Ash
    Jay Ash 3 days ago +2

    You can, at the strip club!

  • Randy Barnette
    Randy Barnette 3 days ago

    You're right, all students that get a scholarship that is worth around $100k or more should get more money. I'm pretty sure the student debt is a major controversy and hearing priveldged babies from the millenial era cry about not making money is not something the public should care about.

  • Ivan Montes
    Ivan Montes 3 days ago

    I find it funny how people choose these options but complain about the outcome maybe u should read the contract before just signing it thinking ur gonna be something great plain and simple cause and effect make stupid choices win stupid prizes hope u learned from that so you wont have to make a video to get sympathy points

    SF2TOKYO 3 days ago +3

    She can make money being a thick and juicy camgirl.

  • Luis Gamboa
    Luis Gamboa 3 days ago

    Absolutely 👍💯 Agree with you

  • j0131
    j0131 3 days ago

    What’s the harm In letting a student athlete be able to make money from an autograph

  • Jack Kern
    Jack Kern 3 days ago

    She looks so beautiful

  • Dzintra
    Dzintra 3 days ago

    drop some weight cow

  • David Stutz
    David Stutz 3 days ago

    She went viral cuz she is gorgeous on top of being in that 1 piece. Sorry not sorry

  • N8one _
    N8one _ 3 days ago

    Well there are career opportunities for you out there...trust me.

  • Anonymous Panacea
    Anonymous Panacea 3 days ago +1

    Athletes already get full ride scholarships to universities. That should be payment enough. If athletes are allowed to make profit, then they should pay for their own tuition or use another scholarship instead of an athletic one

  • Joseph Colunga
    Joseph Colunga 4 days ago

    I remember I wondered about this with games in the 90’s then southpark came along and explained it, good for her this is great

  • Brianna Cockerham
    Brianna Cockerham 4 days ago

    should've quit college... stoopid

  • Devin Truong
    Devin Truong 4 days ago

    I just don’t think you guys understand what it is like being at a school where you are barely funded for your sport. I’m a swimmer at a D1 school. Our men’s team get about 1.5-2 full scholarships to recruit with and we have to do fund raising in the spring to get new equipment. I am not going to push my luck with asking to get paid. Big sports like football and basketball also basically get paid with a free degree if any player decides to stay for 4 year and graduate. The point is athletes do not need more incentive to perform as they already do. Their performances are not free they are covered by scholarships. For a small sport like gymnastics I think it is ridiculous to be asking for money if there is no attendance and not tv coverage. Where else would the money be coming from?

  • jrokz 78
    jrokz 78 4 days ago +1

    Excuse you first off you get a scholarship THAT IS YOUR PAYMENT!

  • Star Fighter
    Star Fighter 4 days ago

    Sounds good to me. It sounds a lot like the music industry. Individuals should own themselves. Guess freedom isn't every where.

  • Barton B
    Barton B 4 days ago

    Youve now realized your nothing without the ncaa?

  • T Hunter
    T Hunter 4 days ago

    THEY WANT CONTROL, without control their nothing, they need us

  • Spartan Delta
    Spartan Delta 4 days ago

    Dance around half naked you call that a career I call it a stripper ahah dumb Broad

  • 🌟HAWG!
    🌟HAWG! 4 days ago +1

    Your senior year, my wrist went viral.

  • martin villegas
    martin villegas 5 days ago

    You are gorgeous

  • Trollololol
    Trollololol 5 days ago

    Welcome to the real world hun.

  • Josva The Noble Fool

    NCAA athletes know the gig before they join. YOUR GETTING A BETTER EDUCATION than most people can dream of.

  • J R
    J R 5 days ago

    Now that we call Good evil and evil good - you can do whatever you self-centered folks want. Christ comes soon - so make the Right choice. Hallelujah.

  • Clint Lapsansky
    Clint Lapsansky 5 days ago

    Also who watches gymnastics unless your kid is in it. I have never even seen it on television besides the olympics this isn’t opinion it’s fact you can’t get paid if your sport makes no money and oh yeah college players can’t get paid at the moment but that is soon to change.

  • James Jones
    James Jones 5 days ago

    Shes Beautiful

  • paul baker
    paul baker 5 days ago

    You made the wrong decision. Let's be honest. Yeah you are good at what you do. But as in watching you week in week out like a football player. Baseball player. Soccer player. Noooo. Its impressive but not something I would pay to see week in week out. You are angry because you know you have had your 10 mins of fame now it's over

  • shakie Pete
    shakie Pete 5 days ago

    So she was the one who stuck to them. Cool God bless her

  • Lyon
    Lyon 5 days ago

    It's called being controlled and held down by the white man welcome to the system. They just don't want you to have anything

  • Eddy Alvarez
    Eddy Alvarez 5 days ago

    If thw don't have to pay for college it's all fair, want students loans?

  • igoodboyMC
    igoodboyMC 5 days ago

    In my opinion it is utterly stupid to pay them outside of scholarships. Any successful athlete should be afforded scholarships, but I cannot in good judgment say they should make money outside of this. However, I do understand there are some stupid limitations on athletes that need to be changed.

  • Daniel Villalva
    Daniel Villalva 5 days ago

    You're not as good enough.

  • Christian Klan
    Christian Klan 5 days ago +2

    When their entire educations stop getting paid for they can start earning a paycheck :*

  • Frosty Ghost
    Frosty Ghost 5 days ago

    Blatant theft and tyranny. Btw....I LOVE YOUR ROUTINE!!!! It’s amazing every single time!!!

  • jarod olsen
    jarod olsen 5 days ago

    Because college is a racket! College is a brainwashing marxist institution for everybody involved, except the hard sciences, which have mostly remained untouched by Marxist ideologues as the subjects are mostly objective and cannot be skewed.

  • Stickupkids
    Stickupkids 5 days ago

    The money made from sponsors and is related to you being a student athlete should go to funding schooling and furthering the education system of the future. It shouldn't go into anyone's pocket.
    However making money off of something on the side is a completely different story.

  • Joe J
    Joe J 6 days ago

    I'd pay her ....

  • Russell Sprouts
    Russell Sprouts 6 days ago


  • Johnny Speedy
    Johnny Speedy 6 days ago