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Ariana Grande Performs "Natural Woman" at Aretha Franklin's Funeral


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  • Vitaluv
    Vitaluv 12 hours ago

    Trashy. Trash. Trashaaaay.

  • Eric Miller
    Eric Miller 13 hours ago

    lol ,singing through her nostrils , good one, I wont throw any stones at her

  • Nataly Oliveira Silva

    Tadinha. Ficou tão estranho

  • Janelle Asamoah
    Janelle Asamoah Day ago +1

    Was is just me or was the priest getting a bit handsy he was touching things that wasnt meant to be touched like her breasts really?at a church!

  • Tobias
    Tobias 2 days ago

    how can you rate the singing at the bad sound quality?
    good sound quality:

  • Galia Farías
    Galia Farías 3 days ago

    night club dress for a funeral... Great idea.

  • Virginia Gomat Mba
    Virginia Gomat Mba 3 days ago

    this song kill you Ariana

  • Christina Melillo
    Christina Melillo 4 days ago +1

    Personally I thought it was a good performance

  • Hot Cheeto
    Hot Cheeto 4 days ago

    I think it was to of low song for her. She sounds beautiful but not on this song.

  • Ninguém que te interesse


  • rivers nature
    rivers nature 4 days ago


  • Alon Manor
    Alon Manor 4 days ago

    3:44 this is more than disgusting

  • yo wassup
    yo wassup 5 days ago

    Its not her voice tho it's the microphone I just realized!!

  • Anthony Banks
    Anthony Banks 7 days ago

    Go to hell this was a spit in the face

  • Sinclair Adina
    Sinclair Adina 7 days ago

    She sang fine idk why y’all are talking cause you can’t do that. But she shouldn’t have wore what she wore to a funeral.

  • Jammzy
    Jammzy 7 days ago

    I have no idea what happened. She did this on Fallon's show. She was amazing and cried at the end. I think the family saw it invited her. This is a lot of pressure. I excuse the voice, not the outfit.

  • Marije Her Life
    Marije Her Life 7 days ago

    Why is everybody giving Hate. I mean the most people who send a Hate comment from their Mothers coutch and can't sing at all so 🖕 to the haters🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Holly's Channel!
    Holly's Channel! 9 days ago +1

    I know this might sound weird but apparently this was a funeral and a ritual (for Ariana) which is so weird but it was just on yt about the illuminati and selling souls it’s the wierdest thing I’ve ever cane across
    The performance was amazing and the dress could of been longer but it was beautiful ❤️

  • MadahPujangga
    MadahPujangga 10 days ago

    And I once read her fans said "if she had her career in the 90s she would have been in the same league as Whitney, Mariah & Celine". HONEY FOR REAL?! I'm not a hater by the way.

  • Daniel Jackson
    Daniel Jackson 11 days ago

    How awful 😅 pitchy and plain

  • too tired for a username

    you can hear that ariana is not a soul singer. she doesnt sing with her whole body like aretha did. they shouldve got a real soul singer on this and the dress has way too mich cleavage. im not shaming or anything but on a funeral you should wear something with more coverage out of respect

  • Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande 13 days ago

    And the ending


  • Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande 13 days ago

    Bill is such a pedo he shouldn't just stare at her like that wtf

  • Jules GirlyGamer
    Jules GirlyGamer 14 days ago

    Why are people hating on this performance

  • รณชัย เจริญบุตร

    i think Demi should be to sang thats song.

  • Bia rio
    Bia rio 15 days ago


  • Richard Miletic
    Richard Miletic 16 days ago +1

    Get outta here

  • elizabeth coley
    elizabeth coley 17 days ago

    Did u see him doing that to her on her side

  • RoséDamarrion Black
    RoséDamarrion Black 17 days ago

    Why are y’all so rude she did great

  • Angus Robertson
    Angus Robertson 17 days ago

    The only person to do justice to this song outside of Aretha is Whitney Houston

  • IvanKiama
    IvanKiama 19 days ago

    Camera looks like from the early 2000s!

  • Bryan Stewart
    Bryan Stewart 19 days ago

    Wearing a fuck'n mini cocktail dress to a funeral. What a dumb ass skank that knows how to sing good enough. but not this time.

  • Mentally Dating Ashton Irwin

    That dress was way too short for a funeral

  • Evelyn mwanza
    Evelyn mwanza 19 days ago

    she is amazing My angle

  • EmmanuelPierrePortraits

    What in the unseasoned chicken was this😒🙄
    Wheeew Chillay, the Great..uh...Great Gowns....Beautiful Gowns

  • Jr Tayloe
    Jr Tayloe 20 days ago

    I feel she didnt go ham cause she didnt want a make it about her and its a funeral. She could of did better to me she did good. Only If WHITNEY was here.

  • kenin reyes
    kenin reyes 21 day ago

    La gente criticando cuando saben que Ariana Grande Have the most beautiful voice in this fucking Generation

  • kenin reyes
    kenin reyes 21 day ago

    her voice is the best of this generation.... Jealous are too Fucking Bad guys

  • Adalia Sultana Lotter
    Adalia Sultana Lotter 21 day ago +2

    The way he groped her tho 😳 😲 😵

  • Avv. Marco Chianello


  • Wolf Cvb
    Wolf Cvb 21 day ago

    Aretha is rolling in her grave

  • Hector Herrera
    Hector Herrera 22 days ago +2

    She lip singing look 2:23

    • kenin reyes
      kenin reyes 21 day ago

      can you sing like her ???😂🤣 of course not.... Why you're so jealous

  • Maiya Parker
    Maiya Parker 22 days ago

    Okay, yeah, her dress was too short and maybe her voice wasn't as steady as it usually is. But maybe it was nerves? Or something else?
    She was chosen for a reason, and you can deny it but she gave it her all because who wouldn't at Aretha Franklin's funeral? I think the important part is that she tried her hardest so stop hating because she didn't sound the way you wanted her to.
    Good job Ariana
    And, did you see him literally GROPING her on the side near her breast? If you don't want to congratulate her for singing then maybe you could say that the groping part was unfortunate? Not trying to be rude or offend people, just speaking my mind.

  • Dav Smith
    Dav Smith 22 days ago

    Ariana I really wish your outfit could have been more appropriate for Aretha Franklin Funeral.

  • Myleide Feitosa
    Myleide Feitosa 23 days ago

    Canta nada.só migué esses cantores.

  • Ejay Bautista
    Ejay Bautista 23 days ago

    Aretha deserve better. She cant' even hit the notes.

  • Annie Lawrimore
    Annie Lawrimore 24 days ago +1

    Watching her trying get away from his hand was uncomfortable. And I'm sick of people blaming it on the way she was dressed. NO I don't think it was appropriate attire for a funeral but blaming her clothing for HIS actions is disgusting and what's wrong with this world. "Don't dress like a hoe and you won't be treated like one." Oh my god this comment makes me see red! I don't care if someone is naked NO ONE has any right at all to touch them!

  • Julio Merlo
    Julio Merlo 25 days ago

    ariana did and looked amazing but i forget everyone hates ariana all of a sudden 😂 yall have no taste

  • Joey Samson
    Joey Samson 26 days ago +1

    Kind of sad when people have to hate on Ariana. First of all you’re not making the situation any fucking better and you could never hit the notes she is hitting. So shut your fucking mouth because you could never top her.

  • Dangerous Woman
    Dangerous Woman 26 days ago

    This comment section is just disgusting. Aretha WANTED Ariana to sing at her funeral. If you’ve ever seen her sing live before you would know it was the mic that is faulty, not her voice. She didn’t choose that dress, HER STYLIST chose it. Wearing a short dress doesn’t make you a slut, she didn’t ASK to be groped

  • spawn spawn
    spawn spawn 27 days ago

    who the fuck left this bitch messing up the memory and song of Arethei Franklin

  • Shanice Grande
    Shanice Grande 27 days ago

    Looking out on the morning rain
    I used to feel so uninspired
    And when I knew I had to face another day
    Lord, it made me feel so tired
    Before the day I met you, life was so unkind
    But your the key to my peace of mind
    'Cause you make me feel
    You make me feel
    You make me feel like
    A natural woman (woman)
    When my soul was in the lost and found
    You came along to claim it
    I didn't know just what was wrong with me
    Till your kiss helped me name it
    Now I'm no longer doubtful, of what I'm living for
    And if I make you happy I don't need to do more
    'Cause you make me feel
    You make me feel
    You make me feel like
    A natural woman (woman)
    Oh, baby, what you've done to me (what you've done to me)
    You make me feel so good inside (good inside)
    And I just want to be, close to you (want to be)
    You make me feel so alive
    You make me feel
    You make me feel
    You make me feel like
    A natural woman (woman)
    You make me feel
    You make me feel
    You make me feel like a natural woman (woman)
    You make me feel
    You make me feel

  • Deborah Zahn
    Deborah Zahn 27 days ago

    this was an insult to Aretha. JHud would have done it justice. doesn't matter if she sings Twice on such funeral. and her dress code wasn't decent.

  • Obum Onwu
    Obum Onwu 29 days ago

    She sings through her nasal resonator

  • Eric Miller
    Eric Miller 29 days ago

    I think she done a great job , Ariana Grande is woman , hear her roar. She is a natural woman for sure . I don't think Aretha would have been offended . Give her a break people . RIP Aretha

  • w k
    w k Month ago

    wow she slayed this. rest in peace, dear aretha 🖤

  • Asma Khursheed
    Asma Khursheed Month ago

    i wanna smack bill hard right now

  • Eric Matterson
    Eric Matterson Month ago

    That looks like her freakum dress

  • I lish
    I lish Month ago

    Why is she wearing such a short dress?

  • daniel eremian
    daniel eremian Month ago

    she wouldnt turn a chair on the voice

  • Dyan Mahanama
    Dyan Mahanama Month ago

    RIP Aretha

  • Lila Lucía
    Lila Lucía Month ago

    Ella ni canta en ese tono ella es de tonos algo mas altos

  • Angel Kookies
    Angel Kookies Month ago

    I love Ari but Beyonce could have been singing this song with soul. Ariana hit those notes tho 😍

  • Lynn Schmuck
    Lynn Schmuck Month ago

    WTF us shewearing at a funeral? Disrespect

  • Justin V
    Justin V Month ago

    I always said she is overrated. This performance shows her voice is mediocre

  • Veronica Delgado
    Veronica Delgado Month ago

    Why her??? No just no!!

  • Rodrigo Azevedo
    Rodrigo Azevedo Month ago

    For those persons that keep saying that she can’t sing or this song isn’t for her you should listen to her singing in jimmy Fallon. She was probably nervous here...It’s just one “bad” over hundreds of “perfects” presentations... you know... she is an amazing singer, probably the best ( my opinion)... and she has been through a lot...

  • Keith Washington
    Keith Washington Month ago +1

    Y'all in these comments sound critical-for-no-reason and stupid af, it must've been the cheap microphone or something because the man speaking at the end voice sound weird to, and he was just talking, we ALL KNOW she can BLOW, she's an amazing vocalist, so go sit ya asses in a corner somewhere lil American-Idol-judges wannabes.

    RIP Aretha Franklin
    You were laid to rest like a true legendary Queen ❤

  • Ash Ketchum1318
    Ash Ketchum1318 Month ago

    This reminds me of demi's version in her tour... Ariana sound's great but i think demi performed this song instead... My opinion

  • Mega Lucuma
    Mega Lucuma Month ago

    She doesn't how to dress and the song was too much for her... Alicia Keys would have been perfect.

  • AbbiOfficial
    AbbiOfficial Month ago

    🔸That's my cover for this song! Check it out and feel free to subscribe! Thank you! Enjoy it!❤

    JJ LITTLE FIRE Month ago

    Y’all need to stop antagonizing this girl. Wearing what she wears & singing how she sings is her style. Aretha would be proud. If you can’t deal with the way she is then you shouldn’t have asked her to sing! 🤷‍♂️

  • Perszona
    Perszona Month ago +1

    Why was she chosen for this? And why is she singing so bad, even compared to herself? And what was she thinking with that dress? Ariana is a good POP singer, that's it. She has no business singing Aretha Franklin. She was the wrong choice for Whitney, but Aretha??? That's a whole new level of wrong. There are singers out there much more qualified. Weird. Disrespectful, incongruous, a pain to listen to.

  • Naimá Kat
    Naimá Kat Month ago

    The Comments Are Disgusting You Racist People Kill Me She The Dress Was A Little Bad But Come On ARETHA Loved Ariana SHE Wanted Her There So Stfu With The “ Why Was She Invited “ Statements ! If You Think She Sounds Bad Go Listen To Her Sing The Exact Song In Jimmy Fallon This Is A Church With Singers Louder Than Her It’s Hard To Really Hear Her With The Technical Issues

  • Big Bird
    Big Bird Month ago

    Never respected her, never will!

  • zuziabych
    zuziabych Month ago +1

    i'm crying

  • i LoveAaliyah
    i LoveAaliyah Month ago

    Why yall hating cuz she singing at her inspirationals person funerak

  • Isis A'nee
    Isis A'nee Month ago

    Damn a pure queen I love Ari so much.🌙 Also People were definitely overreacting the pastor was definitely not “harassing” her or nothing

  • vlog 101 day
    vlog 101 day Month ago

    Whoever thumb down this video has no heart

  • Fuzzy Birds
    Fuzzy Birds Month ago


  • baris can
    baris can Month ago

    Idc wth u people think, but she sang amazing. She wore that dress bcz she freakin liked it. Pls tell me who u are to sit here and cry about her dress?! Yeah thats what I thought...

  • Dina D
    Dina D Month ago

    @ everyone who’s criticizing her dress: y’all know damn well Aretha was looking down on Ariana and rooting for her to ROCK that look at her funeral

  • Slytherin
    Slytherin Month ago

    I just realised how many people were commentin: "Should have worn a more mourning appropriate outfit". UM no... They are *CELEBRATING* Aretha's life.

  • Mr Aliff
    Mr Aliff Month ago

    Fuck ariana🤢

  • 켄자
    켄자 Month ago

    Mddrr elle joue à quoi ?elle a cru elle était dans un concert ou quoi ?

  • Da’vonne Rogers
    Da’vonne Rogers Month ago

    Girl what are you wearing it’s a funeral😯

  • Adam Apple
    Adam Apple Month ago +1

    there’s so much hate idk why

  • Shahbano Malik
    Shahbano Malik Month ago

    They should've gotten Jennifer Hudson. She would have been perfect for the song.

  • Natalia
    Natalia Month ago

    why'd they chose this slut for queen of souls funeral

  • Nancy Gee
    Nancy Gee Month ago

    um, he grabbed her boob...perv!

  • julo
    julo Month ago +1

    This performance looks like it’s from the early 00’s lmao

  • Kalysta Henderson
    Kalysta Henderson Month ago

    No soul

  • Henessy Martinez
    Henessy Martinez Month ago +1

    It’s doesn’t suit her voice

  • Hunter X Hunter
    Hunter X Hunter Month ago

    Don’t forget she is a pop singer not a soul singer, it’s real it wasn’t good but she did her best !

  • Kenneth Mcbride
    Kenneth Mcbride Month ago

    Everyone’s forgetting her grief. Grief is hell on the vocal cords, and Mac is no longer with her. Her stylist also did her wrong with the length of that dress. Her ex out there with the solid underwhelmed face. Girl got set up. Lol.

  • Carolina Rogers
    Carolina Rogers Month ago +2

    She has an amazing voice. That microphone sucked though

  • Dina Kay
    Dina Kay Month ago +1

    I still can’t believe she wore that to a funeral

  • Keamo Keotshepile
    Keamo Keotshepile Month ago

    ariana I love you so much I can even die for you

  • Maximino Casares Carmona

    A pesar de que hay mucha trampa y se disimula un poco, que mala interpretación. ¡Hay que tener poca vergüenza! ¡Pobre Aretha Franklin!