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Ariana Grande Performs "Natural Woman" at Aretha Franklin's Funeral

  • Published on Aug 31, 2018
  • Ariana Grande performed a stirring rendition of Aretha Franklin's '(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman' in tribute to the Queen of Soul at her funeral in Detroit.
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  • Tianna Hook
    Tianna Hook Day ago

    i'm sorry i love ariana but that dress isn't really right for funeral

  • David Slaner
    David Slaner 3 days ago

    mic was so bad

  • Aurora Vistrain Torres

    Opino que nadie tiene derecho a tocarla sin su consentimiento. Ella no quiso ser grosera y le otorgó "el beneficio de la duda" al "pensar" (enfatizo pensar entre comillas) que fue accidental, pero es evidente que ése hombre tan CERDO se aprobechó de su manera tan pacífica y de reaccionar por no hacer el momento aún mas incómodo, pero para mí ésos dedos estaban sabroséandola súper descaradamente y creo que no se vale, lo siguió haciendo a pesar de que ella se movía para cambiar la posición de su mano, ademas él debio darse cuenta enseguida de que no era su cintura lo que tocaba, y me dá mas coraje que no se solidarizó con ella ni un poco, al tratar de disimular el "supuesto accidente" y mas bien gozaba con su incomodidad y con su cuerpo.
    Lo de que si para un funeral la falda era muy corta, pues sí, pero eso no justifica que tenga que sufrir acoso, y muy tontos los hombres que creen que lo merece solo por vestirse como ella quiere, porque solo provocan que cada vez menos mujeres se quieran vestir llamativamente y con la misma frecuencia, ya que tendrán menos oportunidad de "echar un taco de ojo", y entonces las pocas que se atrevan pagarán todas las consecuencia de dicha mentalidad morbosa y machista. Ella sabía que llamaría la atención con ese vestido y en cierta forma a éso fué, ademas de cantar, claro. Pues que la gente mire lo que le dé la gana, pero siempre con respeto o por lo menos mas disimuladamente ¿realmente es mucho pedir? bueno ya vimos que para muchos sí lo es.

  • Nadir
    Nadir 5 days ago

    how did she think that outfit was appropriate

  • Crandall Gibson
    Crandall Gibson 6 days ago

    Ariana’s designers: How slutty do you wanna dress for the funeral?
    Ariana: Yes

  • DianeBoylan
    DianeBoylan 7 days ago

    It takes balls for a MAN to sing a Natural Woman, which he is NOT!

  • Marq
    Marq 7 days ago

    Poor thing she was so nervous😭😭

    • QueenCupcake32
      QueenCupcake32 6 days ago

      She is a professional singer. She does concerts all the time, so how is she nervous? This should have been another day at work for her.

  • Ántonné DeMar
    Ántonné DeMar 8 days ago

    Why would anyone act as if this is good ?

  • ChiRaq
    ChiRaq 9 days ago

    Bitch could have worn something more’s a church and homegoing!

  • Maral Hemmings
    Maral Hemmings 9 days ago

    Let’s just remember sis has an amazing ass vocal range, and can hit the most beautiful whistle tones before u come at her ✌🏻 that mic is shitty af, and not showing her full ability.

  • TheOutsidersPost
    TheOutsidersPost 9 days ago

    My god she is terrible. Just because her grandkids listen to her crappy music. There were far better artists than this one. Jennifer Hudson owned her tribute. This was just cringe to watch.

  • Ana Lucia Camacho
    Ana Lucia Camacho 10 days ago

    His hand 🙊. Poor Ariana

  • Nysha ॐ
    Nysha ॐ 10 days ago

    The inner part of her thumbs n fingers look orangy from her rubbing on that fake melanin - tanning coat to fool everybody😂😂😂 lmao

  • Diamond_Karma x
    Diamond_Karma x 10 days ago

    Casted all the white people to one side LMAO

  • Tahashin Rahman
    Tahashin Rahman 11 days ago

    But her pitch was perfect thooo....

  • - Aquamarine -
    - Aquamarine - 12 days ago

    so did the sound guy get fired or like

  • Sophia Gebert
    Sophia Gebert 14 days ago

    Bill Clinton ew

  • Niladri Ghosh
    Niladri Ghosh 14 days ago

    Is it just me, or is Bill Clinton eyeing her the only way Bill can?

  • one off
    one off 14 days ago +1

    Bruh this was at a funeral?

  • Siena Josaphat
    Siena Josaphat 16 days ago


  • Siena Josaphat
    Siena Josaphat 16 days ago


  • JuremaDoMorro Peido De Gulats


  • Amy Steele
    Amy Steele 17 days ago

    Dude get yourself your own woman to grab her parts not Ariana she don’t like you like that

  • Conconde
    Conconde 17 days ago

    Viejos pervertidos, asqueroso.

  • Personalité Sistemas e Informática

    Gente que roupa é esss? Para um enterro está horrivel.

  • Agnieszka Szuwara
    Agnieszka Szuwara 19 days ago

    She looked amazing and she can sing this song, but she should've use playback.

  • icantthinkofacreativeusername

    She looks beautiful but that dress should be worn at one of her stage performances on tour or something, not a funeral. I think her stylist should have known that

  • sisay Fekadu
    sisay Fekadu 21 day ago

    Clinton: Dat Ass, Damn
    RIP Queen Aretha

  • Shon9tilR
    Shon9tilR 22 days ago

    3:10 Big Sean Lol

  • Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande 22 days ago +1

    please leave this girl alone she did soooo good.

  • Mariana Córdova
    Mariana Córdova 23 days ago

    Bill Clinton got the hots for her.

  • YNWA
    YNWA 23 days ago

    Awful performance.

    MUSIC LOVER 24 days ago

    This SUCKED and who fucking wears that to a damn funeral!?

  • Enga Aileean
    Enga Aileean 26 days ago +2

    Celine dion should have sung it..!!

  • ha ro
    ha ro 27 days ago +3

    someone’s auntie about to drag ha off that stage for that outfit

  • Michael Mills
    Michael Mills 27 days ago +1

    Baby cakes tried. She ain’t no arorua! She FINS AS FUCK but can’t handle a big balas like this!

  • JC JR
    JC JR 28 days ago +2

    No!!! Why was she even there. Not even close to good

    • Lay-Lay A
      Lay-Lay A 11 days ago

      Ikr someone else would have sang it way better.

    • Red Arrow
      Red Arrow 26 days ago

      JC JR that’s what I’m saying

  • Yamileth Montes
    Yamileth Montes 28 days ago +1

    What A Voice 😍❤️✨

  • michael carbonaro
    michael carbonaro 28 days ago

    Arianna cover up those legs and boossoms

  • Jasmine Cumberbatch
    Jasmine Cumberbatch 28 days ago

    I was looking at Jessie Jackson’s face the entire time 😂😂😂

  • Mirielle Caradonna
    Mirielle Caradonna 29 days ago

    Ariana's cool, but they should've had Carole King perform this song, she wrote it for Aretha to sing

  • Rina la Reina
    Rina la Reina 29 days ago +1

    2:43 peep big sean

  • moonlight. Arianator

    people are just jealous !She can dress how she want is her life and her body....also in the past example in 2009 at Mj's funeral many people was dress white and nobody say nothing....but this is how haters was in 2018 and they still are,they just want to make every super star,singer,actor or normal people to feel bad😐😑

    • Lay-Lay A
      Lay-Lay A 11 days ago

      U must not have been to a black church sweetie because I would have been dragged for that. And it doesn't matter what color the dress was it was still inappropriate. We are honoring the queen of soul. Not her. Idk who she is.

  • Paige54059
    Paige54059 Month ago

    I don't understand why y'all have to rip a person down to make the point that you think someone else should've sang. I think she did a great job, personally. Nothing will ever compare to Aretha Franklin, but to it's really unfair to be ripping on Ariana because you don't like how she sang. Keep in mind she is arguably the most popular singer of today. She's extremely talented, it just might have not been her fit for a song. Nonetheless, I'm sure Aretha Franklin would have been honored to be remembered this way. Honestly, I think the worst part was the microphone and audio quality.

  • Michael V
    Michael V Month ago +1

    Sluggish performance. Disrespectful attire. Poor choice of song. She's cute and has talent, but why was she asked to be there?

  • Maddie Leonard
    Maddie Leonard Month ago +6

    Maybe she was nervous cause she was at a funeral 😶😶😶

  • Nanang Sugiharto
    Nanang Sugiharto Month ago

    is to far from good

  • Chy Moss
    Chy Moss Month ago

    Y’all do know Ariana is a pop singer , not a soul singer . OF COURSE SHES NOT GONNA SOUND LIKE SHE HAS ANY SOUL , that’s not how her vocals work . Get over it .

  • Mario Scharer
    Mario Scharer Month ago

    She didn’t do it justice. I was waiting for her to go in but she didn’t. Maybe the presence of black church folk intimidated her.

  • Dennyr Bacardi
    Dennyr Bacardi Month ago

    Esse microfone tá horrível estragou a performance da Ari

  • Trenton Evans
    Trenton Evans Month ago

    Beyoncé should’ve song this because the song didn’t shit her voice.

  • Tim Joseph
    Tim Joseph Month ago

    Love ari😍😍😍

  • Sude Soylan
    Sude Soylan Month ago

    3:44 his hands omg !

  • Abinap Thapa magar
    Abinap Thapa magar Month ago +8

    Omg she sang so well👏👏👏she looks soo damn pretty too💕💕💕💕💕

  • Keyara McNeill
    Keyara McNeill Month ago

    I love Ariana and all love her music but 2 things she didn’t dress appropriate and singing was terrible I didn’t like it I think is because she was nervous or people really didn’t know her idk

  • Thembalihle Video Solutions

    This performance sucks.

  • Erinne Barnett
    Erinne Barnett Month ago

    Def needs to fire her stylist

  • Jorryl K. Mulano
    Jorryl K. Mulano Month ago

    maybe he just accidentally touch her boobs,

  • Jcole23
    Jcole23 Month ago +1

    All you guys are complaining about her singing with no soul. Well she made a deal with the devil to become rich and famous so of course she ain't got no soul

    • Lay-Lay A
      Lay-Lay A 11 days ago


    • Jcole23
      Jcole23 Month ago

      Deja Kordei spoken like a true broke fan girl. Fuck off bitch

    • Deja Kordei
      Deja Kordei Month ago +1

      it’s not Ariana’s fault she became famous and rich lmao. y’all probably mad y’all broke asf and blame it “on the devil”

  • Mary kawaii gacha love

    The man just say " let me give all your respect" PLEASE you are touching her boobies what right do you have thats her body you dont have right to touch her body its her's

    • Jcole23
      Jcole23 11 days ago

      +Lay-Lay A yw bro ✊👊

    • Lay-Lay A
      Lay-Lay A 11 days ago

      +Jcole23 Thank you

    • Jcole23
      Jcole23 Month ago +1

      He wasn't touching her boobs you false accusing creep

  • Alexander Garcia-Cornelius

    On this episode of Got2BReal:
    Aretha: Who let the singing Cheeto hobbit Ariana Venti on stage
    Dionne: Okay Hate-retha rest your soul, but lets talk about that 10 hour funeral that put us all in a coma. And that solid gold casket was doing the most
    Aretha: Honey, not even my casket being melted into coins can pay off your debts

  • BlackBerry
    BlackBerry Month ago

    bill nasty ass

  • Jason Du
    Jason Du Month ago

    Can we stop focusing on who could perform it better, the microphone, what happened with Ariana getting assulted, and anything else... this wasn’t a top notch production performance, it was a funeral and a show of respect so if you want a real and high quality Ariana grande performance, go somewhere else

  • Sefa Doe
    Sefa Doe Month ago

    pitiful religious leaders.and people still believe in them.lost sheep following blind so called leaders.

  • Sefa Doe
    Sefa Doe Month ago

    her performance was too sultry and overly sexual for a funeral.but these nasty ass old perverts don't care.

  • Sefa Doe
    Sefa Doe Month ago

    nasty as so called religious leaders.FUCK FARRAKHAN too.

  • Danae Fede
    Danae Fede Month ago

    Ariana has a really good technique and nice clean voice but this is literally nothing compared to Aretha. I'm sure they could've found someone more suitable for this song. There are thousands of amazing singers in the world. Don't get me wrong, not hating on Ariana, I enjoy her performances but I think this just doesn't suit her at all. It seems like her voice isn't strong enough.

  • Sérgio Santos
    Sérgio Santos Month ago +1

    She's got a beautiful voice but this performance ain't got no soul

  • Crandall Gibson
    Crandall Gibson Month ago

    Y’all DO NOT DARE compare that autotuned brat to legends like Aretha.

    • Crandall Gibson
      Crandall Gibson Month ago

      Daniel Budik Umm yeah people have so your statement is invalid.

    • Daniel Budik
      Daniel Budik Month ago

      Thank you next....

    • Daniel Budik
      Daniel Budik Month ago

      Nobody compared them , so take your negativity somewhere else

  • Pierlisia Crawford
    Pierlisia Crawford Month ago


  • Live Life
    Live Life Month ago +1

    Where was Cissy Houston??? Aretha didn't attend Whitney's funeral and Cissy didn't attend Arethas. Coincidence?

  • Live Life
    Live Life Month ago


  • Judith M
    Judith M Month ago

    And Oh! my God Sisaundra Lewis...with the song " Aint No Way" is a greatest tribute to our unforgettable Aretha!!!

  • Judith M
    Judith M Month ago

    Amanda Mena is a comun girl who sings better than you that song "Ariana" look at it in americas got talent!!!!!!!!

  • Kyle from Hiram Clarke

    The elites probably run a train on her after seeing this

  • Simon Carrier
    Simon Carrier Month ago

    so lame, unbearable mushit

  • Anthony N Hopkins
    Anthony N Hopkins Month ago

    good girl

  • brian mccoy
    brian mccoy Month ago

    Dont ever invite ariana’s at funeral..!!

  • Lion of Zion
    Lion of Zion Month ago


  • Mr M
    Mr M Month ago

    Got damn that dress short

  • bonifacy filemon
    bonifacy filemon Month ago

    ładna dziewczyna ,ładna piosenka Aretha Franklin ,ale ...
    Za krótka spódniczka na tą imprezę i niepotrzebnie az tak bardzo oddalasz od buzi mikrofon zwłaszcza na początku wykonania

  • Üñçäññÿ Äñgęł

    Those background singers sound like dying turkeys no offense

    I don’t think this song was appropriate for a funeral like wtf it’s just to I guess happy for me idk. but she didn’t do it bad it was just ok

  • Glen Coco
    Glen Coco Month ago

    Ariana is not a bad singer but she's better at pop music than soul. That is a fact. They could of did better.

  • I'M GoneWithTheWind! FABULOUS!!

    I prefer Jennifer Hudson to do it instead.. coz she's an Aretha caliber.

  • I'M GoneWithTheWind! FABULOUS!!

    Aretha preferred Ariana than Mariah to pay tribute to her funeral???!! That's a shade to Mariah!!

  • S N Smith
    S N Smith Month ago

    This was horrible

  • William Mahe
    William Mahe Month ago


    Those backup singers KILLED it. 👌🏽

  • Judy Cameron
    Judy Cameron Month ago +1

    Rest in peace Aretha I love I loved

  • Koujoung
    Koujoung Month ago

    For people hating on Ariana, do you literally have nothing better to do with your life? She was there because she was personally invited by Aretha's family to come and sing and sing that particular song. Maybe she was nervous, maybe she was intimidated...this type of music isn't her genre. She's a popstar, not a soul singer, her voice is very different from the fuller tunes of Aretha, OBVIOUSLY she's not going to sound anywhere near as good Aretha, she wasn't there to upstage Aretha but and ya'll out here hating your tiny-brained heart out. You giving Ariana - who Aretha actually liked - shit for her singing (when you yourself can't probably carry a note) while hiding behind the comfort of your TheXvid profiles are the ones disrespecting Aretha by making this event anything other than what is was about: paying homage to her. and reflecting on her legacy. Shame on you and nobody cares about your opinionated ass, least of all Ariana.

  • Neu bornchild
    Neu bornchild Month ago

    The throat is too tight, all the air is in the nose, she can’t nail a sentence, her voice is easily overpowered by her chorus and musician

  • Abrienna Carter
    Abrienna Carter Month ago +123

    All y’all hating but Aretha ADORED Ariana and was talking about collabing with her

  • Marc Kenneth Calderon


  • Demar Senior
    Demar Senior Month ago +2

    Y'all shut up with those bad comments we all know that Ariana is the best and will forever be. Love and love only Ariana you slayed that performance as usual it couldn't have been better😚😚😚❤❤❤😍

  • Lux Love
    Lux Love Month ago

    Dude, I sing this better than this performance

    • Ash Renee
      Ash Renee Month ago

      Sure you do lol. That’s why you have a record deal.

  • Lily Mills
    Lily Mills Month ago

    Lol y’all r all dumb this isn’t about what everyone wants to see it was a heartfelt tribute and Aretha wanted Ariana not someone else so just let it be what it is stop talking trash about a song sung at a literal funeral

  • Corey's Life101
    Corey's Life101 Month ago

    Fantasia should have sung this song

  • ibtishma R
    ibtishma R Month ago

    Everyone in the comments be like "ThE dreSs wAs InAppRopAiatE"
    C'mon the dress didn't matter. She went to pay tribute, and that's what she did.
    And also ""BaD VoCaLs, I coUlda DonE beTtEr" ugh y'all could've not, I mean COULD'VE to the NOT, done better than one of the best female voices of this gen - Ariana Grande. If unfortunately u could have, still no one would've invited u cause u ain't famous
    - to all the hate comments here

  • fidge976
    fidge976 Month ago

    Carol King wrote one hell of a song. RIP Aretha

  • boricuaboy4e
    boricuaboy4e Month ago

    Umm... did they cut off her mic? What’s the tea? Lol

  • Jeremiah Stokes
    Jeremiah Stokes Month ago

    The Pedofiles are in the back watchin Ari's Ass 🤔