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Ariana Grande Performs "Natural Woman" at Aretha Franklin's Funeral


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  • Paapa Essel
    Paapa Essel 4 hours ago

    Ariana can sure sing but out all of the talented black girls why choose her?

  • metaiah burns
    metaiah burns 13 hours ago

    Even if she would’ve wore a Freaking sweater and 10 jackets you guys would have something to say.Yall need to stop criticizing people you wonder why the United States is the way it is.All this negativity why can’t you stop and support each other.Im sick and tired of y’all grown people acting like y’all know best.She is 25 she probably never been to a funeral and she doesn’t have anything to wear .You know darn well she worked her butt off and gave that performance her best.

  • Screaming For Games to Play

    They should of had Latrice Royale lip syncing this

  • James Solidakis
    James Solidakis 23 hours ago

    Each and every one of you that gives a bad critique to this gal is just totally anaware of the situation. None of you can prove any point against Ariana. Vocally, presently and emotionally she delivered her top. The dress is there to remind us that this girl is in her twenties and she doesn't need to wear a huge black dress. Aretha never was a strict woman. She was open minded and an optimist. Stop judging this amazing girl for no reason. She was chosen to represent one of the biggest songs of all time.
    Aretha Rest In Peace, amen.

  • Ayesha Arif
    Ayesha Arif Day ago +1

    Christina should've done this....just saying

  • Lone Williams
    Lone Williams Day ago

    It's said that Aretha's daughter invited Arianna, N' I say HorseShit! If that's true, then she just used her mothers name just to get Airanna to make an appearance.

  • Robert Jensen
    Robert Jensen Day ago

    Awful mic technique! Not sure what she was thinking. She's pulling the mic away during the high notes which are equal or even lower in dynamics. Normally a compressor could compensate for this kind of mistake but she is pulling the mic way too far away. I guess its nervousness or trying too hard.

  • cleuza Claw
    cleuza Claw 2 days ago

    A música e o tom que se encontra a música não foi bom para o tom dela e o tipo de voz achei que não deu dela se soltar

  • jason peters
    jason peters 4 days ago

    Fuck you jesse jackson

  • Beatriz Alo
    Beatriz Alo 4 days ago

    Big Sean though, I see you!! 👀 We love a supportive ex🙌💯😂

  • Beatriz Alo
    Beatriz Alo 4 days ago

    All y'all hateful ass people in the comments😂 "WhY dId ThEy ChOoSe HeR?!" You do it then😂

  • Marinerdiva1
    Marinerdiva1 5 days ago

    I'm sorry her performance was not all that great she sounds very nasally to me and that outfit is not funeral appropriate this is a homegoing celebration not concert. but again nowadays I see exactly what the younger generation is wearing to church the whole congregation looks like they are in a club including the preachers in their lime green suits yes I'm glad at least they come to church and yes the Bible says come as you are but I would not have chosen that. Just my opinion

  • Jojo Moussa
    Jojo Moussa 5 days ago

    I love Ariana

  • Ayelet
    Ayelet 6 days ago

    I love Ariana but I expected more
    From her on this song ..... it was 5 out of 10

  • mhax3
    mhax3 6 days ago

    Meehhhh 🤨

  • BeulaBellafonte
    BeulaBellafonte 6 days ago

    I know she’s in rehab but Demi would’ve been perfect for this.. I love Ari but who the hell thought it was a good idea to have her sing a tribute for the Queen of Soul?

  • Kayla Coulter
    Kayla Coulter 6 days ago

    I like Ariana Grande, but she wasn’t really good, she didn’t sing with soul.......and a song like that needs SOUL.
    And on top of that, the dress wasn’t appropriate for that kind of event. It’s an ARETHA FRANKLIN FUNERAL. Not just like any other performance. No disrespect to Ariana, but they could do better.
    Next time pick someone who knows how to sing with SOUL.

  • wahiti channel
    wahiti channel 6 days ago +1

    They should have chose jhud or beyonce or christina or tamar

  • wahiti channel
    wahiti channel 6 days ago +1


  • Omar Avalos
    Omar Avalos 7 days ago

    It's incredible how people talk about the voice of Ariana Grande, ho but 😈 was on her side with out respect I don't judge that is the truth, so he is OK is bull....

  • Julia Thiemonge
    Julia Thiemonge 7 days ago

    Haters. Ariana loved and respected Aretha and let’s just be real NO ONE CAN SING LIKE ARETHA no one. Yes she was already set up for disaster in that way. She sang with so much soul and she is a genuinely talented singer. Sure the dress was short but so is she seriously if it offends you that much your priorities are out of whack. May the Queen of Soul live on forever, Ariana did her best to pay her respects the best way she knows how and I didn’t think it was half bad i’d like to see yall try to sing even as well as she did

    PAULO GUINA 9 days ago

    *DESGRAÇADO !!!*

  • PeterPlayz
    PeterPlayz 10 days ago +1

    People are hating on Ariana but can you do better haters?

  • K.v. Khai
    K.v. Khai 11 days ago

    Where's the SOUL, the PASSION? ... AG sounds like it was an afterthought and she only practiced the song that morning :-(

  • Vivi an mk
    Vivi an mk 11 days ago

    i hope aretha is resting in peace and i also hope ariana grande learns SOME R-E-S-P-E-C-T and wears less inappropriate clothes the next time she performs @ a funeral dont get me wrong i love her but i also think her sing coulda been better

  • antionette perry
    antionette perry 11 days ago

    aretha was the queen of souls so god needed her soul

  • After all the tea my weave hasn't been snatched

    I just realized Aretha Franklin died on my brithday....I guess my birthday is bad luck after all...

  • Ruben Tuesday
    Ruben Tuesday 11 days ago

    Rip the queen of soul

  • ifoundthekiwis
    ifoundthekiwis 11 days ago

    They should’ve chosen Alicia Keys for this💘😭

  • Day Ram
    Day Ram 13 days ago

    She could sing well! And looks like a very friendly person to me, a good person . But we have to be honest; She has no idea what soul means, she really has no "Soul". I can't feel the Pain, Authenticity, the Spirit, the Respect, the Love, The Happiness&The Realness&Truth in her voice. It was wrong to put her there! It was not nice at all.

  • Nigel Ou
    Nigel Ou 14 days ago

    Sorry Ariana, YOU SUCK!

  • Cheryl H.
    Cheryl H. 14 days ago

    Where are the rest of her clothes? Totally disgusting and disrespectful. Obviously, it's all about her. That's why she lost her man.

  • govcalif
    govcalif 14 days ago

    that monster of a pastor groped her big time. he loved her body.

  • unicorn Goals
    unicorn Goals 14 days ago


    RICHARD BROCK 14 days ago

    Sorry aretha that you died ;( im feeling crying for you and you were sick now im so so sorry that you died good bye aretha

  • Jessie Rowley
    Jessie Rowley 14 days ago

    Is no one going to mention the tattoos covered up with dark makeup on her neck? Looks like bruising or she was covering love bites!

  • Anisahs Outlet
    Anisahs Outlet 14 days ago

    Sis.. Wear another outlfit.. Damn

  • Lali Maldonado
    Lali Maldonado 15 days ago +1

    The thing that gets me
    mad is people are talking about respect and most of you in the comments are talking shit about her. How much do you want to bet that you can’t top what amazing voice she has. She tried and that’s all that matters. She’s going through hard stuff right now and people are making it worse for her. In my opinion this was a great performance and if you didn’t like it, keep it to yourself instead of being asswholes

  • Danielle Davidson
    Danielle Davidson 16 days ago +1

    You did amazing, Ariana! ❤❤❤❤

  • Dana White's double chin

    Don't u want to fill her up

  • Ray Campbell
    Ray Campbell 17 days ago

    Get your hand ✋ off her tittie man.

    • govcalif
      govcalif 14 days ago

      he loved it big time

  • daniel Leo
    daniel Leo 17 days ago

    She is dryyyyy!!! Like a toast without butter

  • Ldydi5954
    Ldydi5954 17 days ago

    I really would have liked to see someone else perform this song... perhaps Jennifer maybe even Diana just someone with a bit more soul. Still she did her best but this song is a little much for her. Just my opinion.

  • CurtJay Leee13
    CurtJay Leee13 17 days ago

    Why everyone in the comments bitching about Ariana’s outfit and performance and not the fact that the pastor got a hand full of her tit

  • sosobabyyy
    sosobabyyy 18 days ago

    Wish Joss Stone sang this for Aretha instead

  • Smiley Chakraborty
    Smiley Chakraborty 18 days ago

    Why are ya'll blaming her? You mofos, it's her stylist who picked her dress, not her own self.

  • Alessia D'ando
    Alessia D'ando 18 days ago

    Ma il. Vestito un po' più corto? Almeno al funerale

  • Lakeya Mcclain
    Lakeya Mcclain 18 days ago

    Why was the camera man so petty tho😂 why he kept showing Ariana and then he'll show big Sean reactions ..(ariana use to date big Sean for those of u that dont know)...

  • Wifi Of
    Wifi Of 19 days ago

    No. Just no... you are a basic girl.

  • Seth Dorado
    Seth Dorado 19 days ago

    Her performance was not good for me and that dress, come on Ariana at least just once. You should've worn a longer dress, a dress that is not daring. You wore an unappropriate dress.

  • Angel Locsin
    Angel Locsin 19 days ago

    As an Ariana Grande fan, I have to admit Im disappointed in her performance her.

  • Shreya Goenka
    Shreya Goenka 19 days ago

    Surprise no one talking about Big Sean 😹

  • Sean Morris
    Sean Morris 19 days ago

    The comments are females hating this female.

  • Kay& Asia
    Kay& Asia 19 days ago

    now look at big sean.... whew fine self

  • Mainza Munsanje
    Mainza Munsanje 19 days ago

    Lord why????? Why???? 😭😭😭😭 why?????!
    And that dress 🚮

  • Janelle Pillay
    Janelle Pillay 20 days ago


  • K0 K0
    K0 K0 21 day ago +1

    Why couldn't beyonce do it.?

  • Jeremy Thompson
    Jeremy Thompson 21 day ago

    She is so hot, I wanna pull on that ponytail so badly.

  • Shane Cooper
    Shane Cooper 21 day ago

    Guess she can't sing without being in a studio.

  • Kfir jason Hayman
    Kfir jason Hayman 21 day ago

    Why is no one noticing the postor fiddling with Ariana's nipple.

  • Oris Flores
    Oris Flores 22 days ago +1

    Stfu witj comments about her dress like damn. It couldve been worst.

  • Firstpo jkh
    Firstpo jkh 22 days ago

    damn thought ariana would've killed this song , but wrong choice . but how about that bill clinton lol what a character lol

  • Emily Statham
    Emily Statham 22 days ago

    Aretha deserved better as the embodiment of soul!
    Demi Lovato would have aced this performance, as would Christina Aguilera

  • Sheila Barron
    Sheila Barron 22 days ago

    Great Performance He's Happy makes me Happy and I can move on Rest in Peace Aretha Surely Missed and Will Never Be Forgotten ✌️♥️😘

  • soso shuster
    soso shuster 22 days ago


  • Vanessa Morales
    Vanessa Morales 22 days ago +1

    Si what, she wants to show her legs , god created us literally fucking naked...humans invented clothes so I’m pretty sure god is okay with seeing skin! You are incredibly stupid , I mean are you saying if ur wearing something short woman deserve to be touched by men without her permission or even raped sometimes , bye I hate you all.

  • Luke_Steenson89
    Luke_Steenson89 23 days ago

    For everyone saying she sounded shitty it’s because the audio in the video is horrendous. Go watch her sing this on jimmy fallon. So much better

  • Luke_Steenson89
    Luke_Steenson89 23 days ago

    Why is the audio so shitty

  • Austin Jones
    Austin Jones 23 days ago

    no hunty could had laury hill or Kelly Clarkson or cellne

  • Sofía M
    Sofía M 23 days ago

    2:43 is Big Sean?

  • heri susanto
    heri susanto 24 days ago +1

    she sing for RIP whitney with dress like that omg

  • Calvin Sampson
    Calvin Sampson 24 days ago

    Great job

  • Nazzila
    Nazzila 24 days ago +1

    who cares what shes wesring, how she sings, she was clearly uncomfortable and she at least showed up and put her love into it

  • Nazzila
    Nazzila 24 days ago +1

    yeh she didnt sing well doesnt mean u can be negative towards her? aretha chose her and also Ariana isnt the type of singer who sings a black song

  • Laronda Johnson
    Laronda Johnson 24 days ago +1

    not so good

  • uhm what
    uhm what 24 days ago

    Sorry but the people talking about her wearing choice in the comments are disgusting

  • Cheyenne Harmon
    Cheyenne Harmon 24 days ago

    I love Ariana but the background singers drowned her out. I think this sounds needs a robust full voice.

  • Inez Cox
    Inez Cox 25 days ago


  • slammerjax
    slammerjax 25 days ago

    Wow, talk about copping a free feel? He wasn't just laying his hand there, he was playing a fucking piano on her side boob.

  • Øniya’s World
    Øniya’s World 25 days ago

    No lie that she can sing 🎤 she’s very talented but she maybe could have been more conservative and more soulful but she’s a pop singer and they wanted her there we should not be talking about Ariana but Aretha she deserves the respect ✊

  • XxMiranda7786
    XxMiranda7786 26 days ago

    Omg. Idk what to say.. first it was the voice, the dress and then the boob grabbing. 👀 did anyone see that?

  • Alma Graciela Morelos
    Alma Graciela Morelos 26 days ago

    She would lose on American Idol with this performance and with any performance or interpretation. My ears actually hurt after hearing this. The background singers were such great singers. They should have used them instead. She would never ace a capella.

  • nandini upadhyay
    nandini upadhyay 27 days ago

    I think that Ariana can do impressive things technically, but she still has a lot of things she doesn't do right with her technique, and I personally just don't like her voice. Especially for this song, her voice just wasn't right. Also the audio quality isn't very good for the TV and that does affect it.

  • A K
    A K 27 days ago

    Ariana is a great singer but she doesn't have tht brassy soulfulness needed to sing this song

  • blxrryfxce 234
    blxrryfxce 234 28 days ago +1

    ~Look at 3:44 and 3:45 tho😤

  • Mal Bruni
    Mal Bruni 28 days ago

    You yanks have lost the plot. This is funeral not a fashion and singing show promoting some cheap half undressed mediocre singer

  • Andrew Goosdy
    Andrew Goosdy 28 days ago

    Sick ass postor

  • Andrew Goosdy
    Andrew Goosdy 28 days ago

    She sing sad she was not born win that song come out

  • Hannah V
    Hannah V 28 days ago

    Okay ariana we get it, you wanna maintain your sexualized child-like look but can you not hold off on that nonsense for a funeral performance ?


    que reverendo tan atrevido, ariana se sentiria tan desagradable, con el abusador del reverendo, en estos actos funebres deben de selecionar a verdaderas personas que hablen y alagen la vida util y valedera del artista fallecido o personas fallecidas.

  • Tiffany Rain
    Tiffany Rain 29 days ago

    stand n clap for the satanist hoe singing YAAAASSSSS

  • Tiffany Rain
    Tiffany Rain 29 days ago

    she's a satanist lol so it's funny to see her there bare and singing and mocking God and Aretha. it's so what they do.

  • Lance
    Lance Month ago

    I think Farrakhan was also smiling at her behind. And she's not black. A little Hypocrisy ??

  • kmcherry21
    kmcherry21 Month ago

    This was a show more than a funeral. Very bad and done so wrong. They could have organized a classy appropriate service but instead did a show.

  • alamoe62
    alamoe62 Month ago


  • Youtube Trashtalker

    Bruh Ariana for this? She kinda sucks at singing and her outfit sucks at respect

  • The Greek
    The Greek Month ago

    she looks like a whore the president and all the other men on stage had boners

  • Dandy Toding
    Dandy Toding Month ago

    Why ariana not sing side to side?

  • fabricio siqueira
    fabricio siqueira Month ago

    I'm not tired of hearing this song, it really is wonderful and I hope there are more singers like Aretha from now on! may god comfort the family

  • sei la porque
    sei la porque Month ago

    Que pastor nojento.