Ariana Grande Performs "Natural Woman" at Aretha Franklin's Funeral


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  • Reagan Butrum
    Reagan Butrum Hour ago

    Bill be like "I'll make you feel like a natural woman"

  • o
    o 7 hours ago

    Disappointment, This is disgusting.

  • adri loser
    adri loser 9 hours ago

    mmm... ariana doesn't compare.

  • Dan Dignam
    Dan Dignam 12 hours ago

    Nothing against her, but she can’t carry that song. Should have asked Carole

  • Gianmarco Gianni
    Gianmarco Gianni 17 hours ago

    3:42 dirty boy ;)

  • Runner4life
    Runner4life 19 hours ago

    She’s ugly without makeup though, google it, you will see

  • william osborne
    william osborne 22 hours ago

    Totally disrespectful that so many people are slamming her performance at a funeral

  • mary keith
    mary keith Day ago


  • Indie last name
    Indie last name Day ago

    So why is bill clinton there??? Yuck

  • UniQFX Games
    UniQFX Games Day ago

    Lo siento perra pero Aretha no merece esta irrespetuosidad.

  • Padee Hawj
    Padee Hawj Day ago

    I can't even bare to look the damn video once I saw him touching Ariana

  • Debbie Allport
    Debbie Allport Day ago

    Old slick willy could not take his eyes off of her just imagine what he is thinking, wait till I get her behind the stage and she can give me a blow Job for allowing her to sing at this farce this disgrace of one of the Greatest Singers of all time RIP Aretha you desired so much more than this sideshow circus of misfits shame on them for doing this to you RIP we bet you are looking down from Heaven and shaking your head saying damn fools all of them

  • Tea Time
    Tea Time Day ago

    yall, shut up. she did an amazing job, so whats with the hate. i mean, i get it is a funeral, and yes, she should had worn proper attire, but it was an amazing performance.

  • Farhan
    Farhan Day ago

    3:44 watch where his 2nd hand is 😂😂😂😂😂

  • macarthur field
    macarthur field 2 days ago +1

    A.G. must have thought she was at a strip club !!

  • Pam Burrell
    Pam Burrell 2 days ago

    Wow. I admire this young lady for taking the time to show her love and respect for the Queen. She shouted "I love you Aretha" as she left the stage. I think her performance was heartfelt and genuine.

  • Molly O'Grady
    Molly O'Grady 2 days ago +1

    ariana and aretha were friends she would of liked ari performing at her funeral stfu everyone

  • OMG_its_TexMex!!!! *
    OMG_its_TexMex!!!! * 2 days ago +1

    3:45-3:47 black guy is firmly grabbing into her right tiddy ....that real guy there is sexual harassment. And you wonder how black guys and guys in general get blamed for shit like that, she should call him out in the spot now it’s too late this just means she’s a slut and liked it. But damn that’s fucked up dude wouldn’t let her go and continued rubbing her down

  • Roni H
    Roni H 2 days ago

    I’m sorry what? And why?

  • Justprincessjess
    Justprincessjess 2 days ago +1

    This is a strange performance. Ariana is better than this. Was this just nerves? Was she uncomfortable surrounded by all these legends so close to her?

  • Aleeah Aleeah
    Aleeah Aleeah 2 days ago +1

    Big sean her ex watched her perform.......awwwwwwww

  • Darin Wade
    Darin Wade 2 days ago

    inspired!!! Young Max Rae's version...

  • Imaan Kholil
    Imaan Kholil 2 days ago +1

    why can't some of you guys just appreciate her singing . she's a very good singer (probably better than most of you who wrote a bitchy comment);)Ariana touched a lot of peoples hearts this funeral...

  • Isa Gonzalez
    Isa Gonzalez 3 days ago

    Everyone here is SO ignorant people are just hating on her dress and how she sang no one had a problem when she was touched negatively. So stop trying to be so hateful and focus on what really matters the loss of a beautiful star this her funeral and people have nothing to say about it if you ask me Ariana Grande isn't the disrespectful one YOU are

  • Anna Petro
    Anna Petro 3 days ago

    What was she thinking wearing this dress to short like this? wow.

  • Soma noma
    Soma noma 3 days ago

    Maybe a longer dress? And what is with the shitty audio

  • Ellice Mccarroll
    Ellice Mccarroll 3 days ago

    She did great

  • Funny Looks890
    Funny Looks890 3 days ago

    Rest in peace Aretha❤️

  • Seveyna Garritsen
    Seveyna Garritsen 3 days ago

    R E S P E C T! No way in the Martin garrix that Ariana Grande has wrong notes

  • Over Dweet Tv
    Over Dweet Tv 3 days ago

    The modern mind knows very little about mourning for a beloved one that as passed away

  • Ernesto Alonso
    Ernesto Alonso 3 days ago

    They went too far with her funeral if i were any of her family members iwould have arranged. a simple funeral just allowed family members and her closest friends especially people that she started her career and helped her .

  • Mar Loo
    Mar Loo 3 days ago

    I love Ariana but I feel like this song doesn't exactly fit her voice

  • Ashley Cabili
    Ashley Cabili 3 days ago +1

    Bill's a rapist

  • Titus the Hedgie
    Titus the Hedgie 3 days ago +1

    Honestly, Beyonce or Jennifer Hudson would have done this song more justice. Ariana kinda sounded unpleasant in this particular performance. Also, the length of her dress is pretty disrespectful for a funeral.

  • Count Lovula
    Count Lovula 3 days ago +1

    The flowers were lovely...

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat 3 days ago

    When she sang better at the tonight show, but yet sang like shit on Aretha's disrespectful...Lmfao big sean in crowd like yea I hit that skinny booty...

  • jane Johnson
    jane Johnson 3 days ago

    Ariana you can sing so well but this was just not the best choice for a funeral

  • Krystal Beltrez
    Krystal Beltrez 3 days ago

    Her hair is longer than her dress 😑

  • бuxʎɐәʇ
    бuxʎɐәʇ 3 days ago

    Why do the backup singers sound like the alien filter on snapchat.

  • mikemoair
    mikemoair 3 days ago

    if she felt like a natural woman, then what makes for an unnatural woman? you can't have up without down man.

  • ralph lee
    ralph lee 3 days ago

    Another "Dignified" Black Funeral. The "Dollar Store Minister"" Grabbing Ariana Grande's Tit at 342-347 Was a "Priceless" Picture "Worff" a Thousand Words. lol

  • Clay Perks
    Clay Perks 3 days ago

    This tart loves anal

  • Black Empress
    Black Empress 4 days ago

    I hate this so much! This why i did not watch. I knew the disrespect was gonna be outta control😣

  • Black Empress
    Black Empress 4 days ago


  • Black Empress
    Black Empress 4 days ago

    Poor Mr.Jessie looks like he wants to kick her off the stage😡

  • Jhiea Chuiwaa
    Jhiea Chuiwaa 4 days ago

    Ariana did great! ya'll just insecure😏 get a life!😒

  • Arturo Hernández
    Arturo Hernández 4 days ago

    Soy el único que se dio cuenta de que le agarraba los senos a Ariana? minuto 3:45

  • Yoconda Joel
    Yoconda Joel 4 days ago

    why are you all hating on her I would like to see you try and dude Aretha and her family chose her for a reason because her voice is powerful 💀

  • Support AnimalRights

    Please refer to Kelly Clarkson: Natural Woman, on American Idol performance, heaps better than this!! Ariana sounded and seemed like she was ready for her napsack, and ready to go to bed! Yawn! Thumbs down. Best singer: obviously Aretha, second best: Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera. Ariana: YAWN. LOL, the pastor's hands squeezing her tits. Shame, so many things wrong lol...Aretha staring down, rolling her eyes lol. Bill is thinking I sure wish I had a cigar and an office desk right now...

  • lamodenior
    lamodenior 4 days ago

    Where the hell was Beyoncé, Brandy, Jennifer Hudson, Tamar, hell even Jazmine Sullivan would of sufficed

  • lamodenior
    lamodenior 4 days ago

    and can someone pleasee tell this little girl to stop dragging her bottom lip when she singing live

  • lamodenior
    lamodenior 4 days ago +1

    Where is the prayer cloth for that dress in the pool-pit?

  • paris
    paris 4 days ago +1

    All these comments make me so sad, she did amazing, she sang amazing, she looked amazing! Leave her alone, please and ty ❤️

  • X- Vince
    X- Vince 5 days ago

    Mariah Carey deserve sing this song not ariana

    SPAZE LUCIPURP 5 days ago

    ARIANA SMFH YOU THINK THO HOLE WORLD IS JUST obsessed with your f****** pathetic looks AND OUT TO GET YOUR GOODIES this MAN did not touch you.

  • carlo bruno
    carlo bruno 5 days ago

    u is that bimbo

  • Esau Lolis
    Esau Lolis 5 days ago

    By far, one of the weakest performances that day. Shirley Cesar, Tasha Cobbs, Chaka Khan, jeniffer Hudson...etc. They all put her in her place that day. I hope she enjoyed that humble pie and learns from it.

  • shatia luckett
    shatia luckett 5 days ago

    These pastors lol SMH He should be ashamed.

    LOVEGOD LOVEGOD 5 days ago

    I wonder was Aretha watching this her self. Lord have mercy.

    LOVEGOD LOVEGOD 5 days ago

    I agree they made this into a concert of them not Aretha!!!! And what pissed me off the most. Can anybody tell me where all the RAPPERS where. Snoop,Ice cube,Dre,Too short,Eminem,Run Dmc,Dmx,Dj Calli,Rick Ross,plies,ludaCriss,Nate Dog, I can go on and on.Aretha made the way for them as well. All the music these so call rappers make the music from her music and others way before they where thought about. Im very upset too see none of them there . The only good out of this I thank God that they are renaming the park after her. Dam all that North side south side east and west bull. You pay respect too the QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      LOVEGOD LOVEGOD 5 days ago

      Them rappers tell so many lies and got so much hell in them. They cunchist must wouldn't let them show up too Aretha funeral.

  • Deandre Dixon
    Deandre Dixon 5 days ago +1

    Look at bill happy ass

  • regina lopez wurth
    regina lopez wurth 5 days ago


  • regina lopez wurth
    regina lopez wurth 5 days ago

    aretha was a legend

  • Pamela Jacobs
    Pamela Jacobs 5 days ago +1 your throat and scrub your knees ! LOL. Big Sean..sit your ass down..Where's your wife?

  • Immortal Lionheart
    Immortal Lionheart 5 days ago

    Let's be honest no one is ever going to be happy with this. No one's ever going to do this song justice apart from Aretha. I think she did quite well, this isn't exactly Ariana's style but she didn't do badly. The public is kinda harsh...

  • ItsLorien!
    ItsLorien! 5 days ago +1

    Poor Ariana!! You could see her face when he was touching her probably not on purpose but still.

  • Crystal Hogan
    Crystal Hogan 5 days ago +1

    dress was too short she knew better

  • Nina Keight
    Nina Keight 5 days ago +1

    its look like a show not funerals

  • Ebony Smith
    Ebony Smith 5 days ago

    Embarrassing as fuck

  • The Thrash Metal Guitarist

    Poor Bill Clinton can’t help himself,he just sitting there starring

  • פרופ 'מיכאל ישראל YAHUDAH

    Everything about money even on a funeral oh Yahweh see as your children

  • La Víe En Rose
    La Víe En Rose 6 days ago

    Trump wasn't invited, but they ended up talking about him quite a bit... at someone else's funeral. Heartbreaking.

  • Jason The 1 and Only

    Come on Ariana even though the rest of the ppl hate you I actually like you. And you could’ve done better than this. You’ve done better than this.

  • straya bish
    straya bish 6 days ago

    Everybody who’s watching this watch Anelisa Lamola’s audition for the X Factor UK

  • Emily Pinching
    Emily Pinching 6 days ago

    Wow. People really need to stfu huh

  • Taylor Jones
    Taylor Jones 6 days ago

    This is a disgrace...this little girl could never even dream of living up to a woman like Aretha. Just plain disrespectful.
    They could have at least chosen a real WOMAN to sing this song

  • icaro fcunha
    icaro fcunha 6 days ago

    Why Beyonce, Xtina, were not there? Ariana is better off singing her pop music... really not okay with that

  • Teri
    Teri 6 days ago

    what the fuck is this, hurting my ears.. not to mention, someone who looks like a doll singing about feeling like a WOMAN? a mockery.. :/

  • Rii Kean
    Rii Kean 6 days ago

    hmmm well... *"I'm gonna pass on that"*

  • Dea Banks
    Dea Banks 6 days ago

    This shit was so trash I'm surprised it made it on tv wyd Ariana Grande make GOOD music please

  • Random Viewer
    Random Viewer 6 days ago +1

    Why was she dressed like that ?

  • Ti Ha
    Ti Ha 7 days ago +1

    *WEAK as pond water

  • Farrah Blksmith
    Farrah Blksmith 7 days ago

    This is just wrong. Plus that guy is a perv and ariana disrespect. Shame on yall...

  • Stevanno De Freitas
    Stevanno De Freitas 7 days ago

    Sorry for the Queen but she really deserve better than this performance. Somebody please send this kid home she can’t fit in those greatest and amazing black people voices. She’s better in her own music as well but not in those type of song

  • Jeylen Levy
    Jeylen Levy 7 days ago +1

    She was dressed for preformance not a funeral

  • Mcoys Channel
    Mcoys Channel 7 days ago


  • Mcoys Channel
    Mcoys Channel 7 days ago +1


  • Deron Bennett
    Deron Bennett 7 days ago

    Rip urethra franklin

  • Deborah Worshiper
    Deborah Worshiper 7 days ago

    😭 why Her????
    why this dress????
    who chose Her????

  • Jeff Bobson
    Jeff Bobson 7 days ago

    bill clinton looking ass

  • Jailynee Ramirez
    Jailynee Ramirez 7 days ago

    Ohh come on I've seen plenty of women wear shorter dresses them that to funerals 😒😒😒

  • John Browneyes
    John Browneyes 7 days ago

    Lousy.....Christina Wells would have been a better choice. This is horrible.

  • Siân
    Siân 7 days ago

    tiny black dress aside her technique was below par here... so obviously Kelly Clarkson or Christina Ag / Beyonce etc. were unavailable

  • Raoul Sales
    Raoul Sales 7 days ago

    For you ugly beings saying why is she here aretha and ariana were good friends and aretha was a fan of her work

  • Josephine Budwilowitz

    She Fucking did her best

  • Belinda Ntsie
    Belinda Ntsie 7 days ago

    poor little girl, she ran out of stage as if she had just escaped from capture