• Published on Dec 18, 2018
  • Happy Teen G Tuesday!
    We are starting off another round of cruise vlogs! This time we are visiting the highly anticipated Celebrity Edge!! Stay Tuned for 7 more days of adventure! Thank you all so much for watching!
    If you haven't seen, here are days 1-6!
    Day 1: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pisuE...
    Day 2: www.youtube.com/watch?v=eS2bd...
    Day 3: www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1Pzd...
    Day 4: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioHza...
    Day 5: thexvid.com/video/g5t8RUcg2ZM/video.html
    Day 6: thexvid.com/video/i6oxmP9wRbU/video.html
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Comments • 65

  • Cody Rogness
    Cody Rogness 4 months ago +1

    Hey, thanks for the tour. Looking at taking a cruise on Edge next year and found your video helpful. I've done a few ship highlight videos and yours reminds me a lot of mine. I subscribed to your page, if you wouldn't mind checking out mine and possibly doing the same. Nice video.

    • Teen G
      Teen G  3 months ago

      Thank you so much! Thank you for watching and for the support!

  • Karen Karnes
    Karen Karnes 6 months ago +1

    Thank you for sharing your experience, and I think you have approached it with an open mind. It’s hard to compare to Disney on so many levels.

    • Teen G
      Teen G  5 months ago

      Absolutely! Disney is my favorite so its very hard to compare!

  • Quang Nguyen
    Quang Nguyen 7 months ago +1

    As someone new to watching your videos perhaps I can share my thoughts. It would have been nice to see a short introduction on those you went on the cruise with. At 8:03 I'm not sure who those guys are. I am guessing at least one of them is your brother?

    • Teen G
      Teen G  6 months ago +1

      Thank you so much for this feedback! At 8:03 left is my brother and his GF right is our family friend Andy! Long hair is my brother and boy in the tight pants is another family friend, Mark!

  • Witch's Brew Sims
    Witch's Brew Sims 7 months ago +1

    Stunning rooms!

    • Teen G
      Teen G  7 months ago

      They really are!

  • Jessica Miller
    Jessica Miller 8 months ago +2

    How many brothers do you have?

  • McKayla Dill
    McKayla Dill 8 months ago +2

    Come with me on Carnival! It's a party🍾

    • Teen G
      Teen G  8 months ago

      Sounds like it!

  • Sal T Balsak
    Sal T Balsak 9 months ago +6

    Bruh, what are you doing on Celebrity??? I'm 50 and am considered a youngin' on their ships. You set yourself up for failure. Stay in your lane sister ;-).

    • Teen G
      Teen G  8 months ago +1

      It was a family trip! I didn't set anything up for anything! Like I said in previous comments, I had fun on the cruise and I made these videos to compare the experiences! I will not be doing a cruise like this again don't you worry!

  • Sonya S
    Sonya S 9 months ago +1

    Your vlogs crack me up🤣🤣🤣. You are so hilarious to me - the median age is like...80 💀🤣🤣.
    I'm not anywhere near the age of 80, but the vibe of Celebrity seems like my kind of cruise line. I would love the slow pace and quiet of it all.
    Because I have young kids, I decided to book a Disney cruise, but I am looking at this Celebrity ship like - now there's a vacation! No characters + no kids onboard = bliss.
    Looking forward to following your journey. Thank you for sharing.

    • TheLegend
      TheLegend 7 months ago

      you really missed out if you think its all about laying around the pool, thats more of a Princess Cruise. Celebrity has many courses like glasses sculpturing that are free and they also give out free expensive showcased items when you participate. i guessed you didnt participate in the many daily platter activities?

    • Teen G
      Teen G  8 months ago

      I think its a great cruise for people who really want to kick back and relax by the pool every day! Thank you so much for the kindness! I hope you still have fun on your Disney cruise!

  • idanielletv
    idanielletv 9 months ago +4

    Thanks for the review compared to Disney! I was considering Celebrity, but as a 20 year old I want to go on a cruise line where I have to opportunity to meet people and I know with Disney even after I turn 21 I can still find people my age to hang out with.
    Also, don’t let the other commenters get you down. It was super helpful that you were comparing to Disney since that’s my family’s main cruise line. I do agree that you should check out Royal Caribbean, though. I haven’t been there since turning 18, so not 100% sure what the scene is like for adults but it a great alternative to Disney when you don’t want to spend the money.

    • Teen G
      Teen G  9 months ago

      Thank you so much for the kind comment! I like to meet people my age when I cruise too! Thats half of the fun!
      I have heard amazing things about Royal Caribbean! I am so happy you found my comparison helpful!

  • John Iliyn
    John Iliyn 9 months ago +1

    you need several peletons by the looks of it. what a waste of a vlog. ps the charlie brown mumu is not working. byeeeeeee

    • Teen G
      Teen G  9 months ago +7

      John Iliyn Your new years resolution should be to love yourself! find love in the world and within you! dont pour so much hate into the world and be mindful not to consume things that make you feel so upset that you feel you need to be mean to strangers! Be light! I hope you work on loving yourself!

  • John Iliyn
    John Iliyn 9 months ago

    hey joey. you’re a little bitch.

    • Teen G
      Teen G  9 months ago

      love yourself, hun

  • ella j
    ella j 9 months ago +3

    Celebrity Cruises just reminds me more of a luxury hotel at sea more than a cruise...if that makes any kind of sense? lol 🖤 loved the video!

    • Teen G
      Teen G  9 months ago

      Olivia Monique Yes!! I actually say that in one of my videos coming up! This is very true! Thank you so much for watching and supporting!

  • Out There
    Out There 9 months ago +1

    In the main dining rooms (not specialty) do they serve you or do you have to go up and get your food?

    • Teen G
      Teen G  9 months ago

      They serve you!

  • Gid Pool
    Gid Pool 9 months ago +10

    My question is why didn't you just tell us up front that you goal was trash the ship! You ate in a speciality restaurant and said, "there was no one there." That's on purpose. The don't fill up the speciality restaurants no one likes dining in a crowd with the associated noice. You continue to show your slant against Celebrity by the remarks about the beds. Most cabins on most cruise ships (including Disney) have two beds that slide together. You tell the cabin attendant what you want. Also, you remark that the shower reminds me of your crew cabin. Complaining about the "Mast Grill" continues your "slant." The Mast Grill is suppose to be small. Oceanview is the large one but you managed not to mention that. You trash the entertainment without even seeing it, "It didn't sound too interesting." As to the age of the people...eighty? Really! I've been on more than fifty Celebrity cruises and the average age is in the sixties, because those people have the time and money to travel. I was hoping for an honest review because the ship is new, but you answered none of the basic questions.

    • JL H
      JL H 5 months ago +1

      She clearly is a spoilt brat who needs bringing down to earth and teaching some manners. In the UK she is what we would refer to as a jumped up chav.

    • Teen G
      Teen G  9 months ago +1

      one more thing, here in my second video I go to the show! enjoy! Thank you for taking the time out of your holiday to leave such a constructive comment! thexvid.com/video/eS2bd1jtC9k/video.html

    • Teen G
      Teen G  9 months ago

      thexvid.com/video/eS2bd1jtC9k/video.html Heres day 2 for some more info Gid! Happy holidays!

    • Teen G
      Teen G  9 months ago +1

      Gid Pool Hey there Gid! So sorry that you feel this way about my video! I see that you are missing the point of the video! Not only am I giving my opinion of my trip, but I am also giving a comparison because most of my subscribers do sail with Disney! So they like to know if they would be getting a bang for their buck on another ship and I give my honest opinion about that! if you have paid any attention to my channel or other videos, you would know I came from working on a Disney ship I am very familiar with the Disney fleet! I know that none of the rooms have two beds in them! This is something that families would like to know! This is my first day on the ship, when I am barked the Mast grill was the only thing open! I will talk about the Oceanview and my coming videos but I did not go to the ocean view on embark day considering it was closed. I also talked to guest services, who pulled up the statistics on the ship and told me that the median age was 78! That wasn’t something I made up. Merry Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful day with your family! Thank you for the support! continue to watch if you want to see more about the oceanview or other dinner places!

  • Rosa Klochkov
    Rosa Klochkov 9 months ago +1

    Yessss thank you!

    • Teen G
      Teen G  9 months ago

      Thank you for the support Im so happy you are enjoying it!

  • Matt
    Matt 9 months ago +15

    ok i take your point that you are expecting something different, coming from disney. but, how can you go to a seafood restaurant and complain about vegan options? like cmon. seems like you didnt give the ship a fair chance, like with going to the mast grill for lunch. its more of a snack venue

    • Cherylyn L. Tompkins
      Cherylyn L. Tompkins 7 months ago +2

      @Teen G Why wouldn't your brother contact either the cruise line, concierge or restaurants beforehand to ask about vegan options. I'm vegan and soy-free so I know that I have to contact places (especially new) in advance or prior to just so I can make sure I can be accommodated (or know I need to make other plans). That's just a given. At a location/venue that's new to me, I would never assume they have something. Fortunately, because I'm an event planner who is used to working with chefs for menus, I usually get a chance to talk to a manager and/or chef in advance and most accommodate me well beyond what I had hoped. That's what planning ahead does for you.

    • Teen G
      Teen G  9 months ago +1

      also the mast grill was the only thing open when we embarked the ship! The ocean view buffet was closed. This happened multiple times on our trip since the Oceanview is not open consistently. For example, at 11 o’clock if you were on the ship there is not one food venue open at all you just can’t eat at 11 AM. Another example, after 12 midnight room service closes and there’s not one food venue open until breakfast!

    • Teen G
      Teen G  9 months ago +2

      Matt Im sorry! I forgot to mention in the video that the restaurant was completely out of mango and avocado which is basically a staple in any sushi restaurant! it was not a seafood restaurant, just a sushi restaurant. Plenty of vegan rolls are usually available at any sushi restaurant you go to! Again it just comes down to the ship not being prepared nor was it ready for passengers! Also, any restaurant I’ve ever gone to a Disney cruise line, seafood restaurants included have always been able to accommodate, bring food from other restaurants or do whatever they needed to to feed the passengers. Everybody is eating at the same price, if somebody has a deathly allergy they should be able to accommodate them not tell them that they can’t eat! don’t you agree?

  • Abyssopelagic Acatalepsy
    Abyssopelagic Acatalepsy 9 months ago +17

    Seems like you have a chip on your shoulder against this ship. It appears you didn’t look into how this ship works prior, didn’t use the Celebrity App to appreciate what this ship offers, or understand that Celebrity obviously has a different clientele than Disney. It’s sad you didn’t give Celebrity a chance.

    • MrRamyon74
      MrRamyon74 9 months ago +1

      Thanks for your review, everyone has a different perspective on what is a quality cruise experience and what is not. Not everyone is going to love Celebrity, speaking personally that ship looked great to me.

    • Teen G
      Teen G  9 months ago +4

      Abyssopelagic Acatalepsy Oh i definitely did! And I did use the app! It didnt work well on the ship! Like I said in the video and will continue to talk about in the next 6, the ship didn’t offer much! Considering most of my subs are here for disney, I wanted to show the comparisons between the two! Sorry you missed the point of it all!

  • Kathy Deloney
    Kathy Deloney 9 months ago +1

    When will you be putting up another video?

    • Teen G
      Teen G  9 months ago

      Every Tuesday a new video comes out! Thank you for watching and supporting

  • Haley Downs
    Haley Downs 9 months ago +1

    Black hat guy is still attractive just like he was in your insta stories. Also, we can turn the family of 11 into a family of 12 as I volunteer to be his plus one lolol

    • Teen G
      Teen G  9 months ago

      Thank god, we needed you on that cruise

  • Just Pamela
    Just Pamela 9 months ago +3

    this cruiseline caters to 45+ crowd

    • Teen G
      Teen G  9 months ago

      This is true!!!

  • Ashley Stone
    Ashley Stone 10 months ago +1

    Your yellow outfit & makeup look so good!

    • Teen G
      Teen G  9 months ago

      Thank you so much oh my goodness! Thank you for watching and supporting!

  • disneylove69
    disneylove69 10 months ago +2

    Did Celebrity once and never again. They only took care of those 70 and above.

    • Teen G
      Teen G  9 months ago

      I agree whole heartedly. Thank you so much for watching and supporting!

  • Sara Ottey
    Sara Ottey 10 months ago +4

    Try royal carribean they are so great way better the celebrity

    • Teen G
      Teen G  9 months ago +1

      SO many people are telling me this! Im going to have to try! Thank you for watching!

  • Mikayla Lapihuska
    Mikayla Lapihuska 10 months ago +1

    Where is your swimsuit from?!? I need it!!

    • Teen G
      Teen G  9 months ago

      Thank you!
      This is the website! alpinebutterflyswim.com
      They have frequent sales... I would wait for it to be cheaper!

  • Sportsgaming22 Rocks
    Sportsgaming22 Rocks 10 months ago +2

    Would you take this cruise or a similar one again

    • Teen G
      Teen G  9 months ago

      I wouldn't! I don't think it was worth the money for the service we were provided!

  • beth terra
    beth terra 10 months ago +1

    Love the pink swimsuit 😁😁😁

    • Teen G
      Teen G  9 months ago +1

      Thank you so much!!! Thank you for watching!

  • HeyCharnay
    HeyCharnay 10 months ago +2

    When you said everyone is old.... I died 😂😂

    • Teen G
      Teen G  9 months ago

      Lol i was shocked !! Thank you for watching and supporting!

  • Christina Incognito
    Christina Incognito 10 months ago +1

    I love your videos💕. It's like I get to explore cruises thru you. And a huge plus is that since you've worked on them you pretty much know everything and that shows the viewers much more than just a random person on a cruise. If that make sense, sorry I'm a scatterbrain. I've always wanted to go on one but at 38 sick with a brain tumor I won't be going anywhere but to hospitals and doctors. So thank you for all your hard work creating these beautiful little movies for us❤. You have an amazing life that makes my heart smile❤🙂. Hugs from New Orleans 🎷🎼🎺

    • Teen G
      Teen G  9 months ago

      Christina thank you so much for your sweet comment and support! I am so glad you love watching my videos and that you get to explore the cruises thru me! I hope that one day you get to travel too- you inspire me! I will continue making videos like this and hope that you will continue to enjoy them! Thank you so much!! This comment made my day!

  • KC
    KC 10 months ago +1

    So fun!!!! Dying over the twin beds “who else is coming?” Surprise roommates! It’s me! Kidding. I could never sleep on a twin bed! *ahem* can’t wait to see what’s next!!! 🌞 🎄 🚢 😍

    • Teen G
      Teen G  9 months ago +1

      Lol! I wish! Thankfully they pushed them together for us! I never knew this was a thing!