Wendy Williams Divorcing Husband Over Sidechick And Possible Baby?

  • Published on Dec 28, 2018
  • Wendy Williams has been going through it with all of the rumors over the past year about her husband and his alleged sidechick Sharina Hudson. Also Wendy has denied the allegations on her show, the talk have never stopped. Now it is alleged that her husband has gotten Sharina pregnant and now that his son with Wendy in no longer in the home and off to college, he and Wendy are supposed to get a divorce and he is going to live his life with Sharina allegedly.
    What are your thoughts?
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  • BS1
    BS1 2 days ago +1

    Wendy Williams is a Culture Vulture. She spends her life living off the backs of People With Actual Talent. She makes the world worst not better. She serves no purpose what so ever..
    I guess Shade can Get you paid.

  • Stephanie Holey
    Stephanie Holey 5 days ago

    1:42: Wendy callin' Nick Cannon's baby an "Oop's Baby", How Disrespectful!!! I'm dyin' laughin' at that Wendy, Kev, & Sharina CHART!

  • Stephanie Holey
    Stephanie Holey 5 days ago

    To Kevin's current Mistress & MR.: You lose 'em how you found 'em! Kev will CHEAT ON Y'ALL the way he did Wendy, but WORSE! Wendy couldn't have no friends while Kev doing' her dirty with men & women. Hope Kev ends up in Prison & becomes someone's bishhh! Wendy been carrying Kev & Sharina for TOO LONG!!! Kev wouldn't be shii without Wendy!

  • Saadon Aksah
    Saadon Aksah 24 days ago


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  • Endy M
    Endy M Month ago


  • Benati Jordan
    Benati Jordan 2 months ago

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  • Loo Rawls  Thomas
    Loo Rawls Thomas 2 months ago

    If she didn't throw everybody under the bus like life is a joke so I'm not sad for her. I Knooowww!!!!

  • Melissa Newcomb
    Melissa Newcomb 2 months ago

    Lol ride bye,. Lol

  • Vinette Reid
    Vinette Reid 3 months ago

    What go around come back around . that Wendy husband ,

  • Phuny Pheedbax
    Phuny Pheedbax 3 months ago

    Wendy your having the same problems as some of my family members and knowing from experience on how stubborn you are at taking advice I think I could help solve your issues you have with people.

  • W.A. watson
    W.A. watson 3 months ago

    Who really cares about all that noxious drama.

  • kim Moore
    kim Moore 3 months ago

    Kevin is upset he can't change a whore into a house wife 👍. Kevin you had left a queen for 🗑 now the queen had left u . U want to get rid of the trash. No keep the 🗑 and young trash. I am happy for u Wendy u had left the bullshit into his own shit.😍😀

  • Bashi Ali
    Bashi Ali 3 months ago

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  • Carine Keza
    Carine Keza 3 months ago

    She asked wendy to find Jesus??? Which Jesus she has found??? A black or a white? If she knew Jesus she should make it right . How we play with the Holy name

    TACOS BELLFAN170 3 months ago

    He's Not Gonna He Aready Have Cheated On Side Broad

  • Heather Gabriel
    Heather Gabriel 3 months ago

    I love this video ❤!! Its about time someone called her out on her 💩! She goes way to far thinking shes untouchable and perfect..when the truth is we all got skeletons!..all the best with the divorce though,it aint easy...😒 .anyways,thats life..❤😘!

  • Christine Taylor
    Christine Taylor 3 months ago

    Informstive shame on her husband

  • alicia roark
    alicia roark 4 months ago +1

    What is Kevin Sr job description? Lol tryna figure out how much money he took 😭

  • Elisa Fuentez
    Elisa Fuentez 4 months ago

    She told the world she had addictions to cocaine on her own show, her truth as she called it! She doesn’t just drink tea, at least not with her pills. Once a liar always one. It’s not like she didn’t know about the mistress sooner. Home they lived in, other child. She likes to put every celebrity or person on the show in a hateful way but expect s to not be sheltered by the world or industry. I hope she finds God in her 2 hr Pilates class before sober house . Why go to sober house now?? If she has not been on drugs in so long or needed a sober coach, hello, where is the truth? She is smug and rude to anyone she meets acting like a victim suits her. Their world is their choice! They are all grown ups. What about their own sons feelings?

  • A Paa
    A Paa 4 months ago

    Look at Wendy's big Adam's apple. He a man!

  • ShaeShae
    ShaeShae 4 months ago

    all celebrities are devils just to let the dumb people of America no

  • Denise Newcomb
    Denise Newcomb 4 months ago

    You are a nasty woman and you will get your karma also

  • Bernell Baker
    Bernell Baker 4 months ago

    I'm proud of Wendy, for divorcing, her husband's sad ass.

  • Barbara H.
    Barbara H. 4 months ago

    Who cares about W.W.?

  • Kk Tafari
    Kk Tafari 4 months ago



    Here is my side chick video: thexvid.com/video/7wnQGkORc7w/video.html

  • beezer1225
    beezer1225 5 months ago

    If Wendy didn't have a show like hers someone else would.

  • anthonianas1
    anthonianas1 5 months ago

    Get rid of him his no good

  • sachorna brissett
    sachorna brissett 5 months ago

    Never u doubt a person when it comes on to sickness. Whether she's being truthful or not how dare you!!!!! At least she's woman enough to talk about her personal issues as she does with everyone else.

  • Helena J
    Helena J 5 months ago

    I find it funny 50 is talking trash. 🙄
    He's so done he should call himself 25 and a refund. Smh
    And oh look..... The "former" actress wants her name mentioned. 😂😂
    Clout chasers always name drop.
    I loved Family Matters....still don't know her.

  • Victoria Evans
    Victoria Evans 5 months ago

    You aint sau get the strap! Lol

  • Maria Jaramillo
    Maria Jaramillo 5 months ago

    Wendy Your are Fabulously Amazing-🏆 🏆 Beautiful Soul you will find a man that Respects you.♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • LMC G
    LMC G 5 months ago +1

    I’m not saying become a Monk ,a Nun or a Buddhist ,I’m a Christian but I have a lot of respect for Buddhist teachings ....focus on that ! take a class of Transcendental Meditation and I assure you you will be happier human being which will “show in your Shows” I assure you once you do this all your troubles will be left behind.... everything happens for a reason, make all the suffering of 22 years be worth for something, dedicate your time to help,dedicate your time to help other women have self respect and dignity and not die or fall for a man that doesn’t deserve you that use you and abuse you show him what you’re made of and if you do these across the world almost all the way from Florida I’ll be praying for you. As a mother I have suffer The loss of a son, But also I have a loss of other moms children ,Princess Diana, John Kennedy Jr,, Witney Houston, and I don’t want you in this list Please😔😞☺️😘🥰

  • LMC G
    LMC G 5 months ago +1

    Do you want my advice Miss Wendy? turn your show around and make it a little bit more kinder to other human beings be more understanding of human needs and suffering you don’t need to be sassy to be famous ,look at Oprah do you know why she has so much fame ? and why she’s liked all over the world because she talks with respect about other human beings ,she’s elegant and classy yet she’s humble in her heart she’s a wonderful human being and I’m not saying she hasn’t had her share of troubles in life but she comes across as a normal human being.,and “not a follow me Karma kind of bitch “Wendy I know that there is good on your heart I have seen it more than once but the way you come across life is getting back to you !! turn your show around and show him what your made of (Honor your ancestors) and you will see the difference in your life🙏💖😘

  • Sir Dankenstein
    Sir Dankenstein 5 months ago +1

    Sub to PewDiePie!

    • Sheridan
      Sheridan 5 months ago

      lmao doing your part here ☝️👍

  • Rae
    Rae 5 months ago

    I swear your voice have me thinking you're Porsha Williams fr.

  • JJ Squirdle Supastar
    JJ Squirdle Supastar 5 months ago

    Ditch him Wendy. You dont need him. He aint shit without you. Leave him with nothing.

  • jane dais
    jane dais 5 months ago

    Karma have catch up with hypocrite Wendy Williams she have constantly poke fun at others marital problems. Poke fun at yourself Wendy. Now you know what they say about people in glass houses. Ha ha ha, he he he. Ho ho ho.

  • It's RSQ Official Page
    It's RSQ Official Page 5 months ago +2

    Good who wants a crack head really🤦🏾‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

  • Yahayra Mercedes De La Cruz

    I have no idea who is that "lady" talking about Jesus when she's enjoying Wendy's pain Wendy Williams is a show business woman people we all watch her show because WE like to be in other's people's business This is a 22 year marriage this is a strong smart hard working black woman who is been humiliated in public so PLEASEEE don't talk about Jesus and be careful today is Wendy but tomorrow is you or somebody you care about.

  • Juanita Clifton
    Juanita Clifton 5 months ago

    Husband has no shame

  • GoldenLadyLinda
    GoldenLadyLinda 5 months ago

    If it were me, the little tramp would be going to file for "Public Assistance" with her baby... when I get finished!!
    See how fast he vanishes!!
    {Wendy holds every card!!!}

  • GoldenLadyLinda
    GoldenLadyLinda 5 months ago

    A good Attorney stop crying and do your thing!!
    A good Attorney, and he and that little girl would be sitting in a barrel homeless! What is She waiting for??? He is as good as squashed and his little "tramp" if Wendy gets the right Attorney.
    Let's see how he loves the little tramp then???
    The bigger they are?? The harder he falls~!!!

  • GoldenLadyLinda
    GoldenLadyLinda 5 months ago

    The girl looks like some rat from the hood...!!!
    (Lol) Make your demands Wendy!! YOU hold the cards~!!! Bleed him!!!!

  • GoldenLadyLinda
    GoldenLadyLinda 5 months ago

    What does he see in that girl? I mean.she looks ratchet! Wendy needs to file for a divorce and take him to the CLEANERS~!!$$!!! It's only fair-! "{Public humiliation} = Leave him "penniless!" (Leave him with absolutely nothing!!) IT'S ONLY FAIR!! [She holds the cards....]
    Make your "demands" -- Wendy!!

  • Keizon Anderson
    Keizon Anderson 5 months ago

    Sherri is a bitch for that... that was not necessary.

  • Miss Daisy
    Miss Daisy 5 months ago

    Wendy has known about Kevin’s crap and just grooving on the show dough. Wendy is not dumb children! But now she is alone and knows her Sweetie is not coming back home. Breaking ties while she can get the sympathy. Strategy is everything kids.

  • Hishima Clark
    Hishima Clark 5 months ago +3

    Girl! You called it!!! Your Private Investigating skills are the TRUTH. You published this back in Dec. 2018 and now EVERYTHING is coming into fruition. You let us ALL know FIRST that Kevin Hunter's real name is KELVIN HUNTER and also that a BABY was on the way as well as there being a DIVORCE that will soon occur.

    I SEE 👀YOU.

  • Awenda
    Awenda 5 months ago

    Give her a break, she’s just like all of us. Are you doing a back hand?

  • Wanda Barnes
    Wanda Barnes 5 months ago

    WELL U get what u dish out , u flashing ur ring she's flashing her ring now what oh ur flashing ur house she's flashing her house , ur gonna stay right there an baby sit ur husband woman's baby so pretending ur going somewhere

  • paula65writer
    paula65writer 5 months ago

    What a hot mess!

  • Joyce Priest
    Joyce Priest 5 months ago +1

    Wendy, divorce is the best move because Kevin is in that thing for the long haul.

  • Joann H
    Joann H 5 months ago

    Girl you make me laugh. High time somebody put it back on shady lady. Keep the videos coming in hot.

  • chemicallyfreenolye
    chemicallyfreenolye 5 months ago

    That’s lady from family matters is one of Jussie Smollett’s sisters that’s why.

  • Laronda Norwood
    Laronda Norwood 5 months ago +3

    I feel so bad for Wendy she does talk about everybody’s business,but she doesn’t deserve this.PRAYING FOR BETTER DAYS FOR HER.

  • Konstandino Katsiouras
    Konstandino Katsiouras 5 months ago +1

    You look busted. I wouldn't comment on other people's look child. Bye

  • Kelly Smith
    Kelly Smith 5 months ago

    @ chronicles speaks, you are so stupid with your Wendy Williams comments first of all her job is to entertain us with what's going on with the Rich and Famous nothing to do with Karma , what happened to Wendy could happen to any one of us including your dumbass for your stupid comments, that stupid sidekick hoe, is going to benefit from Wendy Williams hard-earned money how would you like it if it happens to you stupid ass so keep your stupid comments to yourself about Wendy, and I hope Karma comes back to bite that bitch and the dog Kevin in the ass worse than what they are doing to Wendy,

  • D K
    D K 5 months ago

    What is this video explaining that we don't already know....nothing.

  • Nessa Nicole
    Nessa Nicole 5 months ago

    "Purpose Baby" 😩