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  • Fashion4We
    Fashion4We 2 days ago

    Music goes hard. Banger 😎

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  • 박영서
    박영서 10 days ago

    a kid's hand??

  • Stefano _
    Stefano _ 10 days ago

    As an italian i say that i hate how the world cooks pasta, you have to boil pasta in other water

  • Ramy Mounir
    Ramy Mounir 13 days ago

    The beat

  • Ice theif
    Ice theif 20 days ago

    im making pasta rn

  • Calliope Mitrouli
    Calliope Mitrouli 22 days ago

    FOODPORN 👌🏽😋

  • Dennis Kill
    Dennis Kill 26 days ago

    Anyone else find the music a little intense?

  • Lorenzo
    Lorenzo 27 days ago +2

    Ok...I'm Italian, and I understand this is another way to cook pasta..ok...but hey... don't you break spaghetti again man..just don't do it!! ahahahahahha

  • Enmanuel Abreu
    Enmanuel Abreu 28 days ago

    Just made the taco spaghetti and I think something is wrong with the measurements... it's not tasty at all!!!!

  • Sheeja.A. Mathew
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  • Airreona TheeElevatedSongstress

    The Fajita Pasta bake looks extremely good too!!!

  • Airreona TheeElevatedSongstress

    I think the creamy sausage one would be delicious!!!😋😆 yummy!!

  • mi2boiz
    mi2boiz 29 days ago +1

    I shouldn’t be watching this on an empty stomach. Time for lunch!

  • FuckenYesie
    FuckenYesie Month ago

    Do they shop at Ralph’s, Kroger or Food4Less?

  • Chris Toussaint
    Chris Toussaint Month ago +2

    am i the only one who stopped watching the recipes halfway through and just started dancing to the music cuz DAMN that was a bop

  • mohammad khan
    mohammad khan Month ago

    Was the Penne in the first recipe cooked or uncooked?

  • Frankie Reyes
    Frankie Reyes Month ago

    I like more the beat. It was nice and sweat. Like mix pasta with cheese

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  • row Sid
    row Sid Month ago

    The 1st recipe looks bomb asf

  • Muzli Muzlija
    Muzli Muzlija Month ago

    so yummy

  • LordThree
    LordThree Month ago

    Made the first one... it wasn’t red at all. And it was WAY WAY WAY more than two servings. Also the noodles cook faster than 20 minutes. I’d wait and add the peppers last, with the cheese. Flavor was excellent, however it might be to spicy for weaklings

  • Laxmi Devi
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  • shiba shahid
    shiba shahid Month ago

    I tried everything

  • Alise Jain
    Alise Jain Month ago

    The last one was the ultimate one

  • M[]E *
    M[]E * Month ago

    I really dont like onions like yuck

  • ICY J's
    ICY J's Month ago

    who cuts their noodles, at the end

  • • Zenity •
    • Zenity • Month ago +2

    Well Its time to get an italian husband ;-;

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  • Jessica Stevens
    Jessica Stevens Month ago

    Damn, living in South Korea without easy access to western ingredients or an oven, I've missed some stick to your ribs pasta

  • Samuele Volpato
    Samuele Volpato Month ago

    I'm an italian guy. I'm gonna denounce you

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime Month ago +2

    the music

  • brendan largey
    brendan largey Month ago

    CREAMY Bolognese WTF

  • BTS' 8th member
    BTS' 8th member Month ago

    Ok I'm new to cooking and never ate peppers before, so i have to ask, do they taste good? And are you supposed to take out the seeds for the first recipe? I don't want it to be too spicy.

  • 11963
    11963 Month ago

    Sponach ruins the pahstah

  • Huanyu Dong
    Huanyu Dong Month ago

    I don't get why the comments are Soo critical about tasty😣

  • Luke Froelich
    Luke Froelich Month ago

    Missing the best ones: puttanesca sauce and the traditional marinara

  • luchiane
    luchiane Month ago

    So no room for an actual classic red sauce? It's either milk, cheese, or both. In mass quantities at that! 😕😞

  • Starling Telo
    Starling Telo Month ago

    Do I have to boil the pasta in water first? Asking for the first recipe.

  • Dennis Andrew Diokno
    Dennis Andrew Diokno Month ago +1

    I prefer normal pasta

  • Gearld Cline
    Gearld Cline Month ago

    To be honest, most of these do not look all that good to me....

  • Desi Chef
    Desi Chef Month ago +1

    Who else love pasta ?

  • Vishakha Telang
    Vishakha Telang Month ago

    Guys please create a Tasty Vegetarian channel too....pls just go for it coz many of us are vegetarians and we need your vegetarian recipes.I hope you'll work on my idea....

  • subham raj
    subham raj Month ago

    Hey please make a video on vegetarian recipes 🙂

  • Rishita Khanna
    Rishita Khanna Month ago

    They do a vegetarian recipe just for forsake of doing a vegetarian recipe.

  • Jeff Kaplan
    Jeff Kaplan Month ago +1

    It's not a Tasty video without cheese in every fucking recipe

  • Zezzyz Playz
    Zezzyz Playz Month ago

    These look soooooo good!🤤

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  • bRoNzE pLAyeR
    bRoNzE pLAyeR Month ago

    I am LIVING on these comments 😂

  • undefinedromance89
    undefinedromance89 Month ago

    I see Tasty has decided not to capitalize on the new years resolution crowd this year.

  • Barbra Blevins
    Barbra Blevins Month ago

    Soooo I definitely have to try out the last one because it looks like it taste AMAZING

  • D3V1LG3CK0
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    orca, ci risiamo.

  • Shawnhom Han
    Shawnhom Han Month ago

    I’m definitely going to try all of the recipes one day 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻

  • Suzanne Reynolds
    Suzanne Reynolds Month ago

    This video made me drool 🤤 anyone else?

  • Samantha Garcia
    Samantha Garcia Month ago

    Who else watches tasty while at school when they get hungry
    Is it just me😂

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    nacer saddam Month ago

    You make me hungry motherfuckers fuck youuuuuu

  • Ma Uu
    Ma Uu Month ago

    «Italian seasoning»

  • Xinlix
    Xinlix Month ago

    I love this music

  • Mad Willow
    Mad Willow Month ago

    Red sauce? you guys need to go back to cooking school!

  • im a bunny rabi t
    im a bunny rabi t Month ago

    *Ketchup has left the chat*

  • Harry Georgiou
    Harry Georgiou Month ago

    I tried the first one and it turned out delicious

  • Rosa3 3 3
    Rosa3 3 3 Month ago

    Plz someone make these for me😭

  • LaserBucks
    LaserBucks Month ago +3

    "6 Unforgettable Red Sauce Pasta Recipes"
    * Opens with a cream sauce recipe. *

  • Brutus Maximus
    Brutus Maximus Month ago

    I think these recipes need more cheese.

  • nutellɑtte
    nutellɑtte Month ago +2

    "RED SAUCE" is blood?

  • Apple With eyes
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    That music is going to kill me

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  • faruk abdul gani
    faruk abdul gani Month ago

    Thoss is the yummiest pastas ever I love them all I am a pasta lover!😉

    BETEPAH TB Month ago

    Best channel

  • Benny Blanco
    Benny Blanco Month ago

    This music is hilarious

  • OrangeDealer69
    OrangeDealer69 Month ago

    The musik is to epic for the cooking...

  • Julian Cavaleri
    Julian Cavaleri Month ago

    What the fuck how can you call the first one a red sauce, it has no tomatoes and it's barely even red
    And what monster puts cream in their bolognese?!
    This offends me way more than it should lol

  • Crimos
    Crimos Month ago

    can we use water in the first one instead of milk?

  • kyra.1812_
    kyra.1812_ Month ago

    I love spaghetti with red sauce!!!

  • Mehmet Akif Aydoğdu

    When will Eating Your Feed S2 begin??

  • Michelangelo Virgillito

    I am Italian wtf is this shit my grandma would die if she saw this

  • Lakshmi
    Lakshmi Month ago

    The instrumental of the music is similar to NCT U's Baby Don't Stop

  • Omar HT
    Omar HT Month ago

    Yeah I should say if the noodles are cooked first or non-cooked so when you put a man you’re not thinking that they still need to cook

  • R T
    R T Month ago

    This song sounds like " that baby dont look like me" by shawty putt 😂😂😂

  • Jan Gjerdum
    Jan Gjerdum Month ago

    Music's getting progressively worse

  • Bharat Singh
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  • Green Thyme
    Green Thyme Month ago

    For some reason American Sausage always looks gross to me.

  • Tivhal
    Tivhal Month ago

    wouldve loved to see 1 or 2 more vegetarian sauces, but still a great video!

  • randomness.
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    I love pasta 🍝 if you like food related videos subscribe to my channel 😋

  • ingrid
    ingrid Month ago

    just took a buzzfeed quiz and these were the options🤭

  • BL UG
    BL UG Month ago

    Why the cream? WHY?

  • Vijayeendra Namasevi

    Don’t you think Tasty should celebrate vegetarian week?

  • Prabhanjan Kaveri
    Prabhanjan Kaveri Month ago

    Tasty be thinkin our kitchen is like Gorden Ramsay kitchen while I am cooking instant noodles here

  • jordyn brooke
    jordyn brooke Month ago

    My husband hates tomatoes...
    What can I use instead!

  • Dinusha K.Perera
    Dinusha K.Perera Month ago

    forget the food,,
    background music is awesome

  • Muhamad Apriadi
    Muhamad Apriadi Month ago

    I don't like this kind format of video, there's no tasty producer speaking. i feel less bond with tasty channel unlike rie's or alix's videos, they even got no tips or something to consider while making it.

  • IMA 👑 ASMR
    IMA 👑 ASMR Month ago

    Thank you tasty 😋

  • Rajaonarison Augustine


  • Ninad Mundhe
    Ninad Mundhe Month ago

    I'm no Italian, but i know the consequences of breaking spaghetti in two 😰😰😢😢

  • Pro gamer
    Pro gamer Month ago

    2:29 kids hands

  • Mom's Kitchen
    Mom's Kitchen Month ago

    Thank you for recipe. I will try!

  • Shashibala Tiwari
    Shashibala Tiwari Month ago

    Why do i feel the music in the background sounds like a bts song?

  • Antonja Sweet
    Antonja Sweet Month ago

    They all looks delicious !!
    I love PASTA 🍝🍝🍝🍝🍲🍲