Kitchen Gadget Testing #36


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  • Barry Lewis
    Barry Lewis  2 months ago +58

    Have a Barrathon, watch the kitchen gadget testing playlist

    • Oakman 2005
      Oakman 2005 2 months ago

      for cooking bacon in the microwave put 2 peices of kitchen roll on a plate with 4 rashes of bacon in a line then a piece of kitchen roll on top. cook for 3 minuets on full power x

    • Jack's Page
      Jack's Page 2 months ago

      How is this on trending when it has 120k

    • LilleTotte
      LilleTotte 2 months ago

      You should ask Big Clive to have a look at why the washing gadget won't charge.

    • Tender Sheep
      Tender Sheep 2 months ago

      +Gadgetboy it's only the top right corner because something is reflective ontop of his cabinet.

    • Tender Sheep
      Tender Sheep 2 months ago

      Btw bacon is SUPPOSED to shrink!

  • RK Slither
    RK Slither Day ago

    the closest your ever going to get to microwave bacon is grilled bacon, it can not be done I love seeing you try tho.

  • Arlen Kamberi
    Arlen Kamberi 5 days ago

    U steal all this from crazyrusianhacer so yeaa
    Get a life

  • Lavona Kirtley
    Lavona Kirtley 6 days ago

    You need a bacon cooker that is a base plus one or more standing supports for the bacon!

    WEN VEL 8 days ago

    Barry! This video is more chaotic than usual!

  • Extravagant Ji
    Extravagant Ji 14 days ago

    New Sub 🥰 I love your energy !

  • Craig Welsh
    Craig Welsh 21 day ago

    So glad we're not the only household that occasionally finds a stray jacket potato in the oven...

  • Hether Pickwell
    Hether Pickwell 23 days ago

    And dampen your nori

  • Hether Pickwell
    Hether Pickwell 23 days ago

    Cut your time down when microwaving the bacon

  • WizardsNipple
    WizardsNipple 24 days ago

    Watching all your videos and it has taken my mind off my massive hangover. Cheers !

  • Maverynthia
    Maverynthia 24 days ago

    *Buys a product from China. Holds up Chinese instructions* The instructions are in Japanese! >_

  • SimpleMinded
    SimpleMinded 25 days ago

    Omgosh I need one of those pengin sushi makers in my life! Penguins are my favourite animal and sushi is my favourite food! It's perfect

    STZBOY 28 days ago

    The garlic had a scraper

  • Laura Metzger
    Laura Metzger 29 days ago

    I've never seen a microwave bacon cooker without a lid. The one I have works great but it has a lid

  • Tomboy 666
    Tomboy 666 Month ago

    You should make a giant English Breakfast

  • anusha iyer
    anusha iyer Month ago +1


  • Jessica Miller
    Jessica Miller Month ago

    Barry is bae.

  • Eliza Rose
    Eliza Rose Month ago

    Yo need to soak the seaweed after you stamp it I makes it easier to stick and it I’ll look more like a penguin

  • Dylan Richards
    Dylan Richards Month ago

    You should send the green gadget to Big Clive! :D

  • Siân
    Siân Month ago

    Green washing up lobster - sister-law’s 2019 Christmas present sorted.

  • Sarah Kennedy
    Sarah Kennedy Month ago

    My daughter loved your sharky-fish shirt lol and the penguin onigiri like thing.

  • Izaya Orihara
    Izaya Orihara Month ago

    The rice is bubbling due to some of the starch not getting rinsed off. In my experience I’ve always found that rinsing rice in a bowl of water then draining and repeating a few times does a much more reliable job of rinsing all the rice as opposed to the couple pieces directly under the tap at the time. After all in a colander the stream has to be aimed at each and every individual piece of rice to work...

  • Lara Duignan
    Lara Duignan Month ago

    I love your laugh! Lol

  • shamille724
    shamille724 Month ago

    “Shake it round like an egg wand”
    Oh yes! An egg... wand...

  • AsHLiegH-MaRie HoPe

    I thought the outside it's almost like cake... hmm

  • xtinneee
    xtinneee Month ago

    I have that ice cream sandwich thing!!! I needed to know if it worked and bought it towards the end of summer-ish lol. IMO, it's okay.... kinda messy lol...but 🤷🏻‍♀️. It gives you recipes too...but it gives you an unnecessary amount of portions per recipe lol. Idk... I made them once and had cookie sandwich batter for days 😩 I made like 20 sandwiches and STILL had so much left over and was just like noooo I can't make anymore lol it's too much lol I dont have the space or time

  • Frogzilla
    Frogzilla Month ago

    That bacon 🥓 reminds me of the stuff cooked by my vile mother. Hers was cooked beyond belief. As a girl I recall her bollocking me (idk why) but I held my bacon with my fork, and tried to cut with my knife and it snapped and pinged off across the room.
    She also did boot sole liver, boiled vegetables to a pulp, frequently had chip pan fires... I moved out in 1992, and as everything she did wrong was supposedly my fault, I cut myself off from her and I’ve been a vegan for 21 years!

  • Catherine Haas
    Catherine Haas Month ago

    Bacon is sapost to srinck a little

  • amber dunton
    amber dunton Month ago

    Your amazing 😻

  • The Chicopico
    The Chicopico Month ago

    Sushi penguin
    Penguin sushi

    Everyone,the sequence of words do matter

  • Elena Rotelli
    Elena Rotelli Month ago

    What’s ken and Jenny’s ?????

  • Pia Eklund
    Pia Eklund 2 months ago

    DOH.. The black moving "frame" on the garlic press, is removing the last pieces of pressed garlic, that you usually would scrape off, with a knife. lol .. But awesome video.. :)

  • Ali Eats World
    Ali Eats World 2 months ago

    The salt, sugar, and vinegar in sushi rice is not optional. That's what makes it sushi...

  • peter brinkley
    peter brinkley 2 months ago

    love watching you because you make me laugh

  • Jazzy Juarez
    Jazzy Juarez 2 months ago


  • xoBlockblasters adventure

    18:13 everyone in the backround is frozen

  • Anthony M
    Anthony M 2 months ago

    Does he not know how batteries work?

  • angelgoldennight
    angelgoldennight 2 months ago

    Never fill both sides for rice molds

  • Briandy Reilly
    Briandy Reilly 2 months ago

    200 pound delivery charge?!?!?! he probably meant 2 idk

  • Kate Hill
    Kate Hill 2 months ago

    Was it just me or did he call Ben and Jerry’s ken and jennys? It’s at like 7:32 or somewhere around there

  • Joshua Adams
    Joshua Adams 2 months ago

    That bacon was perfect if you ask me.

  • CounterClaws
    CounterClaws 2 months ago

    That dish washing gadget looks like a PKE meter from Ghostbusters.

  • TheMagicKnightress
    TheMagicKnightress 2 months ago

    You’re just really bad at making microwave bacon. We only make microwave bacon

  • evillarreal146374
    evillarreal146374 2 months ago

    Maybe u put the batteries in wrong in the egg wond

  • Oona Goona
    Oona Goona 2 months ago

    I have a pet hedgehog and they have feet with 5 toes on each foot and a small tail

  • Hikoplays
    Hikoplays 2 months ago

    not sushi but onigiri o-knee-gee-ree. aka the rice ball. you can have a filling in it too like pickled plum which is popular shrimp beef pork chicken or unagi (oo-naaa-gee)

  • Su Numan
    Su Numan 2 months ago

    Penguin looked immense. I said WOW at the same time as yr wife lol.

  • jezzermeii
    jezzermeii 2 months ago

    The batteries you put in looked like Panasonic zinc chloride batteries. Maybe try some new alkaline batteries. Zinc chloride is only good for low drain devices, like clocks. That scrambler thing looks like it would need some more oumph!

  • V a r m a
    V a r m a 2 months ago +1

    Is it me or does Mrs. B look a lot like Jenna Fischer from The Office (US)??

  • RayneSaltair
    RayneSaltair 2 months ago

    When you're American and wondering why you are living in the only country that hasn't ditched the Imperial system yet?

  • XAutumnXFlowerX
    XAutumnXFlowerX 2 months ago

    I might try the hedgehog grater it's hard for my shoulders to do up and down motions going forward and backward seem like it might be easier. I've seen them but was wondering how well the grater works thanks :)

  • gwyneth mushayandebvu
    gwyneth mushayandebvu 2 months ago

    Use google translator

  • Fatima Khatun
    Fatima Khatun 2 months ago

    You basically spent £200 on a T-shirt

  • Jason Andreoli
    Jason Andreoli 2 months ago

    You really need to go on a crash course about the basics of electricity. Please stop plugging 120v items into a 240v supply. You are going to get hurt.

  • Jordan Carter
    Jordan Carter 2 months ago


  • Jennifer Pratt
    Jennifer Pratt 2 months ago

    R u freaking serious? I watched this video so I can see that gnarly washing dish tool.

  • Jennifer Pratt
    Jennifer Pratt 2 months ago

    Why would you eat pork from the microwave? I can understand bacon but not pork loin

  • Sara Rankins
    Sara Rankins 2 months ago

    This came out on my birthday

  • らじ
    らじ 2 months ago

    If the washing thing is from Japan, it might start working when you
    press and hold on to the button.

  • Jay
    Jay 2 months ago

    you’re such a positive force. i love watching your videos to cheer up 😇 thank you!

  • Lisa Akinlabi
    Lisa Akinlabi 2 months ago

    Pretty sure if you take your time and do things neatly they will work even better.

  • Ariana AJ Beaverhausen
    Ariana AJ Beaverhausen 2 months ago

    "Potato's optional" 😂😂😂

  • john shead
    john shead 2 months ago

    the garlic press was hilarious. You never figured out that the flat bar was scraping the front off. It kept dropping garlic after you gave up on it. HA HA HA. :-)

  • Angie Tyndall
    Angie Tyndall 2 months ago

    The microwave bacon cooker is nothing new. My mom had one in the '80s.

  • sab0tage
    sab0tage 2 months ago

    Another Barry special where he doesn't use common sense then blames the tools. Three and a half minutes in the microwave... Sigh.

  • Shellie Williams
    Shellie Williams 2 months ago

    I usually cook bacon for a minute maybe 2 in a microwave, 4 and a half minutes usually cooks a microwave meal from frozen lol

  • leigh prendergast
    leigh prendergast 2 months ago

    Came across your videos. I love them lol

  • Matthew Park
    Matthew Park 2 months ago +1

    \( )/
    / \
    *Hey this is dave, how many likes can dave get*

  • stabulous Koda
    stabulous Koda 2 months ago

    Pretty sure the over *cooked* bacon issue is not the gadgets fault ha

  • N7Biotic
    N7Biotic 2 months ago

    3 1/2 minutes cooking that bacon?? 😩😩😩 Those pieces of bacon only needed only about 1 1/2 minutes to 2 minutes max!

  • Harry Newman
    Harry Newman 2 months ago

    Ken and Jenny’s 😂😂

  • Brooke Pinion
    Brooke Pinion 2 months ago

    That’s not a good way to wash rice. It doesn’t actually get rid of the starch. You can tell because when you put it in the pan the water turned white. The rice is washed when the water it the pan stays clear

  • TheScarletInfector
    TheScarletInfector 2 months ago

    FOUR MINUTES FOR BACON? Bacon takes like 40 seconds in a 90w microwave.

  • Gopal Das
    Gopal Das 2 months ago


  • Kim Stockton
    Kim Stockton 2 months ago

    I don't know why you tube feels the need to keep showing me this guys videos.

  • Kit Farman
    Kit Farman 2 months ago

    I'm very confused by the changing kitchens.

  • David Slone
    David Slone 2 months ago

    I've had my Garject for years now. It may serve only one purpose, but it serves that purpose virtuosically.

  • K l
    K l 2 months ago

    Its disturbing they made a hedgehog cheese grater when hedgies are lactose intolerant lol

  • Beth Frank
    Beth Frank 2 months ago

    Just found your channel, and I love it! Subscribing right now! PS LOVE ME SOME PUGS TOO!! lol! your channel has it all, love, fun, humor, food, and pugs!

  • Crystal Rising
    Crystal Rising 2 months ago

    I just found your channel and I absolutely love it! I've just watched the whole marathon. Looking forward to more. Thanx

  • Mandy Green
    Mandy Green 2 months ago

    Wonder if the cheese grater can be used for your feet? Sounds gross but I seen another u tuber using the ped egg to grate cheese! Just don't use that thing to grate cheese after you used it for your feet! But really all the ped egg is, is a cheese grater.

  • Philippe Colin
    Philippe Colin 2 months ago

    At least Barry doesn't find OLD ARCADE GAMES FROM THE 80's in his oven.

  • Kirsten Carter
    Kirsten Carter 2 months ago

    6:41 the "hedgehog" moved away from you without you touching it.

  • Ryan Leeke
    Ryan Leeke 2 months ago

    BatPenguin xD

  • Aisha
    Aisha 2 months ago

    Yay your on trendingggg!!!!!! 🤗♥️♥️♥️

    H.E COOKING TIME 2 months ago

    “It’s not ken and Jerry’s”
    Barry it’s Ben and Jerry’s lmao x

  • Preston Whitfield
    Preston Whitfield 2 months ago

    I think the Reheatza would work for the bacon. It works well with pizza and fries

  • yugi4000
    yugi4000 2 months ago

    microwaved bacon .... hell nah .

  • Gareth Glover
    Gareth Glover 2 months ago

    What a moron.

  • Daniel Huddleston
    Daniel Huddleston 2 months ago

    That does not look like good sushi rice lol, neither is the dried seaweed. However the garlic thing, solves all the problems that I hate when pressing garlic... peeling it, but mainly getting the excess out after I’m done.

  • Natapie123
    Natapie123 2 months ago

    YOU PAYED 200 pounds FOR THAT SHIRT?!?!

  • Diana Faddoul
    Diana Faddoul 2 months ago

    Wow I thought that was a “bun in the oven” and you guys were having another baby, LOL! I got so excited haha

  • Teri Doster
    Teri Doster 2 months ago

    £200 delivery charge for a t-shirt?? Did they fly it to you by private jet? 🤣

  • sawyerfan01
    sawyerfan01 2 months ago

    What even is bacon over there? Like I always knew there was Canadian style bacon and "streaky" bacon but both dont look like normal, true, American bacon

  • nice
    nice 2 months ago

    So happy

  • nice
    nice 2 months ago

    I dont think the nipple mosaic was necessary but whatever makes u feel comfortable,sis!

  • Parnia Mohammad
    Parnia Mohammad 2 months ago

    The potato in the oven made me so happy. 😊

  • Mariah Messinger
    Mariah Messinger 2 months ago

    4:58 The text in the top left says "penguin onigiri." Everything else he was moving too much for me to read.

  • sedona03
    sedona03 2 months ago

    ... After doing so many of these videos, you should know better than anyone that when working with silicone you need to put them on a cookie sheet. 🍪

  • Sfera Ebbasata VEVO
    Sfera Ebbasata VEVO 2 months ago

    Hello from Spain 🇪🇸🇪🇸😍