30 Times People Failed At Nail Art COMPILATION

  • Published on Mar 1, 2017
  • Hilarious pictures of before and after Pinterest DIY Nail Art FAILS. Which style will you attempt for yourself?
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  • TheTalko
    TheTalko  2 years ago +110

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    P.S. Tell them TheTalko lady sent you! 😁😁😁

    • Izzy Vlogs
      Izzy Vlogs Year ago

      Your a bully

    • Gachaverse Phantom
      Gachaverse Phantom Year ago

      oreo the kitten Exactly! This makes me wanna stop watching their vids entirely

    • Gachaverse Phantom
      Gachaverse Phantom Year ago

      TheTalko I watched a video on people living completely normally with long nails. They learn to live with it and are completely fine! The fact that you put that on there because the nails were long is a shame. People always ask them stuff like this and they need to stop.

    • Gabby
      Gabby Year ago

      TheTalko and this is why I don’t like nail polish that much

    • Looney Tunes
      Looney Tunes Year ago +1

      TheTalko Ahhh good old "The talko" it's so cheesy I love it XD

  • MrsKpop Multifandom
    MrsKpop Multifandom 4 days ago

    Well not everyone is a nail art guru suzan (the narrator) DAMN she sounds so rude and sarcastic it made this video hard to watch with the sound on....

  • Caity Cat
    Caity Cat 12 days ago

    *Cristine has left the chat.*

  • Treva- Lee Brown
    Treva- Lee Brown 2 months ago

    I'm not afraid to admit I wouldn't be the best either. I know I am not. So I use these!

  • Isabella R
    Isabella R 3 months ago

    5:38 MIchelle Tanner

  • miapdx
    miapdx 3 months ago

    I'm left handed, and my right hand always looks good...🖐💅💋

  • Maloun Joyner
    Maloun Joyner 4 months ago

    Wow try harder next time

  • Mermaid Maryssa
    Mermaid Maryssa 4 months ago

    Oh gosh!
    Well some i dont like, some are difficult but some others using some tricks and manuality would turn nice, theese people have never put enamel on the nails in their lives??🤔🤔

  • lovely unicorn Jazz
    lovely unicorn Jazz 4 months ago

    Some people tried there best i did not like that narrator

  • KittyCat Gamer
    KittyCat Gamer 5 months ago

    Who else watches fails while doing it to try to make yourself feel better

  • Lisa Longo
    Lisa Longo 6 months ago

    for the watermarbling, use a latex nail polish around the fingers

  • emmeencream
    emmeencream 9 months ago

    Clearly they have never heard of simplynailogical

  • FairlyHappyJane
    FairlyHappyJane 9 months ago

    And have you ever tried to paint you nails 'perfectly'? I'm sure if you tried your hardest and failed, you wouldn't be as harsh as you are now to these beginners at nail art.

  • CheChe In a way
    CheChe In a way 9 months ago +1

    For full bubble nails just do the 100 layer challenge with the same color

  • John Tosney
    John Tosney 10 months ago

    *plad? You mean plaid*

  • Trudi Leung
    Trudi Leung 10 months ago +1

    I really don’t like how the narrator really criticizes the failed nail art. It’s really insulting to those people who didn’t do it right. Why even post this video if ur just going to criticize fails? Like u can do any better. They still tried their best. The narrator discourages the people who tried their best. It’s just rude and nasty to make fun of people.

  • Wiggle flop Baker
    Wiggle flop Baker 10 months ago

    Well, most of the fails look as if they're all on bitten short nails. & those are way harder to work with than a long or an acrylic nail

  • DIY WITH Nabiya Naveed
    DIY WITH Nabiya Naveed 11 months ago

    Plzz subscribe to my channel plzzzz

  • Danika
    Danika 11 months ago


  • BanditLeaf
    BanditLeaf 11 months ago

    Let’s just say, these people surely didn’t *nail* it. 😂

  • Norah Dawid
    Norah Dawid Year ago

    6:58 she said the glittery accent nail but the accent nail is supposed to be the ring finger, not the middle finger.

  • Emily
    Emily Year ago

    I don't think people actually get this, but to get a decent looking nail, you at least need it at a good length, not a tiny little stub

  • Emily Carrillo
    Emily Carrillo Year ago

    People need to have long nails to make it look pretty and to have more room to do the signs if you have short nails is going to end up looking like a mess

  • Taylor-Lynn Firebaugh

    Why are you making fun of them?

  • Winter Gamer
    Winter Gamer Year ago

    Edit: omg, watermarble

    And, yes, i do know that she said watermarble after

  • LPS Sunrise and more!

    But I would never judge somebody for trying to be creative bye liked the vid

  • your bootyhole is your beautyhole

    wayyyy too preachy

  • Jacklin FOX
    Jacklin FOX Year ago

    This is why I we're fake nails

  • Shrek Master666
    Shrek Master666 Year ago

    Did anybody notice they spelt coral wrong??
    They spelt it like corol

  • Ally's World
    Ally's World Year ago


  • Ally's World
    Ally's World Year ago

    I notice

  • Karen Barto
    Karen Barto Year ago

    they did their best so it shouldn't matter!

  • Lily's UNIVERSE
    Lily's UNIVERSE Year ago

    0:56 that lady needs SOME MILK!
    Nan just kidding, but she seriouly needs a very thin brush

  • blu
    blu Year ago

    not only is the narrator annoying, but extremely judgemental. Is she a professional nail artist? Most likely not.

  • Uswa Asim
    Uswa Asim Year ago

    Im never doing my nails again, These all look like my nails... ;-;

  • Apostolic Tressie

    The worst one was the Coral reef nails. Eww 🤢. Like if you agree.

  • epifanio juarez
    epifanio juarez Year ago +1

    Some of them did not look like they had patience. I mean some of then had short nails and it might have been hard but one of the nail artist had short nails too and they made it look amazing i mean is patience not the key to amazing nail art. NO HATE! 😕

  • Megs Maas
    Megs Maas Year ago

    Talko, let's be real here. Those nails the not pros did weren't even that bad!

  • Shadow Nightcore
    Shadow Nightcore Year ago

    The toco

  • LonelyCrow
    LonelyCrow Year ago

    “You need a steady hand” lmao there are things called nail vinyls, and literally some of the “pro” nails with lines USED nail vinyls. smh

  • sugarrie
    sugarrie Year ago +1

    Talko, this video wasn't necessary. These people try hard at nail art, and you just HAVE to point it out and say things like "epic fail" or "looking like a fool".

  • Jess James
    Jess James Year ago

    God, the narrator is so condescending. No one starts out painting their nails perfectly. These people were just attempting and practicing, and you're shaming them for it.

  • Xx Xx
    Xx Xx Year ago

    Let people do what they want

  • Nava S
    Nava S Year ago

    8:39 did this girl just go through puberty like wtf????

  • veronica mccallum

    Cristine is QUAKING

  • Roza Ogrodowa
    Roza Ogrodowa Year ago

    The amateurs need a bit of practice and some tips. Using special tools will help them as well.

  • S Venter
    S Venter Year ago

    I can’t even do clear nail varnish 🤣

  • Briana's Zoo
    Briana's Zoo Year ago

    Did anyone else notice that title says 30 times while in the vid it said 10???????

  • Raelynn Vannier
    Raelynn Vannier Year ago

    Your being a jerk do you know how hard it is to do nails!👿 of course not because you have "perfect nails".SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!😡👉

  • Where My Tea, Sis?

    You really nailed this video!

  • Kait Banks
    Kait Banks Year ago

    Ill be honest. I cant paint my toe nails for shit. I love doing my nails or getring my nails done. But i only recently in the laat year started liking nail polish. I just cant my feet and legs like that. So my man offered and they looked GREAT! Hes painted them a few times. He kind of enjoys doing it for me :) lol

  • Kittylover Gaming

    There cute nails to me

  • Sayi Plays
    Sayi Plays Year ago

    The Person talking was SO MEAN! -Everyone has to start SOMEWHERE!!!!!💢😠

  • Lord Voldemort
    Lord Voldemort Year ago

    Water marbling isn't that hard actually. It's quite simple.

    JIYA DESAI Year ago

    I m good in nail art

  • freyja chowdhury
    freyja chowdhury Year ago

    I am 8 and I can marble nails perfectly

  • Maya Pizzini
    Maya Pizzini Year ago +3

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    I liked my own comment
    cuz no one else would

    AJ EMPRESS Year ago

    maybe im colorblind but im seeing purple not red..... the one about carnage

  • Pam Stallard
    Pam Stallard Year ago

    It not at bad

  • Kanna Eevee
    Kanna Eevee Year ago

    I saw Chanel Oberlin

  • gacha faith
    gacha faith Year ago

    She should have used a nal sticker

  • Candy Shop
    Candy Shop Year ago +1

    Wow so mean are you you like trying to make people feel sad ( no hate)

  • Claire Clearman
    Claire Clearman Year ago

    You don’t use your NAIL to hit a like button! Phones don’t sense nails on their fingers!

  • Lila DeCarlo
    Lila DeCarlo Year ago

    They weren't that bad

  • jane deka
    jane deka Year ago

    10:46 it looks like hairy balls. tf

  • AbbyXox VEX
    AbbyXox VEX Year ago


  • Chelsea R
    Chelsea R Year ago

    Not everyone has time or the money for "professional's". Everyone has to start somewhere no one is perfect!

  • Jacey Ferdinand
    Jacey Ferdinand Year ago

    In the title it says 30 times but in the vid it says 10

  • Kelly Loh
    Kelly Loh Year ago

    What you need is: Long Nails, A Steady Hand and a great idea to pull it off

  • Jolene Edgell
    Jolene Edgell Year ago

    Critizizing peaple hard work

  • calligraphy artist

    I would like to see you do this. You shouldn't criticize things that maybe even you can't do

  • Lori Valdez
    Lori Valdez Year ago

    Goodness! Seeing these nail art designs have simply inspired me :)
    They are giving me a cascade of drawing ideas ❤️

  • Betty Bete Noire
    Betty Bete Noire Year ago

    Stop judging people by how they do designs

  • ReneeandJimmyG
    ReneeandJimmyG Year ago

    This video is so mean. Its pretty obvious that most of the nails were done by kids.

  • Me Me
    Me Me Year ago

    Please spell-check your videos. Please.

  • Ur mom Gay
    Ur mom Gay Year ago

    I know people shouldn't try it if they don't know it but give these people credit for even trying

  • louiell & konda
    louiell & konda Year ago

    The title said 30 times people hav failed but they only did 10 who else noticed this

  • L.M. Welsh
    L.M. Welsh Year ago

    they have nail polish stickers if you don't have a steady hand #jamberry

  • Saleha Fatima
    Saleha Fatima Year ago

    huh will they ever pin this? oh never i can bet.

  • Juju Turki
    Juju Turki Year ago

    I don’t like you and all of those nail all right are very good

  • Tracy Elliott
    Tracy Elliott Year ago

    I would be pist if I messed up 😂😂😂😂but haha

  • Echo Mitzu
    Echo Mitzu Year ago

    *Chances are you'll have a dominant hand and a hand that completely sucks.*
    I'm ambidextrous so that's fine.

    ABIGAIL KNEBEL Year ago +3

    Okay, I have to admit, I hate this video. You´re just making fun of people/little girls who didn´t have that much experience in nail art. And how you keep saying ¨Leave it to the professionals¨, is dumb. All professionals know that keeping a steady hand and doing beautiful nail art means practicing and FAILING to see what you are doing well, and not so well. Clearly you haven´t been taught if you think that it is okay to go around calling people Amateur because they didn´t do so well. TBH I bet you couldn´t do much better. SMH

  • Dark Neko
    Dark Neko Year ago


  • Noone knows
    Noone knows Year ago

    I yesterday broke my left arm and i wanted in this day make nail art😑

  • Thyciane Rocha
    Thyciane Rocha Year ago


  • Antisocial Amy
    Antisocial Amy Year ago

    2:10 ONLY WITCHES CAN!! 🧙🏼‍♀️💿

  • Hailey Gulley
    Hailey Gulley Year ago

    this is mean they tried

  • Wolve Queen
    Wolve Queen Year ago

    I'm pro at nails

  • you_can't_spell_hope_without_j

    You know, most of those designs could've been better if they used stencils and stuff

  • Grace Guetschow
    Grace Guetschow Year ago

    or ya know just use TAPE to get the perfect tips.

  • Evan Minton
    Evan Minton Year ago

    OML u don't have to be a pro to paint nails ...... Go watch simplynailogical idiots I don't paint my nails but oml

  • Cadence M
    Cadence M Year ago

    um most people use( what I call nail stencils) to create strait lines

  • Rebecca Baker
    Rebecca Baker Year ago

    Cause that’s my hand from the 5 grade!

  • Rebecca Baker
    Rebecca Baker Year ago

    Where did you find that stripes and stars picture?

  • Boneless Peaches
    Boneless Peaches Year ago

    Oh my gosh this is so cringyyy

  • Ishtara Scott
    Ishtara Scott Year ago


  • Felicity Goderie
    Felicity Goderie Year ago

    this is like 13+ minutes of formal ROASTING lol

  • Tamu Malone
    Tamu Malone Year ago

    That bubble look is just NO 😕Looks like they painted over a infection😜😛😕

    • Tamu Malone
      Tamu Malone Year ago

      Mot crazy about the outlines either 😕