Pokimane Calls Out Ninja

  • Published on Jan 17, 2022
  • Influenced by Dexerto - Pokimane has called out Ninja following a Twitch hate raid sent by TheXvidr JiDion. The drama has been going around the internet nonstop for days, with many trying to decide who is in the right and who is in the wrong. Well now things are getting a little more interesting as Poki has shown clips from Ninja, and Poki also receiving messages threatening court action.
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Comments • 796

  • Tuffy Logan

    Fun fact: it's extremely difficult to sue for defamation as a celebrity/public figure. It tends to require proof of not only knowingly lying, but actual malicious intent behind said lies.

  • Jolomo
    Jolomo  +902

    Watching these streamer beef videos is like being on the popular friend groups private story😐

  • Richieiguess

    "I swear on my grandfather's life, who just died" and "you're making a big mistake" is probably not the best thing to send if you're trying to deescalate something 😂

  • Soul
    Soul  +342

    His wife escalated it/made it worse. Ninja seemed like he was dealing with it rationally. She blew it outta the water tho. He could’ve handled it on his own

  • Psilosighin’

    “I swear on my grandfathers life who just passed away”

  • Moham
    Moham  +245

    Bro promised on his grandma 💀💀

  • LillRice
    LillRice  +67

    Ninja and his wife are digging themselves in their own graves lmfao, the situation was Jidion vs Poki and now it’s Ninja vs Poki

  • Qioz
    Qioz  +600

    remember when everyone started freaking out over her 2 day ban? welcome to twitch.

  • Brayden Hill

    Honestly ninja shouldn't take this lightly at all, they could definitely use for defamation of name because I don't see why ninja would put his whole twitch channel at risk for someone he has never really interacted with

  • Jason Todd

    ‘I swear on my grandfathers life, who died recently’

  • ArtynSnow

    Imagine trying to sue someone because of a L+ratio meme

  • Jojo490
    Jojo490  +89

    He said in the clip that he sent the text, yet he dms her that he didn't send the text, and then his wife says they'll sue for defamation? What defamation? He literally said in the clip he sent the text

  • Lexie-loo
    Lexie-loo  +78

    I mean I don’t know how she is supposedly defaming him, she is showing a clip of him from his stream without editing and with context.

  • Wowwzer 1
    Wowwzer 1  +201

    The worst part about all of this is her calling L+Ratio “Harassment”😂😂

  • Rat_Fox13
    Rat_Fox13  +74

    Twitch=simp there are a lot of raids on twitch but pokimane gets raided and the guy gets banned forever

  • Dame55
    Dame55  +11

    she cusses, she flips her chat off, she is rude, but cause of a joke raid she gets all pressed. in my opinion Ninja is doing the right thing, Poki got her own medicine and hated it

  • Dan Mullen

    I been watching judo on for 2 years, hilarious to see him having the pull to shake up the world like this now lmao

  • UAtom
    UAtom  +21

    Imagine if a guy was the same as Pokimane, had her same personality, same humor, except they were a guy. They wouldn’t even get a percentage of the popularity Pokimane has.

  • Will Tronzano

    Ok why is everything’s on the internet so complex?

  • CloneFN
    CloneFN  +1

    I love how L + Ratio turned into defamation of character lawsuit