I Tried Period-Proof Workout Shorts 😬

  • Published on Aug 31, 2017
  • After hearing so much about the THINX period panties, I decided to try their new period-proof workout shorts as an alternative to the pads I usually wear while working out!
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  2 years ago +317

    Good morning notification squad!! What did you think of the shorts? What should I try next? 🙂

    • its amber jack smith
      its amber jack smith 10 months ago

      Ohh im impressed

    • Mariah McDonald
      Mariah McDonald Year ago

      Rock wall climbing!

    • peachfuzz016
      peachfuzz016 2 years ago

      Time to hit up Starbucks again! www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/starbucks-pumpkin-cheesecake-frappuccino-secret-menu-better-spice-latte-a7933996.html

    • LadyKatherine
      LadyKatherine 2 years ago

      I wish the shorts came in different lengths. I prefer slightly longer shorts, almost bermudas as I have thicker thighs and hate feeling the thigh rub. Also, if they weren't *that* expensive, it would make the more feasible for my budget. Thanks for testing these out!

    • Potatolady94
      Potatolady94 2 years ago +1

      Michelle Khare would you try the menstrual cup?

  • Ella
    Ella 23 days ago

    I train close to 12 hours a week for my hockey which includes off ice, and on ice. I really want them to develop a pair of leggings that I could wear under my hockey equipment. I always have to use tampons when I train, but especially when I'm on ice, since I'm a goalie and I'm literally standing with my legs apart, and doing the splits etc. However, if they came out with the leggings they'd probably be close to 80 or 90 dollars, and since I'm only 15 and don't have a source of income, i doubt my parents would want to spend that much on a pair of leggings that will literally have to be washed everyday for 5 days.

  • When pigs Fly
    When pigs Fly 2 months ago

    I’m 12 and still don’t have my period yet. Yesss! And I like to workout like running and arms legs, the basics. I’m currently training for a five k in two weeks. So I’m just glad I don’t have to worry about this..

  • Lupe Flores
    Lupe Flores 2 months ago

    Can u do a period video the day u start and the day u end can u show us when u change it if its pad tompon pantyliner

  • VeggieBrain
    VeggieBrain 3 months ago

    The best (for me) has been the menstrual cup 😍 it's amazing! I work out 2 hours, 6 days a week and it's really the best

  • Allison Lazos
    Allison Lazos 4 months ago

    I’m in karate and I wear training shorts under my gi they are similar in length as the thinx ones I never have a problem

  • K T
    K T 4 months ago


  • K T
    K T 4 months ago

    1:35 looks like a kid who can not open a candy

  • inertia _Oudrey
    inertia _Oudrey 4 months ago

    Hand dry?

  • Byri Lytto
    Byri Lytto 5 months ago

    Is it just me or did she just wore clout goggles? xD

  • Emmy Cook
    Emmy Cook 5 months ago

    Wait...was she wearing underwear ,or thinx underwear or what..? Im kinda confused

  • Izvi
    Izvi 6 months ago

    I’m a fat onion

  • Berlin Wall
    Berlin Wall 6 months ago

    Does this mean she's not wearing a pad or tampon in there? Just the shorts?

  • Erica Wilkinson
    Erica Wilkinson 7 months ago

    It makes me feel better about my chaffing issues that you have chaffing problems and you're super fit.

  • Kiwi Arias
    Kiwi Arias 8 months ago

    Good deodorant works great for chaffing too 🙂 just thought I’d share my knowledge

  • Jessica Taylor
    Jessica Taylor 9 months ago

    Hey! Just to begin, I love all of your videos, and would never want to be perceived as a negative voice upon your content - the only thing I would say is that as a persona who has a lot of views from young women, a lot of the comments you make (so sorry guys for not wearing makeup, sorry fr not being able to apply makeup) could be construed as though wearing makeup and being competent in putting it on can be somehow a way to validate yourself (not you, just impressionable people in general) - in no way is this a complaint, just I think you content is so empowering, it can be sad when you make excuses for not being 'attractive' in the niche way that social media expresses its ideals.


    U r my inspiration

  • Mieke Ferreira
    Mieke Ferreira Year ago +1

    Is your whole but covered in blood? Isnt it messy when you take them off? Or smelly?

  • Millie Hoare
    Millie Hoare Year ago

    Ur soo close to 100,000,000 million subscribers!!!❤️

  • Danie Chua
    Danie Chua Year ago

    Thinx also has a period proof unitard and leotard. Maybe those are more appropriate for yoga😅

  • primaverala
    primaverala Year ago

    My period is supposed to be on the day of my half marathon in 4 months idk what to do😭😂

  • Chelsy c
    Chelsy c Year ago

    You look alike Natalies outlet

  • Arturo Arellano
    Arturo Arellano Year ago

    Can u do a period video trying Tompons from day 1 to day 7 explain to us each day how u feel with it

  • marie marie
    marie marie Year ago

    but the main question here is how tf can she do so many physical activities during her period?? i can barely stand up because of my cramps

  • skyler
    skyler Year ago

    "And I'm hoping that these will work out..." Work out! Get it? 'Cause they're workout shorts? Ahhahahaha ok I'll stop now

  • Michelle Mcniff
    Michelle Mcniff Year ago

    I think you are awesome and I love your content thank you for inspiring me to go to the gym more

  • cannybasha
    cannybasha Year ago

    I don't get it; so you wear your tampon/pad or not?

  • tae au
    tae au Year ago

    Michelle: 4 miles isn't even thay far
    Me: Gurl please the farthest i can run is from my room to my fridge

    JACIEL CRUZ Year ago

    You look butyful with out makeup

  • Bessie Alfonso
    Bessie Alfonso Year ago

    So do you not wear a pad or tampon with these shorts??

  • MrLappis
    MrLappis Year ago +1

    Ok, as a man, this made me kinda uncomfortable watching. HOLD ON. Before you freak out and tell me what an awful human I am, let me explain. We guys (PLEASE MEN BACK ME UP HERE IF YOU ALSO GET THIS) get these "awkward " boners. they feel uncomfortable and my irritability goes up with about 200-300%. I want to scream and yell and just run away at everything. The fun part? I always get mine in the car.
    This is what I imagine it feels like to be on your period. Except you guys feel more pain. If that's the case, that's why I feel so uncomfortable. I can feel that awkward boner mood and just imagine you doing all this while feeling like that. That's really impressive.
    Guys, if you know what I'm talking about, please let me know!

  • Love Me
    Love Me Year ago

    It's funny that they hold in the period because they are so short they limit mobility.. But they get a whole star just for having pockets

  • Bad Username
    Bad Username Year ago

    You can wear something above them so they don’t reveal your skin...

  • Ashley Bensen
    Ashley Bensen Year ago

    3:25 CLOUT

  • anna
    anna Year ago

    Okay but.. do you wear underwear with them? No right because that would defeat the point bc you have to wear a pad or tampon? I would not feel comfortable going commando.

  • Rachael Pb
    Rachael Pb Year ago

    what I dont fully understand is thoes shorts arnt that short. how do they differ from say wearing nike pros?

  • pipermay
    pipermay Year ago

    How long did they take to come in?

  • Taruli Luli
    Taruli Luli Year ago

    Thank you for making this video

  • nick burr
    nick burr Year ago +1

    wow I mean I don't know how to say this without being disrespectful to ur man but...umm.. I never seen anything more pretty on planet earth! u are very uniquely soo pretty. ..again sorry for any disrespect to ur man ..but he is one of the luckiest dudes on earth

  • Aishwarya Bhardwaj

    You could have tried sleeping in them.

  • Nicole Mason
    Nicole Mason Year ago

    Wet hair and no makeup but still looking like a Goddess

  • Linda Vallot
    Linda Vallot Year ago

    I think we look alike. You sure you don't have some Latin background?

  • Linda Vallot
    Linda Vallot Year ago +1

    You're so freaken cute

  • Megan Heshka
    Megan Heshka Year ago

    For what its worth, I think $65 is a pretty good price for these shorts! I mean leak proof! Come on! Thats pretty impressive! People spend that money on lululemon shorts that don't even come close to being leak proof! Id spend money on a period proof short for sure!

  • x Rose
    x Rose Year ago

    Great Video... also how beautyful are you Love you Channel

  • Morgana Hilra
    Morgana Hilra Year ago

    So I am confused. Do you use a tampon, or pad with them? Or literally just the shorts? To me, if it is just the shorts, I think that would be gross. A F

  • Lunella Dawn
    Lunella Dawn Year ago

    Don't worry girl you look fine in those shorts!😂

  • Natalia Rathbun
    Natalia Rathbun Year ago

    I follow @leefromamerica on instagram and she talks alot about syncing her workout routine with the different phases of her cycle! ie. luteal phase vs. follicular etc, have you ever tried this?? you train a lot and try a lot of different things, i'd be interested to hear your thoughts

  • Gemma Oliver
    Gemma Oliver Year ago

    Yasss, so good to see someone who works out as much as you still has cellulite in some poses, lots of love!

  • bela
    bela Year ago

    Body goals! They look great on you :)

  • Lee Gladwell
    Lee Gladwell Year ago

    Did anyone else get an ad for these?

  • Annuh
    Annuh Year ago

    Are they squat proof?

  • Shelby Shum
    Shelby Shum Year ago

    I'm a guy but I'll still watch this :|

  • JustmeNici
    JustmeNici Year ago

    Why had I expected her to be more flexible?

  • Muhon86
    Muhon86 Year ago

    I would definitely try these, just hate the fact that women's hygiene products are always overly priced

  • Isä Flores
    Isä Flores 2 years ago

    she is so beautiful with a natural face omg

  • stop no
    stop no 2 years ago +1

    buzzfeed might be stealing ur content

  • skatrfad
    skatrfad 2 years ago +1

    buzzfeed copied you tee hee

  • Nia Pinson
    Nia Pinson 2 years ago

    They are actually cute on you!

  • Londonevann
    Londonevann 2 years ago

    buzzfeed just made a vid bout this haha. THEY STOLE UR IDEAAAA