Mario Kart Tour's Fastest Mode Will Cost You $5 a Month - Inside Gaming Daily

  • Published on Sep 26, 2019
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  • Mr. Gonzo
    Mr. Gonzo Month ago

    I freaking hate microtransactions

  • Samuel Matus
    Samuel Matus Month ago

    I came here just to see how they destroy mkt but man how hilarious these guys are 🤣

  • stoeger 2
    stoeger 2 Month ago

    People play and pay for that crap?

  • Daimon Clarke
    Daimon Clarke Month ago

    Out with the Greene and in with the greenhorns

  • ilikkaq
    ilikkaq Month ago

    Look out parents,
    Mario Kart Tour attacks your wallets! 🤑

  • Tidder T
    Tidder T Month ago

    just buy a nintendo console
    No mtx

  • William Laubach
    William Laubach Month ago

    That's totally out of touch with the ruby market

  • Kyo Tanaka
    Kyo Tanaka Month ago

    I think the biggest sin is selling a guaranteed Mario behind a 20 dollar package.

  • teamBroSki
    teamBroSki Month ago

    This was entertaining. I’m entertained. That haircut though, I’m talking to you kid in the red shirt. Get a haircut.

  • Jenna Evyn
    Jenna Evyn Month ago

    150cc is standard for Mario Kart anyway, isnt it? Never been to a Mario Kart tournament that uses 200cc, it's always 150. 200cc seems more like an extra gimmck/fun mode. I dont see a problem with that being locked behind a paywall

  • Crazy Pot
    Crazy Pot Month ago

    Mario Kart Tour's is shit

  • Awesome Cat
    Awesome Cat Month ago

    Yeah they need that money when they have to replace everyone's drifting joycon and Switch Lite ;-)

  • Lemon Head
    Lemon Head Month ago

    That's dumb. They already have microtransactions making the game pay to win

  • Armando Caceres
    Armando Caceres Month ago

    Fuck nintendo for doing that to mario kart

  • Blaque Link
    Blaque Link Month ago

    It would be a better decision to save money to get a switch with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

  • TANK
    TANK Month ago

    ok. as long as i'm not the only one who thought these guys came out of no where.

  • DeuceDrop
    DeuceDrop Month ago

    This is a bit disingenuous, you totally neglect to mention the login and level up rewards, I've not spent a penny on the game and have only played to level 5 but i have 6 racers 5 karts and 4 gliders, you get to fire off the pipe pretty regularly for free and if you turn off all the auto BS in the menu you actually get to play the game, controls are weird to get used to but its not the worst, definitely not as bad as you're making it out to be

  • Jack Evans
    Jack Evans Month ago

    Oh look, the crappy loot box titles have much lower installs than the actual games. Thanks whales for ruining everything for everyone else.

  • larry thomas
    larry thomas Month ago

    First time seeing these fellas. Reminds me of tim and eric show. comedy gold.

  • SphericalMango
    SphericalMango Month ago +1

    135 rubies can get you aprox 3 spins on a multi which gives you 30 characters or dupes. this costs 70$ , or get mario kart 8 which includes all game modes and maps and characters and features without extra pay for 60$.

  • Impolite Lad
    Impolite Lad Month ago

    These new interns are terrible, they really should have hung onto their last intern, I forget his name but he really loved Ska.

  • uglyinsect
    uglyinsect Month ago

    the only time i would willingly spend money on this is if there is a luigi pack

  • Steve McClure
    Steve McClure Month ago

    Who let all these millennials on the set of Inside Gaming?

  • SiLenT366
    SiLenT366 Month ago

    After Bruce left apparently RT had the money to hire two interns, while also firing 13% of the other riffraff.

  • bread&butter
    bread&butter Month ago

    why you guys hiring Starbucks employees? i want the game host veterans back!

  • t803586
    t803586 Month ago

    who are these new plebs

  • MistarZtv - Evolve, DbD & Titanfall

    But the smell of balls is the whole reason why we love nursing on them? Why would you deodorize all that manly goodness?

  • MistarZtv - Evolve, DbD & Titanfall

    So happy to see dads spending time with their kids. Unlike most of ours. Hey who's cutting onions.

  • GirlWithoutAFairy
    GirlWithoutAFairy Month ago

    Who cares? Casual players are playing on the switch. Competitive players are on the Wii. 90% of Nintendo fans don't care about the mobile games.

  • Mike McKenna
    Mike McKenna Month ago

    Why does Adam surround himself with twinks now?

  • Mauricio Caballero
    Mauricio Caballero Month ago

    I know it´s maybe too late to ask, but sombody can tell me what happened to bruce?

  • Richard
    Richard Month ago

    Who are these GOOFS?!

  • Seth Phillips
    Seth Phillips Month ago

    They should rename it nintendo kart

  • JHedberg KLOCK77
    JHedberg KLOCK77 Month ago

    The manscaping story was my favorite part of this vid😂😂😂😂

  • Shaun Robertson
    Shaun Robertson Month ago

    Actually digging the new fellas. Trading in outdated but hilarious movie references for an inability to count? Sure, why not.

  • Joshua Jacobsen
    Joshua Jacobsen Month ago

    Bruce and Lawerence are for some reason kid-versions of themselves, like a 90’s tv show episode

  • MonkeyFlop
    MonkeyFlop Month ago

    Dude standing next to Adam sounds like Lawrence tbh

  • RoyalMasterpiece
    RoyalMasterpiece Month ago

    Pauline is a 1% chance. 🤦‍♀️

  • nekroneko
    nekroneko Month ago +1

    So how do you want to monetise your game Nintendo?
    Nintendo: Yes

  • 8bit GAMER
    8bit GAMER Month ago

    Omg Yes Conor! I love him he is smart, funny, and hot. Plz put zack behind the camera now?

  • Gustavo Moreno
    Gustavo Moreno Month ago

    That manscaped add ay the end is hylarious

  • Vulture2k
    Vulture2k Month ago

    Thought to myself the blonde glasses guy has weird hair today. Never noticed there are two of them X_x

  • Agent Smith : Retro Gamer

    i got Bowser on my second gacha pull and he's the only driver that matters to me so i'm good

  • Agent Smith : Retro Gamer

    I feel like my nintendo online fee should cover that.

  • mitchell .l. martinich tom

    i love this team keep it

  • Ze Smaj
    Ze Smaj Month ago

    Lose the kid

  • Giovanni Paese
    Giovanni Paese Month ago

    This, drift, and Nintendo online are pushing me away from the switch. Idk about anyone else

  • AomiNe
    AomiNe Month ago

    holy shit, I didn't expect an and for pubic hair trimmer

  • Sodilious Sosodef
    Sodilious Sosodef Month ago

    The code inside is very appropriate 😂😂😂

  • Daju
    Daju Month ago

    Just to point something out, stocks going up doesn't really just mean that the rich get richer. Anyone can buy stocks, I mean I dabble in stocks and for my country I'm pretty much as poor as you could get excluding people who put themselves in debt.
    Luckily that country happens to be Sweden where they don't typically allow situations that exclude anyone from a decent living.
    But still, I'm definitely not rich.

  • J. Deku
    J. Deku Month ago

    Did Adam pick these kids in some orphanage or something?

  • Yggie d.
    Yggie d. Month ago

    Wow....Nintendo. How the mighty have fallen ._.

  • Gus Porker
    Gus Porker Month ago

    I literally found Mario on my first "gotcha pull" lmao

  • Stay META
    Stay META Month ago

    Manscaped ads? What has inside gaming come to?

  • Eternalwarpuppy
    Eternalwarpuppy Month ago

    Nintendo stock has gone down almost 10 percent this week... Clearly due to the success of Mario Kart...

  • ninjamalec
    ninjamalec Month ago

    Someone needs to teach Connor how to advertise... and groom. Jesus...

  • NYR144
    NYR144 Month ago

    Lobe the white shitt

  • Anthony Mitnaul
    Anthony Mitnaul Month ago

    I wish I made 1.4 million in my 1st month.....

  • fife007
    fife007 Month ago

    It's great to Lawrence's son able to do the hump move.

  • samuel mollen-dupuis

    i will miss that humped yessss