Steve Irwin on Conan, funny.

  • Published on Nov 25, 2016
  • Steve Irwin on The Conan O' Brien Show. Steve Irwin was a wonderful man and at the young age of 44, his life was tragically taken on September 4, 2006 while making a documentary in the Great Barrier Reef when a barb from a Stingray pierced his heart.
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  • Manikandan R
    Manikandan R 6 hours ago

    Best interview ever…

  • longlivethefish
    longlivethefish 6 hours ago +1

    Am I the only one who noticed it? Min 3:06 I remember they saying there was an actual video of when it actually happened....?? Anyone remember hearing that? Really hope to see you again one day mate thank you for the beautiful funny memories🙏🏻 long live the croky...!!

    • longlivethefish
      longlivethefish 5 hours ago

      Retro Fan... And that was my question...!! Thank you

    • Retro Fan
      Retro Fan  6 hours ago

      Video was destroyed.

    PR0GRAMMING 12 hours ago

    Steve Irwin, Australian Royalty, prophet, long live Steve-o

  • BigThunderV8
    BigThunderV8 14 hours ago +1

    Australia to this day really misses Steve Irwin, he was a great loss.

  • Theron Hayden
    Theron Hayden 17 hours ago

    This guy was STELLAR!!!

  • Louiza Belgado
    Louiza Belgado 18 hours ago

    This steve irwin episode should be viewed more than a 1 mil views.
    This constantly makes me happy

  • Markus Steel Wright
    Markus Steel Wright 22 hours ago

    He was as big as a person could get. Even more so in the United States

  • Gram Bowers
    Gram Bowers Day ago

    love steve

  • Huw Guyver
    Huw Guyver Day ago

    Seeing that python Steve brought on I now understand why he always used to wear those brown shorts.

  • Nollaig Mar
    Nollaig Mar Day ago

    Rip Steve

  • Ricardo Mauricio Araya

    I wish I could be as passionate about my job as Steve is...

  • Chris Huckeba
    Chris Huckeba Day ago

    Loved this so much... RIP

  • George Boehmler
    George Boehmler Day ago

    Popped up in my recommendations, makes sense cause Conan just went to Australia, hope he paid tribute to this wonderful man, lol animal planet is playing crocodile hunter rn too

    MARC FLETCH Day ago

    Then, you have the complete opposite AUSSIE on your Show.
    Jim JEFFRIES the Scumbag Liar who would get knocked out by Steve Irwin for his Fake show, using a tragedy to push a Narrative and ruin a fellow Aussie's Life and meanwhile showing his hate for MUSLIMS.

  • Dayvit78
    Dayvit78 Day ago

    Five full grown men can't even control 1 snake. How are we apex predators?

  • Jose Noriega
    Jose Noriega 2 days ago

    R.I.P Steve Irwin. We miss you

  • J S
    J S 2 days ago

    What a class act and great energetic guy....he is sadly missed

  • Goo Fy
    Goo Fy 2 days ago +1

    3:05 that didn’t work out very well

  • iwatchvideos
    iwatchvideos 2 days ago

    Do you think steve actually said "crikey" when the stingray penetrated him.

  • Kevin Kevin
    Kevin Kevin 3 days ago

    Legends never die

  • Med Trabelsi
    Med Trabelsi 4 days ago

    Alright I am perhaps not the first one to say this, but that snake is ginormous!!

  • 2packs
    2packs 4 days ago

    The ultimate man

  • ROC Muzik
    ROC Muzik 4 days ago

    "Let it get him."
    Damn animal kingdom. My boy Steve was completely on y'all side and y'all still did him in. That's foul. It really be your own people sometimes.

  • eli
    eli 4 days ago

    :( he wanted to die eaten by a crocodile, but he didn' sad now because he died and because he didn't die like he wanted to die

  • Cesar AT
    Cesar AT 6 days ago


  • dean crawford
    dean crawford 7 days ago

    Conan is literally the ginger Tarantino in this interview

  • Audard
    Audard 7 days ago +4

    Just imagine of Robin Williams and Steve Irwin ever crossed paths... the world would of collapsed.

  • Laurie Estard
    Laurie Estard 9 days ago

    Conan us rude

  • Michael Sebourn
    Michael Sebourn 9 days ago

    he would have made a great president

  • Kid Kuma
    Kid Kuma 10 days ago +1

    Just came from a Mr. Rodgers video to this, I miss these two men dearly.

  • TortieGeorge 91
    TortieGeorge 91 11 days ago

    WOW! Incredible that a snake can be that big

  • Liam O'Prey
    Liam O'Prey 11 days ago

    The bit they get the snake on is just hilarious 😂😂

  • hailmichigan2
    hailmichigan2 11 days ago +1

    Such a shame, Steve got a great interviewer like Conan, his son gets Jimmy Fallon....

  • Tyrone Banks
    Tyrone Banks 13 days ago

    I miss Steve Irwin he was hilarious

  • Damien O Callaghan
    Damien O Callaghan 13 days ago


  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 13 days ago

    Back when Conan only slightly sucked

  • Eristicka
    Eristicka 14 days ago +1

    This is literally one of the BEST things I have ever seen. EVER.

  • Nighttrek
    Nighttrek 14 days ago

    I loved that man

  • UniversalLover
    UniversalLover 14 days ago +1

    Soo funny this interview but so sad at the same time LOVE 🙏🏽STEVE✨✌️ IRWIN FOREVER, & his family is so special.

  • Theo Lopez
    Theo Lopez 14 days ago +1

    steve is such a child at heart

  • Al Samson Barak
    Al Samson Barak 15 days ago

    The guy was an idiot, beautiful wife , amazing kids and he thought a manta Ray was a flying carpet, good night mate.

  • He need some milk
    He need some milk 15 days ago

    I love this man

  • Evan Moore
    Evan Moore 15 days ago

    That snake was like, "Nope! Fuck, too many humans in here! Slither, slither, slither!"

  • Brendan Williams
    Brendan Williams 16 days ago

    Wonder what crikey sounds like under water

  • Sam Button
    Sam Button 17 days ago +4

    Irwin: "Yeh, he'll be roight"

  • Damage
    Damage 18 days ago

    Why wasnt he a guest on wwe? Wouldve been good promotion..He could say I wrestle crocs for a living

  • Funny Myth
    Funny Myth 18 days ago

    Fuck PETA

  • Nemesis Dylan
    Nemesis Dylan 19 days ago

    1:54 How is the audience not laughing their heads off XD

  • Mark Mazz
    Mark Mazz 20 days ago

    Steve is a Legend!

  • first Second
    first Second 20 days ago

    its funny cos he died and i still haven't seen that video

    • Retro Fan
      Retro Fan  20 days ago

      You never will, it was destroyed. What all you need to realize is a term called sarcasm. Steve was being sarcastic and talking in humor. He literally would not have wanted that video out for his children to see his last moments. To have it out would be disrespectful.

  • kenneth mckeel
    kenneth mckeel 21 day ago

    "Fuck mate just let it go"

  • bronxbombers 2211
    bronxbombers 2211 21 day ago

    steves the fucking man

  • Chaosmatic
    Chaosmatic 21 day ago

    I could hardly understand him

    • Chaosmatic
      Chaosmatic 21 day ago

      Retro Fan when he says parade it sounded like he said prayed

    • Chaosmatic
      Chaosmatic 21 day ago

      Retro Fan His accent is so strong

    • Retro Fan
      Retro Fan  21 day ago

      Is English your native language?

  • Janae Clarice
    Janae Clarice 22 days ago


  • Janae Clarice
    Janae Clarice 22 days ago

    “I don’t wanna die with the pooper scooper!” 😂

    DANIEL BOONE 22 days ago


  • The JQ
    The JQ 23 days ago

    Name a better human being than Steve Irwin and I'll tell you why you're wrong.

    • Katelynne Huh
      Katelynne Huh 20 days ago

      Carl Sagan was equally as good. He had the calm equivalent of Steve’s vivacious personality. Just serene, gentle, and with a same passion for sharing knowledge and getting people to give a damn

  • xRavEViiPerx
    xRavEViiPerx 23 days ago

    I still watch this in 2019. I miss Steve so much. He was such a laugh and i can usually turn my crappy day around just by hearing him speak and watching how energetic he is in everything.

  • TardisMechanic
    TardisMechanic 23 days ago

    "I love you, mate!"
    And you fucking know its genuine.

  • Ri Boi
    Ri Boi 23 days ago

    I love him so much I miss him

  • H Chan
    H Chan 24 days ago

    wow, that's one feisty snake - tired them all out!!

  • Istanday6&BTS&twice Wonpil&yoongi&dahyun

    i miss him so much

  • bridge fog2019
    bridge fog2019 25 days ago

    Conan always had to make it about " Conan "

  • bridge fog2019
    bridge fog2019 25 days ago

    PETA ..Thank u for making me relive this guy.. He was stoked all of the time .

  • OKG2000
    OKG2000 25 days ago

    9:45 lool why did they come in like that so out of control i cant stop laughing

  • OKG2000
    OKG2000 25 days ago

    wow so much energy

  • Mighty Raccoon
    Mighty Raccoon 27 days ago

    Love Steve Irwin

  • Sally Maree
    Sally Maree 27 days ago

    Steve Irwin is too good for this show, Conan acts so stupid at times

  • Neon Ghost
    Neon Ghost 27 days ago

    “50 billion people around the world...”

  • Latoya Ropati
    Latoya Ropati 28 days ago


  • EnNombreDeLaCiencia !
    EnNombreDeLaCiencia ! 29 days ago +1

    Steve Irwin defecate cocaine... I love this guy!

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    kuuset on kivoja 29 days ago

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  • subscribe to me for no reason taco

    Did he really just say 50 billion people

  • Nathan Pettigrew
    Nathan Pettigrew Month ago

    Now if only every other person brought the same amount of energy to celebrity talk shows when they do animal segments

  • Maggie E
    Maggie E Month ago

    Nypd doesn’t care about flashing lol

  • Rikoyasha
    Rikoyasha Month ago

    3:34 i currently have pretty bad for a week now and hurts to laugh and my god theirs not many things that can get more than alil chuckle out of me but when he said that i was laughing my ass off

  • Andrew Garcia
    Andrew Garcia Month ago

    Get some coffee into this guy!! Lol what a show! R.i.p. Steve Irwin! I sure do miss waking up as a kid watching you before cartoons on the weekend.

  • Galidor Thingy
    Galidor Thingy Month ago +1

    Conan instantly panicked when the snake went in the frame 😂😂😂
    That's a strong ass snake btw

  • Desolate Hound
    Desolate Hound Month ago

    His kid is really nice. I'm certain Steve would be proud.

  • Wise beardedman
    Wise beardedman Month ago +2

    162 pete members dislike this, but that's fine, this is how many people hate peta

  • Obunga
    Obunga Month ago

    Was this before he died

    • Retro Fan
      Retro Fan  Month ago +1

      No, this is after he died. He was brought back to life.

  • Phi6er
    Phi6er Month ago

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  • German Square
    German Square Month ago


  • Arief Fajar Gumilar

    best guest eveeer

  • Osvaldo Villafane
    Osvaldo Villafane Month ago

    Steve was so awesome

  • maya summers
    maya summers Month ago

    I miss him so much. I'm trying to be happy while watching this but I'm tearing up here and there.

  • peter long
    peter long Month ago

    This snake should not have been brought fourth onto a live talk show like that

    • Retro Fan
      Retro Fan  Month ago

      Why not? They had complete control over it.

  • Swans12
    Swans12 Month ago

    No greater man has ever walked the face of the earth. I couldn’t imagine how hard it would’ve been for his family and friends to lose such an amazing man. Rest In Peace legend!

  • WalkerBrosFilms
    WalkerBrosFilms Month ago

    The man that lived 100 lifetimes in a day everyday.

  • Kathy Setaro
    Kathy Setaro Month ago

    According to his best friend, his very last words were "I'm dying.." How TRAGIC is that

  • Duane Angeles
    Duane Angeles Month ago

    Gosh. He was part of my childhood. He’s the reason why I like animals.

  • Commodore Norrington

    Can’t even believe how good old Stevie is. He’s such a crack up. Idk why I find his kid’s enthusiasm a bit much but his enthusiasm is filling me with more joy the more I watch. RIP LEGEND!! PHUK PETA TOO

  • Peaceful Dusk
    Peaceful Dusk Month ago

    50 billion people? lol Really.

  • Ma Boi Scotty
    Ma Boi Scotty Month ago +1

    "yeah if we gave you coffee we could strap you to a rocket and send you to the moon"

    "coar yeah mate, ... *exocet* "

    Yeah, Aussie lingo is hilarious

  • Joanna S
    Joanna S Month ago

    This is horrible he died from getting eating by an alligator and here he is joking about it happening.

    • Joanna S
      Joanna S Month ago

      Haha yeah that’s right never mind

    • Retro Fan
      Retro Fan  Month ago

      No, he died from the barb of a Sting Ray. He was filming a documentary and a startled Sting Ray's barb pierced Steve's heart.

  • Carly l
    Carly l Month ago

    One of the only talk show hosts that doesn't act like they are "comically" scared of animals

  • Oi Ulti
    Oi Ulti Month ago

    I was too young to appreciate who this guy was lol, both Conan and Steve

  • Kamron Hiltunen
    Kamron Hiltunen Month ago

    I love steve so much

  • A guy with random convictions

    A comedian and a crocodile hunter walked into bar

  • Connor L
    Connor L Month ago

    Fucking master class conan, in the begining he says "settle down" as a joke but steve takes it seriously, and says sorry, and so conan goes a step further to make steve realize he was joking by saying "settle down audience! I'll clean this show if its the last thing I do!" and immediatley you know steve realized it was a gag. He did it in an extremely non-hack way. I respect the shit out of him for the bill burr patrice oneal death episode too, how he helps bill talk when hes all choked up and about to start bawling, conans helps him finish his sentence in the least awkward most respectful way ever, Love conan, and craig ferguson, the only 2 non-hack talk show hosts.