Ellen presents funny videos in her show 10/13/08

  • Published on Oct 14, 2008
  • October 13, 2008 Season 6 Episode 26
    Funny home viewer videos from The Ellen Degeneres Show.
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  • Lisa Oldwithsomanywhys

    Hilarious 🤣🤣👏🤣👏

  • Spencer Poore
    Spencer Poore 4 years ago

    OMG I have the same treadmill at 1:58

  • Air Pex!
    Air Pex! 5 years ago

    Ar būtina iš karto visiems choru skelbtis? -.-

  • dzonatanas karlsonas
    dzonatanas karlsonas 6 years ago +1

    Visi kas čia pateko per neaiškią nuorodą facebooke, rekomenduoju apsidrausti ir tokią nuorodą patikrinti su Wepawet, tuomet po analizės gausit realią nuorodą į filmuką ir nereiks eiti į neaiškų puslapį :)

  • Mona Ink
    Mona Ink 6 years ago

    koks dabar skirtumas, kai jau 5 metu senumo

  • kokked
    kokked 6 years ago +1

    Edgaras Beiga
    tokie kaip tu yra gėda..... visas pasaulis iš amerikiečiu juokiasi, dėl jų bukumo,o tu tikriausiai užjauti visus tuos kurie rodomi tose laidose.

  • giveup LT
    giveup LT 6 years ago

    nu geda bet nuzude :D

  • Edgaras Beiga
    Edgaras Beiga 6 years ago +2

    Gėda matyt, kad lietuviai džiaugias tuom, jog iš mūsų juokiasi.

  • Marius Tamosiunas
    Marius Tamosiunas 6 years ago +20

    LITHUANIA :D the last one

  • Ignas Ramonas
    Ignas Ramonas 6 years ago +8


  • Dūnis
    Dūnis 6 years ago +12

    Lithuanian boys :DD

  • Almantas Rakeckas
    Almantas Rakeckas 6 years ago +25

    Metus laiko niekas nekomentavo video, kol pas Lietuvius FB nepaplito :D

    • Mariuss Marius
      Mariuss Marius 6 years ago

      @***** Lietuviai lietuviai, senas klipas yra keliu minuciu trukmes. CIa rekia nesok, ledas po apacia

    • Almantas Rakeckas
      Almantas Rakeckas 6 years ago

      Tai vat aš taip pat bandžiau klausytis ir nk nepagavau. Matęs aš kažkur seniau tą video su nėrimu esu, bet ten buvo neiškarpyta ir kalbėjo daugiau. Kokia kalba tik nepamenu :) Bet koks gi skirtumas, tagu pasidžiaugia Lietuviai :)

  • Jaras Stankevičius
    Jaras Stankevičius 6 years ago +16

    Nėrimas ant galvos xD

  • Saulius Butkevičius
    Saulius Butkevičius 6 years ago +9

    galvą prasiskielie

  • Evaldas Janušauskas
    Evaldas Janušauskas 6 years ago +22

    3:15 Lithuania :-D (Y)

  • jolita7773
    jolita7773 6 years ago +19

    last-divers are Lithuanians :D :D :D

  • MapleTree
    MapleTree 6 years ago +40

    LT best at the end !

  • People Smile
    People Smile 6 years ago

    Visit My Channel! :)

  • Kareena Padharia
    Kareena Padharia 6 years ago

    On the last one I thought the guy just jumped into the water and froze straight away but then I realized what actually happened :) I'm so weird :)

    RAGAUJAM 6 years ago

    Bl*t net per Ellen Shoe lietuvius rodo LoL!

  • Just_Ray
    Just_Ray 6 years ago

    yep. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming outside even we work out well. And I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. i found it here > bit.ly/10UWmWf?=nhwbq

  • Rederis Mangusta
    Rederis Mangusta 7 years ago

    yes .. Lithuania is retarded too.. not only USA or Russia

  • Liveta Būdžiūtė
    Liveta Būdžiūtė 7 years ago

    Lithuania yey :DD

  • Simas Paškauskas
    Simas Paškauskas 7 years ago

    Lithuania not Rusia

  • Andrius Pusvaskis
    Andrius Pusvaskis 7 years ago

    that was in Lithuania

  • Mantas Jankunas
    Mantas Jankunas 7 years ago

    Not Russia :) Lithuania :D

  • Corn Baggits
    Corn Baggits 7 years ago


  • SwaggerChiick1
    SwaggerChiick1 7 years ago

    looll the girl falls into the ice...and Ellen simply changes her card lmao...."no big deal"

  • Dorthe Christensen
    Dorthe Christensen 7 years ago

    watching this in 2012 :i

  • Trinity Jimenez
    Trinity Jimenez 7 years ago

    It was all hilarious, except for the falling through the ice bit.. Not to be a party pooper, but she could have died. I actually feel so bad for her

  • Micael Teixeira
    Micael Teixeira 7 years ago

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  • throwingstones01
    throwingstones01 7 years ago

    oucha ma-gaoucha!!!

  • SalmaXoxo Zwinky
    SalmaXoxo Zwinky 7 years ago

    LMAO Me 2 v.v

  • TaraB
    TaraB 7 years ago


  • David Robinson
    David Robinson 7 years ago

    yer it is, but not a lot because I could tell it's instant fake, some fakes are obvious on purpose even more so to make funny, this to me was just... meh

  • Valerie Warman
    Valerie Warman 7 years ago

    Who cares? It's still funny.

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson 7 years ago


  • David Robinson
    David Robinson 7 years ago

    funny, since you as ell as them are gullible, it's fake.

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson 7 years ago

    1 word....gullable, it's clearly a FAKE!

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson 7 years ago

    wow, audience and a top comment is SOOOO GULLABLE! That was SOOOO OBVIOUSLY FAKE AND GAY EDITED ..the ice skating video -.-" *facepalm*

  • Tom Wotton
    Tom Wotton 7 years ago

    except the ice bit

  • Tom Wotton
    Tom Wotton 7 years ago

    Ellen very funny
    This not so funny

  • Wendy Verhellen
    Wendy Verhellen 7 years ago

    Yeah, we in belgium want ELLEN!!! :D

  • WonderWoman
    WonderWoman 7 years ago

    Who said Oprah and Tyra are funny? lol

  • Prisquared
    Prisquared 7 years ago

    maybe cause theyre not comedians?

  • Valerie Warman
    Valerie Warman 7 years ago

    On the ice skating one I had the same face as all the audience members XD

  • Ryan Atkinson
    Ryan Atkinson 7 years ago

    i want a treadmill!

  • Marlen Mondragon
    Marlen Mondragon 8 years ago

    the cats are doing the moon walk

  • Marlen Mondragon
    Marlen Mondragon 8 years ago

    they are doing the moon walk

  • sweetchocolatpie
    sweetchocolatpie 8 years ago

    @Flowerdream0394 Hetzelfde voor mij! Waar blijft het?

  • Ayla Yildiz
    Ayla Yildiz 8 years ago

    THUMBS UP if u think the Best Show would be with ellen and neil patrick harris together!!

  • 030Lavender
    030Lavender 8 years ago

    run run run

  • Smithpolly
    Smithpolly 8 years ago

    It's really good because I was expecting her to trip on the hat and suddenly she just gone.

  • budgiebreder
    budgiebreder 8 years ago

    cat win!

  • TheLizzy1551
    TheLizzy1551 8 years ago

    So cold it was frozen...

  • Soulsphere001
    Soulsphere001 8 years ago

    I seriously doubt she would be well received in Egypt.

  • Soulsphere001
    Soulsphere001 8 years ago

    That last one looked extremely painful.

  • Antanas Gedminas
    Antanas Gedminas 8 years ago


  • Jonathan Votefan
    Jonathan Votefan 8 years ago

    black guy at the end was like...wtf...only white people do that

  • merrychristmas101
    merrychristmas101 8 years ago

    im not going against your opinion i just want to ask how is it fake? and if anybody else knows plz reply