From The Hood To The Premier League - Tashae Andall-Gibbons' Story

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • A story that needs to be told. How Rising Ballers teenage midfielder Tashae Andall-Gibbons has turned his life round after multiple setbacks. He has gone from Sunday League, to a Premier League club in under six months. The kid is an inspiration and everyone at Rising Ballers is so proud of him. We wish you the best Tashae and look forward to seeing you on our TV screens soon. One of the best players RB has ever seen. RB for life.
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    Shot by @frostyvisuals_
    Edited by @jamiepollitt
    Music by @mubzgotbeats
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  • King Krio
    King Krio 23 hours ago

    I grew up around Wandsworth .. it’s not Beirut .. focus on the opportunity you have and perfect your art..

  • Yekce Uewa
    Yekce Uewa Day ago

    you aint know shit bout the hood nigga you from england big dog gangbangas fuck out here clown ass poser lololoololollololoolloolololol

  • Gury STF
    Gury STF 3 days ago


  • mo ali
    mo ali 4 days ago

    Speak English please.

  • Jason smith
    Jason smith 5 days ago

    Hood is an American phrase from the ghetto , Not English

  • Young Brittz
    Young Brittz 5 days ago +1

    This guy used to be 12Anti, he was Y.Fdot and he claimed that he touched Unknown T😂. But mad respect for this guy, making in out the hood and going pro, hope he becomes successful and doesn’t make the fame/money get to his head🙏🏾🙌🏾

  • Cedric Urselita
    Cedric Urselita 7 days ago

    T, listen you good at CM but with you low centre of gravity, work rate, quick feet and Directness wing can be an option later in the future!

  • Kevin Koziol
    Kevin Koziol 8 days ago

    Ra'nell made it in football after all on a topboy ting

  • Ginger Scholes
    Ginger Scholes 9 days ago

    The first RB match I watched was the recent Baiteze game, and this man stood out amongst some top top players. Good luck with the Blades!

  • Rodrigo
    Rodrigo 9 days ago

    i'm so tired of this gangsters in football "oooh bu bu i have a hard chillhood" yes like the majority in this game, they look like "soccer players"

  • Jonzxl 03
    Jonzxl 03 9 days ago +2

    I wish I was from Europe sadly I’m from the United States where the only way you can make it pro is when you pay crazy amounts of money

  • John Chierichella
    John Chierichella 12 days ago


    • John Chierichella
      John Chierichella 8 days ago

      Pratap Tmg ok 👍 big man 😂

    • John Chierichella
      John Chierichella 8 days ago

      Pratap Tmg btw over 120 precincts
      Just. One
      Different time different level

    • John Chierichella
      John Chierichella 8 days ago

      Pratap Tmg pathetic smh u actually think its a good thing too lmao
      I actually grew up where one police precinct had to deal with more murders then entire country of England
      But difference is I’m embarrassed bye that

    • Pratap Tmg
      Pratap Tmg 8 days ago

      There are armed police officers in UK 🤦‍♂️

    • Pratap Tmg
      Pratap Tmg 8 days ago

      Okay big man come down to London and you will see

  • Ronaldo Gomez
    Ronaldo Gomez 13 days ago

    Lil baby went pro 🙏🏼

    LEGIT GAMER 13 days ago

    Only if where I’m from had opportunities like this.

  • ham and cheese
    ham and cheese 14 days ago


  • Rohit Ramrakhiani
    Rohit Ramrakhiani 15 days ago

    How old is he ?

  • Javier Tobon
    Javier Tobon 15 days ago

    How I wish kids in Chicago could do this so they can leave the drugs.

  • John Sheawi
    John Sheawi 15 days ago

    Had to be a negro

  • HD Documentaries
    HD Documentaries 16 days ago

    Hood? Really?

  • Hamza BigH
    Hamza BigH 16 days ago

    From 1 Andall 2 another blood sweat & tears stay 4ocused

  • Kaleab Alebachew
    Kaleab Alebachew 16 days ago

    literally nothing in the ends but temporary money and lifetime full of disappointments that what if will fuck you up big ups tashae

  • Bryan Smith
    Bryan Smith 16 days ago

    In America Football is a Rich Kid sport,theres no way you’d make it pro unless you have the money

  • Yoshi EA
    Yoshi EA 16 days ago

    Love this content

  • Jon Osborne
    Jon Osborne 17 days ago

    let's just hope he keeps he's head on

  • X footballer X
    X footballer X 17 days ago

    You are such a good inspiration thank you so much T

  • mo mo
    mo mo 17 days ago

    we need moe of these trainers

  • James Davis
    James Davis 17 days ago

    UK people saying the hood *rolls eyes*
    We don't have hoods. We have council estate shit holes with little pricks roaming around believing they're in a hood because some grime twat says so.
    Put them in a real hood and they'd be crying for mummy in no time.

  • NOAH10
    NOAH10 17 days ago


  • Logan
    Logan 17 days ago

    What if he gets into the first team and they have a tour of America. Because he wont be able to go

  • Jack Aylward
    Jack Aylward 17 days ago

    What are these boots called @ 0:33

  • Pa G
    Pa G 18 days ago

    Y do blacks wana be gangsters

  • Ivy Emoji
    Ivy Emoji 18 days ago +1

    Once a blade, always a blade ⚔️

  • Jacob Wylde
    Jacob Wylde 18 days ago +1

    Why’s his laugh like Big Shaq😭

  • Juniorproductions 1406

    From a trapper to a baller💯

  • Gkstar1
    Gkstar1 18 days ago

    Hope you succeed. Dont be like another nile ranger smdh

  • Juni bihhh !
    Juni bihhh ! 18 days ago

    Bless up, living in the hood right now and I want to end up like him, get up T go eat boy

  • George Aboagye
    George Aboagye 18 days ago

    I really like the headline,the hood and the street ls got also a Footballer from Ghana in africa you can follow my TheXvid channel and watch some cool soccer videos if anyone can help to link up.Thanks to all🇬🇭🙏

  • CONR
    CONR 18 days ago

    sheff weds better

  • ItzDylz
    ItzDylz 19 days ago

    Respect to Rising Ballers for giving players opportunities ✊

  • Noah Richter
    Noah Richter 19 days ago

    Hope he makes it ❤️👊🏾

  • Е KO
    Е KO 19 days ago

    Well ,,,,,good luck bro I will see you on the first team 🤙🏻😉

  • Lachie McLennan
    Lachie McLennan 19 days ago


  • Craig Evans
    Craig Evans 19 days ago

    Glad a decent lad choose a career over being a plastic gangster..fair play lad.

  • Jack Russel
    Jack Russel 19 days ago +2

    Manz sounds just like Jamie from topboy

  • Admiral
    Admiral 19 days ago

    he is good but im better

  • apotebill
    apotebill 19 days ago

    Dude got a strong British accent I can’t understand shit he is saying. American here!

    • J SPLASH
      J SPLASH 16 days ago

      apotebill i’m american and no one cares

  • Ez-JackS
    Ez-JackS 19 days ago

    All Wednesday aren’t we

  • savagekickz_usa
    savagekickz_usa 19 days ago +1

    This is why England is too tier when it comes to football you can come from anywhere bottom,middle,top and still make the big leagues and here in the states academy and travel teams want the money more then the player that’s why USMNT is struggling and will struggle for a long time until they learn money is not everything

  • Jasontae John
    Jasontae John 19 days ago

    Thanks alot bro u make me believe in my self to go for my dreams

  • HowlBeast
    HowlBeast 19 days ago

    Don’t be another Nile Ranger

  • yule savage
    yule savage 20 days ago

    Looks like lil baby 😂talk like roddy rich and he look like roddy lowkey

  • Arturo Ayala
    Arturo Ayala 20 days ago

    Bruh that’s lil baby 😂

  • Umissonthebeat
    Umissonthebeat 20 days ago

    When you have a show at rolling loud but you have to play in premier league :DDDDD

  • Vincenzo Ribiero
    Vincenzo Ribiero 20 days ago

    I didnt have an easy life when i was 11 years old my mum brought me an Xbox when I asked for a Playstation.

  • 6aint
    6aint 20 days ago

    Please come to Germany

    PYRRHUS 20 days ago

    Lol hood ppl looks like rich person compared to the hood of My country

  • BNO97 !
    BNO97 ! 20 days ago

    Shepard’s bush ain’t in west tho is it

  • wagwan my g
    wagwan my g 20 days ago


  • suss tek
    suss tek 20 days ago

    Good luck on your journey " big man "

  • Ramen Noodle
    Ramen Noodle 20 days ago

    YO is that Lil Baby