Honest Trailers - Star Wars: The Last Jedi


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  • Screen Junkies
    Screen Junkies  7 months ago +3326

    Strike us down in anger and we will always be with you. Let us know below what you thought about the trailer and movie! Plus don't forget to give suggestions of what movies you'd like to see be Honest-ed. Thanks for watching!
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      WARS THE MARVEL 5 days ago

      Don't care what anyone says, Last Jedi is awesome!

    • Chris Yarzab
      Chris Yarzab 6 days ago

      Do an Honest Trailer for Bonanza. The Cartwrights are always getting into trouble and Ben is a serial killer.

    • Ricky Collins
      Ricky Collins 19 days ago

      ​+Neil Herceg Honestly, i've never cared enough about plot holes unless they are glaring. If I am invested I won't try to pick it apart, and I was. I like the characters for the most part, despite Rey being a bit of a Mary Sue, and Kylo ren being a bit, weak, I am invested in their story. I liked seeing a grumpier, older luke, though I understand why people hate that. Finn is fine, Rose is over-hated, Poe is interesting now, Leia is great, Holdo grew on me over time, Snokes dead and I'm happy, didn't want another emperor, Hux is the one that I think is bad because of the last jedi. The humor was a bit jarring, that was the part that I really disliked. It's fine if you hate the movie, I get why people do.

      TL;DR: I don't care about plot holes, I like the characters mostly, I'm fine with grumpy old luke, glad snoke is dead, Hux is bad now, the jokes were jarring, it's fine if you hate it, but I really liked it.

  • horse stomper
    horse stomper Day ago

    Theres no more new ones old ones debate for me - I'm off all Star Wars content, and even though Disney owns everything, done with them as well

  • William Richmond

    seriously, why is everyone so pissed off about this film? It's a fictional franchise so don't get so worked up about it. Plus this film isn't great nor is it bad. It's alright

  • The Lav.J. Show
    The Lav.J. Show 2 days ago

    Brienne of Darth

  • Tanyahachi 07
    Tanyahachi 07 2 days ago

    for me Solo is better tbh and Rogue One is my fav

  • Kasino80
    Kasino80 3 days ago

    The old Epic voice guy's voice always makes me cough. It sounds so forced compared to Bailey.

  • andrew
    andrew 3 days ago

    the throne room scene was so good it almost saved the whole movie as a whole. and i'm someone who doesn't care if Snoke had a back story as long as the next film has a better one. it's impossible to say this move sucks until I see the next one to tie it all together. let's not forget that the empire strikes back was hated too when it released, but ended up being the best in the trilogy after return of the jedi came out.

  • Devil's Advocate
    Devil's Advocate 5 days ago

    Sorry for caring about decent writing and consistency in a sci-fi universe....

  • Dill Pickle
    Dill Pickle 7 days ago


  • Satyajit Lall
    Satyajit Lall 9 days ago +1

    The entire star wars fan base does not know how to judge if they think that the last jedi wasn't the best star wars film ever made by a long shot

  • green ghost hunter
    green ghost hunter 9 days ago

    It's like this new cast doesn't even care about the movies as much as the cast of four five and six did

  • PopstarChamp
    PopstarChamp 10 days ago

    Most of the comments here:
    "This trailer isn't honest enough."
    "It doesn't echo my hatred for this movie as much as I wanted it to."

  • F-zero91maru
    F-zero91maru 10 days ago

    SFX was cool but the movie was a bust.
    poor leia made into a theme park ride becoming mary poppins.
    it's star wars not disneyland.

  • J. B.
    J. B. 10 days ago

    "He has turned his back on the franchise, after watching the prequels" :D made my day

  • Ken Fresno
    Ken Fresno 11 days ago

    Never got to see the Knights of Stimpy

  • The Beast
    The Beast 11 days ago

    Please stop putting the other “not so epic” voice guy in the vids because his voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

  • thatguywith1millionsubscribersandnovideos

    2:30 lol that's hilarious

  • Vazeyo
    Vazeyo 12 days ago


  • Miguel Sáenz Cardoza
    Miguel Sáenz Cardoza 13 days ago

    What a dissapointment.

  • Wendigo Dragon
    Wendigo Dragon 14 days ago

    Stop generalizing fan bases. It isn't fair to criticize all of us when the rotten eggs are the minority. The point of Honest Trailers is to criticize or praise the movie, not make fun of the fan base.

  • Guitar Heaven
    Guitar Heaven 15 days ago

    Loved this. But I am not a fan anymore and will not watch Episode 9. So, I probably will bk ot be getting any of the references for that future honest trailer video.

  • You are soul
    You are soul 15 days ago

    03.56 I hate this.

  • pacific rim
    pacific rim 15 days ago

    all hail star trek

  • Servthelord
    Servthelord 16 days ago

    Its hard, but exactly what happened here

  • fallun
    fallun 17 days ago +1

    @Screen Junkies,
    Please do Ivan Ortega's TLJ Re-Edit. See his new TLJ trailer. Give him a chance!

  • Alec Rozsa
    Alec Rozsa 17 days ago

    "Because how dare they spend 15 minutes connecting the action to a larger theme?!" What larger theme? Ignoring slave children in favor of rescuing animals from captivity prematurely, adding more pain and misery to the child slaves knowing they will have to clean up the mess? Destroying rich people's stuff so that child slave can pick up the pieces later, for your own emotional satisfaction is amoral. What theme could this connect to? And how is the theme relevant to the story of the Last Jedi or its characters?

  • Tom Griffiths
    Tom Griffiths 19 days ago


  • Macky Mendenilla
    Macky Mendenilla 19 days ago

    The last 10 minutes of the Phantom Menace was better than this movie

  • Dane
    Dane 21 day ago

    This movie felt like a typical movie nothing special and why didnt you talk about dropping bombs in space in this movie?

  • Emu Saurus
    Emu Saurus 22 days ago

    I was expecting you guys to mention that the warp speed scenes looked identical the tardis traveling forward in space

  • Brandon S
    Brandon S 23 days ago

    Honestly I would have rather watched the Rancor monster from Jabba's palace eat and shit out victims for two hours than sit through Last Jedi. At least Rancor never took a giant crap on the series.

  • david downey
    david downey 23 days ago

    The last one ... i paid .. to see.

  • J R
    J R 23 days ago +1

    The old voice is stupid.

  • rosie jean retiza
    rosie jean retiza 24 days ago +1

    jake the dog and "finn the human"

  • Bobsheaux
    Bobsheaux 24 days ago

    "I'm Carrie Poppins, y'all!"

  • Kin Hamid
    Kin Hamid 29 days ago

    Lol I loved dis film

  • Zandle Clan
    Zandle Clan 29 days ago

    Lost it at pew

  • Osiedlony
    Osiedlony Month ago

    Clearly, Last Jedi is the worst part of Star Wars series.
    1. Plot is dumb. Unclear, it's about... what is it exactly about?
    2. Plot armor on some characters is ridiculous. Finn should be dead like 3 times, but hell no.
    3. Luck is always on Rebels side. Why do they even call themselves resistance? From they point of view, they should name themselves Republic.
    4. Space battles have been broken. There is no logic behind them at all.
    5. Force users seem to struggle to set on which power level they are. This is crazy stupid. So, Luke goes from not using power to making sick astral projection whole galaxy away, good enough to trick everyone that he is there. Snoke goes from a guy who can connect 2 people using force, of who one he didn't even see at all in his live before, to a guy who dies like a little bitch.
    6. Kylo can activate a lightsaber, which is not his from such a distance. It's retarded - and should be not possible. This way You can activate anyone's lightsaber whereever, so they got poked before You even duel them...
    7. Rey was raw and strong with force before, but now without any training she lifts all those rocks at the same time, haha. But she can't use a simple push to defend from those red guardians?
    8. About guys in red, they should either: be a bit of force trained, OR be a masters in melee combat. They are useless as bodyguards, though, can't kill a non-skilled teen? Pff...
    9. The rebelion thats left in the end looks like 50 man, maybe, not more. LOL. How is it important to get them? It's not.
    10. First order can't beat nobody and is even worse at this then empire was.
    Ehh, and so on...

  • bacziliat
    bacziliat Month ago


    This movie is pretty bad.

  • eLJaybud
    eLJaybud Month ago

    Well I didn't pay to see that shit anyway. After episode seven they lost me, it was utter crap, nobody can ruin a franchise quite like Disney. Does anyone even watch Pixar anymore? Or anything else they bought?

  • Yeager Bomb
    Yeager Bomb Month ago

    Last Jedi was terrible.

  • ρlague
    ρlague Month ago +1

    Lot of people in the comments who think their opinions are facts. Personally I think there's a lot of vocal minority going on here. TLJ did exceptionally well with critics and the general public, but seems to be actively hated by the internet. Outside of user scores on RT, the movie seems to have rated well across the board.
    Personally I loved it. Probably tied or perhaps slightly behind Empire Strikes Back as far as SW movies go for me.
    Side note: Goddamn one of the comments was complaining that TLJ made Star Wars into an action movie with forced comedy, as opposed to what SW originally was. Buddy, what did you think the original movies were???

  • Zerebrat Eightyseven

    Luke Teatmilker
    i died

  • Monarchy is the best!

    I couldn't last more than 15 minutes watching this disaster of film.

  • ClandestineOstrich
    ClandestineOstrich Month ago

    Some people think the characters in the Sequel Trilogy are complex. They are not. Their behavior can be random and inexplicable, or they act like programmed robots. There is no depth or complexity to their characters, no humanity. They are only shallow psychological and storyboard models given meaningless lines and portrayed by very talented actors. The writing team, both writers credited and uncredited, as well as the story editor, put no serious effort into making a compelling story. They had some ideas and spent time on them, but there was nothing sincere about what they were doing. But as long as its Star Wars and they're running around, there will be people that will be happy with it no matter how bad it is. It has all the complexity of a high school art project that got bashed in by a monkey, and people keep looking at it likes it complex. It's not complex, it's a boring, meaningless mess.

  • Bastian Cabedo Aris

    Please return of the Jedi

  • Shacktackle Boombaby

    The movie sucked dick

  • Andrew O
    Andrew O Month ago

    Yeah so this new trilogy sucks.

  • Nahuel
    Nahuel Month ago +1

    Honestly, I don't think the FANDOM is that divided. The only ones who liked this movie are the newer (mostly younger) fans and the critics. Since they don't understand what SW is all about, they don't mind it being deconstructed. For long term fans, this movie elicits at best APATHY, at worst HATRED. But I doubt there are many long-term fans who truly love this movie.
    PS: I personally don't hate it. I don't like it either. I think the script is terrible, but at least is pretty to look at. It could've been worse.

  • Will Camacho
    Will Camacho Month ago

    Not honest enough

  • Alfred J. Periwinkle
    Alfred J. Periwinkle Month ago +1

    Although this movie has its fair share of flaws, there can be no denying that Kylo Ren is ten times the villain Vader ever was. He alone makes the Sequel trilogy worth watching.

  • E MP
    E MP Month ago

    Omg hilarious :D

  • Rubens
    Rubens Month ago

    This wasn’t honest enough

  • Rubens
    Rubens Month ago

    RIP Star Wars

  • trubluhealer
    trubluhealer Month ago

    Ryan sucks his own Johnson!

  • An3
    An3 Month ago

    This isn't going to go down as the one that 'Ruined Star Wars. It'll be the one that nobody talks about.

  • XReflexian
    XReflexian Month ago

    I guess the failed movie continued in this Honest trailer .... It failed : / .... Try harder next time !

  • Peter Lee
    Peter Lee Month ago

    "starring the fans....'salt'"
    Seriously, you guys have become creatively bankrupt. Honest trailers is not funny anymore.
    Here is how you COULD HAVE GONE:

  • Jiggly Wiggly
    Jiggly Wiggly Month ago

    This movie is a pile of shit steaming on all your hopes

  • Nicholas Dobos
    Nicholas Dobos Month ago

    LMFAO @ Brienne of Darth!

  • Ton of Woot
    Ton of Woot Month ago

    I gave up on Star Wars when I realized I'd never want to watch the Force Awakens again and Star Wars: Battlefront was an absolute ripoff of microtransactions and paywalls. I just can't give them my money any more.

  • star lord
    star lord Month ago

    Poe is a hero.

  • Chris Hipser
    Chris Hipser Month ago

    But it's sooooo boooooring

  • Marcus Roele
    Marcus Roele Month ago

    I think Rian Johnson was told he couldn't play Star Wars with some of the neighborhood kids and they also bullied him. What was done to Star Wars had to be an act of sabotage. No one could make something so bad on accident. It was planned as an act of revenge.

  • Snježana Koprek
    Snježana Koprek Month ago

    93 000 Russian bots liked this.

  • proteamdirector
    proteamdirector Month ago

    Love how you guys were so against Lucas messing with your beloved characters and story that you made a point not to call the original star wars movie A New Hope and yet you’re totally okay with everything the new trilogy does to undermine the original story and what those characters went through.

  • Anthonyg Gordon
    Anthonyg Gordon Month ago

    Screen Junkies can't lose all their free passes to Star Wars Festivals and World Premiers so they can't be completely honest on how bad the movies were. Ever notice how all TheXvid channels with high subscribers can't say the movie is bad. This is not a coincidence. Even Red Letter Media is selling out since they got movie viewers.

  • Barro the Broadcaster

    Fandom not as salty as the creators. Just saying.

  • Meme Ren
    Meme Ren Month ago

    Honestly Star Wars The Last Jedi is my favorite Star Wars movie or at least one of mine

  • RODRIGUEZ André-Antoine

    si le film est à 40 cents je l’achèterai peut-être


    I’m not even a Star Wars fan
    But this one was super lame

  • Brave Starr
    Brave Starr Month ago

    Solo was actually a hell of a lot better than this poke in the eye... Huh, whould've thunk?

  • leoric21
    leoric21 Month ago

    Is it fun to watch? I liked Rogue One
    but thats about it

  • 2amFilms
    2amFilms Month ago

    The double voice thing ruined this one for me, there is only one honest trailer voice we like, you all know!

  • Stiricidium
    Stiricidium Month ago

    At least we have Legends 😢

  • YodaWars 1000
    YodaWars 1000 Month ago +2

    Best Star Wars movie ever in my opinion.

  • The Galactic Galaxy

    Revenge of the Sith was an awesome movie though...

  • The Galactic Galaxy

    When people say Rey is a Mary Sue, I disagree, Rey is a bad character, Daisy Ridley is a good actor. It’s not her fault her character is a copyright of luke skywalker, a character that makes no logical sense to the force, a souless character, that is probably one of the characters so hated that she’s almost Jar Jar Binks himself. Ok, I’m done. I honestly thought the Last Jedi was fine, didn’t deserve all of the hate, poor Kelly Marie Tran. My only complaint was that Phasma, and pretty much all of the male characters were underused. I thought they were trying to bring gender Equality

    • The Galactic Galaxy
      The Galactic Galaxy Month ago

      Sorry about that, us Starwars Nerds can go hardcore if someone goes against the Logic of the series

  • xpk ryanx
    xpk ryanx Month ago +4

    And Rose was literally the worst character

  • xpk ryanx
    xpk ryanx Month ago +1

    Makes no sense how powerful they are after a few days.

  • Victor Cates
    Victor Cates Month ago

    Yeah, the force awakens was the last one I paid to see. I watch reviews of the later ones just to make sure they're ruined for me. Every time I weaken, I just need to think about the image of the milking.

  • J.E.M as James Edward McDonald

    i am not star wars

  • J C A
    J C A Month ago

    *¿Why do we hate SW so much? Cause we freaking used to love it so much*

  • Jam Pow
    Jam Pow Month ago +1

    I liked it.

  • Aidan Barnes
    Aidan Barnes Month ago

    at least The Last Jedi gave us a chance to say goodbye to Carrie Fisher RIP :`(

  • Leia Ysonesse
    Leia Ysonesse Month ago

    You make it sound so epic!
    The conflict among fans I mean...it's like Greek tragedy. ;)

  • Joseph Daniel Jireh Dimacali

    Can you guys please make a Honest Trailer to "Amazing Bulk."

  • Justin Sea
    Justin Sea Month ago

    The original honest trailers guy is so wretched sounding i wanna rip my eardrums out.

  • Josiah Baughman
    Josiah Baughman Month ago

    Well joke's on you other epic voice guy Solo wasn't great by any means but it was at least pretty good, and that's not crap, plplplplplplplplplp.

  • RainbowSlinky5
    RainbowSlinky5 Month ago

    do a Solo movie

  • rilla46
    rilla46 Month ago +1

    The film that killed star wars.

  • Stefan Mazilu
    Stefan Mazilu Month ago

    I love jj Abrams(this message is encrypted)

  • Roaring Lion
    Roaring Lion Month ago +1

    Worst Star Wars movie ever. Worst than the prequels & special editions. Hot shitty stinking 5000 lbs of used adult diapers garbage.

  • Charles Morteo
    Charles Morteo Month ago

    Do solo !!! Its time !!!! Common

  • mclaughlin75
    mclaughlin75 Month ago

    Carrie Poppins...priceless!

  • Howling Burd19
    Howling Burd19 Month ago

    It’s like the creators never saw a Star Wars film in their whole life, and totally forgot what Story Arc is :P

  • CringeyReactions
    CringeyReactions Month ago +2

    Last Jedi is a masterpiece

  • Juan Gracia Marques
    Juan Gracia Marques Month ago +1

    I dont care too much that they speak well of the movie ( its a coward move but its their Channel) but the problem is that they make fun of the people who disliked the movie. Why?

  • Dr Phot
    Dr Phot 2 months ago

    Donlt like this comment... It's a trrraaappp!!!