Jim Brown Cuts Colin kaepernick Throat

  • Published on Aug 25, 2017
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  • Marvin Irving
    Marvin Irving 29 days ago

    If I was starting an NFL team from scratch this is the man I start with.

  • Michael Cabezudo
    Michael Cabezudo Month ago

    Thanx for the click bait title

  • Kane H
    Kane H Month ago

    Jim Brown is a smart man

  • travon Stephens
    travon Stephens Month ago

    shut up

  • Glorida Howell
    Glorida Howell Month ago

    I want to know why and it shows how much negativity Brew in this country anytime you see thumbs up you can rest assure a negative platform that mean with surrounded by evil people I just had to mention that

  • lincoln dasema
    lincoln dasema 2 months ago

    If I was Colin I would take the advice to heart. I don't agree with everything Mr. Brown said but at least he was honest.

  • Marion Zulty
    Marion Zulty 2 months ago

    Thank u Jim brown !

  • Doug Hibbard
    Doug Hibbard 2 months ago

    Not just a great athlete, but a great American

  • ghost ghost
    ghost ghost 3 months ago

    ha ha this comments section is fucking hilarious. Blacks setting about blacks...which is what the beast wants. You have all failed the fucking lesson.

  • Miriam Jiggetts
    Miriam Jiggetts 3 months ago +1

    Mr JIM BROWN. A man who has aged with wisdom truth and understanding ! A true American. 🇺🇸 “I don’t desecrate my flag”.

  • Deborah jjo
    Deborah jjo 3 months ago

    That’s bullshit. Then he’s saying Muhammad Ali should have shut up and fought. Instead of speaking against him, he should help Colin. He won’t desecrate the flag , but will sit with a racist who put children of color in cages, ripped from their parents like children slaves were taken from their parents, while Trump stays quiet about these kids being abused, but that’s okay. I’m not putting his thinking or rationale on age because even old people know better than that. Fuck Jim all day long. Bitch!

  • Jihad Da God
    Jihad Da God 3 months ago

    Jim Brown got cte sellout bitch

  • Jada Mix Videos
    Jada Mix Videos 4 months ago +2

    Dummy missed the point.#SMFH Shannon Sharpe even agrees with Kap🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Eric Burton
    Eric Burton 4 months ago +2

    Jim you OLD!!! A person does not need support from anyone to do the right thing!

  • Tree Walters
    Tree Walters 4 months ago +2

    Kap just got a BIG pay day, so who cares what the heck Jim is saying right here.

  • Aristarchus Patrinos
    Aristarchus Patrinos 4 months ago

    Jim Brown is right

  • Eric Scott
    Eric Scott 4 months ago +2

    More of a MLK than A Malcolm X but I get his points and can agree with some. What I don t get how people downplay the reason why he’s doing it in the first play. It’s not cause he got benched as a highly liked statement said, but their is a huge disconnect n the true fact of the matter is that most who can’t or won’t understand the reason won’t understand/ or even accept that reason because of white privilege or just ignorance. And if your a person off color; be it Spanish, Native American, or of African decent, which is all of us🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Deborah jjo
    Deborah jjo 4 months ago +1

    So Jim cuts down Colin but kisses Trump’s ass. Fuck Jim.

  • Mohamed Kamara
    Mohamed Kamara 4 months ago

    Football Legend . Broken black man . Conditioned into now being Toby .

  • Mr.SmithGNR Smith
    Mr.SmithGNR Smith 5 months ago


  • Mr.SmithGNR Smith
    Mr.SmithGNR Smith 5 months ago

    Growing out his Afro means he’s an activist....

  • Mr.SmithGNR Smith
    Mr.SmithGNR Smith 5 months ago

    George Soros PAID these d bags to”protest”....nothing but phony bullshit

  • Mr.SmithGNR Smith
    Mr.SmithGNR Smith 5 months ago

    The false jew reporter thought Brown would tap dance for him...well done Mr. Brown

  • dj hayes
    dj hayes 5 months ago

    All you people sticking up for jim brown for sailing out kap are fooling yourself. Jim brown sold out along time ago. Kap is putting awareness on police brutality and yall cutting kap down for shining a light on that. Yall need to be ashamed of yourself and especially black folks. I don't like what he said about kap, instead of sticking with the brother.

  • Perdido Atlantic
    Perdido Atlantic 6 months ago

    Jim Brown has self respect and is a patriot and American.
    Kaep is a jackass.

  • Bobby Hudson
    Bobby Hudson 6 months ago

    I can’t get behind what Jim brown is saying! Shannon Sharpe gets it, why doesn’t Jim Brown. If you don’t get it you indeed are lost.

  • Abdul Aziz
    Abdul Aziz 6 months ago

    An old dumb ass negro...

  • ISIS is scum
    ISIS is scum 7 months ago

    Jim Brown---What a classy guy.

  • lnapjr76
    lnapjr76 7 months ago

    So a man can't be a professional and take a principled stance at the same time? I don't see what's difficult about that.
    Also Mr. Brown, you might want to do some research on "your" anthem. It was never meant for you. Research the man who wrote it and review all the words to the poem (as that is what it was originally).

  • RegeionalMty Zavala2
    RegeionalMty Zavala2 7 months ago

    opinion from mexico monterrey...jim brown has THE RIGHT the flag and the himn...are not any president...the magnesia and the gimnasia...are not the same....play football...asshole kaepernick...

  • smokeyvelvet42
    smokeyvelvet42 8 months ago

    Jim don't let them make a fool of you for their own personal agenda, when you inform them that you don't
    decigrate your flag, please my brother if you are going to comment then at least have a decent command of t
    the English language, it is called called "DENIGRATE " & not DECIGRATE my flag, so be very cautious of how you castigate brother Colin Kaepenick in public he has every right to peacefully protest racism & bigotry in America
    by kneeling, we are still confronted with racism & has only exacerbated itself since Donald Trump has taken office, with the extreme right being even more confrontational & this president showing his true identity with
    regard to race. That national anthem third verse says, that black slaves should be persecuted & hounded into their
    graves and even beyond, now as a black person you should show your servitude & gratitude by singing a
    song of this nature & you aren't allowed to show your disenchantment?? I beg your pardon? So Jim by all due
    respect, please refrain by getting involved in the right- wing press, when they have only one common denominator & that is to exploit you for their own personal wicked agenda !!! Don't fall into this trap for notoriety !

  • Get Dough
    Get Dough 8 months ago

    Uncle tom

  • Raphael V
    Raphael V 8 months ago

    I love how Jim gives a wonderfully articulate and profound explanation and all the interviewer replies with "you don't think you can be an activist and an NFL player?" Really dick? That's what you took from what he said?

  • Berns Long
    Berns Long 8 months ago

    Well said Jim,,,with much wisdom.

  • Julien Julien
    Julien Julien 8 months ago

    Fuck this old bastard too

  • D C
    D C 8 months ago +1

    Black Submissive Sambo at the end of his views about racial injustice.. Will suck a football owners dick for a paycheck in other words!!! You're a disgrace Jim Down on both knees!!!

  • Trey Sikes
    Trey Sikes 8 months ago


  • Antoniyo Henriko
    Antoniyo Henriko 8 months ago

    Colin k is shit playing ,,,,,

  • StealthCamper
    StealthCamper 8 months ago

    Kapperdick should not be allowed to play the game of football if the fuckface attention whore is not going to participate in the National Anthem. Fuck proving points. This dates way back. Its an ignorant fkn thing to do and idk how he is allowed to get away with it.

  • Robert D
    Robert D 9 months ago

    Jim Brown is an awesome man and very intelligent, unlike Colin, who is a moron and an America hating asshole.

  • Jemal Rankin
    Jemal Rankin 9 months ago

    Stfu !! Women beater !

  • Doey Jiaz
    Doey Jiaz 9 months ago +1

    This woman beater mainly played against white guys, definitely not the best competition to be considered the GOAT

  • leonard Acosta
    leonard Acosta 9 months ago

    Dam you got my respect sir!

  • Jovan Thomas
    Jovan Thomas 9 months ago

    I think kap should go to Fort Bragg! Or any U.S. military base. See what kind of response he gets! I know those feet will come in handy, when he is trying to dodge all the resistance! Idk.... CTE maybe Kap? Get your head right man! Embarrasing.... Thanks for the "wisdom" Mr. Brown! My man!

  • William Kirksey
    William Kirksey 9 months ago +1

    Jim Brown sold out a long long time ago damn shame said it ain't truth Slaughter Dr.Khalid Muhammad said it best we see you uncle tom ass nigga damn shame

  • Jon Bzz
    Jon Bzz 9 months ago


  • Bruno Gianelli
    Bruno Gianelli 9 months ago

    Jim Brown dealt with REAL racism, not this cosmetic Kaepernick crap.

  • Record-ology
    Record-ology 9 months ago

    Anybody else think that was Cosby at first?

  • Sheezy DeJesus
    Sheezy DeJesus 9 months ago

    Jim Brown is a old scared ninja I've grown up with no fear of the white people Infact I know that they fear us that's why a cop can shoot 🔫 a 12yr old child because they're afraid if I weigh 100LBS then in their eyes 👀 I weigh 200LBS if I'm 5'6 to them I'm 6'5 that's the difference between Jim Brown and Kapernick now we know we'll get you eventually there will be know more white people because they are recessive in every way and if a white woman has a chance she'll bare a black mans child and those who don't will always think they weren't good enough

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana 9 months ago

    Jim Brown is daddy

  • Joel Williams
    Joel Williams 9 months ago

    When you as an employee are on your employer's clock. You have to do what your employer tells you to do. When you are off the clock you have the freedom do do as you please.

  • Cave Beast
    Cave Beast 9 months ago +1

    Jim is a true man and inspiration

  • Hunter Doucette
    Hunter Doucette 9 months ago

    Good. Kaepernick is an inconsiderate, disrespectful, and self minded FAGGOT 😡😠😠😠 I fucking hate that prissy little bitch. Fuck him, he's a lying and bullshit filled idiot who is spewing untrue facts about police brutality, simply because police brutality doesn't fucking exist. It's just "hood" and impoverished blacks throwing fits about being caught for doing bad things in their lives 😑😑😑🖕🖕🖕

    LEONIDAS 9 months ago +1

    Black Men, who many came from nothing to becoming Rich & Famous all because they can play a " game ", take a knee to protest America's Inequality. ( Ungrateful Trash )

  • Cee Money
    Cee Money 9 months ago

    Yeah he fought women and beat them up Jim Brown was for him last year. Now he with the bullshit. The cause is anout blacks getting killed jim u plum fucking dum for real you an abuser. He needs to stfu he is intelligent

    • Cee Money
      Cee Money 9 months ago

      Dont have shit to do with the flag or song dumb ass

  • TraceguyRune
    TraceguyRune 9 months ago

    Why is this trending now?

  • Bass 4FTWM
    Bass 4FTWM 9 months ago

    Jim Brown what else needs to be said... Colin where u at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eternal Bourne
    Eternal Bourne 9 months ago

    Kaps done more for black youth than Jim Brown ever did. Hes done more for all youth. If the military says it's ok, then who the fuck are yall except consumers

    TO THREE 9 months ago

    Jim Brown you are an old fool I thought you were an activist at one point. the man is not disrespecting the flag he clearly said he respects our servicemen he's using his platform to bring awareness two innocent black people being brutalized and sacrificing his millions for human life. me personally I love America and honor my service men. I know my country will not stand for Injustice an inequality.

  • TBALLZ_973
    TBALLZ_973 9 months ago

    Well said!!!!!

  • Robert Kordzikowski
    Robert Kordzikowski 9 months ago

    Jim Brown rocks.

  • kristpuncher
    kristpuncher 9 months ago

    Jim Brown was overrated

  • lorenzo scirocco
    lorenzo scirocco 9 months ago

    This is a real Man. Hero.. Jim Brown...

  • David Stump
    David Stump 9 months ago +1

    My respect for Jim Brown just grew more! The clip at the end of the interview was terrible and about 70 years too late! Most people white and black want to work together and make things better for all people! It’s way past time to set aside the hatred and move forward! I’m with Jim Brown, God Bless America!!!

  • Bout Tree Fiddy
    Bout Tree Fiddy 9 months ago

    ...Good job using a wife beater to help your point of view. Maybe you should get OJ Simpon next
    ...does Jim Brown see the MANY athletes in support of Kaepernick?

  • Lydia Kinnaman
    Lydia Kinnaman 9 months ago

    Well said

  • Jones Man
    Jones Man 9 months ago

    "My anthem"???

  • duff brown
    duff brown 9 months ago

    Well said sir. Who in the hell was that racist at the end of clip

  • CanadianTrapper
    CanadianTrapper 9 months ago

    Educated response Mr Brown great response!!!

  • Sheldon Cooper
    Sheldon Cooper 9 months ago

    Colon crapperneck plus sir-ena the tennis tyranny = one pos

  • Roger Sheddy
    Roger Sheddy 9 months ago

    Little piece by Farrakhan at the tail end was highly disrespectful to the well-thought-out commentary by James Brown.
    He used to also be in movies there was a funny Western featuring him and Raquel Welch in which he beat the enemy and took his woman that is Raquel Welch which if you consider this was in the 1960s when Southern television stations were all upset about Captain Kirk kissing Uhuru... it's a big big deal

  • quickster0420
    quickster0420 9 months ago

    This video was Savage as fuck

  • Orange Scout
    Orange Scout 9 months ago

    You notice nobody is asking Colin what his opinion of Jim Brown is...right? Enough said...Jim Brown is a model hall of famer, a great American and an inspiration. He dealt with true racism, and he emerged a legend. Nike and Colin can kiss my ass from now until doomsday....

  • ZZ430T56
    ZZ430T56 9 months ago

    Class act

  • bigvalsalva
    bigvalsalva 9 months ago

    Jim Brown: The Voice of Reason
    Very well stated, sir.

  • Jim Basler
    Jim Basler 9 months ago

    Thank you,Jim Brown......

  • Cheryl Polk
    Cheryl Polk 9 months ago


  • Daniel Messier
    Daniel Messier 9 months ago

    He makes good points. But let's not forget JB was not a great person....beating women..he would have been suspended in today's NFL, for a whole season maybe even more. That's the irony.

  • The Urban Pharisee
    The Urban Pharisee 9 months ago

    I'm confused about that ending. Mr. Brown broke it down. Even hinted at some of the same questions I've had. Questions that I dont think most black people think to ask. Issues that could potentially be solved. So is that last clip saying that hes a house Negro? That hes not representative of the black culture. That hes not real?

  • Guns, Gadgets & Guitars

    Well said, sir!

  • Mike of the USS Enterprise

    Senile old man.

  • GettingFuckinBallsy
    GettingFuckinBallsy 9 months ago

    This guy would definitely be a house nigga

  • Arthur  Anderson
    Arthur Anderson 9 months ago

    Jim Brown was correct on 1 thing. If Colin is going to be "the" activist...be it all the way. Don't half step. I think Colin has done just that made that decision to be fully in. The flag was not disrespected because "the knee" NEVER was about the flag. Again...for the zillioneth time "the knee" is about police violence, abuse, misconduct and murder of unarmred black men throughout America. D J Trump changed the narrative and effectively by "tickling" the ears of the racist among America falsely stating that Colin was insulting the flag and veterans. It's worth noting that the VAST number of vets nationwide are on Colin Kap's side and have publicly stated as such TOO MANY NUMEROUS TIMES, I might add that, only again, the racist among us won't/can't admit to. Colin has every right to protest by his 1st amendment rights. Does not matter whether he's on the job. Hell all kinds of ppl protest on their jobs. Ever heard of "picket lines on any given job. And that if one crosses said picket line they put themselves in physical harms way. This happens ON A PERSONS JOB just as Colin has protested on his. Grow a pair ppl quit fighting against Colin and recognize HE IS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF AMERICAN LAW AND LIFE. HE IS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY. All who oppose him are on the wrong side JUST as much as history has shown us conservative minded ppl were against Ali, the Vietnam war, the Civil Rights mivement, Womens Advocacy movement, anti Veterans advocacy movements over the decades(yes they have), Anti-labor unions, anti-teachers(pay increases) and the betterment of education in this society(cuts in education on all levels in all areas THAT'S conservative thinking look/ask your conservative republicans about that one over the past 45 yrs...fact), In general anything that had to do with the betterment of the society in all areas conservatives have hampered 5 1/2 decades. And now tgey've joined forces with tge enemy of America: Russia! Go ask Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Lindsay Graham and the rest how much was invested in their cause by Russia through Trump/Manifort connections since most of you are so silly to believe Trump and his mental ass. Can't see the forest fm the trees can you conservative Trump supporters and you ridiculous "false patriots" out there. Hint: start telling the truth about you personally...about situations and circumstances once real evidence is given. And about your country as TRUE patriots have done over the life of this GREAT COUNTRY. And the conservative Republicans and Conservative Democrats "ain't it!"

  • Oz Osgood
    Oz Osgood 9 months ago

    Nobody else gets to protest on company time. Do that shit on your own time and your own dime.

    CVRIV ALL DAY 9 months ago

    God damn. Why can't we have more people like him? People with brains.

  • Love Dove
    Love Dove 9 months ago

    Thank you Jim Brown!

  • kevin shea
    kevin shea 9 months ago

    Jim Brown cuts Kaepernicks throat? Where did that come from as a description to this little interview? Rediculous like so much rhetoric spoken about this issue.

  • William Hanley
    William Hanley 9 months ago

    Told like a true true man .. well, well said. Ha, he said that right when I said

  • Paul Robinson
    Paul Robinson 9 months ago

    What sacrifices have J.B. made for Blacks??? Absolutely None!!! He's always been working for the man. See through the game.

  • Swallace Wallace
    Swallace Wallace 9 months ago

    Very smart man. Have the absolute most respect for what he just said. God bless you for saying it like it is.

  • John Mangino
    John Mangino 9 months ago

    Mr Brown is a class act

  • J.T.R. 313
    J.T.R. 313 9 months ago

    I can't believe all this kneeling to the flag this is non sense..... me personally I'd piss on the flag myself

  • JazznUup
    JazznUup 9 months ago

    This is a mature man.

  • S.E. Williams
    S.E. Williams 9 months ago

    Jim Brown is a wise man!

  • Nell Norwood
    Nell Norwood 9 months ago

    Love James Brown. Always a man's man.

  • Game of Drones
    Game of Drones 9 months ago

    Fuck Kaepernick. He ain’t shit anyway

  • Leeann Sampson
    Leeann Sampson 9 months ago

    Truth Spoken Like A True American!

  • vanessa Garcia
    vanessa Garcia 9 months ago

    Well said...

  • chris krikorian
    chris krikorian 9 months ago

    Jim Brown the best

  • Big Ox
    Big Ox 9 months ago

    Very wise man and a legend. Well said sir and God bless u