Honest Trailer Commentaries - Get Out

  • Published on Jan 23, 2018
  • The writers of Honest Trailers take a look at the latest movie they wrote about, giving more thoughts plus deleted jokes and more! This week is Get Out!
    Hosted by Spencer Gilbert and Dan Murrell
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Comments • 579

  • ebhappyfeet
    ebhappyfeet 2 days ago

    Duh, guys. The sequel would be "... And Stay Out"

  • Dylan Nickerson
    Dylan Nickerson 16 days ago

    I was watching the remake of The Evil Dead and the scene where the girl gets possessed and pees herself, somebody in the back of the theater yelled out “YOLO!” I thought it was funny but my girlfriend at the time was laugh out loud screaming

  • Loretta
    Loretta 24 days ago

    Whoa. I never knew what Becky with the good hair meant. I dunno what I thought it meant. An insult or whatever or someone named Becky in general but whoa.

  • Nate DS
    Nate DS Month ago

    Get out 2: get back out there

  • Ellarby Films
    Ellarby Films Month ago

    While i was watching The Dark Knight, when it is revealed that Jim Gordon was alive, some guy in the screen shouted out "GORDON'S ALIIIIIVE?!"

  • Nicholi
    Nicholi 3 months ago

    So, I took a film studies class recently and we watched Rear Window. Most of the class had never seen it before and they got really invested and when the murderer came to the apartment, people were visibly apprehensive if he will survive.

  • buffalojoeinchico
    buffalojoeinchico 4 months ago

    "Yeah! F@#& you rayban!!!" yelled by someone in the theater by someone during the matrix when neo kicks/breaks agent Smiths sunglasses! :D

  • Veronica DG
    Veronica DG 4 months ago

    I actually do eat froot loops and milk separately, because they get soggy really quickly otherwise. I'll put some in my mouth and then take a a swig of milk and that way the cereal maintains its structural integrity. I don't do it with any other cereal though.

  • Ellarby Films
    Ellarby Films 4 months ago

    Best thing I've heard screamed at a cinema screen was during Dark Knight, when Gary Oldman was revealed not have been killed, someone shouted "GORDON'S ALIVE" like Brian Blessed in Flash Gordon

  • Rom3s
    Rom3s 5 months ago

    revenge of the sex slaves and shit

  • williestyle35
    williestyle35 5 months ago +1

    My favorite movie theater "yells at the screen" moment goes back to 'Friday After Next'. It was a very hot day and a thunderstorm rolled in while my girlfriend and I were buying tickets at a second run cinema in a black neighborhood. The theater was 75% full and the film broke in the first 20 minutes. Then the power went out for a minute, which reset the airconditioning. Everybody groaned as we started to sweat, and one dude yells out "I'm leaving! Who's with me!?" to deafening silence. *cricket chirp, cricket chip*
    They repaired the broken film strip about 15 minutes later and most everyone stayed till the end.

  • Adam Darmstaedter
    Adam Darmstaedter 5 months ago

    It's like a racist version of The Stepford Wives.

  • Maymuna Kabir
    Maymuna Kabir 5 months ago

    Wasn't Samuel L. Jackson also mad abt Daniel being in Black Panther as well?

  • Maymuna Kabir
    Maymuna Kabir 5 months ago

    Did you guys seriously not get the Fruit Loops scene?
    Fruit Loops are COLORED
    Milk is WHITE
    She doesn't want them to mix.
    Also it's just a throwaway scene to make her look insane

  • Adam Gillespie
    Adam Gillespie 6 months ago

    Warm bodies

  • CJ
    CJ 7 months ago

    I put cereal in my mouth then milk if I don't have a bowl or don't feel like using a bowl and spoon.

  • T Shoemake
    T Shoemake 7 months ago

    I wish Jordan Peele came on honest commentary to react to the trailer

  • Danielle S
    Danielle S 8 months ago +1

    I absolutely lost it at Spencer saying "tossing of the salad" 😂

  • Louis Purves
    Louis Purves 9 months ago

    The sequel for get out should be called and stay out

  • Brent Dreher
    Brent Dreher 10 months ago

    13:08 When Spencer says, "I don't think there's any zombie movies with happy endings", I said, "What about Warm Bodies?"

  • Because I'm a fan
    Because I'm a fan 10 months ago

    17:12 Same, Dan. Same. -_-
    Great HT and HT Commentary, peeps!

  • Alex Kirrmann
    Alex Kirrmann 10 months ago

    Yeah I don't think people realize what this movie is trying to convey. It's pretty much talking about these fake white liberals out there, who pretend to be your ally but are secretly racist af.

  • Derrick Bracy
    Derrick Bracy 10 months ago

    2 Legit to Get Out

  • ShelbyBaby27
    ShelbyBaby27 10 months ago +1

    Dan Murrell saying "Trifling White Lady" may be the highlight of my day....

  • Jesse Barrow
    Jesse Barrow 11 months ago

    get in then get out

  • Dan Curtis
    Dan Curtis 11 months ago

    The girl eats the milk and cereal separately, because the sound of the spoon on the bowl is the same sound that the mother uses for hypnosis - can't have the daughter snapping grandad's body out of it's stupor every time she eats breakfast...

  • Aaron Marks
    Aaron Marks Year ago

    When I saw the premier of Paranormal Activity, during the credits as people were filing out, some guy yelled "I don't give a fuck, I'm gonna go buy a Ouija board right now!"

  • Benjamin Hartson
    Benjamin Hartson Year ago

    Perhaps separating the fruit loops from milk is representative of segregation?

  • CJ
    CJ Year ago

    Scream Honest Trailer!?!

  • AJ Dragon
    AJ Dragon Year ago

    Obviously a generalization, but I thought the origin of the "black guy dies first" in horror movies stereotype was that it was always the unknown actors that were the first to be killed in the horror genre and that originally Hollywood didn't have many big roles for black actors so prominent black stars were rare. As a result, by process of elimination, you knew the sole black guy would die first in old horror movies because every other cast member was an established name that they wouldn't bother paying for if the writers were just going to kill them off and not "fodder" to establish the villain/monster. That's also why it supposedly fell away as a statistic as Hollywood diversified more and it wasn't a given that the least prominent actor(s) would also be the only non-white one.

  • tyler colsen
    tyler colsen Year ago +1

    For the record, Shaun of the Dead has a fairly light and happy ending. Cmon murrell

  • Louie Blecka
    Louie Blecka Year ago

    I think the first time that the "Black people die first in the horror movie" joke came about was in The Shinning. Dick Hallorann was, I believe, one of the first people to die in The Shinning, so the joke sort of took off in pop culture form there. Don't quote me on this though. I heard this in a watchmojo.com video, so my sources aren't exactly credible.

  • Yahya Rajaee
    Yahya Rajaee Year ago

    I think you should count the Honest Game Trailers as a part of Epic Voice Guy’s character too

  • alex purrington
    alex purrington Year ago

    Get in is the prequl. Get out again is the sequel

  • onequartercanadian
    onequartercanadian Year ago +1

    Aww, I love Old Man Dan. #KeepDanPure2k18

  • puzzlepiece
    puzzlepiece Year ago

    Holy cow! This was the very first time ever, out of probably 100 tries, that I clicked on the box at the end of the video to watch a related video and it actually SHOWED THE RELATED, FREAKIN' VIDEO! How did that happen? This probably means something horrible is going to happen to me now. Thanks a lot, whoever made that work right.

  • trc0o0az
    trc0o0az Year ago

    سامجين، ما قدت اكمل هذرتهم سادلي.

  • Michael Elmore
    Michael Elmore Year ago

    I've done the milk and cereal thing, only because we didn't have spoons, or bowls

  • Nerd in the Library

    The best thing I've ever head yelled at a movie screen was when I was twelve and watching Titanic with my friends, and when Kate Winslet was about to take off her robe in the drawing scene my best friend yelled "don't do it Rose, he just wants you for your titties!!"

  • renee patrick
    renee patrick Year ago

    how delightfully akward :)

  • Fernando Peñaherrera

    Get Out: The Prequel Sequel Trilogy

  • Simon Tv
    Simon Tv Year ago

    the best thing I ever heard yelled at a horror movie: during "I know what you did last summer 2" there was a moment where joey Lawrence's character popped his head out of an open grave and someone in the audience yelled "woah!" comedy gold right there.

  • Margi Fisher
    Margi Fisher Year ago

    They already HAVE made a zombie movie with a happy ending.....Warm Bodies.

  • Brenda Heisler
    Brenda Heisler Year ago

    Only commenting because you already said someone would be the "Ah ha!" person, but Warm Bodies is technically a zombie movie

  • Randall Walker
    Randall Walker Year ago

    Sequel: “Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in”

  • ♡venuz_babi♡
    ♡venuz_babi♡ Year ago

    The movie theory came from real life lmao

  • Raphael Stalker
    Raphael Stalker Year ago +1

    Get out sequel: Stay Woke

  • lovelyMissInna
    lovelyMissInna Year ago

    I used to eat my cereal dry with a glass of milk, but then I learned the proper conventions of the world 😜

    • Mae Anne Ngo
      Mae Anne Ngo Year ago

      lovelyMissInna I rarely eat cereal and fresh milk (bec they're relatively pricey in my country and the sweet cereals are pretty much junk food), so I try to enjoy the various textures when I do eat them.
      I usually start with dry cereal and then take sips of the milk. Eventually I mix the two in "batches" since I leave "batches" of cereals still dry to avoid eating super soggy cereal.

  • Redd Dizon
    Redd Dizon Year ago

    the milk and fruitloops thing, she separates the colors from the white

  • Jon Garling
    Jon Garling Year ago

    The best thing I have heard from the audience in a theater was Ep 3: Revenge of the Sith. At the end when Anakin is burned and Palpatine comes over and touches his burned body some very audibly but very slyly in the best voice "Ow, fucker"
    The other best/worst/most memorable theater experience of my life that I will NEVER forget as a late 20's white person with his late 20's white wife from a small town in Iowa - is seeing Django Unchained in Downtown Chicago while on a weekend vacation. Middle of theater. Those first N bombs were reallllll awkward.

  • Tyler McKeever
    Tyler McKeever Year ago

    Get Out sequel, Stay Out

  • Chris Hess, J.D.
    Chris Hess, J.D. Year ago

    Damn, I was so ready to point out Shaun of the Dead as a zombie movie with a happy-ish ending and he snuck it in at the last second

  • Jaren Whitehouse
    Jaren Whitehouse Year ago

    Froot loops = color. Milk = white. She enjoys both. But she literally wants them separately.

  • swopekat
    swopekat Year ago

    I didn't understand how he still trusted Rose after he found the pictures, that would have been it for me.

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson Year ago

    i think this is yet another movie that has screwed over prestigeous franchise films
    this film didn't earn the nomination respectfully,
    that commitee was rude and ignored the fact that blade runner deserved it more
    had the oscar commitee listened then blade runner would be getting as many nominations as it needed
    then it wouldn't have needed the kind of disrespectful shitty mess it got
    but this is why our academy system is crooked
    they don't listen to viewer opinion
    if they had a open and free range voting system where ppl who see these movies would get involved and vote for the movie they want in these oscar ceremonies
    it be like how ppl are given ballots during every election
    which i think that would be more civilized and democratic to say the least
    we need to realize that the oscar voting has to change, so the public is involved
    so they add more spots for nominations, as well as More catagories
    and having this movie, shamelessly take away what another movie was trying to work for, a bunch of nominations
    this is a wake up call to the oscar academy, that their voting system is crooked, and they have to make it open and free range to the public, so that, ppl can make a comment in the vote as to why they think the movie they like deserves the nomination

  • Basic Insight
    Basic Insight Year ago

    Why does Dan want to start eating froot loops separate from milk? Why??

  • Dr. Matthew Hertert

    Coulda done "Bananas Republic." This is seriously the best show you guys have ever done, I laugh out loud constantly - like a smart man's MST2k. Also, dump the mid-vid ads, gah.

  • Al Sorensen
    Al Sorensen Year ago +1

    The reason she eats the cereal and milk seperate.... she prefers to keep the colors and the whites separate. SYMBOLISM!!!

  • Sofia S. Akram
    Sofia S. Akram Year ago

    dgvhvjbhh the real villain in the film was racism i wish we were more vocal about that

  • OfficialFOY
    OfficialFOY Year ago

    No zombie movie has a good ending? Zombieland and Warm Bodies!
    Although those are more heavy on the comedy rather than the horror.