12 Last Minute Free Kicks We See in Football

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
  • 12 Last Minute Free Kicks We See in Football
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  • Lis Den seje
    Lis Den seje 3 days ago

    Where is Sergio Roberto vs psg 90+6

  • Syed Waseeullah
    Syed Waseeullah 4 days ago

    Where is no.6th freekick

    KM FOOTBALL KINGS 6 days ago +1

    toni kross don t take free kick
    and were is schone vs real madrid

  • Roli
    Roli 6 days ago

    82 minutes
    1:0 for Romania
    Balazs Dzsudzsak kickink the free kick
    1:1 Very important goal

  • Marlon Zu Op
    Marlon Zu Op 8 days ago

    David luiz????

  • hako algerois
    hako algerois 10 days ago

    Mahrez ?

  • Francis Haokip
    Francis Haokip 14 days ago +2

    Where is mahrez free-kick goal against Nigeria in the final and in the premier league

    I AM BIJU MD 19 days ago

    Toni Kross 😍😍😍

  • Onn Puthireak
    Onn Puthireak 21 day ago

    no interest

  • Santosh Khade
    Santosh Khade 22 days ago +1

    With commentary it looks awesome...

  • Yomi yomi
    Yomi yomi 22 days ago

    I think the 7th one meant alot to the team

  • Bilal Abdullah
    Bilal Abdullah 23 days ago +1

    Neymars goal was so important for BARÇA

  • Rahim
    Rahim 24 days ago

    where is mahrez goal vs nigeria 90+4

    LAST FOX 29 days ago +1

    Riyad Mahrez?
    Were is it 🤔

  • Mikkel Kjærskov
    Mikkel Kjærskov 29 days ago

    Kroos goal 94

  • Algerian beast
    Algerian beast Month ago +1

    Mahrez ya donkey

  • Grav Gang
    Grav Gang Month ago +2

    The most interesting one of 93 minutes you block off with other videos next time don’t do that

    PLINKY Month ago

    Why the IQ lowering music?

  • Riyaz Baig
    Riyaz Baig Month ago +2

    Most Important goal was David Beckham

    GRRAXX Month ago

    AKA Most Dramatic Goals

  • lauschumann
    lauschumann Month ago


  • Ish playz
    Ish playz Month ago


  • Secret Warrior
    Secret Warrior Month ago

    What about per vs brazil free kick which made peru win. Make a part 2

  • Fredrik M
    Fredrik M Month ago +1

    My man Zlatan 3:16

  • Aaryan Mishra
    Aaryan Mishra Month ago


  • PES 2019 FANS
    PES 2019 FANS Month ago +14

    1:15 it is another game look the ball it is not UEFA correction

  • PES 2019 FANS
    PES 2019 FANS Month ago +2

    Who think d.berkham has became famous with his goal aganist greece

  • FTbay
    FTbay Month ago

    David Beckham’s freekicks😍

  • keen mandizvidza
    keen mandizvidza Month ago +1

    ronaldo best freekick for sure

  • Dylan F2
    Dylan F2 Month ago +1


  • MidgetSpinner
    MidgetSpinner Month ago +5

    The number of your like is who you are
    1. C Ronaldo
    2. Aguero
    3. Harry Kane
    4. Messi
    5. Pele
    6. De gea
    7. Zlatan
    8. Bale
    9. Marcelo
    10. Buffon

    • Soccer Clips
      Soccer Clips Month ago

      Well im the first like I wanted messi

  • Lejla Hukic
    Lejla Hukic Month ago

    Ronaldo messi

  • Kunal Bhardwaj
    Kunal Bhardwaj Month ago +8

    I was watching the Portugal VS Spain match live and when Cristiano hit that freekick, i literally fell off my chair and yelled WTF

  • Karlo Baranović
    Karlo Baranović Month ago


  • I am the one KGF
    I am the one KGF Month ago

    Are u ronaldo fan

  • ross county
    ross county Month ago

    grittiths goals v england?

  • Kylian Mbappe
    Kylian Mbappe Month ago

    Zlatan goal against denmark??

  • Team Bunnies
    Team Bunnies Month ago

    I love football

  • Syaiful Rizki
    Syaiful Rizki Month ago +1

    Dislike for stupid music

  • Domenico Goliuso
    Domenico Goliuso Month ago +1

    Milik in Napoli - Cagliari 1-0 91'

  • Fynn Hochwertig
    Fynn Hochwertig Month ago

    Diaz Hamburg Vs KSC!!

  • Gameplay TV
    Gameplay TV Month ago +1

    mahrez vs Nigeria ?

  • Azure Hero81829
    Azure Hero81829 Month ago

    I liked Messi’s goal against Villarreal

  • Skittles
    Skittles Month ago

    You completely missed last year's Paco Alcacer's winning goal against Augsburg at the very last second of the game, a freekick yards away from goal. That was one of the greatest goals in history of Bundesliga.

  • Woohyun Son
    Woohyun Son Month ago

    Neuer at 4:13😂

  • bruh moerl
    bruh moerl Month ago +1

    First song was so horrible

  • Josh charlette
    Josh charlette Month ago

    Cristiano Ronaldo is the best free kick taker ever

  • Jan Yang Khor
    Jan Yang Khor Month ago

    I still don’t understand the last free kick.. why was there a free kick in the penalty box? Am I dumb?

    • Pitinow
      Pitinow Month ago

      the ref usually gives an indirect free kick if a player pass the ball to the keeper with his feet and the keeper grabbing it with his hands

    • KICK01
      KICK01 Month ago

      Indirect free kick

  • random kid
    random kid Month ago

    4:50 wait.... is that a free kick in the... penalty box????

    • Toni Hajduk
      Toni Hajduk Month ago

      Yeah it was an indirect free kick, it is usually given if the goalkeeper takes the ball into his hands even though his own team mate passed the ball to him. (Accidental bounce of the leg and/or passes with any part of the body that arent legs are not punishable)

  • Aviral Trivedi
    Aviral Trivedi Month ago +4

    Not going to lie....... the kroos free kick was the sweetest of em all💥💥💥

  • fp s
    fp s Month ago +3

    Germany did not take advantage of kroos goal that could have gave them a pass to round of 16

  • Zike Adhi
    Zike Adhi Month ago +4

    Where is van Persie vs City?

  • Adam
    Adam Month ago +8


  • Zaka-B Official
    Zaka-B Official Month ago +14

    Bad video. you missed a lot important last minute freekicks. Mahrez for example. 🏆🇩🇿

    • fp s
      fp s Month ago

      Probably making a part 2

  • Móra Máté
    Móra Máté Month ago

    Hungary: Ferencváros 0-1Paks:94.minute

  • Archy Royale
    Archy Royale Month ago

    Wrzzer brzzer

  • Aziz Dlakic
    Aziz Dlakic Month ago


  • bboldi
    bboldi Month ago

    Where is Szoboszlai Dominik last minute freekick goals?