Metallica: Enter Sandman (Trondheim, Norway - July 13, 2019)

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • Filmed at Granåsen in Trondheim, Norway on July 13, 2019.
    © 2019 Blackened Recordings
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  • Tran Duy
    Tran Duy 11 hours ago

    5:50 so perfect

  • Madmartigan
    Madmartigan 14 hours ago

    Jesus so much grey up on stage.. It will truly be a sad day when they pass.. So many rock legends have passed and sadly there aren't any new ones to replace them.. These are dark days indeed...

  • duban2008
    duban2008 Day ago

    excellent shots

  • williamfswann
    williamfswann Day ago

    Real music Kids!

  • abdul rofi
    abdul rofi Day ago

    I love you

  • G-Shock Jock
    G-Shock Jock Day ago +3


  • Cihan Erginel
    Cihan Erginel Day ago

    1989 2019 yeah enter sandman live @ /m/

  • Gambler RAY
    Gambler RAY 2 days ago


  • Julio Barrón Quiroz

    James look More old in the New videos, the leyends are dying :(

    ERR0R ERR0R 2 days ago

    Thank you, Good Night

  • Asto Hadi
    Asto Hadi 2 days ago

    I love metallica from 🇮🇩

  • jmagbero
    jmagbero 2 days ago +7

    Metallica doesnt get old music does.
    Rock and roll and no cellphones \m/

  • Emagoediv Play
    Emagoediv Play 2 days ago

    Metrônomo cadê vc ? Bpm? 2:26

  • ElLengthwise TV
    ElLengthwise TV 3 days ago +7

    October 2019 who's watching. I'm loving them

  • Raditya Ardhie
    Raditya Ardhie 3 days ago


  • Erick Mendonca
    Erick Mendonca 3 days ago

    Melhor banda possível! Veeem Brasil 2020

  • Ariel Arvy Madrigal.0

    Legends never die😈😈😈

  • Princess Orelika
    Princess Orelika 4 days ago

    Enter sandman with orchestra version San Fransisco its so nice to hear👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Princess Orelika
    Princess Orelika 4 days ago

    My favourite song to fresh my mind

  • ThePlagueDoc
    ThePlagueDoc 4 days ago +4

    I hope that guitar is 18

  • Bontangers
    Bontangers 4 days ago

    Check , Who Listen This Song on October 2019
    Where d u came from 🔥
    Reply this for 🇮🇩🇮🇩
    #MetInTheXvid #MetallicaFamily

  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown 4 days ago +1

    Lars need to drum for Blueface

  • Wawan Darmawan
    Wawan Darmawan 5 days ago

    Tukang drum na bere cai herang..hayangeun nginum..😁😁

  • morisa j
    morisa j 5 days ago

    I'm a diehard Metallica fan, but I hate this "lullaby" song... Anyone with me?

  • Maxi Solano
    Maxi Solano 5 days ago

    La mejor banda de todos los tiempos

  • Tom Marvolo Riddle
    Tom Marvolo Riddle 6 days ago

    If I were the others I’d be pissed about the performance of Lars in this one. The drummer is the heart of a band and if the drummer sucks everything else becomes mediocre at best.

    • Tom Marvolo Riddle
      Tom Marvolo Riddle 3 days ago

      Angelo Zoppi he’s off beat. It’s pretty obvious

    • Angelo Zoppi
      Angelo Zoppi 3 days ago

      Tom Marvolo Riddle how is Lars sucking in this one? I don’t think it’s even possible

  • i,m a horse
    i,m a horse 6 days ago

    I love the band and the song but they kept speeding up and slowing down through the whole thing

    • i,m a horse
      i,m a horse 4 days ago

      @Jan Zajc but Lars gotta play good

    • Jan Zajc
      Jan Zajc 4 days ago

      They gotta follow lars

  • Aziz Raya
    Aziz Raya 7 days ago

    Yes we are alive

  • zen vazquez
    zen vazquez 7 days ago

    El unico que no envejeze es kirk sin ofender nadamas digo .

  • TheBig Yellow
    TheBig Yellow 8 days ago

    I was 17 when I first saw these guys live, obviously they were awesome. I am 45 now, and they are still awesome, unstoppable.

  • Tobias Schelkle
    Tobias Schelkle 8 days ago

    so geil mann !!!!

  • Sachintha Bandaranayake

    Yo...Lars Ulrich is just like Hannibal Lecter in Silence Of The Lambs.....

  • Aham Sandy
    Aham Sandy 9 days ago


  •  9 days ago

    Love this song

  • Amber133 Lee
    Amber133 Lee 10 days ago

    The Reasons why the Following Bands are Hated:
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    Limp Bizkit because of Fred Durst and attempted to mix rap with metal (really, really boring metal), Fred Durst's squeaky "rapping

    Nickelback cause they are just dull. Tired ideas, tired songs, their first two hits were almost identical,The Canadian group relies on tried-and-true soft rock tropes and rarely attempt to play anything innovative, sticking with what will reliably get radio play, Nickelback for being inauthentic, faking their way through uninspired, uncool post-grunge for purely commercial purposes, All their songs sound the same, It's generic. Bland. Cheesy. Overdone.
    KISS because Gene's full of himself and says stupid things, Gene's attitude and stunts give the band a bad image. The man is extremely smart and quick on his feet, but he is very arrogant and it's known that he's only in it for the money, their music is bland and easily forgettable.
    Green Day cause with the Dookie album when they "sold out" and went major label. Punks get cranky about people making money,All their songs sound the same,they’re too political,they lost their punk edge and went too mainstream,They aren’t punk rock,they’re sellouts,infusing their classic punk influences with something a bit more "mainstream" or on the pop side, and the hate train was bound to ensue.
    Creed cause They marketed a genre that came from the underground with the sole purpose of selling the image. They added nothing original to the table and just ripoffed the genre. They're completely over-the-top and their music sounds lifeless, They followed a trend that had been dead for years and ended up writing melodramatic pop music,and Generic Christian Music
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    Emmure cause Them and Attila are the Limp Bizkits of deathcore essentially,they're Boring,unoriginal, entirely too generic, their lyrics are awful, their image is ridiculous and they play the same breakdown 4 times in every song.
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    Brokencyde cause the lyrics are Bad,Uninspired melodies,No live instrumentation,Distorted Vocals,Autotuned vocals,No Tempo

    Slipknot cause They have literally no bass what so ever,They have at least 100 band members too many,They’re not even metal,it’s nu-metal,The masks are just a gimmick,They don’t even have a lead guitar,There’s not guitar solos
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    Journey cause they have lame lyrics, and have generic tunes.
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    Kings of Leon cause All off the sudden they start making the most generic,for radio, stuff possible.

    Tool cause every song sounds too much the same and sounds like they put minimal effort into all their songs
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    So those are the reasons why those bands are Hated.
    And BTW I still love these bands even though they’re hated,change their sounds,Their songs sound the same,or Sellouts ❤️❤️❤️

    • Amber133 Lee
      Amber133 Lee 9 days ago

      the_skeeter how come?

    • the_skeeter
      the_skeeter 9 days ago

      You have to be loved to be hated and I hate this comment.

  • EliSha AbarqueZ
    EliSha AbarqueZ 10 days ago

    2:22 he need some metronome

  • Jean Silva
    Jean Silva 11 days ago

    The pop-metal at its best!!

  • victoria davenport
    victoria davenport 11 days ago

    Damn. He still sounds the same. Wow.

  • Germanic_warlord
    Germanic_warlord 13 days ago

    Homst ever disliked this video isn't human

  • Marko Radisic
    Marko Radisic 13 days ago

    Today’s music is soft still holding mummies hand .

  • Marko Radisic
    Marko Radisic 13 days ago +9

    80’s and 90’s had the best bands ever to exist. Today we have tools like just a fever , who will be never remembered

    • Slyfoot Soldier
      Slyfoot Soldier 11 days ago +1

      Couldn't be farther from the truth. Newer bands like Avenged Sevenfold, BMTH, Trivium etc will someday be considered classic.

  • Hyperbolic Func
    Hyperbolic Func 13 days ago +13

    Get well James! We need you back asap.

    • Hyperbolic Func
      Hyperbolic Func 5 days ago

      @Joel Murray sorry to hear that mate:/ I hope you get better to. First step is getting some help!

    • Joel Murray
      Joel Murray 6 days ago

      I'm an alcoholic too.

    • Frank Mehrer
      Frank Mehrer 9 days ago +1

      @Hyperbolic Func Because hes a alcoholic not saying it in a offensive way but he is hope he gets better,Like to see them in concert

    • Hyperbolic Func
      Hyperbolic Func 10 days ago +1

      @Zakari Dion Quijada Andoy He went to rehab.

    • Zakari Dion Quijada Andoy
      Zakari Dion Quijada Andoy 10 days ago

      What happened to him?

  • Paulo Bruno
    Paulo Bruno 13 days ago

  • im blue
    im blue 13 days ago


  • Jonas 7boss
    Jonas 7boss 14 days ago

    Questions am I listening the best music here ?

  • Mr Friendly
    Mr Friendly 14 days ago +7

    Praying for James. Love you man.

  • Mustang SuperSnake
    Mustang SuperSnake 14 days ago +5

    And of course Lars Ulrich HAS to increase the drums tempo as the song goes to the point of almost messing up the whole piece. Someone give this guy hearing aids so he stays on tempo!

  • Yusuf Ciğer
    Yusuf Ciğer 14 days ago

    Reis çabuk iyileş dön

  • Doge Gamer
    Doge Gamer 14 days ago


  • melisa caballero
    melisa caballero 14 days ago +1

    cuando se ríe me causa orgasmo 😂😂😝

  • Alfredo Reyes
    Alfredo Reyes 15 days ago +2

    Metallica en el País donde nació el
    Black Metal🤘🏻

  • Rifky Kaliwuge
    Rifky Kaliwuge 15 days ago

    🇮🇩 Indonesian wants u back 😩

  • Warren Adshead
    Warren Adshead 15 days ago +2

    Gone back in rehab,get well soon.

  • chegavara67
    chegavara67 15 days ago

    year after year, they are playing worse and worse......

    • The Pres
      The Pres 8 days ago

      @chegavara67 cool, let me have details of your next stadium gig and I'll come see you

    • chegavara67
      chegavara67 11 days ago

      @The Pres 20 years ago i was a great fun ...blah. Solid trash comercial band. Everything ok with me. Never better.

    • The Pres
      The Pres 11 days ago +1

      Year after year they produce fantastic music. sell out stadiums and gain more fans. How's your career going? Thought so!

  • Tre Ga
    Tre Ga 15 days ago

    Metallica old stell amazing.!!!!
    Gn'R old sound creeping!!!

  • Sim Candare
    Sim Candare 15 days ago

    The ICON

  • luke Neylon
    luke Neylon 15 days ago

    Get well soon papa Het

  • Philip Osborne
    Philip Osborne 16 days ago

    Lars is so

  • Ed Scott
    Ed Scott 16 days ago

    These guys really suck. Zero musical talent and the singing is terrible.

  • Frankie Shankly
    Frankie Shankly 16 days ago

    Unfortunately the lead singer has to go to rehab for a while, come back stronger!!