Joe Rogan & Sam Harris on the Liam Neeson Controversy

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
  • Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1241 w/Sam Harris:

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  • Matt Bonneville
    Matt Bonneville 2 days ago

    What Liam admitted to was tribalism and a lust for vengeance. Tribalism aligns along whatever division it finds convenient. In many cases it's along clan all within the same racial, ethnic and religious groups. To overstate the racial aspect of this is to miss the forest for the trees.

  • MEanME
    MEanME 13 days ago

    Impossible my ass!

  • Babidi
    Babidi 22 days ago

    has anyone been forgiven for apologizing for anything that offends the left?

  • Dean Hunt
    Dean Hunt 22 days ago

    when people are you then can be indoctrinated by religion and/or parents et al....and then later realise the indoctrination was wrong.

  • Dean Hunt
    Dean Hunt 22 days ago +1

    can't people make mistakes and then apologise for them...err no, not if you're white!

  • Philip J. Fry
    Philip J. Fry 22 days ago

    And this is why the world hates white people... always trying to justify their racism with flowery words and sentiments.

  • David Witt
    David Witt 23 days ago

    2:50 the reason liberals support the hijab is because it’s they’re religious freedom to wear it, like if a Jewish person wears a Yamaca or if a Christian wears a cross (like I do)

  • Roger Shaw
    Roger Shaw 25 days ago

    Joe "I don't know what racism is" Rogan

  • Roger Shaw
    Roger Shaw 25 days ago

    Stereotypes are wrong especially as it relates to applying the stereotype in any way, especially to individuals. However, are stereotypes completely arbitrary or made up? I mean really, do those people who get up in arms over a stereotype think Asians actually have big dics?🤷‍♂️

  • Vittoria Love
    Vittoria Love Month ago

    Who really knows Liam did't killed that night? Afterall Who care for dead black in America 40 years ago, they Will pass It for suicide.

  • Vittoria Love
    Vittoria Love Month ago

    Just Because he is a good actor everyone is trying to defend him, but we all know how many Black people are kill everyday for crimes they did't do in America without punishment.

  • Vittoria Love
    Vittoria Love Month ago

    from is evil Heart he wanted to kill Because he knew there is no Justice for Black people in America.

  • Vittoria Love
    Vittoria Love Month ago

    Stop justifying, if the raper was White Will he do that, Noooooo.

  • Chad Beezy
    Chad Beezy Month ago

    Had he said he was hunting gays the nation would be up in arms, and being black isn’t even a choice! Crazy how they passed blacks on the acceptance ladder in a fraction of the time. Instrumental violence sounds like BS the thought to go on a hunt wouldn’t have even come to his mind with another race because a “white male” is seen as a “man” (in the sense of a human) in his eyes while blacks aren’t. Blacks are by far the most easily distinguishable race aka the easiest to target. Someone tell me how do you hunt down an Italian man or a Dutch man? How do you easily distinguish on a quick glance between someone from Holland or Poland or Sweden? You’d have to walk up to them and ask them where they were from or eavesdrop on them and pickup an accent at the very minimum. At the same time do I expect whites to abandon him or for his very lucrative career to end because he’s a little evil? Nah this is the real world like 75 percent of people are but I do hope blacks would stop supporting him. Either way he will do a movie with snoop dogg or someone else in a few years and all will be forgiven as solidarity has been bred out of us over a few generations.

  • Peter Mc Conville
    Peter Mc Conville Month ago

    It might be a problem?????

  • Hugh James-Berry
    Hugh James-Berry Month ago

    I think people love being outraged 1) because they need problems they can fix. They cant tackle serious, complex, multifaceted issues. So they attack men for "micro-aggressions" and petition for ridiculous changes that amount to nothing.
    2) The world's easier to live in when things are black and white. 'Trump's just bad, women =good, Hilary should be elected. it was because people hate women.' 'children are being shot in schools=well stop guns being so accessible'

  • derek452
    derek452 Month ago

    He describes racism and says it's not racist. He doesn't understand what racism is. I understand the point he's trying to make but it's a fail.

    WILLIAM PRICE 2 months ago

    People arent as religious as they once were. But they have a new pastime. Finger pointing and outrage. In other words, religion.

  • Déaglán
    Déaglán 2 months ago

    Who thinks Neeson was paid to tell this story, for the purpose of building an anti-white narrative?

  • sam fisher
    sam fisher 2 months ago

    When he realized that it was black man he went to a black man area and looking for a fight and thinking that black person have that kind of personality but the real reason why he did that because of his friend who was raped, but what if a man was a different race, I think he would have done the same thing, it is not being a racist it was an anger he felt, and remember he admit that it was wrong not because he wanted to fight that person but because he is referring to all black

  • Virmana
    Virmana 3 months ago

    They don't want the guy to apologize, they're not gonna let him. They're not gonna let him back down or come to a reconciliation, that wouldn't serve their cause. They only care about exploiting the situation, even if it tears this man down. That's how hellbent they are on forcing everybody unto another reality, that involves if anything a return of segregation and demonization of white people. A part of it probably involves revenge on white people, this is how sad these low-lives are. And most of them probably aren't even conscious of what they're doing.

    DOUG BROWN 3 months ago

    STOP WITH THE PC CULTURE ALREADY!!!!! TRUTH IS TRUTH. Come out of the world all you who are lost and blind. May you find God and The Holy Spirit will Open Your Eyes To See The World As It Truly Is

    • Kidy Fiddler
      Kidy Fiddler 3 months ago

      What are u on about u weird cunt😂

  • Jamie
    Jamie 3 months ago

    I suppose saying that you want to 'beat up some black bastard' is not racist. And, sure, scapegoating a random 'black bastard' because the perpetrator was black isn't racist. And going out with a cosh to beat up or kill any black bastard that looks at your wrongly isn't racist. Or is it? Is that not ffffucking racist? I know it's honest. But it's fucking racist too! Right? Riiiiight?? Or is it that I just don't understand racism? Or I don't know how to forgive? Or I'm a leftie? No, I can forgive. I'm not really a leftie. But I know what I hear. And I was also around at that time. And I wouldn't do that or say that. Okay my girlfriend wasn't raped, but I seriously do not think I would turn into a racist pig because of it. If I did, I would probably never admit that to a person who might be recording.

  • Gaskinmoo79
    Gaskinmoo79 3 months ago

    Typical British person here. Never heard of the term "Cosh" in relation to a metal pole.... We also call them "metal poles"

  • Edwin Kanani
    Edwin Kanani 3 months ago

    How did black people go from being killed for looking at white women to now raping white women.
    This accusations don't add up

  • Edwin Kanani
    Edwin Kanani 3 months ago

    Or his lady friend lied about being raped by a black guy. That was the norm back in those days. Blame the black guy.
    The lady friend should come forward and say what actually happened.

  • george cummings
    george cummings 4 months ago

    Liam Neeson made it up, he's a LIBTARD with a jesus complex, sacrificing himself to call out other white men in order to save the world...wake up, he's just a white Jussie Smollett...

  • Mark Daniel
    Mark Daniel 4 months ago

    What was rascist about it was that he associated a black person with black people. That's our fundamental issue, and it's obviously not limited to one single group - associating one white person with all white people is equally as presumptuous.

  • Cluster Buster
    Cluster Buster 4 months ago

    The mainstream media reaction to the Neeson "confession" is why there are few serious open and honest conversations between different races which plays into the liberal narrative

  • Hiphopanonymous
    Hiphopanonymous 4 months ago

    Joe "recreational tribalism" Rogan.

  • Hiphopanonymous
    Hiphopanonymous 4 months ago

    I support Liam Neeson, but at this point you really need to trust your publicist when they say "well, honesty is great but people are mentally retarded and won't hear more than 10 words of what you said; they will only associate your name with the word RAPE and RACE, which doesn't bode well for you."

  • charlielondon72
    charlielondon72 4 months ago


  • AtheistZ
    AtheistZ 4 months ago +1

    But what happened to the Rapist??

  • Nathan Joseph
    Nathan Joseph 4 months ago

    How is it racist? He committed a crime and should be punished, nothing to do with race. Why are some people so retarded?

  • Flexxkii
    Flexxkii 4 months ago

    Everyone having problem with Liam. I will find you and I will kill you.

  • Howard Luken
    Howard Luken 4 months ago

    Enough with the touchy feely suppression of opinion and free speech. It will never stop until all the lefties find themselves rounded up and slaughtered by the very people they bring to power. Socialism, communism, liberalism [not the Thomas Jefferson liberalism] all cloaked in the actual fascist dogma that it is will destroy everyone who pushes this nonsense along with their targets like Neeson.

  • Ricky Rick
    Ricky Rick 4 months ago

    You jail people for punishment and to protect society. Freedom comes with responsibility. My right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness should not affect someone else’s right to the same.

  • Reyes Lerma
    Reyes Lerma 4 months ago +1

    Liam Neeson is brave for admitting this, although his behavior was extremely distasteful, he came out and spoke about it, he deserves to be listened to

  • Mark Janson
    Mark Janson 4 months ago +1

    The sick Main Stream Media is only interested in making $$$$$$ - destroying innocent and good people is just part of that equation.

  • Red Manchester
    Red Manchester 4 months ago

    Sam Harris is a fucking hero

  • 10ft5x
    10ft5x 4 months ago

    The response twisted it into racism,had he said he wanted to kill any Norwegian,or any other white based nationality, nothing would've been made of it

  • bitcoin miners
    bitcoin miners 4 months ago

    Moon does not exist globtards

  • James Boss
    James Boss 4 months ago

    Whole story was fake anyway

  • SkinieE Imtheman
    SkinieE Imtheman 4 months ago

    Smh.. but nobody will or any black person will talk about them hunting or wanting to kill amother black guy just bcoz they want to.. not even when they kill a random person in a drive by...

  • Roxanna Gonzalez
    Roxanna Gonzalez 4 months ago +1

    Liam well done. Society is getting to a point that is wrong!!!!!!!!! where are the people who are pointing Liam? I see only support. The critics are from the TV , Hollywood's rubbish

  • Mikael Stromberg
    Mikael Stromberg 4 months ago

    Sweden support you, Neeson!!! If it's exist any racism in this World, than only towards white indigenous who was so naive and opened borders för muslimsk refugees.

  • Donald Washington
    Donald Washington 4 months ago

    I don't agree with Sam Harris with all that bullshit he's talking about honesty and all that kind of crap because if this guy is going to say you know I I can understand you say you going looking for the person that did it but when you say you want to kill somebody specifically want blacks or black people or just targets for everything these damn days tell he's full of shit and you let him get away with a joe

  • Blake839
    Blake839 4 months ago +15

    I was mugged by 3 black guys years ago. Before that, I was told we should not judge people based on stereotypes. I tried to live my life that way.
    After the incident I grew extremely angry & was highly skeptical anytime I passed a black person when not a lot of other people were around. I also caught a black lady trying to steal my laptop off of my table when I returned from getting more coffee at a restaurant. I thought nothing of her before that UNTIL I saw what she was doing.
    The leading cause of the death of a black man is being killed by another black man. I know facts may make you uncomfortable, but come on! I'm done with your PC culture. Stop ignoring statistics to make yourself feel better, & paint others out to be racist in the process.
    I'm sorry, but stereotypes are there as a result of the reality. Blacks are roughly 13% of our population, yet commit more than 50% of all crime. Yet I'm somehow the racist for pointing out statistics, & after being upset after being violently attacked.
    Of course not all blacks are criminals. But the statistics are not in their favor to paint a nice, pretty picture. Lower the stats, then we can talk about being concerned about stereotypes.
    Call me racist all you like, but If what I shared offends you, then you are truly out of touch with not only the reality of statistics, but actual personal experience that match up perfectly together.
    Stop & frisk stopped a ton of crime from being executed. No denying that.
    If I'm racist for pointing out statistics, then stop committing crimes reinforcing statistics. No apology here.

    • LaGuan Hayes
      LaGuan Hayes 5 days ago

      As a black male I agree with your sentiments while also realizing poverty and lack of economic viability may contribute to such alarming statistics. Of course such studies have been done with no agreement among them. Some seem to support this theory, others do not. There is a theory that black people are more inured to violence as a result of ________? (No credible research exists to back up this statement which seems to emanate from a particular political ideology.) A study of "stop and frisk" in New York found upwards of 85-90% of stops were of no consequence. There also seems to be no direct correlation between the drop in crime overall and stop and frisk. As well, black and Hispanics are convicted and sentenced at far higher rates and for longer terms compared to whites committing similar crimes. Who knows why?
      Now, here's the weird thing: As a black male I've been a crime victim at the hands of white people more than any other race. But what are you going to do when there aren't any black people around to help out?

    • MEanME
      MEanME 13 days ago

      stereotypes are statistically reality.

    • bordaz1
      bordaz1 3 months ago +2

      @Ratan Raj Shekar no, he is a man who still has his guard up. He has suspicions about the intentions of afro people that he doesn't know. And you know what? As ugly and unfortunate as that is, it's natural given his experience. None of us should be afraid to say that. I've heard the testimony of many afro people about how they were singled out and picked on for their dark skin on a daily basis, and their subsequent suspicion of white culture is a completely natural reaction too. Liam Neeson tried to say that a difficult event in his life taught him to back away from revenge and violence, and was honest about its ugliness. I wish that our reaction to Liam and Blake's honesty was universal understanding; maybe then we can actually learn something about being at peace with ourselves and the people around us.

    • luqman turakı
      luqman turakı 3 months ago +1

      liar u made all this up u are more likely to get killed by a lunatic white man loser check the news mass shootings every month from whites

    • Ratan Raj Shekar
      Ratan Raj Shekar 4 months ago +1

      You are an intellectual.

  • Downloader77
    Downloader77 4 months ago

    After listening to Sam Harris, Joe Rogan at 6:29 is just perfect!

  • Anjalena
    Anjalena 4 months ago

    I have openly stated, and will again, to the part of my young past where I started pouring over who I was and who I wanted to be and realized that due to the people I had been surrounded with since childhood and the person I married (and his friends and family) that I had been poisoned with it as well, even though I never ever wanted to be. But I refuse to run from the truth. Honesty is everything to me. I faced up to the fact of my racism and I fought back against it and defeated it.
    But these guys are right! We have to stop being triggered by everything. It is VITAL to fight for injustices. But we got way too far. Like he talked about a couple of juxtapositions of far leftists. I'M a far leftist. But I don't hold those contradictions. I am for women's rights. And I do not support the hijab. HOWEVER, I will fight for their right to wear it if that's what they want to do (the women). I will not tromp all over their learning process and who they have decided to be. Black people have embraced the "n word" which was, and is, a very negative slur used against them for centuries. But they reclaimed that word for themselves, reforged it, and it is theirs. We women are reclaiming the word "bitch" and using it in positive ways for ourselves.
    If muslim, or ex-muslim, women decide to keep the hijab and claim it for themselves, to reforge the meaning of it or to remember where they came from, I'm 100% in support of that. If they are still transitioning to a place where they don't need or want it anymore, I'm with them. Whatever they choose, I will choose to accept them. But everyone has to be able to make their own choices and then live with the failures and consequences or the successes and joys of them. They must be allowed to fight to keep their own power, to admit their poor choices and be able to atone, so that they can move on and become greater people! They can't do that if they're lambs for the slaughter every time they want to admit to their wrongs. I am a far leftist and I want people to be able to admit their wrongs and try to atone. I'd rather have those kinds of people than those who won't change or try to make themselves better.
    This ship has gone far off the set upon safe path. We are triggered over everything. Offended about everything. Outraged over everything. But we need to understand where our own problems lie and others' begin. Stand-up is becoming an endangered art because of this crap! They are just learning about stand-up in the middle east and it's changing them for the better as it did here! But we in America are now silencing our comedians because they say things we don't want to hear. Are we that childish and thin-skinned? Do we need to be coddled again like we're children? We need to move again in a direction that we are uncomfortable with. We need to expose ourselves to elements we are unused to.

    Stand-up comics know that in that land of discomfort is where we learn who we are and figure out who we shouldn't be. Comedy helps drive societies to change some of their unwanted and unsavory behaviors. Think of shows like All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Sanford and Son, Good Times, and even The Cosby Show. We learned more compassion toward people of color in our country because of what we learned about right, wrong, and human decency in those programs. Shows like Will and Grace and many others helped to teach us that those gay and trans people weren't as different and scary as we thought. And these shows were forged in times where those ideas were unpopular and misunderstood. Those shows made people uncomfortable... but they helped change our society for the better.

    (If you made it all the way to the bottom, here's your gold medal! Great job! *laugh*)

  • Schnieder6
    Schnieder6 4 months ago

    Logic of the SJWs targeting Liam Neeson: "He admitted that what he did and how he felt in the past was wrong. And he did it anyway. RASCIST!!!"

  • Ur Da
    Ur Da 4 months ago

    People have no idea about the society Liam grew up in during the Troubles

  • Ekan Akpan
    Ekan Akpan 4 months ago

    Like Barkley said Jussie should have just looked for Liam

  • Alex Lambden
    Alex Lambden 4 months ago

    One detail Sam missed was - Neeson denies it was racially motivated. He was only horrified regarding the revenge aspect. So he hasn't really even acknowledged it was racist, which would be something

    STEPHEN WILLIAMSON 4 months ago

    White people and their excuses smh

  • D Licious
    D Licious 4 months ago

    Some folks don't know what racism is and they don't know who is a racist. Well done Liam.

  • daryl ralph
    daryl ralph 4 months ago

    Lesson: Be careful y' media can run your reputation!

  • Fausto Faria
    Fausto Faria 4 months ago

    Murders are victims, abortion is a right, christians are evil and wanna hurt gay people, islam are friends, people who grew up are bad, SJWs are the real homo superior. Jezz!!
    Sam is totallt right: he was not trying to kill a black man after a rape, he was trying to kill "quality described by friend" man after a rape. People should read Magic the Gathering rules for Protection ability. Hahaha

  • Rich Bailey
    Rich Bailey 4 months ago

    Did anyone pay attention to what he said. He did not TARGET a random black person. He said he patrolled black areas in hopes of being approached by a someone to retaliate. Does any of these shows, news or anyone actually do research. WTF?
    actual quotes
    "I've gone up and down areas with a cosh hoping I'd be approached by somebody.
    I'm ashamed to say that. And I did it for maybe a week, hoping some black b*****d would come out of a pub and have a go at me about something, y'know?
    So that I could... kill him.
    It took me a week, maybe a week and a half, to go through that."

  • Dawna Bell
    Dawna Bell 4 months ago

    I'm pissed about what happened to my ancestors. I have a right to go around neighborhoods that raped, abused and murdered my PEOPLE, looking for vengeance.

  • Cfc ratz
    Cfc ratz 4 months ago

    Thank you joe

  • john 1234
    john 1234 4 months ago

    Iiam had a damn movie to promote and get a buzz for, period!

  • Don Vittorio Sierra
    Don Vittorio Sierra 4 months ago

    people being outraged for such little things is a sign that the world these days has too much estrogen lol

  • Michelle Marie
    Michelle Marie 4 months ago +2

    I rarely announce my race but it’s relevant. Liam’s honesty is amazing and should be embraced. He answered honestly and I believe for the purpose of demonstrating that even a man of character such as Liam can have bad judgement in his youth and self correct. I do not understand how anyone could take his courageous honesty in an era of madness as anything but an intent to move beyond PC into honesty. The biggest mistake he made was to believe that the intellectual maturity among the masses in America could not be overshadowed by the raucous voices of the PC left any time the word black is connected to a human being.
    His motive was revenge, not hate which makes it not racist. He was enraged that someone he cared for was assaulted, at the time he did not choose for them to be black. They just happened to be black...
    Enough already, Liam Nissan is not racist people. Dagnabit 👍🏽

  • John Mitchell
    John Mitchell 4 months ago

    He or she who has NOT sinned may cast the first stone. If that was taken literally that means NO BODY can criticize him. NO BODY!!!

  • picknwiggle
    picknwiggle 4 months ago

    I don't think Neeson should be vilified for admitting this, and I applaud his courage. But this Sam Harris guy is full of shit.

  • Dimitar Donev
    Dimitar Donev 4 months ago

    Everyone who’s loved ones suffered in the hands of some perceived to be from the “other” group and tells you they didn’t feel the way Liam felt is simply lying. You cannot deny millions of years of evolutionary acquired defence mechanisms. The real question is did you manage to override those instinct through a rational thought which is precisely what Liam managed to do eventually and be honest enough to share his story.

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith 4 months ago

    The problem with today's society is absolutism. Plain and simple. It infects all discourse negatively. To the dimwits that would suggest we are moving into a matriarchal society, you are ignorant toads in dire need of a dictionary.

  • Eastwood Westwood
    Eastwood Westwood 4 months ago

    Liam Neeson is a real nigga motherfucker for saying what he said !! You can’t be more real than that! Hats off to Liam!!

  • mattbarnard1
    mattbarnard1 4 months ago

    "Trigger happy in our outrage"