Evolution of Ryu's Hadouken (1987-2018)

  • Published on Oct 21, 2018
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  • Mr.Ganzö xd
    Mr.Ganzö xd Day ago +1

    3:35 wtf xd

  • Mezidon
    Mezidon 13 days ago +1


  • Fatih Gökçayoğlu
    Fatih Gökçayoğlu 28 days ago

    Street Fighter Alpha my favorite

  • Zero-two
    Zero-two Month ago

    yellow hadouken

  • Duc Nguyen 19323
    Duc Nguyen 19323 Month ago +1

    2:14 behind what the hell is this

  • Parker Sandahl
    Parker Sandahl Month ago +1

    The apocalypse and invasion of hadouken users

  • Lupo
    Lupo Month ago +1

    Oh gosh.. quit the video please, people now will spam every single time :D

  • Ray J The King of Basketball

    Street Fighter II, III, IV and X Tekken were my favorites

  • Rodrigo Bulhões
    Rodrigo Bulhões 2 months ago

    A melhor parte é quando ele fala Hadouken.

  • Spider-Man Noir
    Spider-Man Noir 2 months ago +5

    Then: Hadouken~
    Now: HADOUKEN!

  • Lanas
    Lanas 3 months ago


  • Conspiracy Lee'est
    Conspiracy Lee'est 3 months ago +1

    Our generation now;HADOUKEN!
    1st Generation of Street Fighter;HAVAVA
    2nd:Generation Hadoukid!
    4:(someone figures out) HADOKEN!

  • Sswwaaggyy Zadar
    Sswwaaggyy Zadar 4 months ago

    Street fighter II hadouken sound effect is better

  • Читай Ниже
    Читай Ниже 4 months ago

    Haduken pidaras!

  • cloud chaser
    cloud chaser 4 months ago

    Xmen vs streetfighter is the ultimate example of the hadouken.

  • Jorge Rivera
    Jorge Rivera 4 months ago

    Ryu say Harry Potter on street figther?! 😂😂😂

  • Johnmarty :P
    Johnmarty :P 4 months ago +2

    When it’s comes to different version of street fighter characters all ryu is the best because he is my favorite one ☝️

  • ulysseslopezz
    ulysseslopezz 4 months ago

    Alpha version is the bes to me

  • druid factory
    druid factory 5 months ago


  • Spooder Man
    Spooder Man 5 months ago

    if you hear it enough it sounds like

    a dull king

  • Jacob Brimmer
    Jacob Brimmer 5 months ago

    1 pint of hadouken for every hadouken

  • Last Minute Heroics
    Last Minute Heroics 5 months ago +1

    My favorite "Hadouken" is the intro to SF II The New Challengers and seeing Akuma for the first time.

  • andonio vingenzi
    andonio vingenzi 6 months ago

    Years passed,same gameplay.....poor player

  • Jeffte Emmanuel
    Jeffte Emmanuel 6 months ago +1

    Evolution of chun li'hikoken (1991-2017)

  • Kinkajøu
    Kinkajøu 6 months ago


  • حسام حسام
    حسام حسام 7 months ago +1

    how many time do you hear *hadoken*

  • Korners
    Korners 7 months ago

    2019 Hadouken : Shazam Scene

  • Hallo? Hallo?
    Hallo? Hallo? 7 months ago +34

    One shot of vodka for every hadouken

    Jk don't do that😅

  • ThatGuy Is Cool
    ThatGuy Is Cool 7 months ago +1

    Hadouken spammer, smh

  • sharknado blood
    sharknado blood 8 months ago +2

    Who else is here because of shazam!

  • The Space Tomato!
    The Space Tomato! 8 months ago

    *A D U K E N*

  • Ben Crossley
    Ben Crossley 8 months ago +1

    I've left the door open!

  • menna masih
    menna masih 8 months ago

    Sometimes it was like he did kamehameha lol

  • Freya 8832
    Freya 8832 8 months ago +6

    More like 10 minutes of Ryu saying Hadouken

  • Raul Rodriguez
    Raul Rodriguez 9 months ago

    MVC 3 is my favorite Ryu.

  • R6-D2
    R6-D2 10 months ago


  • Dağne
    Dağne 11 months ago

    Best street fighter II

  • jogos raiz ph
    jogos raiz ph 11 months ago +1

    Evolution of ken's shoryuken (1987-2016)

  • Jackson Bawden
    Jackson Bawden 11 months ago

    The interest game haduken haduken haduken haduken haduken haduken haduken

  • Shattered Ardilla
    Shattered Ardilla 11 months ago

    Me to my uncle as a kid, *crying* "your are so annoying STOP SPAMMING"

  • Mohammad Abuelhawa
    Mohammad Abuelhawa 11 months ago


  • Jose M Villa Gomez
    Jose M Villa Gomez 11 months ago +2

    I forget wat this move is called always forget

  • Amuro Ray
    Amuro Ray Year ago +2

    do bison's psycho crusher.

  • Iany Lacerda
    Iany Lacerda Year ago

    5hit? I thought it was Shit

  • Luan
    Luan Year ago

    Pd: Hadouken!

  • Luan
    Luan Year ago

    Estaría bueno la evolución de shoryuken o tatsuma ki sempukya ku

  • Pooper em Xamass
    Pooper em Xamass Year ago +39

    Wait, there is a game about a movie about a game?


  • B.O.P.E_MITO
    B.O.P.E_MITO Year ago +1

    Evolution of ken's shoryuken (1987-2018)

  • Krymani The Glaze King Rivers

    Can you do a tatsumaki senpuyaka

  • Aracnid Prime
    Aracnid Prime Year ago +7

    What’s the name of this move?

  • snk games
    snk games Year ago

    Millia rage evolution pls

  • matheus alvesde
    matheus alvesde Year ago

    Eu fiquei ouvindo faz o hugen

  • GGaming 360
    GGaming 360 Year ago +2

    So OP

  • 西谷聡志!Beat That!


  • Ryan Brown
    Ryan Brown Year ago +26

    Stellar...but for Ryu, you missed:
    Denjin Hadoken (SF III)
    Fake Hadoken (SSF II: Turbo HD)
    Ren Hadoken, Baku Hadoken (Ultimate MvC 3)
    Sen Hadoken (MvC: Infinite)
    For Evil Ryu, you missed:
    Shinku Hadoken (Alpha series, CvS 1 & 2)
    Metsu Hadoken (CvS 2)
    Sorry to nitpick, but Ryu is my favorite character, and I couldn't help but notice.

  • Kevin Luna
    Kevin Luna Year ago

    When I heard Ryu say, "Ha Bullshit!", instead of, "Haduken!"

    WaRLoKWYATT Year ago

    Well... This was fucking annoying. Lol

  • Krazy Tarkatan
    Krazy Tarkatan Year ago +1

    Do Morrigan soulfist

  • BainesMkII
    BainesMkII Year ago +1

    Not sure why so many were done point-blank, you can't really see the projectile in those situations. (I think all the Tatsunoko vs Capcom shots were point-blank?) No Capcom Fighting All-Stars? Yes, the game was cancelled, but Ryu is shown performing a one-handed hadouken at one point in the trailer video. No Street Fighter x Mega Man? Yes, it started as a fan game, but it was promoted and distributed by Capcom. No Namco x Capcom? No Asura's Wrath? While I believe the first part of the Ryu DLC was taken straight from Street Fighter 4, the second half (against Evil Ryu) at least puts it into a 3D battle instead of 2D.