$1 Street Food Around The World


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  • Suga's Spritae
    Suga's Spritae 21 minute ago

    Souvlakia In Greece

  • Kab Khan
    Kab Khan 24 minutes ago


  • Tejashree Likhar
    Tejashree Likhar Hour ago


  • Uchizaki Duude
    Uchizaki Duude Hour ago

    Taiyaki is the best

  • MotGameStudio
    MotGameStudio Hour ago

    In Sweden you get 1 meter of toilet paper for that price.

  • BurnerOfficial
    BurnerOfficial Hour ago +1

    Indonesia Please!

  • MINE Girl 3
    MINE Girl 3 Hour ago

    Philiphines please!

  • Bizzaro
    Bizzaro Hour ago

    Street food from Romania, Germany, France, Italy.

  • Dave Xander Villapaz

    Philippines 🇵🇭 Kwek kwek,Adidas and Iud

  • chshahmeersohail sohail

    come to pakistan and try
    ras malai from any milk shop
    its very tasty and only 100 rupees pakistany currency is also rupees
    try it you will love it

  • Giorgos Karaz
    Giorgos Karaz 2 hours ago

    Το ινδικό η μεγαλύτερη αηδία

  • Stella Lau
    Stella Lau 2 hours ago

    Korean stree food!!!

  • Dino Katsaurus
    Dino Katsaurus 2 hours ago

    1 euro isnt one dollar...its 2.25

  • Rafli Tri hanafi
    Rafli Tri hanafi 2 hours ago +1

    Maybe in indonesia

  • Trip to youtube
    Trip to youtube 2 hours ago

    In Nepal you can get many thi g with 1$ which is 100 rupee
    Come visit

  • WereWolf Teev
    WereWolf Teev 3 hours ago

    Austrailis please

  • yokuhara Lovers
    yokuhara Lovers 3 hours ago

    Philippines food Filipino food next please

  • Doge
    Doge 3 hours ago

    U missed 1 thing and im mad...

    Ice creAm

  • EZnik Tv
    EZnik Tv 3 hours ago +1

    Owww now i know that mexico uses peso too
    Im a filipino☺

  • yokuhara Lovers
    yokuhara Lovers 3 hours ago


  • Ediz kipri
    Ediz kipri 3 hours ago

    Simit nerde lan!!!!!!!!

  • Alex manu manu
    Alex manu manu 4 hours ago

    Are no porra îs churoo

  • Martin Ottosson
    Martin Ottosson 4 hours ago +1

    In sweden that fried dough costs 8 Euro

    SPOONN 4 hours ago

    indians food looks intresting

  • carlos adrián gonzález guzmán

    With so many different street foods in the CDMX that guy decides to shoy one of the chilangos vilest sins(?)

  • That Alexander
    That Alexander 4 hours ago

    The Japanese one look so good!!
    Well I have been in Japan for 1 month ;w; not much of time but ok :3

  • Paúl Muñoz
    Paúl Muñoz 5 hours ago

    So I don’t know when this video was actually filmed but the exchange rate in Mexico for a dollar hasn’t been like that (1 USD = 12 MXN) for about 5 years, for the last 3 years at least its been around 18+ MXN...

  • Nor Azmah Mahad
    Nor Azmah Mahad 5 hours ago


    ATHAR RAFSY 5 hours ago


  • Analiza Elec
    Analiza Elec 6 hours ago

    Please try Filipino street food

  • Google Id
    Google Id 6 hours ago

    Can I do Cambodia

  • yoshua enrique hernandez

    ¡¡¡Ahuevo si le pusieron guajolota!!!

  • Initial
    Initial 6 hours ago

    I thought the porro was a churro.

  • Jeremi 1300
    Jeremi 1300 7 hours ago


  • Daniel de Andrade
    Daniel de Andrade 7 hours ago

    “Porra” in my country literally means sperm... I don’t think I would be mature enough to not laugh in the face of the lady that was selling those lol

  • Rizq Miqael
    Rizq Miqael 7 hours ago

    Malaysia street food plz

  • Senaivi Mlo
    Senaivi Mlo 7 hours ago

    You should do Vietnam because Vietnam has the most delicious and cheapest street food! Of course, $1 only!

    CR SPARKERS 7 hours ago

    We can get pav bhaji at Rs 50

  • UssGo
    UssGo 7 hours ago

    Here in the netherlands you can't buy anything for 1 euro 😂

  • *-Yunaa-*
    *-Yunaa-* 7 hours ago

    This proves that street foods taste 10000000000x better then a 5 star restaurant

  • SHiFT Plays
    SHiFT Plays 7 hours ago

    e no Brasil, não compra nada com 1 REAL...

  • Wood Gabriel
    Wood Gabriel 7 hours ago

    UK and German food pls and Hong Kong food pls

  • FireSky152 Chandler
    FireSky152 Chandler 7 hours ago

    Mubai x zelda

  • winstom guttierrez flores

    You need to taste the quesillo from nicaragua

  • KylCar TheCoconut
    KylCar TheCoconut 7 hours ago

    On video:mmm! Yummy
    Off camera: you really owe me, that tasted like poo

  • D3lta05
    D3lta05 7 hours ago

    In Brunei, you can buy a 'nasi katok' which is rice,sauce and chicken for $1

  • T. Thomas
    T. Thomas 7 hours ago

    Do Venezuela

  • Uganda Knucles
    Uganda Knucles 7 hours ago

    Aqui no Brasil com um dólar nós compramos um carro e um seguro de vida

  • SimpleGamingF2P
    SimpleGamingF2P 8 hours ago

    You can get chicken with rice and soup in malaysia.

  • Moses Jade Bustillo
    Moses Jade Bustillo 8 hours ago

    4:05 Wtf he washed his hand in there and used the water

  • tahlia haines07
    tahlia haines07 8 hours ago


  • Julio Cuenco
    Julio Cuenco 8 hours ago

    Nada mejor que una Guajolota mañanera

  • Kevin Shu
    Kevin Shu 8 hours ago

    Her voice is beautiful

  • xZenxPH Gaming
    xZenxPH Gaming 8 hours ago

    I'm PHILLIPINES you can buy any streets food you want😀.

  • Steve Davis
    Steve Davis 8 hours ago

    Annnnnd in australia, nothing will buy you $1

  • Lipid Lasagna
    Lipid Lasagna 8 hours ago

    For 1 dollar in Brunei you can get a basic version of Nasi Lemak called Nasi Katok, minus the coconut rice (it’s normal rice instead), anchovies and peanuts.

  • tona tiuh
    tona tiuh 8 hours ago

    In México those aren't 12 pesos it's more than that it looks like 16 pesos or more

  • Solitude G
    Solitude G 8 hours ago

    in indonesia, you'll get a dish of nasi padang..

  • Michelle Castillo
    Michelle Castillo 8 hours ago

    Do the Philippines and Korea next,im half Korean half Filipino

  • Razif Asyrofi
    Razif Asyrofi 9 hours ago

    Indian food is so battery

  • Pandozy Panda
    Pandozy Panda 9 hours ago

    Dubai I didn’t eat from Dubai do yah please

  • Dasani There's a knee
    Dasani There's a knee 9 hours ago

    try malaysian food

  • joeman
    joeman 9 hours ago

    Anyone else bugged how the Indian just used bare hands on the bread

  • Pearl Lilly
    Pearl Lilly 9 hours ago

    Mm... I'm so hungry now.

  • reza maulana
    reza maulana 9 hours ago

    In indonesia 1 USD you could get a big size doner kebab. Thank you mr.President

  • Chaiyaphan
    Chaiyaphan 9 hours ago

    In American
    What can I buy with a dollar
    A hot dog
    In India
    What can I get with 100 rupee
    A meal with bread

  • Last Outsider
    Last Outsider 9 hours ago

    No tax?

  • Silvie Oktavia
    Silvie Oktavia 9 hours ago

    Indonesia Street Food please!

  • Yar Zaroo
    Yar Zaroo 9 hours ago

    3:27 omg these are so good I tried this u can even buy then in Pennsylvania

  • alex sergiy
    alex sergiy 9 hours ago


  • The CallengerHD
    The CallengerHD 9 hours ago


  • Say Koala
    Say Koala 9 hours ago

    the girl in spain is not even from there wtf

  • Too Expensive to be Namjoon’s girl

    Ya girls flying to India now😜

  • LaNoir
    LaNoir 10 hours ago

    4:00 "So...I take all those ingredients, one by one, and form a pretty meal *AND THEN I STOMP IT TO DEATH!!!!!"*

  • Ahmad Abdelwahed
    Ahmad Abdelwahed 10 hours ago

    Go to Egypt with $1 can have lunch and feast

  • ˆˆ TAkEUrHeaRT
    ˆˆ TAkEUrHeaRT 10 hours ago

    north korea =)))

  • Class tilton
    Class tilton 10 hours ago

    Lol i love international food but something about someone grabbing your food with out gloves on would be a major turn off haha
    Food still looked delicious

  • Dream Hunter
    Dream Hunter 10 hours ago

    Baleadas from Honduras, i could do the video ,tu price vary but is often 0.60 of a dollar

  • tdagarim10
    tdagarim10 10 hours ago

    The ending though 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lord Xtreme
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  • Keilani HonorioCarpio
    Keilani HonorioCarpio 11 hours ago


  • San Coca
    San Coca 11 hours ago

    the netherlands!!

  • Momomi UwU
    Momomi UwU 11 hours ago


  • aziz bessayeh
    aziz bessayeh 11 hours ago

    do in algeria plz

  • maciek kowalski
    maciek kowalski 11 hours ago

    In russia For $1 you can get shot twice

  • Meagan Desilets
    Meagan Desilets 11 hours ago

    In canada you can probably buy a chocolate bar, but that's only before taxes

  • aryan sayak
    aryan sayak 11 hours ago

    I don't know much about others States in India how much food options you get within 100 rupees but in Kolkata you can get loads of food options within 100 rupees .West Bengal food prices are the cheapest compared to rest of India.😊

  • Living Loner
    Living Loner 11 hours ago

    Something I can buy.

  • Meagan Desilets
    Meagan Desilets 11 hours ago

    Ew, the way he basically wiped the pan with that bread D:

  • Lenn
    Lenn 11 hours ago

    Brasil: Coxinha :)

  • Hoangkhuyen Nguyentrang

    Nếu tới việt Nam ăn bánh mì chỉ 0.4usd

  • mighthy missty
    mighthy missty 12 hours ago

    Where is vietnam

    FNAF AND ROBLOX GOD 12 hours ago


  • mtrex _2
    mtrex _2 12 hours ago

    Saudi Arabia jeddah♡

  • Chimbie97
    Chimbie97 12 hours ago

    Does the UK have $1 street food?

  • Lily Baick
    Lily Baick 12 hours ago


  • Rwby
    Rwby 12 hours ago

    Im from and in mexico and didnt know what the 1 dollar food from mexico was xD

  • Mia Ma
    Mia Ma 12 hours ago

    Try to get streetfood for one Dollar in germany 😄🙈

  • Nefarious Nektarios
    Nefarious Nektarios 12 hours ago

    Meanwhile in Switzerland the water is about 5 or so bucks XD

  • zahrae jaafari
    zahrae jaafari 12 hours ago

    from Morocco please