$1 Street Food Around The World


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  • Vicoido Morito
    Vicoido Morito 48 seconds ago +1

    3:28 this is a porra, a porro is.... drugs and these things, you know :v

  • Sofia Romberg
    Sofia Romberg 58 seconds ago

    Do in Paraguay pleaseee🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Sam And Tiff
    Sam And Tiff 5 minutes ago

    The transitions are everything

  • Bxilxy
    Bxilxy 11 minutes ago

    Uk ?

  • Ricardo Etienne
    Ricardo Etienne 22 minutes ago


  • xxSquidlingYT xx
    xxSquidlingYT xx 40 minutes ago

    is it me or is street food better that restaurants?

  • Marco Mendieta
    Marco Mendieta 44 minutes ago +1

    Why not we try German and Britain? Those will be interesting!

  • santi radical
    santi radical Hour ago


  • Cro Tar
    Cro Tar Hour ago

    The person who ate the hot dog was so awkward

  • Jason's Channel
    Jason's Channel Hour ago

    Hot dog only for a dollar?! I'm getting scammed nyc!!! Last time i got a hot dog for 3.50!!!! 💸💸💸💸

  • Ella animations
    Ella animations Hour ago

    2:24 that looks amazing! 🤤

  • FakeSupreme
    FakeSupreme Hour ago


  • ツツTaZzy
    ツツTaZzy 2 hours ago

    Adonde estan la sopaipa Ctm!!

    LUX- CHAN 2 hours ago

    3:29 it's porra because porro in spanish is a joint hahahah

  • M-H12
    M-H12 2 hours ago +2

    5:03 Rest in peace vegetable...

  • Caramella Riri
    Caramella Riri 2 hours ago


  • Outlaw
    Outlaw 2 hours ago

    Come to London and get 3 wings and chips for £1

  • Parable Visions
    Parable Visions 2 hours ago

    Not a dollar, 1.69 cents.

  • DM
    DM 3 hours ago

    A webo, ora si hay comida mexicana !
    Saludos desde México ❤ !!!

  • Martis Vape
    Martis Vape 3 hours ago

    u should try lithuanian street food kebab with česnakinis sauce its blyatiful and ofc drink zetrocks

  • Echie Boi
    Echie Boi 3 hours ago

    Colombian food

  • Rylee Nurthen
    Rylee Nurthen 3 hours ago

    What about uk?

  • Hakai Kano
    Hakai Kano 3 hours ago

    Tasty, hot dog water

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 3 hours ago

    In London 3 wings and chips for 1 pound

  • The Asian Robloxian
    The Asian Robloxian 3 hours ago


  • sami pellinen
    sami pellinen 3 hours ago


  • Mahendra kumar
    Mahendra kumar 4 hours ago

    come to India you'll have a meal and coke in less than a dollar

  • Aizah Rehman
    Aizah Rehman 4 hours ago

    Looks so delicious

  • Moon light Moon crystal

    I would like to see 1 dollar in belgium they make chocolate so good!

  • sasha charlton
    sasha charlton 4 hours ago

    3:29 porro means joint 🚬🌿 in Spanish😂. That's a porra

  • Yelko_8
    Yelko_8 5 hours ago

    Jajajajajajaja es porra no porro
    El porro es marihuana

  • veronica chrisdiana
    veronica chrisdiana 5 hours ago

    You can get one full meal + drink in Indonesia just wit 1$

  • gunlover 1940/1945
    gunlover 1940/1945 5 hours ago

    Klepon Indonesian ball with cocos and gula jawa (kind of brown sugar)

  • copperguardian
    copperguardian 5 hours ago

    Omg, 3:26 is "porra" or "churro"
    "Porro" is basically what you call a joint, yes the drug one.

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 5 hours ago

    What about an arab country, a falafel!

  • thare BS
    thare BS 6 hours ago

    The last one while high 😍

  • Onoma Eponumo
    Onoma Eponumo 6 hours ago


  • FengRBX
    FengRBX 6 hours ago

    How about curry fishballs in hong konh

  • Puggalicious - Slime and more

    Please do Britain next time!

    ATOK GAMING 6 hours ago

    Who want indonesia

  • Dogster limalama
    Dogster limalama 6 hours ago


  • Aleena Magbojos
    Aleena Magbojos 7 hours ago

    We also have 1 euro but 1 euro is 1 dollar

  • John Mott
    John Mott 7 hours ago

    The pork buns look the best.

  • Δημητρης Δατσιος

    Greece street food.

  • lanaVSroblox
    lanaVSroblox 7 hours ago

    Can you do yugoslavian Foods

  • Giuseppe D'Amora
    Giuseppe D'Amora 7 hours ago +1

    I'm so happy for all of you but in Italy with $1 you can not buy nothing.

  • Memes Hello
    Memes Hello 7 hours ago

    Twelve pesos is less than a dollar btw

  • Jadon Lovinger
    Jadon Lovinger 7 hours ago +1

    I like how they had to add in what a hotdog is

  • Yomie Yomie
    Yomie Yomie 8 hours ago

    The Porro seems so delicious

  • DD Iman
    DD Iman 8 hours ago

    The last on when he cut the piece on bread and put butter on that thing he first rubbed it with his bare hand the took the inside and also dug his fingers in there and rubbed it again no hate but that is disgusting to get germs on your food

  • Orly Borly
    Orly Borly 8 hours ago

    take dutch food

  • Magic Cat
    Magic Cat 8 hours ago

    Go to Portugal,There's very good food,YES I LIVE THERE


    all the other food look delicious except the one with pork eww

  • Stars Hollow
    Stars Hollow 8 hours ago

    In Peru we have hamburguesas

  • Matt ._.
    Matt ._. 8 hours ago

    Im hungry now🤤

  • Megan Lu
    Megan Lu 8 hours ago

    ain’t no fish inside

  • 먹는 개개 잡아
    먹는 개개 잡아 9 hours ago

    - in Vietnam, we had alot
    Like, ALOT of 1$ food (or even cheaper )
    Try it :)

  • Noel Brown
    Noel Brown 9 hours ago


  • A Week
    A Week 9 hours ago

    In my country you can get a medium size bag of chips for 75¢

    RUNAI 9 hours ago

    in Korea you can get tteokbokki (ricecake with fishcake and Korean chillipaste) for 1000₩

  • A .J
    A .J 9 hours ago


  • Phux Lord
    Phux Lord 10 hours ago

    Why dont have Viet Nam

  • Ana Paula H Brito
    Ana Paula H Brito 10 hours ago

    Woooooow. India woooooon

  • Jaimee Liwaliw Baldeo
    Jaimee Liwaliw Baldeo 10 hours ago +4

    In mexico they call it pesos

    In da phillipines they call it pesos I thought “only in da phillipines”?!

  • Shining KPOP
    Shining KPOP 10 hours ago

    How about you travel this country, Brazil, Korean,Malaysian,Singapore,Indonesian And Taiwan

  • GL Foxie
    GL Foxie 10 hours ago

    AUSTRALIA Idk where but somewhere

  • Mege Marcus
    Mege Marcus 10 hours ago

    I want to see the philipines here like its 54 or 45 pesos for one american dollar here plu si can do some work if you want but i dont really know how much pesoes does it take to get 1 dollar i mean you can get alot of stuff with one american dollar

  • Dragonmanthefire
    Dragonmanthefire 10 hours ago


  • Md Samir
    Md Samir 10 hours ago

    3:35. Indiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    The best

  • Zaida Estrella Coronado

    In Puerto Rico we have alcapurrias 😋

  • GachaBear Lol
    GachaBear Lol 11 hours ago

    5:19 So buttery - I know he'd just showing it for the vid but why make healthy soup if you're gonna have soo much BUTTER

  • Dilawar Abbas
    Dilawar Abbas 11 hours ago

    In pakistan
    You can buy 6 parathas
    3 cups of tea
    3 plates of curry

  • Kayzel. io
    Kayzel. io 11 hours ago

    Idk why but the way Indian people make food is so satisfying..

  • Clendy Pettry
    Clendy Pettry 11 hours ago

    maybe sweden?

  • awais aziz
    awais aziz 11 hours ago


  • Dream Time with Carlota

    Porro not porra

  • Shiva Krishna
    Shiva Krishna 12 hours ago


  • M 802
    M 802 12 hours ago

    I’m so hungry

  • Sekar Ningrum
    Sekar Ningrum 12 hours ago

    In indonesia you'll get nasi uduk it's a rice cooked with coconut milk

  • PapaPitty
    PapaPitty 12 hours ago

    Go to greece for souvlaki is best thing on world teust me you can ask any greek man and ge will say the same

  • Ap3_
    Ap3_ 12 hours ago

    Хуй без соли

  • na na
    na na 12 hours ago

    If u come to Indonesia,u can get 6pcs instant noodle/7 eggs and that only cost 1$

  • lance ganalon
    lance ganalon 12 hours ago

    in philippine 1 dollar can get you 5 burgers

  • Teshiku
    Teshiku 12 hours ago

    In uk it will be just a salt packet things are soo expensive her

  • Сабина Князькова

    In Russia for 1 dollar you can by nothing

  • ガンガン겁나 T R A S H

    Malaysia pls

  • Swatfair123
    Swatfair123 13 hours ago


  • Lucas Clementsen
    Lucas Clementsen 13 hours ago +1

    In Denmark, you’ll get nothing for that amount.

  • Sol_ hey
    Sol_ hey 13 hours ago

    In France with 1 euro you can buy a croissant 👍

  • morenavine c
    morenavine c 13 hours ago

    I was hoping for holland and then Stroopwafels

  • Itz_ Mochalexi
    Itz_ Mochalexi 13 hours ago

    philippines pls

  • INFINITE IRoboUman
    INFINITE IRoboUman 14 hours ago

    Go to Romanian and try "sarmale"

  • Pikachu
    Pikachu 14 hours ago +1

    Can you try cambodia food?

  • Ege Cengiz
    Ege Cengiz 14 hours ago

    Adanadaki mahmut usta daha iyi

  • Y Lun Trinh
    Y Lun Trinh 15 hours ago

    I want see food Viet Nam

  • BTS Is Life
    BTS Is Life 15 hours ago

    pls tell the indian man to use gloves😭

  • Thashana Kones
    Thashana Kones 15 hours ago

    In switzerland you can buy for 1 chf a bubblecum nothing else🤧

  • Bình Xuân
    Bình Xuân 15 hours ago

    why not have vietnamese

  • Kaper.
    Kaper. 16 hours ago


  • Xeria Aiono
    Xeria Aiono 16 hours ago

    In New Zealand you can buy two whole Big Macs for $1.80