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  • Peter Napoli
    Peter Napoli 18 hours ago

    So happy SNL parodied that dumb Gillette commercial; this is hilarious 😂

  • Zelda Williams
    Zelda Williams Day ago

    SNL gets on my damn nerves you can't get through a video unless it's stopping, starting, and loading!!!
    I've been having this issue for years I've been telling SNL about this bull-crap years! 4 fucc sake get it right, damn-it!

    • Zelda Williams
      Zelda Williams Day ago

      SNL sucks but you make revenue off my views and you can't even uploaded the video(s) correctly!
      I'm still on the Kool-Aid video it's only 2 damn, minutes! Wtf???!! 😠😡🤪

  • Aiber Lane
    Aiber Lane 5 days ago

    Over a thousand dislikes of a parody? Why are so many people bothered by it? At least they weren't being serious like Gillette.

  • Tiger Lily
    Tiger Lily 6 days ago

    I’m conflicted. I love SNL but I also liked that commercial

  • Tiger Lily
    Tiger Lily 6 days ago

    I can’t tell if they are making fun of the Gillette commercial because they did or they didn’t agree?

  • Opposite A
    Opposite A 7 days ago


  • Oh yea yea Oh yea yea
    Oh yea yea Oh yea yea 10 days ago

    Surprised all of the characters are not black

  • Mitzi Lee
    Mitzi Lee 11 days ago

    It was around 1:43 when I realized this was joking about the Gillette commercial.

  • irina korolkova
    irina korolkova 11 days ago


  • Fortnite Sucks !
    Fortnite Sucks ! 13 days ago

    Is that the kid from stranger things?

  • cabellero1120
    cabellero1120 13 days ago

    That's just great!
    Stir the Kool Aid!...😂
    never liked it much, anyway!

  • the Whisperer
    the Whisperer 15 days ago

    Ok who else was thinking it was gonna be some racist humor when Chris Redd character said yes too kool aid I was hoping the Kool aid Man would have said and we have watermelon flavor it quenches your thirst after eating some good fried chicken

  • Kendall Hammeren
    Kendall Hammeren 15 days ago

    I feel like they stole this from a Dane Cook joke. Fact-check me.

  • Super Horror Guy 333
    Super Horror Guy 333 16 days ago

    Woah, not cool man. Not cool,

  • jpgr. mmt
    jpgr. mmt 16 days ago

    Not funny

  • goodguynow
    goodguynow 18 days ago

    SNL doesn’t get big laughs nowadays

  • Carlos Ramos
    Carlos Ramos 18 days ago

    SNL not holding back.

  • Adam Warlock
    Adam Warlock 18 days ago

    Oooh yeah

  • BL Ranch
    BL Ranch 18 days ago

    Drink that Koolaide

  • bg5561742
    bg5561742 18 days ago

    I would get in so much trouble buy my dad if the kool aid guy broke a wall at my house

  • Southsideman
    Southsideman 19 days ago +2


  • VenomousFork
    VenomousFork 19 days ago

    Thank You Gillette. Very Cool-Aid.

  • Mohit Sharma
    Mohit Sharma 19 days ago

    Oh man nailed it. I’d rather watch this n make sure I’m not raising a cool aid man tomorrow 😂😂😂

  • Steven Laudisi
    Steven Laudisi 19 days ago +1

    It was such a missed opportunity to bring back the pepsi commercial format and have the director be like "Yeah, I know the last commercial was a disaster but trust me, this one I'm directing is gonna be great".

  • lovemagic spells
    lovemagic spells 19 days ago

    oh yeah.

  • Cable Disorder
    Cable Disorder 20 days ago

    OH Y E A H

  • Ken Smith
    Ken Smith 21 day ago

    One of the best parodies ever

  • OutTheBox
    OutTheBox 21 day ago +1

    Even snl is taking the piss out of gillete. Niiiiice

    LEO DAI 21 day ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Miko Philo
    Miko Philo 21 day ago

    toxic emasculinity is at an all time high

  • Hu Osb
    Hu Osb 21 day ago

    DPSA Award for dark Public Service Announcement. 😑

  • Alx
    Alx 21 day ago


  • Tomato Man
    Tomato Man 21 day ago

    Not cool man...

  • Maroin Joundi
    Maroin Joundi 21 day ago

    I definitely need a peanut butter chocolate cake to get through this

  • LonelyPoni
    LonelyPoni 22 days ago +1

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Camel Toe **
    Camel Toe ** 22 days ago

    Anyone else have flashbacks of family guy with the kool aid guy? Lol.

  • Alph4
    Alph4 22 days ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • Ian Finfrock
    Ian Finfrock 22 days ago

    *smashes through wall* OH YEAH!

  • elle edits
    elle edits 22 days ago

    The Kool-Aid men of tomorrow...

  • Luminiferous Aether
    Luminiferous Aether 22 days ago


  • Mr Extra
    Mr Extra 22 days ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • Breezyburrito
    Breezyburrito 22 days ago

    Times are changing

  • S. Adam Bernstein
    S. Adam Bernstein 22 days ago

    Don't drink the Metool Aid!

  • Martin D
    Martin D 22 days ago

    Gilette spreads AIDS

  • Pickle Project-Productions

    Kool-aid man is on Maximilian’s side

  • GamingWithCharlesYT Cool

    Oh yeah

  • jaysun0722
    jaysun0722 23 days ago

    Dan Cook- kool aid man

  • skunk12
    skunk12 23 days ago

    Oh No! This is the same stupid message that Gillette had only with Kool-Aid.
    Eat a whole pitcher of red dicks, SNL writers and cast.
    Thumbs down. 👎

  • Tived Nagol
    Tived Nagol 23 days ago

    I kind of don’t get it. It doesn’t make any more sense than the original ad. Unless that’s what the point is?

  • arbiter
    arbiter 23 days ago

    Trump wall oh yeah

  • angiersj
    angiersj 23 days ago

    Ya kinda missed the mark.

  • Sam blam
    Sam blam 23 days ago

    Still sexist.

  • Dominique Dixon
    Dominique Dixon 24 days ago


  • ddsmitty1
    ddsmitty1 24 days ago


  • Bigdave 3299
    Bigdave 3299 24 days ago

    Didn’t understand that it was taking a poke at Gillette until the end!!!😂😂👌🏽

  • Kashouri Katsu
    Kashouri Katsu 24 days ago


  • Ian Rastall
    Ian Rastall 24 days ago

    Maybe it's just that Rachel Brosnahan is good comedy luck.

  • Dirk Dirkinson
    Dirk Dirkinson 24 days ago

    stupid...they need to cancel the show same for the simpsons

  • luis cortazar
    luis cortazar 24 days ago

    Oh yeah!

  • Skankhunt 42
    Skankhunt 42 24 days ago +1


  • kuban mangos
    kuban mangos 24 days ago

    Oh no

  • Gratefully Living
    Gratefully Living 24 days ago

    Dane Cook's Kool Aid man joke from like 10 years ago floats distinctly through my head..

  • SuperAnonymouze
    SuperAnonymouze 24 days ago +1

    Gillette: releases ad that, amoung other things, criticizes the advertisement industry's treatment of women. Men: HOW DARE GILLETE TREAT US THIS WAY!?!?!????????

  • the honkster kaduneda licky dang

    Snl really sucks now

  • NeverMindGaming
    NeverMindGaming 24 days ago

    Damn everyone is triggered

  • Ci Wa
    Ci Wa 24 days ago

    🤣🤣 funny

  • Ci Wa
    Ci Wa 24 days ago


  • Jaime Fish
    Jaime Fish 25 days ago

    FamilyGuy Parody of Kool-Aid is soo much funnier. Stewie Beats-up the Kool-Aid man.

  • Clintonomo Bay
    Clintonomo Bay 25 days ago

    This is one of the best skits in a while.

  • Danny Steeler
    Danny Steeler 25 days ago +3

    I want that Kool - Aid glass pitcher! #RedMustache

  • brendan colliander
    brendan colliander 25 days ago +1

    I heard lil jon is his lawyer

  • Yukosan13
    Yukosan13 25 days ago

    its sad when the comments are funnier than the snl video..

  • Cyberchord
    Cyberchord 25 days ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Amy Campbell
    Amy Campbell 25 days ago

    That Kool-Aid stash just doesn't look right 😉😂🤣

  • Cole Haines
    Cole Haines 25 days ago

    Why is this tagged with Greta van fleet?

  • Cameron Pierce
    Cameron Pierce 25 days ago

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ye- .... kool-aid is like water with sugar...i'd rather have a popsicle.

  • Cody McGrew
    Cody McGrew 25 days ago

    Lol God Dammit 🤣

  • Jessie Strong
    Jessie Strong 25 days ago

    They are funny again

  • Boston Baller
    Boston Baller 25 days ago

    Oh yeah

  • Neb Uluos
    Neb Uluos 25 days ago

    I guess I get it metaphor for nuanced toxic masculinity awareness? 😏 In any case its satisfying..not kool aid(uggh), the effort they put into the spot. Kool aid is toxic in it's own right.

  • fUnK bEaTz
    fUnK bEaTz 25 days ago

    At first, I was like WTF 🤨??? And then I was like OH Yeah!!!😄

  • sodium vlogs
    sodium vlogs 25 days ago

    i relize know

  • t v
    t v 25 days ago

    the first panel is supposed to be TYT

  • Chris Hansen LIVE
    Chris Hansen LIVE 25 days ago

    Oh yeah?

  • Carlos Fernando
    Carlos Fernando 26 days ago

    SNL is always on top of it... Genius

  • Art Marquez
    Art Marquez 26 days ago

    They should've ended that skit with Trumps character bursting through the door, back stage at the miss America pageant dressing room. Red lips and all. Lol!, "Oh Yeah!"

  • Simon Calabuig
    Simon Calabuig 26 days ago


  • Mckenna Deluca
    Mckenna Deluca 26 days ago

    The koolaid mans job, what hes supposed to do and is created for, is to represent the company by his over the top actions, so by comparing him to men, what snl is implying is that its a mans job to be and propagate all those things shown in the gillette ad; that its not only okay of men to do those things and act that way, but is what they are intended for (ie sexism, violence, sexual harassment)...just wanted to throw that out there for all the people that love this sketch and hate gillette.

  • Darth Vestius
    Darth Vestius 26 days ago

    Damn SJW.
    Another testosterone fueled ball busting man thing taken from us.
    Thanks females.
    Oh Yeah!
    Hell No!

    I kid.

    Oh Yeah!

  • Favored Queen
    Favored Queen 26 days ago

    0:46 Was that drake?

  • Frodo Baggypants
    Frodo Baggypants 26 days ago +2

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Non Wilson
    Non Wilson 26 days ago

    Mexican people are going to hire Kool aid man to break that Trump wall. Who knew that the Kool aid man was a hero. Oh yeah!!!!!

  • Amelia Holliday
    Amelia Holliday 26 days ago


  • Eve Lawson
    Eve Lawson 26 days ago

    This is a gillette parody right??

  • SkepticalContrarian
    SkepticalContrarian 26 days ago

    This passes as comedy these days?

    • cgcoyote cow
      cgcoyote cow 23 days ago

      SkepticalContrarian have you seen the Gillette commercial

  • Fifthcell
    Fifthcell 26 days ago

    I love to see Michael Che and Colin Jost in a sketch like this

  • Heather Anne
    Heather Anne 26 days ago


  • Robert Cohn
    Robert Cohn 26 days ago

    Did... did SNL just make fun of a liberal message?

    • Robert Cohn
      Robert Cohn 26 days ago

      +Guy The GalaXII True that

    • Guy The GalaXII
      Guy The GalaXII 26 days ago +1

      SNL isn't actually the most liberal late night show. That award goes to Colbert.

  • Jay Lance
    Jay Lance 26 days ago +2

    🗣Somebody please get some better sketch writers that are actually funny.. damn snl really does suck only person thats funny and is keeping that dry comedy show alive is kenan !

    • Near
      Near 4 days ago

      I found this funny as hell. It's a parody of Gillete's sjw commercial. To each his own.