Kool-Aid - SNL

  • Published on Jan 20, 2019
  • It's time to hold the Kool-Aid man accountable for his actions in this commercial parody.
    #RachelBrosnahan #GretaVanFleet #SNL #SNL44
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Comments • 1 173

  • 845835ab
    845835ab 3 days ago

    That was simply unfunny. Please tell me that got cut for time.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 days ago


  • FabienCar91’s Radio Commercials Vault

    I’m drinking Kool-Aid while watching this

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense 14 days ago +1

    I wonder if P&G/Gillette paid attention - don't preach to us, don't get political, just sell your damn product.

  • Uni Frog
    Uni Frog 16 days ago

    haha fuck you Gillette

  • SirEriol
    SirEriol 19 days ago

    Damn, I wanted this to be about that town from the 90's that really liked Kool Aid.

  • Kim Lance
    Kim Lance 22 days ago +1

    Very super funny 😆!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Princess victoria Mouse

    Kool aid man I knew it
    I just knew it right now

  • Cadesworth.
    Cadesworth. Month ago

    And this wasn’t about Jonestown?
    That’s a missed opportunity.

  • jayjaylen75
    jayjaylen75 Month ago

    Man FUCK that shit..."OH YEAH!!!" forever in my book LOL

  • Nate Young
    Nate Young Month ago


  • Christopher Justice

    I love how everybody is dunking on that dumbass Gillette ad.

  • JetsSon Jay
    JetsSon Jay Month ago

    This was a Deep one....... Free bill Cosby

  • A DJ
    A DJ 2 months ago

    Yo if you see a new kool aid and he starts knocking on doors, no1 answers,he rings the doorbell,same results, flies thru the window "you can't stop kool aid MAN"

  • Chelsea Offor
    Chelsea Offor 2 months ago

    "Not cool" 😂😂😂

    SLKR SPENCER-ROLLINS 2 months ago

    I am so glad Colin Jost and Michael Che are being put in other skits besides Weekend Update.

  • ban ,
    ban , 2 months ago

    So it's kinda of like Michael Jackson

  • youtubesucks
    youtubesucks 2 months ago

    Because the kool aid men you are lecturing today..will be switching products and drinking flavor aid tommorrow

  • FruitLoopsLive
    FruitLoopsLive 2 months ago

    Omg just realized it was supposed to be Gillette

  • Ezmyrelda Andrade
    Ezmyrelda Andrade 2 months ago

    Those comments when you think satire can't say what the original was saying only better. Even Kool-Aid men can do better.

  • alphasoldier 239
    alphasoldier 239 2 months ago

    When you’re so pc you get mocked by even the most pc show on the planet.

  • John Wedderburn
    John Wedderburn 3 months ago

    Is this mocking the awful Gillette adverts?

  • art deco
    art deco 3 months ago

    That sucked.

  • Eli Post-Kennedy
    Eli Post-Kennedy 3 months ago

    The red mustaches killed me

  • Kyle Whitt
    Kyle Whitt 3 months ago

    the koolaid man must of mixed some liquer in it

  • Laurie Dutton
    Laurie Dutton 3 months ago


  • sicNtwstdF
    sicNtwstdF 3 months ago


  • Ashika Mastuffa
    Ashika Mastuffa 3 months ago

    Better like to dislike ratio than Gilette

  • Avery Brown
    Avery Brown 3 months ago


    i don't get it

  • lpmw12
    lpmw12 3 months ago

    😳That was surprisingly weak. Usual snl has more funny shit

  • A.C. B. ART
    A.C. B. ART 3 months ago +2

    Che in a sketch? What to the actual eff?!?

  • houchi69
    houchi69 3 months ago

    Shouldn't he be arrested for breaking and entering?

  • jahovia82 disdik
    jahovia82 disdik 3 months ago

    This was dumb af

  • Cecilia W Yu 余詠詩
    Cecilia W Yu 余詠詩 3 months ago

    Lol. Oh yeah....whatever....

  • Earl Chaney
    Earl Chaney 3 months ago

    SNL you guys were so close on this one, then you turned into the same type of questionable toxic masculinity. Your comedy stance is weak! Really? Oh Yeah!

  • lancer_ fan
    lancer_ fan 3 months ago


  • Weaponized Battle Toaster

    Gillette bad

  • Ariesturtleneck
    Ariesturtleneck 3 months ago +1

    This is the Giselle shaving cream commercial with the toxic masculinity

  • Niceness_of_Gemini
    Niceness_of_Gemini 3 months ago

    The beginning of this looks like a legit Kool-Aid commercial. Adults playing Teenagers while a giant glass of powder, water mixed with a whole bag of sugar jumps through the wall with wall Debree falling into his glass head.

  • Dean Summers
    Dean Summers 3 months ago

    What's funny is the same thing happened to the guy who played Ronald McDonald for McDonald's.... They fired him because the whole clown craze thing. their response was having a clown as their mascot wouldn't make McDonald's look very good in the public eye.

  • One Sight
    One Sight 3 months ago


  • Jalon Fonseca
    Jalon Fonseca 3 months ago


  • Maximus W
    Maximus W 4 months ago +1

    O H Y E A H

  • frankie jay ponds
    frankie jay ponds 4 months ago

    There is like....no sugar in that Kool-aid.

  • two Hugo
    two Hugo 5 months ago

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  • Wyatt Coshatt
    Wyatt Coshatt 5 months ago

    O yeah!!

  • Captaincool Name
    Captaincool Name 5 months ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Erkan Agar
    Erkan Agar 5 months ago

    damn that was a weak wall!

  • Animated Analogies
    Animated Analogies 5 months ago +1

    i think it would be funny if a kool aid commercial had the kool aid man being sued for property damage and they drop the charges after he gives them kool aid

  • Mubashir Mahi
    Mubashir Mahi 5 months ago

    Gillette Got FUCKED IN THE AAAH!

  • Professor Moola Gaming
    Professor Moola Gaming 5 months ago

    Hated the Gillette ad

  • Darthckrinckles
    Darthckrinckles 5 months ago

    You clever sonsabitches

  • sandra steele
    sandra steele 5 months ago

    Haven't seen the coolaid man in years.😄

  • Wizard of nazz
    Wizard of nazz 5 months ago

    It took a minute then it CLICKED... Gillette

  • Humbledingify
    Humbledingify 5 months ago

    Dane Cook approves.

  • Keyus Wesley
    Keyus Wesley 5 months ago

    Pause at 0:39 That was on National TV

  • Shawn
    Shawn 5 months ago

    P R E T E N T I O U S

  • red tomatoes
    red tomatoes 5 months ago


  • Ryan Flynn
    Ryan Flynn 5 months ago

    It actually is like the Gillette ad

  • Cesar
    Cesar 5 months ago

    The Cult of the Kool Aid Man