Post Malone Buys Rolex For 21 Savage & Autographs A Bugatti!

  • Published on Nov 6, 2019
  • Post Malone links up with Swae Lee at Icebox ahead of the Atlanta stop of their Runaway tour. Post does some birthday shopping for 21 while Swae picks up a new multi-color diamond ring and FaceTimes the legendary Ric Flair. Watch until the end to see Post sign a custom Bugatti!
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Comments • 1 985

  • Icebox
    Icebox  2 years ago +692


  • peenman
    peenman 2 years ago +11981

    Post Malone is so polite. You can tell he was raised right

  • Taylor Bridges
    Taylor Bridges 2 years ago +3191

    These dudes shopping at the jewelry store like me and my boys do at walmart 😂😂😂

    • DaRuler 87
      DaRuler 87 Year ago +1

      Or one of those jewelry stand at da mall lol

    • Cory L.
      Cory L. Year ago

      Y'all crazy 🤣



    • Ivan Costilla
      Ivan Costilla Year ago

      Yall weak i be higting the asian spots where the females be getting they hair.
      Kings Beauty😂💯

    • M4ndoDB
      M4ndoDB Year ago +2

      Jacob Kang they be stealing in da store too😒 like bruh it’s just $1

  • Sparc Mac
    Sparc Mac 2 years ago +501

    "elements of magic" posty is the man lmao

  • Nodd inn
    Nodd inn 2 years ago +962

    Post is such a caring nice guy. He’s like a huge teddy bear with a big generous heart

    • SierraChubbz
      SierraChubbz Year ago +3

      cb 123 nah. Post is one of the nicest guys ever. He's got great manners and is very polite. Barely any people are like that

    • violet
      violet 2 years ago +1

      i only took my like away for it to stay at 69

    • Bully Maguire
      Bully Maguire 2 years ago +4

      Yeah, and if you leave your cube you can find people like him at every corner too.

    • AndrewJBeaty
      AndrewJBeaty 2 years ago +7

      Nodd inn you should pack him lunch, and send him off on his first day of middle school. 🥰

  • Conor R lee
    Conor R lee 2 years ago +4273

    Lil pump : drops 250k on the floor like an idiot.
    Post malone: would it be okay if I had a beer in here?
    What a guy!
    Edit : thanks for 2k you guys are awsome ❤

    • ItsCayden!
      ItsCayden! Year ago

      @Bubciu3run nah six nine is

    • pariah
      pariah Year ago

      time for another edit. 3.7k as we speak

    • Lousiano
      Lousiano Year ago

      He threw it cuz thats whats he spent that day n made them pick it up lmao

    • CDavíd700r
      CDavíd700r Year ago +1

      💪🏻 Facts!

    • Legendary gaming
      Legendary gaming Year ago

      @trillynelson right!?!?!

  • Jovina Baruch
    Jovina Baruch 2 years ago +104

    Love the way Post addresses Swae with his real name.
    But looking at them two together you'd never believe Post is 24 and Swae is 26.
    These guys are so young.. I thought Post was older. But it's obvious that he's a very old soul. I just love the respect Post shows to everyone. Nothing more likeable than a guy with manners.

    • keanu reeves
      keanu reeves 10 months ago

      Hello greetings how are you doing is me keanu reeves can I share something with you..

    • Malone Word
      Malone Word 11 months ago

      Hello my lovely Fan's i really appreciate you all so much i want to say hey to my fans i love you all ❤️❤️💚

  • Grunkle Stan
    Grunkle Stan 2 years ago +889

    Post Malone takes “Casual Outfits” to a whole other level

    • Aieman Shaffrie
      Aieman Shaffrie 8 months ago

      @Grypas I think Nike

    • Grypas
      Grypas Year ago

      does anyone know what brand is this stripped shirt? I cant find it

    • Collin Dowd
      Collin Dowd Year ago +2

      @OG it’s a carhartt hat

    • OG
      OG Year ago

      I wonder what brand his hat is

    • nallA Allan
      nallA Allan 2 years ago +16

      I had to cop that entire outfit after this video 😭⚡⚡

  • levi schauinger
    levi schauinger 2 years ago +71

    Dude I love the way Post Malone is so polite. I also love how he is just vibing with everyone

  • mad men
    mad men Year ago +15

    I like how Posty walked in like a dad walking in on his kids and their friends🤣 “What’s going on fellas”🤣

  • Rocket Bunny
    Rocket Bunny 2 years ago +14

    Love how Post Malone flexes hard but is so genuine about it at the same time... love this guy

  • Edwin Gomez
    Edwin Gomez 2 years ago +89

    "Is it okay if I have one in here?"
    Dude, you're dropping thousands and thousands of dollars, you can drink a whole keg in there if you want! Love how polite and respectful he is

  • Steven Weber Clearwater St Pete Realtor

    Post Malone has got to be the most genuine guy in the music industry, they don't make em like him anymore

  • joe black
    joe black 2 years ago +2

    Post is like the neighbor who has all the cool gear and gadgets and offers you a beer every time he sees you. Down to earth!!!! Congrats on your success Post!

  • 12nunsss
    12nunsss 2 years ago +3570

    Swae Lee: “Yes sirr” “On God!”
    Post Malone: Let’s party hardy

    • Pyrorock8
      Pyrorock8 4 months ago

      What’s going on fellas

    • Dope Vids
      Dope Vids 2 years ago

      @SunFlower ^^ this dude lmao. What's upppp bro!!!

    • SunFlower
      SunFlower 2 years ago +3

      Whats going on fellas 😃

    • MRY
      MRY 2 years ago +2

      ngl this got me laughin

  • Will Van Der Hengst
    Will Van Der Hengst Year ago +2

    The thing that amazes me the most out of these kind of videos is the salesman and how they work it. If you see Post point at anything, the employees will immediately get it out and set it on the table. They know these guys will buy it if they do a little sweet talking and just set it out. Anyway, I love Post so much, he’s extremely mannered and well-spoken.

  • breezy180
    breezy180 Year ago +66

    I can’t even afford to look at a Bugatti

  • imBadman
    imBadman Year ago +4

    Post malone is on another level. He really deserves where he is right now.

  • Garrett Dobbertin
    Garrett Dobbertin 2 years ago +433

    Posty sounds like a kid in Toys R Us, "Swae What'd you get?" 6:25

  • Johnathan McElroy
    Johnathan McElroy 2 years ago +5585

    Post: Hey what u gettin for savage? It’s his birthday

  • Steve Almeida
    Steve Almeida Year ago +1

    Post malone e um cara com muita simplicidade humildade um ser humano fora de sere parabéns 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Brasil!!!!!!!!!

  • Adam Hernandez
    Adam Hernandez Year ago +4

    I absolutely love post malone he is such an amazing person

  • Chase Tiemeyer
    Chase Tiemeyer 2 years ago +6

    Love Posty’s positivity. Asking everyone working how they are doing. Best guy in the game.

  • dante joar
    dante joar 2 years ago +10

    Post is so polite and cheeky lmao... everyone in there shouting or just looking while he's like 'can i have a beer in here?', 'lets party hardy' lmao i just love him hes a whole mood

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost 2 years ago +2320

    Post is such a cool fuckn dude ! I love his demeanor and how polite he is to everyone in the store including the people behind the register

    • robo bitch
      robo bitch 2 years ago

      LZ if he can smoke he can smoke but he said that he is starting to smoke less

    • 5 subs 1 video
      5 subs 1 video 2 years ago

      Why the fucking worst brother

    • Borosin Yas
      Borosin Yas 2 years ago

      @SlightlyCookedBread don't be jealous

    • Borosin Yas
      Borosin Yas 2 years ago

      @AKA Angus actually not stop 📽 projecting you into him

  • JaM Bey
    JaM Bey Year ago +1

    Very humble and great energy ✊🏾

  • A.T. 801
    A.T. 801 2 years ago +1689

    Post just spent hella racks while drinking a bud light.

  • Shoubhik Roy Choudhury

    Post Malone is such a nice guy. Treats everyone with respect!

  • NK Nk
    NK Nk Year ago +2

    The simple fact that he asked for permission to drink a bud light is amazing.
    Protect Post at all costs

  • Doherty
    Doherty 2 years ago +2

    Post is such a cool, genuinely nice bloke. I don't know why but it made me smile when he walked into the jewellers, it was like 'The boy is here'

  • Fatal
    Fatal Year ago +1

    Post Malone is too sweet like seems like a real one, plus he's so grateful for everything he's deserves to be where he is for real

  • Mikey Mike
    Mikey Mike 2 years ago +33

    at the end Post says "Thank you sir! Thank you so much." Its nice to see some of these dudes stay at least somewhat humble. Good shit

  • pariah
    pariah 2 years ago +185

    3:30 he looked like a computer teacher walkin around the room😂

  • Ali Star
    Ali Star 2 years ago +2391

    Sign a Bugatti and buying someone else a rolex that’s crazy

    • USS Indianapolis
      USS Indianapolis 2 years ago

      @Mike Martinez working hard doesnt make you rich, fucking over others for your benefits does

    • Navy Sammy
      Navy Sammy 2 years ago

      Level Up Well yea all she did was act ratchet to get there, but she had to change and move smartly to maintain her spot. That’s why a lot of famous people fall off and go broke, it’s cause they continue to move dumb even after achieving success.

    • Patrick Hayes
      Patrick Hayes 2 years ago

      Can't make this shit up.

    • LapsOfLux
      LapsOfLux 2 years ago

      Check Posts Bugatti in my videos!

    • Josh FullStack
      Josh FullStack 2 years ago

      Gym Knopf fuck man I’m wishing my only talent wasn’t bodybuilding and fitness right now lmfao, the industry that even if the top dawgs are broke

  • 0.0 0.0
    0.0 0.0 2 years ago +409

    I like it how Swea Lee don’t exist as soon as Post Malone enters😂😂😂

    • VortexH123
      VortexH123  Year ago


    • sara
      sara Year ago +1

      nice english bruv LMAO😂😂💔

    • Cam Burns
      Cam Burns Year ago +3

      Nah bru Swae got his solo part in the beginning than they collabed back to post. IMO Swae is way better than post tho. Dude is one of the most underrated people in the game

  • Architect of Demise
    Architect of Demise 2 years ago +1

    WoW! It's so rare to see an artist this big yet so down to earth. Salute to you brother! I don't listen to your songs but man I admire you as a person.

    81 SUPPORT SUPPORT 81 2 years ago +1

    Posty and his crew are the realest 🤣👑 always humble, never dresses up and stays the same throughout

  • J R
    J R 2 years ago

    You know you have truly made it when someone lets you sign a Bugatti!

  • Noe Lopez
    Noe Lopez 2 years ago +1

    Man I love post hes so humble love this guys music and attitude

  • Nate Olmsted
    Nate Olmsted 2 years ago

    Post is just the best dude out there. Just a sweet genuine guy. Never change

  • Anna Miller
    Anna Miller 2 years ago +2

    What I love about Post Malone is he doesn’t try to sound different because he hangs out with rappers

  • Leela K
    Leela K Year ago +1

    Post Malone is so sweet, caring but the best part he is so humble....He Blue up as an artist but it hasn’t gone to his head he still very respectful and polite and just good to everybody. No arrogance to this man whatsoever rare thing to find these days. He deserves all the success he’s worked for and gotten.

  • Black Santa
    Black Santa 2 years ago +207

    My boi swae Lee over here drinking a goddamn capri Sun what a legend

    • Shooters Hill Road
      Shooters Hill Road Year ago +5

      @David Sanchez nah when you go icebox they ask if you want a drink and they have capri sun in bulk

    • David Sanchez
      David Sanchez 2 years ago +1

      Black Santa That was prob the packaged syrup....

  • Mike 1204
    Mike 1204 2 years ago +1

    Post is so grateful and polite to everybody he’s got such good energy you would never know he was rich

  • TheCapo
    TheCapo 2 years ago +1

    Post is such a genuine G, most respect to him!

  • Kaden Kester
    Kaden Kester 2 years ago +1

    Post is such an awesome guy dude I wish I could meet him and just talk about shoes, watches, and other stuff I feel like he knows everything. That would be like a conversation with my friends about food.

  • Joel Rivera
    Joel Rivera 2 years ago +646

    Imagine you have sleep paralysis and Post Malone peeks into your room and says “how are yah”

    • Michael Ortiz
      Michael Ortiz Year ago

      Lmfaooo yo 🤣

    • Haratan Reang
      Haratan Reang Year ago

      A smile on my face 🙂

    • Shane Nelson
      Shane Nelson Year ago +1

      That actually happened to me last night but it wasn't post malone it was Kanye west. I pretended to be asleep Even when the paralysis was over.

    • Richkid Mush
      Richkid Mush Year ago +2

      hahayha you crazy

    • Jara
      Jara Year ago +2


  • C
    C 2 years ago +1

    I fucking love Post. I want to be his friend. Can someone make that happen, please?

  • Aaron YT
    Aaron YT Year ago +63

    Notice how Post says Swae’s real name. They good friends. That sunflower money hit different too I know


    He deserves all his success

  • Revo900
    Revo900 2 years ago +16

    Bruh these men were the most respectful to show up. Never heard so many “thank yous” and compliments in one of these episodes.👌🏻

  • CEO Jayy
    CEO Jayy Year ago +5

    Post is such a genuinely sweet guy that you can tell was just raised wonderfully. He’s got a crazy appearance that doesn’t match his personality lol

  • Jacob Hosler
    Jacob Hosler Year ago +1

    Post is so nice he's the kind of person you can chill with.

  • Fransdito Akbar
    Fransdito Akbar 2 years ago +8

    Idk Why Im Watching This Multiple Times , Its Just Feel So Relaxing To Me To Watch Post Being So Polite There

    • Roberto Tapia
      Roberto Tapia Year ago

      Bruh me asf rn ... high asf ..
      Third time watching ..

  • TrillJaacob
    TrillJaacob 2 years ago +20

    Absolutely love how post is such a nice and genuine guy. Much respect.

    • jose corona
      jose corona 2 years ago +2

      @FamouslyNotFamous ! he was a guest he couldn't just leave, and he pays them to do stuff for him

    • FamouslyNotFamous !
      FamouslyNotFamous ! 2 years ago

      TrillJaacob but can’t carry his own bags or go get a beer out the car?

  • Big Juicer
    Big Juicer 2 years ago +119

    Anyone else that asks to drink a Bud Light in a jewelry store: "No you can't have alcohol in here, sorry"
    Post Malone asks: "Oh yeah for sure, no problem at all!"

    • Tiffany Lemieux
      Tiffany Lemieux 2 years ago +4

      @brand robert 100% facts!!! 🤣🤣🤣💀

  • seeletsane nthobatsang

    Post Malone is so well mannered..Standard😇

  • Damon Beats
    Damon Beats 2 years ago +93

    Post - "its his birthday"
    Everyone - "damn" Aint nobody knew that shit XD

  • white lightning
    white lightning 2 years ago

    That's a man that deserves respect right there! Rich as fuck but still down to earth! Doesn't seem to work that way these days. Much respect man!

  • dboimagic781
    dboimagic781 2 years ago +119

    Posty just spreads positivity everywhere he goes. Nicest most humble A- list artist ever.

    • Jackie Baouche
      Jackie Baouche Year ago

      @Eric weak answer

    • Eric
      Eric Year ago

      @Jackie Baouche everyone is entitled to their own opinion

    • Jackie Baouche
      Jackie Baouche Year ago

      @Eric who gets to decide that?

    • Eric
      Eric 2 years ago

      @Skywrp It depends on what tattoos

  • water melon
    water melon 2 years ago

    never judge a book by its cover. if you saw post around you wouldn’t think he would be as nice and as genuine as he is

  • Dawn Peterson
    Dawn Peterson Year ago +1

    A true gentleman. Always thanks everyone and uses please and thank you. Momma would be proud. Love Posty.

  • Simas Turbo
    Simas Turbo 9 months ago

    Poste malone parece ser um cara gente boa pra caralho!!!!! Queria trocar ideia com ele um dia pqp

  • LightSkinned DeVonte
    LightSkinned DeVonte 2 years ago +1

    Man, post really inspires me man. I wanna meet him someday.

  • Uncle Nolte
    Uncle Nolte 2 years ago +1268

    Could you imagine calling Ric Flair and telling him to come over?

    • J.M.
      J.M. 2 years ago +1

      @Austin Hayes ok ok now that makes sense

    • Austin Hayes
      Austin Hayes 2 years ago +1

      Jim M he introduced him out at the show, like i said he had a concert and told him to come over and that’s when he introduced him out

    • J.M.
      J.M. 2 years ago

      But it was swae who was on the phone with Ric flair... So how is swae going to introduce Ric flair to swae lol

    • Austin Hayes
      Austin Hayes 2 years ago

      That was in Atlanta when Post Malone had a concert there he was telling Ric Flair to come over so that he could introduce Swae Lee and chill with them, that was a dope ass concert and was a shock when he came out

    • blaq
      blaq 2 years ago


  • Pilar
    Pilar 2 years ago

    He has some great energy

  • Himanshu
    Himanshu Year ago +34

    My heart melted when Post said Khalif to Swae Lee!! 🥺

  • Abader Gabir
    Abader Gabir Year ago +3

    Post Malone taking hand sanitizer before the pandemic is what I call a clean person 💯

  • RoxYB 1973
    RoxYB 1973 2 years ago

    Post is so chill and mannerly 🥰Swae talking to Ric Flair cool 😎 as heck! Both of these young men are talented 🥰

  • Samantha
    Samantha 2 years ago +1

    Posty is so sweet and humble and polite! So nice of him to think of 21savage for his birthday.

  • Alfreda
    Alfreda Year ago +1

    Can you imagine if everyone in the world had the personality of Posty 💕❤️

  • Dushyant Borah
    Dushyant Borah Year ago +2

    Malone damn asked if he can have a beer inside the store, hats off true gentleman ❤

  • Abdulqoyum Gbadebo
    Abdulqoyum Gbadebo 4 months ago

    The guy with no bad songs
    A legend ❤

  • Jonathan Vigil
    Jonathan Vigil 2 years ago +2

    Post Malone is so humble it’s almost not real

  • Derek B.
    Derek B. 2 years ago +4

    Austin is such a good dude. regular ass employee's "how are you guys? how are you?" mad respect for homie, always humble

  • Joey Joe
    Joey Joe 2 years ago +1

    I wish i had friends like post malone man the dude is so chill and caring bro

  • cmccarthy
    cmccarthy 2 years ago +1

    That Ric Flair facetime outta nowhere is fuckin' great!

  • John Mahelona-De Leon

    When that Spider-Man check hits for both of them at the same time 😂😂😂

  • ProdET
    ProdET 2 years ago +11

    Posty is fr Goated, great musician and he seems like a kick ass person who’d be chill to hangout with

  • leonardo davinci
    leonardo davinci Year ago +1

    He so respectful always saying sir, ma'am that's why i love this legend 😍💛

  • AtomicTonyTV
    AtomicTonyTV 2 years ago +427

    Swae: Ayyeeeee brrooo!
    Post: what's going on fellas?
    😂the differences

  • Spiritual Prodigy
    Spiritual Prodigy 2 years ago +701

    Post Malone is such a nice guy 😭

    • Borosin Yas
      Borosin Yas 2 years ago

      It's not weakness it mean you don't scare all the time like you who have tons of a personality acting behind mask I think even your family don't know who you are because you hiding hurting child in you and you never can't chance narcissists

    • Leonardo Rueda
      Leonardo Rueda 2 years ago

      Young Prodigy i would like but its at 420

    • Yadi_.
      Yadi_. 2 years ago +1

      Young Prodigy Yup he is😭💕

    • Puggyy San
      Puggyy San 2 years ago

      Young Prodigy IKR ❤️

  • Erik Garcia
    Erik Garcia Year ago

    Honestly post Malone deserves a lot nowadays he’s very polite and has my respect

  • Nimbus regular
    Nimbus regular 2 years ago +20

    Post Malone is some cool random guy who got famous

  • Crispy Crunch
    Crispy Crunch Year ago +3

    I love how he has so much jewelry on his hand at the same time he's holding a Caprisun

  • GoDZiLL4
    GoDZiLL4 2 years ago +3

    it's just impossible not to like post i swear

  • jeremiah
    jeremiah Year ago +5

    knew post was built different when he walked into one of the biggest and most expensive jewelry stores and said “let’s party hardy”

  • FireWaia
    FireWaia 2 years ago

    Post Malone seems to be the only one in this spectrum of music that has some real depth to him. Polite guy.

  • Rage Templex
    Rage Templex Year ago

    bro post is such a genuine guy he was raised well

  • Noa Reyes
    Noa Reyes 2 years ago

    Swae Lee and post are some of the most humble artists in the game rn I swear

  • Jared Franklin
    Jared Franklin 8 months ago

    I Like How Post Malone is like such a chill guy and hes actually funny Him Swae Lee and 21

  • Poker Soto
    Poker Soto 2 years ago +1

    Props to the whole customer service, they were awesome aswell (specially zahir)

  • Victoria Adeyemi
    Victoria Adeyemi Year ago

    Post Malone is the type of Guy I would want in my shop.

  • Nitin sharma
    Nitin sharma 2 years ago +2

    How can he be so damm polite... He is like a fluffy teddy bear🍯🐻💤. I love post malone

  • Ado Simper :3
    Ado Simper :3 2 years ago +1

    imagine saying thank you guys 4 times and y'all have a great night in 4 seconds i love posty man ._.

  • PoMar Rodriguez
    PoMar Rodriguez 2 years ago

    Wow! Must be nice to walk in and get to drink a beer in an exspensive jewlery store, lol. If I did that I would be kicked out! Love this Post

  • Tyler
    Tyler Year ago +1

    I just wanna chill with post so bad man he’s so cool

  • anthony palazzolo
    anthony palazzolo 2 years ago

    you can till this guy isnt putting on an act he is just genuinely a good guy

  • A7PHY
    A7PHY 2 years ago +10

    10:48 u can see how respectful Posty is to everyone hes just a sweet person an wish nothing for good to come his way💯

  • Clout Dealer
    Clout Dealer 2 years ago

    Much respect for the kid in the green, he's an up and coming Ben Baller 🥴😆 he seems humble for being around a lot of expensive jewelry