Alec Baldwin In Tears For First Interview Since 'Rust' Shooting: 'I Didn't Pull The Trigger'

  • Published on Nov 30, 2021
  • Alec Baldwin is speaking out in his first interview since the fatal accidental shooting on the set of his film, "Rust." The actor is appearing on an ABC News Special with George Stephanopoulos, which is set to air on Thursday at 8PM ET on ABC. And in a promo clip, the 63-year-old breaks down in tears when talking about the late cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

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Comments • 311

  • Dawn Rose
    Dawn Rose Month ago +38

    Why a gun was ever pointed at a person is beyond me! The whole set up was unsafe at the least. I feel so bad her husband and child are left with out her 😞

    • Noe Gallegos
      Noe Gallegos Month ago

      Why was this commented twice

    • j
      j Month ago +1

      She was the cinematographer. He had the gun pointed, with hammer back. And said, "how does this look?" As she was the cinematographer. He had the hammer pulled back and let the hammer go.

    • K J
      K J Month ago +1

      Sorry but guns are pointed toward people on sets all the bloody time. This is just an absolute fuck up. And it’s someone’s fault.

  • Jonty Levine
    Jonty Levine Month ago +43

    When Kyle Rittenhouse cried in court, I recognised it right away as it's something I've experienced in my own younger years. Crying in public - especially when you're trying to talk - is loud, it's messy and it's honestly kinda ugly. And of course, the more you try to stop crying, the harder you cry. This is something you rarely see in movies as very few actors are able to produce this reaction on command.

    By contrast, acted crying is quiet and dignified, and makes extensive use of hand gestures, since those are much easier to perform on cue. And of course, using the hands to cover the face allows the audience to imagine the person crying far more than they actually are.

    • Ken Fresno
      Ken Fresno Month ago +8

      Voice modulation is the key to telling real from fake when it comes to crying. Crying, or trying to hold back tears, completely throws off the modulation of your voice. It will go up, down, in, out, it'll crack, it'll suddenly become raspy, etc. Real crying isn't wet eyes and a somber voice.

    • Jonty Levine
      Jonty Levine Month ago +13

      He's not even a good actor.

  • Truth Is Out There
    Truth Is Out There Month ago +25

    He didn’t pull the trigger????? That is the best lie ever told in that history of the universe

  • Well we moving on up!
    Well we moving on up! Month ago +40

    That's pathetic! His first public interview and he lies. Totally disrespectful to the lady he killed family.

  • Gerald Stimmell
    Gerald Stimmell Month ago +14

    The reason he’s is crying is because he is thinking about what he is about to lose. What an AH. Didn’t pull the trigger, then who did? Whom ever believes that must have brain damage. He pointed the revolver and pulled the trigger, end of story.

    • Rebecca Knott
      Rebecca Knott Month ago

      He wasn’t crying, he was acting. Crying is accompanied by tears…he couldn’t squeeze even one out.

  • Dawn Rose
    Dawn Rose Month ago +6

    Why a gun was ever pointed at a person is beyond me! The whole set up was unsafe at the least. I feel so bad her husband and child are left with out her 😞

  • Oranjmuse Meyer
    Oranjmuse Meyer Month ago +23

    Denial, he obviously pulled the trigger because it was in his hands when it discharged.

  • Amira Brown
    Amira Brown Month ago +17

    was anybody else on the set paying attention to him to support his words or tell what happened ..i want to hear from others , not just him ..

    • Amira Brown
      Amira Brown Month ago

      @Amanda Negretè i understand you’re trying to be neutral & a lot of people are while you have some who are calling him a straight up murderer . from my understanding , the gun he was using is a gun that has to be “cocked back” or hammer pulled in order to fire & it’s also a gun that can’t be fired unless you do pull the trigger or release the hammer .

      but that’s where i question if it was a mechanical failure ? did he not fully pull the hammer back for it to lock ? because the only way that hammer can be release is if he manually does it or if the trigger is pulled , but he said he released it & if he released it , there’s no reason that gun should have fired if it was pulled back all the way & locked

      and then i have to question why there was a live round in the gun if the armorer cleared it ? who put it in ? it’s so many questions that need to be answered

    • Amanda Negretè
      Amanda Negretè Month ago

      @Amira Brown I am not sure. I think his account could be accurate.
      If he was following explicit directions as described, my understanding is the hammer struck the firing pin causing the bullet to be ejected from the muzzle.

      I’m not a weapons expert by any means.
      I did spend a lot of time training with, carrying and around weapons prior to army retirement.
      I’m speculating based on my experience and a few credible sources I found online.

      I believe the scenario AB described is plausible and he released the hammer.

      If the weapon was an “antique 45 caliber long colt revolver” I think releasing the hammer could strike the firing pin etc.
      Again, I’m not an expert but I think that could happen with a single action antique revolver.

      I’m not sure why he released the hammer though as that was essentially the trigger if I’m understanding correctly.

      Based on George Clooney’s recent account of safety protocols, I don’t understand why those protocols weren’t followed on Rust.

      I’ve read several articles citing LA union armorer and weapon expert Joey Dillon.

      According to Dillon and the film industry safety protocol available online, the armorer, AD and actor all take an active part in loading the weapon.
      At the very least the armorer demonstrates the weapon is safe while the actor looks on.

      I don’t understand why the armorer and AD didn’t demonstrate while AB observed.

      I am really trying to be neutral but why didn’t AB insist safety protocols were followed is my question.

    • Amira Brown
      Amira Brown Month ago

      @Amanda Negretè if they already stated what they saw & if it’s different from Alec point of view , then i wonder why he’s allowed to do interviews unless none of witness testimony contradict what Alec is stated

    • Amanda Negretè
      Amanda Negretè Month ago

      @Amira Brown I think the script supervisor’s lawsuit details what occurred well.
      He’s made a very specific claim as of last night.
      I would assume those present will confirm or deny his claim to LE.
      Likely they have already done so.

      I don’t take Baldwin’s account verbatim and have relied on Mamie’s Smith account for details.

    • Amira Brown
      Amira Brown Month ago

      @Amanda Negretè i’m aware of that but i want to know how everything unfolded from somebody else’s point of view , not just his . the gun was in his hands , so what he has to say doesn’t really matter to me or hold weight .

  • Gigi
    Gigi Month ago +23

    It makes me so angry to see the victim's family silently suffering but the guilty family doing interviews and social media posts, his wife's recent post was so insensitive considering a child has lost his mother, but you're just talking about how you able to afford some professionals help to guide your own children and even publicly showing off, please you're not a victim, every mother does this daily, but one child just lost this privilege, have some kindness and be silent for now! The pain for someone else is still raw!

    • David Mobley
      David Mobley Month ago +3

      Dont be angry. With every interview and post Alec gives a prosector more ammo to help convict him of involuntary manslaughter. The fact hes on tv lying about pulling the trigger will for sure result in him losing these lawsuits and will make him look bad to a jury. be happy hes burying his own grave.

    • Kelsey Mariel
      Kelsey Mariel Month ago +2

      This is a great post. So true.

  • Michael Doan
    Michael Doan Month ago +15

    He was the one pulled the trigger.

  • F
    F Month ago +26

    Notice how he said he “would never point a gun at someone and pull the trigger” when obviously bullets only go in a straight line from where you pointed it, classic doublespeak because he means he wouldn’t do those two things at the same time but clearly the gun was pointed at the victim when it shot and killed her, regardless of whether he “intended” to do so.

    • Tha_Real Mike Mike
      Tha_Real Mike Mike Month ago

      @mikexxx11 i do know anything about gun safety. I live in Nj, there are no stand ya ground or self defense laws here. Thats dope you know 10 yr olds who know about Gun Safety but that doesn’t mean everyone does, and that doesn’t make them any better or worse if they do or dont as a person. Yal comments based on emotions, im talkin straight logic and facts

    • mikexxx11
      mikexxx11 Month ago +1

      @Tha_Real Mike Mike round doesn't go down range until the trigger is squeezed. And all weapons are to be treated as loaded at all times. That is firearm safety 101. I know 10byear olds that know that. He is a murderer and should e locked up

    • Jay Raut
      Jay Raut Month ago +1

      @Tha_Real Mike Mike lol my life is far from perfect, but its also far from 'I shot someone cause I thought the bullets were fake'.

      Unless they prove that the gun just randomly shoots if you wave it around, him saying I didn't pull the trigger is the most blissfully ignorant thing I've heard. How hard is it to say my finger slipped, I wasn't careful cause I though it was empty? This man really chose "the universe is out to get me".

    • Tha_Real Mike Mike
      Tha_Real Mike Mike Month ago +1

      @Executive Order even then, if the gun discharged without him pulling the trigger, it wouldn’t matter if he was trained or not. I dont get why humans are so quick to pass judgment about things they have little info about. Quick to bash a celebrity like yal life perfect.

    • Jay Raut
      Jay Raut Month ago +3

      @Executive Order Maybe idk, I'm not really interested in doing any research. He lost me at the fact that he was handed a 'prop' gun and didn't bother to make sure that a real bullet doesn't come out when you pull the trigger.

  • Danny
    Danny Month ago +1

    This guy is the epitome of "it should have" or "there should have been" type of people. Cops on movie sets? Why, because YOUR negligence killed someone? Ridiculous.

  • Hope Floats
    Hope Floats Month ago +16

    He may not remember pulling the trigger but he definitely pulled the trigger!!

    • Sean Quinn
      Sean Quinn Month ago

      I mean technically it is possible to have a firearm discharge without the trigger being pulled due to mechanical failure…but it is incredibly rare

  • MrNo Nayme
    MrNo Nayme Month ago +3

    "Is this the worst thing that ever happened to you?" Dude, did you mean to say "is this the worst thing you ever did to someone?"

  • Amanda Negretè
    Amanda Negretè Month ago +19

    If Baldwin didn’t pull the trigger who did?

    Certainly he’s NOT suggesting that Joel or Halyna’s family are ignorant enough to accept a weapon spontaneously “went off”?

    I sincerely hope he’s not adding INSULT to fatal injury.

    I feel so sorry for the victims, their loved ones and EVERYONE that experienced a shooter in their workplace that day.

    • William Gunnarsson
      William Gunnarsson Month ago

      @Amanda Negretè Well, it's very difficult for me to believe him each time he comes up with another scenario that might sound like a valid excuse for what he did. He had previously said that he had aimed at the camera. But had he aimed at the camera he would've hit the camera, and not her. He was only roughly 3 ft.away from them. He, also, said in the interview that he never aimed the gun in her direction. But if he aimed at the camera it was certainly in her direction , the proof of that is , she's dead. He claimed he didn't aim and didn't cock the hammer, and didn't even touch the trigger. This is so much of a blatant prevarication, that it's embarrassing to even comment on it. He struck me as being very cowardly blaming Halyna for her own death. We only have his word on anything. By this time, I don't think his brothers or even anyone close to him can believe what he says, since he has changed his story several times. I think, for many, putting Halyna in the mix, is the last straw. He should be charged soon with whatever the Santa Fe sheriff's office decides. I, frankly, don't know what else to say. I'm sure her widower was not pleased with the interview or his hiding behind his victim by blaming her yesterday. As far as the gun that was used. It seems that it was not an antique model , but rather a newer replica made in Italy that has a safety that will prevent the striker from hitting a chambered round unless fully cocked. At any rate, it doesn't look good for Alec Baldwin. It doesn't mean he'll be convicted of anything. We'll have to wait and see..

    • William Gunnarsson
      William Gunnarsson Month ago

      @DaCubanYT Thank you for that information. I'll look at it and take it under consideration for the future. It's great that people can come together over this and we can all continue learning as we go. Thanks again .

    • Amanda Negretè
      Amanda Negretè Month ago +1

      @William Gunnarsson hello, this is just the rudimentary understanding I gained from the interview.

      Baldwin was pulling the hammer back as requested by Halyna or another camera person (he didn’t specify).

      Baldwin described “they” were explicitly directing him in how to move the weapon and what actions to take.

      According to Baldwin in my understanding, he’s claiming he pulled the hammer back as directed.

      He didn’t say specifically but it was insinuated that he released the hammer which flew forward striking the firing pin which caused a round to be ejected from the muzzle.

      Is that your understanding of what he said?
      Is that possible?

      If the weapon were indeed an antique or significantly altered would Baldwin’s alleged scenario have even been possible?

      If so, isn’t releasing the hammer on that specific weapon equivalent to traditionally “pulling the trigger”?

    • William Gunnarsson
      William Gunnarsson Month ago

      @DaCubanYT Hey! When a Colt SAA revolver comes from the factory, it is very reliable and it was not meant to be used in any other fashion then in the single action mode. I believe that they are altered and customized by the buyers to better reflect their personalities, just as people do with automobiles. It was brought to my attention that they used a new reproduction of the gun mfg'd. in Italy. That gun is made with a better safety set-up that will prevent it from firing even though it's dropped. The antique originals don't have that, so ultimately, if dropped it could go off. I imagine if someone is a die-hard Baldwin fan, he could come up with any number of ways that it might fire, like taking a sledge to the hammer it heating it up on a BBQ grill, etc.or something stupid like that. I'll look at the site you sent me later. Under normal use and circumstances, it wouldn't fire unless you cock the hammer. If it has been altered in some way then, I guess you're on your own. Don't know what else to say at the moment. Happy You- Tube hunting !

    • DaCubanYT
      DaCubanYT Month ago

      @William Gunnarsson you absolutely did say that the gun HE was using could not go off by itself, which I’m not experienced enough to give my opinion on, but someone here did ask how a gun could possibly go off by itself, and well, it is possible, right?

  • JED
    JED Month ago +1

    The way they injected the sad piano track as he got emotional really helps deliver the narrative…. Beautiful acting as usual.

  • Josh
    Josh Month ago +22

    Colt peace maker the single action army has been around for 150 years plus you have to physically pull the hammer back and pull the fucking trigger that's how that specific firearms works!!! That poor women died he's 100% responsible 😢

    • Kelly Martin
      Kelly Martin Month ago

      @redarrowhead2 the chances of that happening with the type of gun he was using is astronomical. I don’t buy it.

    • redarrowhead2
      redarrowhead2 Month ago

      @Amira Brown of course you can have an accidental discharge

    • Pat W
      Pat W Month ago +2

      @Josh good point. It should never be pointed at anyone regardless.

    • Jay Raut
      Jay Raut Month ago +4

      @Amira Brown It could happen. It has basically the same probability of me accidentally walking through a wall.

      The way a revolver works is that a hammer needs to be pulled back under spring tension into a catch. When the hammer is released it will strike the back of the bullet and start a chain reaction in the bullet. The trigger pull releases the catch. The catch can slip if the gun gets jerked. Although you'll struggle to have that happen even by throwing it at a wall. Other option is spontaneous combustion of the bullet. That has the lower probability than a match spontaneously lighting up. And imagine the one bullet that decides to go randomly off is in the gun's barrel...

      He pulled the trigger whether he likes it or not. I don't know the full story but it kinda sounds like "someone gave me a knife and said it was a rubber knife. I didn't check if that was true and stabbed someone as a prank."

    • Josh
      Josh Month ago +1

      @Pat W never said it was murder,just pointing out that poticular firearms has to be cocked first. If the armourer gave it to him in this ready state then he must of pulled the trigger. He was also practicing doing the quick draw so I've read? I find it extremely odd that he didn't pull the trigger or it suddenly went off. Either way the barrel was aiming towards that poor lady.

  • Koy Reyes
    Koy Reyes Month ago +15

    So if he didn’t pull the trigger, who did???? 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️

    • AlyssaXo101
      AlyssaXo101 Month ago

      The trigger pulled itself. “Guns kill” remember?

    • Stanley Klimek
      Stanley Klimek Month ago

      Trump pulled the trigger!

  • Scott Whittaker
    Scott Whittaker Month ago +22

    Right after the shooting, was he taken into custody, questioned, blood drawn for toxicology report for drugs, blood alcohol level? If not, why not? Privileged, payoff? Who botched the initial investigation and why?
    It's very fishy to me that he's in the limelight making statements. Wouldn't a lawyer advise against that? Lotsa questions but all swept under the rug.

    • DanOP7
      DanOP7 Month ago +4

      Good point.

  • Rebecca Knott
    Rebecca Knott Month ago +2

    Where are the tears? No one can “cry” this hard without actual tears. 🙄
    That poor woman.

  • Rick S.
    Rick S. Month ago +5

    Guns don't go off multiple times on their own.
    He did pull the trigger.
    But of course he's going to say that he didn't.
    That's what he's supposed to say.

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case Month ago +13

    I trust that he means what he says and does. "My wife is from Spain"

    • staycee Dunn
      staycee Dunn Month ago

      Wow what a stretch Armstrong sized reach! One is a stupid lie that didn't hurt anyone really and the other is a tragic death they aren't even close to the same thing. 🤦‍♀️

  • WCH
    WCH Month ago +8

    He had to of pulled the trigger. Firing pin needed to hit the cap to ignite the powder. It doesnt just happen from waving the gun around

  • Zack Evans
    Zack Evans Month ago +3

    People's really not his fault.
    The gun had no idea that HE was loaded.

  • Nick Casolino
    Nick Casolino Month ago +1

    I believe him. Why? I remember in the 1970's and 1980's, Remington had a dangerous Rifle that would shoot without touching the Trigger with the safety on. A lot of people were hurt badly to causing death. Knowing this, Probably, the gun has/had a mechanical defect

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith Month ago +5

    I mean, sure! My guns fire themselves all of the time. Especially the single action revolvers that have to be loaded one chamber at a time through a loading gate, physically draw back the hammer and point in an unsafe and lethal direction. But that trigger thingy, well it just has a mind of it's own. It knows exactly when the gun is pointed at an innocent non-threatening entity, loaded and cocked. Then it just decides to operate itself to do the most damage, like this time when it got two innocent bystanders with a single shot. My yard is littered with corpses from these events, because, God knows I have a shit-load of guns and ammunition. It's a wonder we can field an effective military without massive fratricide.

  • Stanley Klimek
    Stanley Klimek Month ago +2

    If one can't practice gun safety by one's self they shouldn't be handling any guns. Plain and simple. It is their own responsibility not someone else's.

  • Alien S.
    Alien S. Month ago +2

    He produced a movie that used a single action revolver, which would, 100% require the hammer to manually be 'cocked' before the trigger would even function to fire a round (blanks or live), so... Either he was handed a cocked pistol (with hammer already pulled back) and it 'accidentally' discharged while he was aiming at a person OR he manually cocked it, aimed it at someone and then pulled the trigger... One of these is significantly more likely to have occurred than the other...

  • nigel snell
    nigel snell Month ago +2

    So he never points a gun at anyone.
    Ok, so even if the gun went off by itself,
    he clearly held it in a position that was pointing at the two victims when it discharged.
    Even if he gets away with the above, it's still a manslaughter charge surely ?.

  • Helen Fong
    Helen Fong Month ago +2

    When this first happened, I felt really bad for Alec. I don't believe he intentionally pulled the trigger. I actually think, Hannah, the armor holds some responsibility. Having said this, he & his wife should stay off social media. What they did on Halloween was thoughtless & CRUEL It's most likely his lawyer(s) advised him to shut his to speak. We all know that he can't. I now question his sincerity.

    • Jerseybytes2
      Jerseybytes2 Month ago +1

      as Ron White says, "he has the right to remain silent, he simply lacks the ability". if he thinks this upcoming interview will make him look like a victim, he's even more delusional than we thought he is.

      Btw, the revolver he used is most likely a single action, which means he also had to cock the revolver's hammer and then pull the trigger. so, once we think about the whole thing, he first failed to see if the revolver was unloaded (seeing this was a rehearsal he wouldn't even need dummy rounds in the revolver), then he aimed it at someone before doing all that I already mentioned. He also ignored others when they mentioned safety concerns. Even if he failed to hear some of these concerns, as a producer he has to have been informed on the crew's walkout, since they hired new people to replace them.

      He's now saying he wants movies to hire police. well, why didn't he do it? and why does he think that new rules would prevent this tragedy when he didn't even follow the rules that are in place?

      Yeah, I felt bad at first, but the more one thinks about it, the more we see how he was negligent. oh well, maybe he can move to fake Spain with his "Spanish" wife

  • nancyandmark
    nancyandmark Month ago +1

    Un actor , del calibre de este hombre , lamentablemente la escena en que el llora no le sale bien , YO NO ME SIENTO CULPABLE “ si no se siente culpable por que llora ? O pretende llorar . Admitir un error es mejor que actuar una mentira

    EVENMETAL Month ago +2

    He’s rich AF. He’ll be fine. If a “regular” person did this they’d be fucked

  • Atticus Finch
    Atticus Finch Month ago +2

    Don't forget people he is an actor the tears I mean

  • Michael Edwards
    Michael Edwards Month ago +16

    Why isn't Alec charged with manslaughter? Someone handed him a firearm. No matter who had it or any bullets in it, once receiving it it is his responsibility to check and accept responsibility anything that takes place with that firearm. Through his negligence, he did not check the bullets, he did not maintain muscle awareness and he did not keep his finger off the trigger. Through his negligent actions someone is dead

  • Faith Frugoli
    Faith Frugoli Month ago +20

    Hire the police for safety, but don’t want police presence in protests/riots. I’m so confused what people want.

    • Sade M
      Sade M Month ago

      @Cynthia Gray Exactly. It should not be that difficult.

    • Cynthia Gray
      Cynthia Gray Month ago +1

      It's not that simple, Faith.... Police are supposed to protect and serve. However they end up handling many different roles but they are only trained for a few. We want them to do their job without killing people that if they were another color, would still be alive.

    • Zack Evans
      Zack Evans Month ago

      They want Everything in one bag but they don't want that bag to be heavy....

    • Sade M
      Sade M Month ago +1

      Police have a terrible track record at protests. They should be called to the riots, though, as long as they can be trusted to not go overboard (which they can't).

  • Woody Allen
    Woody Allen Month ago +3

    Alec: No I didn’t pull the trigger. My soon to be ex wife Hilaria pulled the trigger. Yeah!! That’s it!!! She’s a loco who likes to play with cucumbers and prop guns.
    George: Interview over. Call the psych ward.

  • Na Na
    Na Na Month ago +1

    Example of a coward right here.

    Claiming this way after this happened, because, while other people may have fucked up, the gun in his hand is ultimately HIS responsibility. I don't care if it's a fake gun, prop gun, real gun you think is empty. If it's in YOUR hands, you need to know how to check that your own weapon is clear. He's even ranted about needing a "police officer" around as if a cop's all that much more knowledgeable than an armorer. Everything he spouts is to deflect blame, but it was HIS production and the weapon was in HIS hands. He pointed it. And, yes, HE pulled the trigger. He is 100% responsible.

    I'm not advocating jail for the numbskull, but he MUST take ownership of his responsibility in this.

  • Stanley Klimek
    Stanley Klimek Month ago

    He was the one in sole control of that gun that he held. Period.

  • Robert Taylor
    Robert Taylor Month ago

    Yeah its the worst thing that's ever happened to 'him" and it's all someone else's fault. I don't give a rats ass who you are or what you're doing. IF YOU ARE HANDLING A FIREARM IT'S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO OBSERVE THE RULES OF GUN SAFETY AT ALL TIMES. THERE'S ZERO EXCUSE THAT'S ACCEPTABLE.

  • Paige Miller
    Paige Miller 18 days ago

    Maybe instead of having cops at every set using guns, people could learn how to safely operate a gun. I learned this at a young age and it isn’t hard. First and foremost on handling a gun, NEVER point the gun at anyone and always have the gun on safety. The fact actors are never taught this has me questioning the system.

  • Look At This Stupid Comment

    Wierd how there aren't any tears when he starts to 'cry'.
    Almost like watching the interview in the movie gone girl

  • M. Denz
    M. Denz Month ago +10

    “I would never point a gun at someone and pull the trigger”

    Ummmm. That’s literally EXACTLY a what happened. Take accountability

    • Kelly Martin
      Kelly Martin Month ago

      @M. Denz I agree. He’s responsible.

    • M. Denz
      M. Denz Month ago

      @Kelly Martin I believe he didn’t intend on shooting anyone. However, fault still rests with him. He didn’t adhere to fundamental gun safety. Negligence

    • Akmal Danial
      Akmal Danial Month ago

      @Kelly Martin Thanks for the info.

    • Kelly Martin
      Kelly Martin Month ago +1

      @Akmal Danial I watched the interview. He says they were setting up a shot and was told by the cinematographer to pull the hammer back, he did, and when she was satisfied with the shot, he let go of the the hammer and it went off. I can see that happening. And after watching the entire interview, I tend to believe him. One can see he is suffering. Even though I think he’s a prick, he doesn’t deserve to go through this. My heart goes out to him.

    • Akmal Danial
      Akmal Danial Month ago

      @Kelly Martin We may not know for sure, but I would like to assume the best of people.

  • Thurston Howell III
    Thurston Howell III Month ago +1

    I love the picture in the thumbnail. It needs to become popular, it would look good next to LeBum Jonzes crying picture.

  • Sonmi Song
    Sonmi Song Month ago +13

    Worst thing that ever happened to him.....think it actually happened to someone else.

    • Gabriel Leroux
      Gabriel Leroux Month ago

      Are you saying no one is blaming him for that?

  • Handsome Blackman
    Handsome Blackman Month ago

    Come on bruh, you pulled it, thought it would get a good laugh, things happen. Own it, then apologize.

  • Krystjan Chanerley
    Krystjan Chanerley Month ago +1

    I'm no expert but what I do know is that a "mistake" of using live rounds on a movie set could not, would not be possible for an armourer to make. There would not be the need in any circumstance for live ammunition to be part of the production. From what I've read with regards to the scenario at the time of the "accident", there was no reasonable excuse or need for a firearm to even be in Baldwin's hand, as the scenes being filmed on the day did not require the use of a gun or special FX to mimic the firing of the gun in question. But, who knows?

    • Josh Cardiff
      Josh Cardiff Month ago

      I'm not sure how they acquire dummy ammo currently, but when Brandon Lee was killed on set, that dummy ammo was made by disassembling live ammo, dumping the gun powder out, and reassembling. Maybe that was the case here and it got mixed up.

    • William Gunnarsson
      William Gunnarsson Month ago

      Krystján Chanerley, sir ! He was the only one with a gun at the church from what I gather.To practice his cross-draw, he says. Why he needed a loaded gun to practice his draw is not clear to me. The live rounds were bought for the purpose of recreational shooting for Rusty and friends. He either didn't unload the live rounds left from his shooting fun, or he had some bullets on his person to facilitate more convenient loading as they played cowboys, when he came back. Or he may had some live ones left over, maybe in his pocket , and intentionally loaded the gun, because he could've been planning a couples of murders later on, who knows ? Did the unfortunate armorer say that she didn't know where the real bullets came from ? That would make sense, if she didn't even know they had been brought for playing with the guns during break time. She may not have wanted to admit that she wasn't aware of them, because she's supposed to know everything pertaining to firearms. Somehow, I feel that she wouldn't have been forceful enough to drag the guys back from their illegal shooting games. Baldwin would just ignore her or maybe told her not to worry, and why don't she go get them a couple of sandwiches, because now it was lunch time. I don't have a clue. I'm usually an accurate first impression guy, but I'm not there to see and feel what's going on. Okay, I'm finished temporarily. Meet you on TheXvid.

  • Darrell English
    Darrell English Month ago +1

    The Gun was a Single Action Revolver meaning in order to fire it you have to Cock Back on the Hammer to set everything into motion and to do this each time to make the Weapon work. The gun will not fire any other way.

    • Zenik Torres
      Zenik Torres Month ago

      @M Rose Thanks

    • M Rose
      M Rose Month ago +1

      @Zenik Torres Yes. You must slowly release it back into place or it can fire the loaded gun. Probably sweaty hands...

    • Zenik Torres
      Zenik Torres Month ago

      Do you know, if while cocking this gun, your thumb slips, and springs back, is that enough to fire this gun?

  • Nicole George
    Nicole George Month ago +1

    Something happened on that set that they don't want anybody to know what

  • Epicdudegreg
    Epicdudegreg Month ago

    *Did he do it on purpose?*
    comment your thoughts here.

  • Mike Finley
    Mike Finley Month ago

    Innnonprirvnews, especially a day or two after it happened was there any remorse but actors can cry, lie and PROP, is NOT a real functional firearm.

  • Cory Allen
    Cory Allen Month ago +3

    So he's telling us the gun was haunted.

  • Debbie Martin
    Debbie Martin Month ago +8

    Whatever truly happened i don't believe for a micro second that Alec Baldwin intentionally killed this woman..There is no way!! I don't care about what anyone says!! Rip beautiful lady this is so very sad indeed!

    • Sade M
      Sade M Month ago

      @David Mobley I'm just telling you facts. Sorry if you don't like that.

    • David Mobley
      David Mobley Month ago +1

      @Sade M if he was told "str8 up" the gun was safe to handle, and the scene called for him to point it to his own head - you think he'd take a look himself first? The standard in crimimal cases is what reasonable people would do. Sorry, but reasonable ppl dnt point guns at others and pull the trigger, even if they were told "str8 up" the gun wasnt loaded.

      Please, save your petty excuses for someone else

    • Sade M
      Sade M Month ago

      @David Mobley He was told straight up that the gun was safe to handle. The armorer is the one who checks the gun because she/he/they no to look out for things that regular people do not. If you don't believe me I'd be happy to give you the name of a video where it is explained. The worse that legally could happen to him would be a lawsuit.

    • Kelsey Mariel
      Kelsey Mariel Month ago +1

      Not intentional but still negligence that led to someone’s death.

    • David Mobley
      David Mobley Month ago +5

      Yep and drunk drivers dont intend to kill ppl either. Theres still a price to pay for taking someones life. A reasonable person wouldnt point a gun at someone and pull the trigger, regardless if they knew it was or wasnt loaded. Thats the standard in a criminal case. He should go to prison for this - and now hes lying about it as if his victims family is stupid enough to buy his bullshit.

  • Scott Glock
    Scott Glock Month ago +2

    A gun just doesn't go off by itself. You have to pull the trigger or with a revolver you could pull the hammer back and let go if it doesn't have the 1/2 cocked safety. Im not to familiar with revolvers, but im very familiar with guns and know what it takes to make a round go off. If the hammer was back, then the trigger pull necessary to fire isn't that much.

    I have owned and HK P2000 V3 in 40, so the first pull was a hard one since the hammer was not pulled back, then after that it was a super light pull.

    You pulled the trigger, and thats that. I bet the hammer was back and when you went to put your finger on the trigger it fired just like its supposed to do. There's a reason why they say to always treat a gun as if its loaded, never point a gun at something you don't intend to shoot, and keep your finger off the trigger. You are so liberal and against guns that you never learned anything about them but at the same time you are using them to make you money.

  • Syd Barrett
    Syd Barrett Month ago

    Gun Safety Rule #1: Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.

  • alicia D.H
    alicia D.H Month ago

    Esto es un complot contra el actor Alex Balwin huele a eso
    Por qué el actor no se va a complicar la vida matando a una persona. No creo que quiera ir a la cárcel lo que le queda de vida.
    Por qué hay responsables a los cuales se paga y trabajan para que no ocurra.estos accidentes mortales y que son los encargados de las armas.
    Por qué Irina , DEP. 🙏 no se pone delante de una persona con un arma de verdad a sacar fotos o a hacer su trabajo.
    Por qué Alex Balwin a dicho NO a personas o pesos pesados que dirigen el mundo ganándose enemigos nada recomendables
    Por qué Alex Balwin no está de acuerdo en que se lleven armas encima armas EE.UU.
    Por qué hizo un papel de donde pariodiaba a Tramp clavado hasta el último gesto de este Sr.y no gusto nada eso a ciertas personas entre ellas Traump
    Por que esa bala no iba dirigida a Irina, supuesteamente iba dirigida hacia el actor, el cual estaba ensayallando con ella y en cualquier momento podría pulsar el detonador involuntariamente.
    Por qué quisieron matar a Irina? Ella no era el objetivo, el objetivo era otro.
    Aquí los que tienen mucho que ocultar son los encargados de las armas y alguien más en la sombra. Investiguen

  • Darth Vaden
    Darth Vaden Month ago

    Obviously it wasn't a "prop" gun or we'd all be here today, yet they seem to keep repeating that.

  • B B
    B B Month ago

    Pointed and pulled the trigger without inspecting the weapon and ammo.

  • Tsuki to Hoshi
    Tsuki to Hoshi Month ago

    He thought it was a prop gun, we dont go to the set with Live rounds. Risk Management of the production.

  • Anton Sevastian
    Anton Sevastian Month ago


  • milt
    milt Month ago +1

    And people have the gall to say Kyle Rittenhouse's tears were fake. Face it Alec your goose is cooked. You aimed and pulled the trigger. Oh yes you killed somebody. Kyle had a legitimate reason, you don't.

  • TheImtoomuch
    TheImtoomuch Month ago

    Wow he didn't even get fake tears out. Tears aren't dry, Alec. You are guilty and we all know it. To say the gun shot without you pulling the trigger is a bold face lie.

  • TokesNation Propaganda Ministry

    I thought the worst thing ever to happen to Alec Baldwyn was his performance in Cats & Dogs

  • pat doe
    pat doe 27 days ago

    When making movies with guns involved you should always double check them

  • The Editor
    The Editor Month ago

    An interview already?! And its beeing promoted like some kind of movie

  • GEORGE M97
    GEORGE M97 Month ago

    He did pull the trigger though lol

  • Thee Misfit
    Thee Misfit Month ago

    The real culprit is John Cena!! I heard he was on set we just couldn’t see him.

  • Samantha
    Samantha Month ago +5

    This is awful. All around awful. So so sad.

  • **
    ** Month ago +9

    Did the bullets just fly out?

  • Adam Romero
    Adam Romero Month ago +1

    So the gun spontaneously went off? I don't understand...

  • Joe Krim
    Joe Krim Month ago +1

    Crocodile Tears. We're SUPPOSED to believe this actor?

  • pokerface
    pokerface Month ago +3

    I think Baldwin was saying "I didn't pull the trigger" instead of "I didn't kill her" in the interview. With the cases and lawsuit going on, one mistake could really spike up some misconceptions and fake news around social media.

    Also, Hannah Gutierrez Reed (the armorer of the set) was supposed to check the gun for live bullets. She told the police that she checked and listened to what sounded like "dummy bullets" and then handed it to Baldwin. For Baldwin, he thought it was a "cold gun" and proceeds to rehearse with it. If the gun was "thoughtfully checked" no accidents would happen as Hannah was heard as "inexperienced" (her father was a famous armorer) took her job recently as an armorer.

    • ROSEMARY Kennedy
      ROSEMARY Kennedy Month ago +1

      Hannah wasn’t there when the church scene was rehearsed. She was elsewhere so she didn’t hand Baldwin any gun.

  • sam maudlin
    sam maudlin 28 days ago

    Not pull the trigger when it's pointed at someone.

  • Nithish Kumar
    Nithish Kumar Month ago +1

    Tf is wrong with this guy just admit you pulled the trigger ,no one's charging you anyway

  • Larry Wright
    Larry Wright Month ago +1

    In the Alec Baldwin case ,if the actor was making a film wouldn't he be aiming the gun at the camera and not the person holding it especially when the camera is 1.5 to 2.0 feet from her head?

  • Bromptin Owner
    Bromptin Owner Month ago

    Can't understand WHY was a live gun on set in the first place !?

  • Mr308
    Mr308 Month ago +1

    Oh please you had the gun in your hand and you didn’t pull the trigger? Yeah ok tell me another fairytale

  • GC Pullsout
    GC Pullsout Month ago +1

    We all know Alec couldn't shake the curiosity of checking shooting someone off of his bucket list. Unfortunately, for Alec Baldwin this contrived interview was one of his worst acting performances. Not that he was ever a very good actor anyway.

  • Terry Rogerson
    Terry Rogerson Month ago

    A police officer on the set?!? No can do, we defunded the police . . .

  • Ron Hamblin
    Ron Hamblin Month ago

    Gets a razzie for that 😢 😭 ....

  • Chase Dizzie
    Chase Dizzie Month ago

    Acting on par as usual

  • Jimmy not nice
    Jimmy not nice Month ago

    Wow must’ve been an electronic gun 🤯🤯🤯 sit the fuck down and take that accidental manslaughter charge 😐

  • Creek Cherish
    Creek Cherish Month ago

    Lock him up!!

  • It's Andy, me
    It's Andy, me Month ago +3

    So the gun magically levitated in the air, pointed at the cinematographer, and triggered itself?

  • Jenny L.
    Jenny L. Month ago

    On his Instagram he says his family is all he cares about....I think he stop posting on Instagram. If he shot that woman...THAT family should be foremost on his mind.

  • KM
    KM Month ago +6

    The best performance of his entire career.

  • Cory Brantley
    Cory Brantley Month ago

    Sounds like negligent manslaughter to me.

  • Gayle Gardiner
    Gayle Gardiner Month ago +3


  • Robby Rutland
    Robby Rutland Month ago

    I can't stand Alec. I want him locked up for negligence. The only problem is he is not fully at fault and I hate admitting that. See he should have checked the gun and he did not, so yes he is negligent. Halyna I feel is also negligent in her death because if the gun is going to be pointed at her why did she not have the commonsense to check the gun? I know if I was doing a gun scene which the gun is pointed at me I would want to see the gun before we do the scene. I feel the same way as everyone else in the comments feel, but she should have also checked the gun so she also holds responsibility in her own death. She's just as dumb as him.

  • mikexxx11
    mikexxx11 Month ago

    This is fucking hilarious

  • Darth Laundrie
    Darth Laundrie Month ago +5

    I blame the tiktoker Hannah Reed, she was in charge of all guns on the set.

    • Kelly Martin
      Kelly Martin Month ago

      @Jérémy Beaulieu It’s obvious to me you have no idea how to handle a gun, for if you did, you’d know that whenever one takes a gun they always check to see if it’s loaded or empty. Actor or no actor.

    • Jérémy Beaulieu
      Jérémy Beaulieu Month ago

      @Kelly Martin he's an actor! It's not his job to check gun i mean come on !

    • Kelly Martin
      Kelly Martin Month ago

      And he as a professional actor should have double checked it. It’s his fault.

  • Qay Qay
    Qay Qay Month ago

    Thumb nail...I don't want to go to jail. I'm the victim

  • Bruce Griffiths
    Bruce Griffiths Month ago +4

    Typical actor wiping his eye to show his feelings and blubbering crocodile tears. He is an absolute fake. Doesn't deter what is a shocking accident of incompetence.

    • Bruce Griffiths
      Bruce Griffiths Month ago

      Surely they won't buy. I think you are right about that.

    • Kelly Martin
      Kelly Martin Month ago

      I don’t think the investigators are buying it.

  • Diana yahia
    Diana yahia Month ago

    If he didn't pull the trigger then who shot the poor woman ??

  • Ryan lex
    Ryan lex Month ago

    Dude trying to play victim card lmao

  • IMARealist
    IMARealist Month ago +1

    Hello. Donald Trump, this is Alec Baldwin calling! Hi
    Alec, what can I do for you? Donald, if you are
    elected President in 2024; would you give me a
    pardon? Alec. of course I will; you're a straight

  • Kelsey Mariel
    Kelsey Mariel Month ago +3

    Wait, same guy who wants to defund the police now wants more of them on film and TV sets to monitor the safety that the actual cast and crew should have been doing? And YOU pulled the trigger and yes, it was pointed at humans. This was not some magic bending bullet.

  • Beastn Perfection
    Beastn Perfection Month ago

    Crocodile tears, everyone should learn the universal firearm safety rules regardless of real firearms vs movie props for blanks only.

  • Darrel Johnson
    Darrel Johnson Month ago

    You don't understand,you've got the wrong man.Nothing touched the trigger but the Devil's right hand.........Johnny Cash......

    SWINE Month ago

    Why was there real bullets in the gun

  • Tan Tan
    Tan Tan Month ago +1

    Put em in jail