F1 2017 Vs F1 2013 Vs F1 Championship Edition - Williams FW18 Hotlap Comparison

  • Published on Sep 2, 2017
  • A comparison of the graphics, sound and handling of the Williams FW18 on F1 Championship Edition, F1 2013 and F1 2017. The 1996 F1 season never had a PlayStation game made for it, but that doesn't stop Damon Hill's championship winning car from cropping up in a lot of games. The question is how different are all in the laps across all three games?
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  • Schumi Jr.
    Schumi Jr. Month ago +2

    F1 championship edition sounds a lot like the F1 Mclaren of 1999

    • Cbr 3
      Cbr 3 25 days ago

      I agree

  • Vauxhall Mitsubishi Customer Service 1995

    These people in the comment sections are FUCKING NORMIES

  • MellleM
    MellleM 4 months ago +1

    i love Brazil

  • Jwork
    Jwork 6 months ago

    I want f1 2013 but f1 ce exist
    Note I have a ps3
    I hope theres no one compare ps3 to x360 coz I just wondering which game should I get

  • Edward Jam
    Edward Jam 6 months ago

    Whats with the god damn T-Cam!!! Show cockpit next time! You TheXvidrs are all the same!!!

    • mcbeaulieu
      mcbeaulieu 3 months ago

      I've been so used to driving on tcam since GP4 that I've kept doing it in every single since then. But the first two games I've played are GP2 and GP3 which are based on cockpit view lol.
      Fun fact : I decided to have a go at cockpit view in F1 2019 in the F2004 at Interlagos and on the first lap I set a 1'10.0 😂

    • PSL Racing
      PSL Racing  6 months ago +2

      Well it's much easier to drive with the T-cam than with the cockpit cam as you get a wider view or what's ahead and beside you. Even in racing games other than the F1 games I use the bonnet cam or the closest camera to that. After years of using those camera angles, the amount of relearning to drive at the same speed in cockpit cam would be immense. If I recorded this video with cockpit cam the driving would've been awful. It also would've highlighted further that I use the pad due to the jerkier steering movements which people have already taken issue with in the comments.

  • Tiø_Feníx 69
    Tiø_Feníx 69 9 months ago


    JONATAN PEREA 10 months ago +1

    La sensacion de velocidad del f1 06 championship edition no la tiene ninguno...

  • Don't Tread On Me
    Don't Tread On Me 10 months ago +6

    It's funny how F1 06 CE is still the best F1 game on the market. Best sound, great graphics, realistic HUD...

    • King Tin Hou
      King Tin Hou 3 months ago

      Don't Tread On Me AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA no.

  • Francesco Giovinazzi

    The Williams sound of f1 championship edition like the McLaren 1998 or 1999

    • mcbeaulieu
      mcbeaulieu 3 months ago

      1999. I was gonna say that 😂😂

  • Djentleman Goldbar

    F1 2017 is much better than both

  • ventisette.
    ventisette. Year ago

    Championship Edition has aged well, but this car was modelled like shit!

  • FranciscoFJM
    FranciscoFJM 2 years ago

    In F1 CE The car sounds exactly like the McLaren MP4-14, take a listen thexvid.com/video/1A_dapnwgEc/video.html

  • Lynne Baumgartner
    Lynne Baumgartner 2 years ago

    You should've said in the title Williams fw18 interlagos hotlap

    • PSL Racing
      PSL Racing  2 years ago +1

      Lynne RyersonBaumgartner Well it's not the laps that's important, it's the visual and audio comparison between the three games specified in the title. If I left that out and went with your title, people might think it would be real life lap and not three separate ones from three different video games.

  • Victor Nag
    Victor Nag 2 years ago +4

    3 best f1 games!

  • Burning Wang
    Burning Wang 2 years ago

    The car in 2013 was really op.

  • Voatrex
    Voatrex 2 years ago +16

    Ridiculous how u could archieve a 1:12 in this car in 2013... F1 2017 Classic Cars are so much more realistic

    • Voatrex
      Voatrex 2 years ago +1

      PSLutonrules I think it just shows that F1 2013 was a bit more arcadic. You can see in the Gameplay that u had much more Grip in that game and the speed in the corners was just insane for an Old car like that

    • PSL Racing
      PSL Racing  2 years ago +3

      To be fair I've heard that all cars have much more grip when in time trial mode on F1 2013. So if I did the same lap in the grand prix mode it would've been slower, but how much slower I don't know.

  • William Ly
    William Ly 2 years ago +7

    I cant seriously see the good graphics in F1 CE over 2017. I mean everything is so blocky and 480p, people need glasses here

  • TheCodJedi
    TheCodJedi 2 years ago +1

    Do you not know how to do partial throttle? Lmao you’re just tapping the throttle over and over again through the corners it’s awful

    • TheReventadorChannel
      TheReventadorChannel Year ago

      Why should i tell you my name
      It's possible, but only if you're using a mechanical keyboard.

    • Alexis Grimshaw
      Alexis Grimshaw 2 years ago

      TheCodJedi what's awful is you not realising that it's clearly due to using a keyboard, and that the throttle is irrelevant to what's actually being compared here.

  • Marco Giorgini
    Marco Giorgini 2 years ago +3

    I prefer the 2013

  • Richard Mertens
    Richard Mertens 2 years ago +2

    The feeling for speed comes more to life in the championship edition.
    Graphics of championship edition and handeling of 2017 best combo.

  • Michele Marobbio
    Michele Marobbio 2 years ago +1

    La grafica ps3 meglio della ps4

  • Antonio Benítez
    Antonio Benítez 2 years ago +11

    The publicity on f1 2017 is worst that championsip edition.
    F1 2017: rolex, F1 2017 F1 2017 F1 2017......

    • DL 14
      DL 14 Year ago +2

      DHL and Fly Emirates. Pirelli. Not much else I believe

    • luigi siciliani
      luigi siciliani 2 years ago

      Do you remember the sponsor in f1 2000 created by studio 33? Aaah the memories

    • Michael Knight
      Michael Knight 2 years ago

      Antonio Benítez sweet dreams kiddo 😂 😂

  • LF1Racing 00
    LF1Racing 00 2 years ago +11

    F1 Championship edition Have Better graphics than F1 2017
    F1 Championship Edition Nice✔

  • Factor Mars
    Factor Mars 2 years ago +8

    Loool throttle... looool

  • Thomas John Solidum
    Thomas John Solidum 2 years ago +25

    I still dont understand why codemasters didnt put tire brands on the sidewalls. I mean they still have the bridgestone or goodyear logos on the panels of the cars why not the actual tire itself

    • Edward Jam
      Edward Jam 8 months ago

      Use mods you noobs, and if you're a console person, then you're screwed.

    • Faby Justen
      Faby Justen 2 years ago +1

      Thomas John Solidum the tyre brands in the classic cars just appears if u choose a classic track. If u choose a modern track, they just simply dissapears of the tyre

    • Thomas John Solidum
      Thomas John Solidum 2 years ago +4

      Z In Chains what do you mean Pirelli didn't want them placed there how come they were able to do it in F1 2013

    • Z In Chains
      Z In Chains 2 years ago +1

      Thomas John Solidum
      I know and this bugs me a t since the tires look really empty and dull. It could be that Pirelli doesn't want them displayed but they could have still put a white line or something there...

  • Jose Manoel
    Jose Manoel 2 years ago +11

    F1 2013 graphics are better than 2017

  • Stephen _
    Stephen _ 2 years ago +15

    F1 2017 is lacking in classic tracks

  • Jay (OTT)
    Jay (OTT) 2 years ago +2

    For whatever reason, the cars in earlier CM F1 titles were always given more grip and power in time trial and online modes compared to quick race and career. I believe the discrepancy was finally fixed when they made the jump to next gen and Ego 4.0 in F1 2015.
    Hence, the 2013 lap time is a lot faster than it really should be, and would've been more in line with the other two games if doing a quick race qualifying run.

  • DanielTheFreak
    DanielTheFreak 2 years ago +52

    Really nice comparison. Also shows how a 10 year old game can easily keep up with today's games.
    But what are you doing with your throttle in F1 2017? It sounds... funny :D

    • Jounaaass
      Jounaaass Year ago

      GiorGiTeV it has nothing to do with tcs i know i tested this like 1min ago

    • GiorGiTeV
      GiorGiTeV Year ago

      Traction Control on :)

  • TheLightning03
    TheLightning03 2 years ago +90

    First game's Graphics was actually great

    • Ford Ranger Wildtrak Fan9
      Ford Ranger Wildtrak Fan9 10 months ago

      Thats The Best Game Ever!!!

    • Subi_fan
      Subi_fan 2 years ago +17

      It also has sense of actual speed, something Codies games are missing.

    • BuzzRaceWars
      BuzzRaceWars 2 years ago +3

      TheLightning03 It was developed by Sony Liverpool (closed) and an early PS3 title.

  • Klay 1
    Klay 1 2 years ago +33

    Real life pole was a 1:18.1 BTW ;)