I Got A "Perfect" Makeover Based On My Features


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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  9 months ago +16017

    HELLO FRIENDS! welcome to another video! and its a long one XD. happy friday & look out for another video THIS WEEKEND! xox, saf

  • kitty cake321
    kitty cake321 29 minutes ago +1

    I like the after
    I like the hair how it's a little curly and iits short
    You look better like this

  • Jenny Gardiner
    Jenny Gardiner 2 hours ago


  • Jerr i Vida
    Jerr i Vida 8 hours ago

    I am a full hourglass

  • Blue_Bragon Lajoie
    Blue_Bragon Lajoie 17 hours ago

    Your hair looks like belle hair

  • Gigi O
    Gigi O 18 hours ago

    16:01 your welcome

  • Adalia Wright
    Adalia Wright 20 hours ago

    I wish that she could have found an autumn flair dress. I don't like jumpsuits much.

  • Emmy Personal
    Emmy Personal 21 hour ago

    Curls most def work for you!! I loved your 1987 working woman outfit hair. Those curls

  • Carl Poyser
    Carl Poyser 23 hours ago

    You pop more pop means fart

  • Dan Rye
    Dan Rye Day ago

    You are so funny! Never thought I would watch these types of videos (me being a guy) but you are ace!

  • Foxgirl25 Lococo
    Foxgirl25 Lococo Day ago +1

    You look like my mom in this video and that’s not an insult

  • Molly Umemoto
    Molly Umemoto Day ago +2

    Who else agrees that Safiya looked great either way???

  • Kaedyn Vermette
    Kaedyn Vermette Day ago

    Safiya looks so sad looking in the mirror

  • Aaron Martin
    Aaron Martin Day ago

    "Booty and a hair on top." Pubes? Or Tail?

  • Y Xiu Qing
    Y Xiu Qing Day ago +1

    Your make up looks amazing!!!!

  • Little Croc
    Little Croc Day ago

    how are you to day

  • Aime Shehan
    Aime Shehan Day ago

    if u look at Sofi's face is really cute , she's so beautyfull

  • Michael Curlee
    Michael Curlee Day ago

    She got a Mom hair cut

  • Kaila Dennis
    Kaila Dennis Day ago

    I like this style

  • Mariah Francois
    Mariah Francois Day ago

    Most people that knows me says am lucky my appearance body finger everything my waste

  • Lily C
    Lily C Day ago +1

    I desperately need this type of glo up

  • Day Nunez
    Day Nunez Day ago

    Ur jokes and comments kill me through out the video whenever i have a really bad day i just watch ur videos and im laughing away

  • Randall Huserik
    Randall Huserik Day ago +1

    "You wear gym shorts everyday!"
    Tyler: (Looks down at gym shorts) "What?!?"

  • Hannah Godwin
    Hannah Godwin 2 days ago

    I love it sooooo much

  • Becca Mancia
    Becca Mancia 2 days ago

    I’m doing my makeup like this on Monday cuz it’s cute!

  • nina m
    nina m 2 days ago


  • R a i s a
    R a i s a 2 days ago

    Wowwwwww the makeup was the best

  • Elysia
    Elysia 2 days ago

    you look way more beautiful than before you did the makeover. you look amazing I really have no words for what I am feeling about this transformation.

  • Amanda Mowery
    Amanda Mowery 2 days ago

    I freaking love the hair so much!!! It’s gorgeous on you!!! ❤️

  • Amanda Mowery
    Amanda Mowery 2 days ago +1

    “It does say f****** perfect...” Saf’s reaction is the best! Lol 😂

  • Sadie :o
    Sadie :o 2 days ago

    i have the same body shape and complexion as saf so this kinda helps?? lmao

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones 3 days ago

    Your makeup looks perfect here 😍
    Absolutely stunning!

  • Noodles
    Noodles 3 days ago

    My body shape is a 2 by 4

  • You’ve been hacked
    You’ve been hacked 3 days ago +1

    I’m summer that’s my name

  • Lvl 99 Mafia boss
    Lvl 99 Mafia boss 3 days ago +1

    I love Brad so freaking much 😘😘😘😘

  • Olivia Cote
    Olivia Cote 4 days ago


  • nightcore DJ
    nightcore DJ 5 days ago +1

    I liked ur hair before

  • Mazde Riora
    Mazde Riora 5 days ago

    wow you're hair make over looked really cute!

  • Stella Sheppard
    Stella Sheppard 5 days ago +1

    8:44 did he say "no it doesn't" to if it looks good or not?

  • Minisplat
    Minisplat 5 days ago

    9:37 that dog is everything

    HOI PERSONA 5 days ago

    Pfffffff 3 years of not cutting hair? Cristine the H💿L💿 queen (Simply Nailogical) hasnt cut her hair in like 10 years

  • Paulaessiina
    Paulaessiina 6 days ago

    Brad tho 😍

  • IAthena Kemp
    IAthena Kemp 6 days ago

    damn your pretty. it goes beyond "youtube pretty"

  • Mgal
    Mgal 6 days ago


  • Aileen Pilapil
    Aileen Pilapil 6 days ago

    I just saw that this was posted on my birthday

  • Lucy Thomas
    Lucy Thomas 7 days ago

    9:41 Is that dog dead?

  • Malwina Radomska
    Malwina Radomska 7 days ago

    You look amazing

  • Ilana H
    Ilana H 7 days ago

    I'm a new subscriber and have really enjoyed your 'haul' videos the most because let's be honest I am a SAHM of 3 with CFS and have no style in me, lol. You are beautiful and funny (You too Tyler!) either way but I think your own style suits you better than the 'perfect' style suits you. Goes to show 'PERFECTION DOES NOT EXIST!'. Thank you for making my kids and I laugh.

  • ChildOf HADES
    ChildOf HADES 7 days ago

    I personally think you look more beautiful in your normal style because you are more confident! ❤️

  • Sonja Bierschenk
    Sonja Bierschenk 7 days ago

    This is such a good look for you!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!

  • Allie Muller
    Allie Muller 7 days ago


  • Nona Upshaw
    Nona Upshaw 7 days ago

    Stacy my fav

  • Lacie Chessor
    Lacie Chessor 7 days ago

    Says good by to hair picks up hair and waves

  • Lacie Chessor
    Lacie Chessor 7 days ago

    Vampire, I feel that way

  • Riley M
    Riley M 7 days ago

    21:19 it looks like she has a bunch of tatoos on her arm!?!?!!

  • Puti Azalia
    Puti Azalia 8 days ago

    can u tell us what lipstick you're wearing? its gorgg!! the one u put on in your final "perfect" makeup

  • Molly Dodson
    Molly Dodson 8 days ago

    She looks so young and good with that hair! She needs to get it again!

  • *Puppy Lover*
    *Puppy Lover* 8 days ago

    Saf looks like a Mom XD

  • Lourdes Collet
    Lourdes Collet 8 days ago

    I really loved this episode! U rocked the suit and I just looooved that brad n stacy helped u out with the makeover!

  • Silly Slythern
    Silly Slythern 8 days ago

    Just your hair kinda screamed I’m a middle aged mom who wants to be hip 🤣

  • coolgirl1878 cool
    coolgirl1878 cool 8 days ago

    I have blue green and a dark purple blue

  • *not* a piece of art

    4:44 I think I just like it like that

  • KateSinging InTheSnow

    English accent:... a personal journey towards *D E A T H !*

  • Philippa Dyson
    Philippa Dyson 9 days ago

    Her hair reminds me of Monros wife in Grimm (Leave me alone I can't spell well)

  • Spots 1819
    Spots 1819 9 days ago

    Your hair is my favorite!!!!!!!

  • Mia Rautio
    Mia Rautio 9 days ago

    I LOVE BRAD MONDO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Skater Gurl123
    Skater Gurl123 9 days ago +1

    I live in a comfortable vampire aesthetic

  • Katie Morton
    Katie Morton 9 days ago

    Her new haircut makes her look like my teacher lol

  • JessaRose Gabrielle
    JessaRose Gabrielle 10 days ago

    I miss this grey hair so much! It looked absolutely amazing on her 😍😭

  • Isabel Echiverri
    Isabel Echiverri 10 days ago +3

    uhhhhh.......i have blue, green and purple veins.........

    what do i do

  • Victoria Bottass
    Victoria Bottass 11 days ago

    Your make up looks amazing! 🤩😍

  • Ericka Daze
    Ericka Daze 11 days ago

    Okay, Stacey was 100% coming on to you. Lol

  • Bethany Raby
    Bethany Raby 11 days ago

    Younger Saf can be twins with Emmy Rossum 😍🥰

    Tru RAVENCLAW🦅 11 days ago +1

    I have a heart shape face and a long bob cut but i (and so do my friends)think I look better with long hair

  • Sarah Rinaldi
    Sarah Rinaldi 12 days ago

    saf is so pretty ugh

  • Ayva Renee
    Ayva Renee 12 days ago

    19:17 and 19:46____ that is the James Charles × Morphe palette??? And this came out in May?????

  • Melissa DuChene
    Melissa DuChene 12 days ago

    Thank goodness you exist😎 😅

  • The Broun Family
    The Broun Family 12 days ago

    8:56 I’m livingggg for this look♥️

  • Lindsey's Life
    Lindsey's Life 12 days ago

    I'm DYING at the Nemo reference!! so funny!
    Also who's watching in Feb 2019??

  • Jaxie Mcgaha
    Jaxie Mcgaha 12 days ago +1

    What eyeshadow palette did u use

  • Rebecca Murphy
    Rebecca Murphy 12 days ago

    Your makeup is on point!

  • NovaLaMason
    NovaLaMason 13 days ago

    14:06 xDDD
    15:59 xD

  • Hazelle Lee
    Hazelle Lee 13 days ago

    Is it just me or does Brad Mondo sound like Joey Graceffa?

  • Lex OwO
    Lex OwO 13 days ago

    Damn why is she so beautiful!? 😔✊😍

  • Melanie L Hobby
    Melanie L Hobby 13 days ago

    SUCH a beautiful look! But I want you to be YOU, so whatever makes you happy ♡

  • Vidya Sinha
    Vidya Sinha 13 days ago

    Your beautiful makeover or not! :D

  • Savannah Seehawer
    Savannah Seehawer 13 days ago

    Your makeup looks great I love it!!!!

  • Shannon Owens
    Shannon Owens 14 days ago

    I love the makeup

  • Slime Unicorn
    Slime Unicorn 14 days ago

    When she said the TheXvid place closed at 9 pm. The time here changed to 9 pm...*_-SHOOK-_*

  • JoJo Nicole
    JoJo Nicole 14 days ago

    The makeup is really pretty

  • Sadichchha Sharma
    Sadichchha Sharma 14 days ago

    ur so beautiful💜

  • tess siegmeier
    tess siegmeier 14 days ago

    Just ran across this video (a bit belated!) and wanted to drop a comment to say this makeup look is amazing on you!

  • MeFailsALot Reed
    MeFailsALot Reed 14 days ago

    Safiyas like the new Marceline from adventure time, except the guitar is something else

  • Hannah Ratz
    Hannah Ratz 15 days ago

    Ima summer season lol

  • nak
    nak 15 days ago

    I died when Brad showed up! Love them both so much!

  • Val L.
    Val L. 15 days ago


  • Beth Dale
    Beth Dale 15 days ago

    Love everything. The outfit is amazing! Very pretty woman!!!!!!!!!

  • Jocelyn Anderson
    Jocelyn Anderson 15 days ago

    Jenral Kanobe

  • Justa sweet Animatics
    Justa sweet Animatics 16 days ago

    0:36 you look like jazz

  • layZfox
    layZfox 16 days ago

    I started this video at 5 pm and ended at 11 pm