I Got A "Perfect" Makeover Based On My Features

  • Published on May 18, 2018
  • I got a hair cut and color based on my face shape and skin tone, an outfit based on my body type and complexion, and a full face of makeup based on my skin and eye shape and color! Featuring Stacy London & Brad Mondo!
    Make sure to check out Brad's behind the scenes hair cut video here!
    And check out Stacy's instagram here!
    So I've always wondered what it would be like to follow all of the advice for my body type, face shape, skin tone, hair color, eye color, etc - and see if what I "should" be wearing based on my physical features is any better than what I already like to. So with the help of some experts, I went on a makeover journey and got a head-to-toe "perfect" makeover!
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +18726

    HELLO FRIENDS! welcome to another video! and its a long one XD. happy friday & look out for another video THIS WEEKEND! xox, saf

  • Mandy Wiltshire
    Mandy Wiltshire 7 hours ago

    I love Stacy London!

  • Faith Herriott
    Faith Herriott 19 hours ago

    You look so stunning in that outfit

  • Showanli Mitra
    Showanli Mitra 22 hours ago

    You look amazing

    SATYA MISHRA Day ago +1

    They said go ham.. I'll give them a roast😂

  • Stranger Things fan

    Same I have pale skin but dark hair 24:56 yasss

  • makayla howcroft

    Hi saf plz get a. 70s makeover

  • Isabel wincentsen
    Isabel wincentsen 2 days ago

    A personal journey towards...DEATH

  • Kirsten Tippit
    Kirsten Tippit 2 days ago

    How is she so pretty

  • Saima Siddiqua
    Saima Siddiqua 2 days ago

    Why do you always wear black.....?

  • Apple Draws Stuff
    Apple Draws Stuff 2 days ago +1

    Imma be honest: you look like a model but also like my aunt... just saying :/

  • Jaydeen Merur
    Jaydeen Merur 3 days ago

    It never fails to surprise me how Safiya ALWAYS looks good in these makeup looks

  • Rare Vids
    Rare Vids 3 days ago

    Her eyes dont look real (because they are so good) when she finishes them

  • Grace Mayne
    Grace Mayne 3 days ago

    Saf' "hello there" is what I live for lol

  • Jolie Fennel
    Jolie Fennel 3 days ago

    You look like a total diff person

  • Jolie Fennel
    Jolie Fennel 3 days ago

    U are AWESOME

  • •Sunflower•Playz •

    My mom knows about brad mondo and she’s also a hair stylist 🌼

  • Finley McRae
    Finley McRae 4 days ago +1

    I really wanted your makeup part to be with James Charles *XD*

  • BingaBungaBoo
    BingaBungaBoo 4 days ago

    I am totally the SAME!!! TY for this! I learned a lot! :)

  • Gaming With Prayer
    Gaming With Prayer 4 days ago +1

    I am black I can't see my vines....

  • Sk Is best!
    Sk Is best! 4 days ago


  • Rusty Simonds
    Rusty Simonds 4 days ago +2

    definitely look younger, more energetic and have to say really hot !!!!!!

  • Iona Clarke
    Iona Clarke 4 days ago

    woah. shes wearing colors. mindblown

  • Danielle Harrington
    Danielle Harrington 5 days ago


  • Muffin ETN
    Muffin ETN 5 days ago +3

    Who thinks her hairstyle in this looks like Gabbie Hanna?

  • aprajita vaid
    aprajita vaid 5 days ago

    What lipstick is Safiya wearing at 3:53?

  • Jayni Leavitt
    Jayni Leavitt 5 days ago +4

    sorry but when she was showing her final outfit it looked like there was blood on the ground!

  • Arnie Regalado
    Arnie Regalado 6 days ago

    You look beautiful in anything but I like your bat look better😘 love you sad

  • Lexi Jeffrey
    Lexi Jeffrey 6 days ago

    Stunning, as always❤️

  • Princess Rose
    Princess Rose 6 days ago

    This is ammmmmmazzzźzing 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😰😰😰

  • bagheera thelion
    bagheera thelion 6 days ago

    she looks so much like zoe from degrassi

  • Jamie Marron
    Jamie Marron 6 days ago

    Omg yay finally got brad mondo in here !!!! My two fav TheXvid shows 💗

  • pandakatiefominz
    pandakatiefominz 7 days ago

    I'll be honest. I can't fucking stand Brad Mondo, he seems like such an asshole.

  • Lil miss Malfoy
    Lil miss Malfoy 7 days ago

    She went from looking like a free 21 year old to a 30 year old single mom with a 10 year old soccer playing son

  • mark khdr
    mark khdr 7 days ago

    why do you wallways wear black

  • Rachel Matthews
    Rachel Matthews 7 days ago

    brad in today's look you look a bit like Darrion Galligos 😳😍😍I love him a lot. & of course you too. But Darrion is my love.

  • Powdered Sugar
    Powdered Sugar 8 days ago +18

    “Or we could do something a little goldy-er like gold, copper, *g r e e n* “
    Me: “wait what-“

  • Brody Diehl
    Brody Diehl 8 days ago

    I love your hair

  • Liz Merrick
    Liz Merrick 8 days ago

    how do you get all these makeovers and still have hair

  • Kristina Nordén Thonke

    Love that haircolour!!

  • Jorinde1205
    Jorinde1205 9 days ago +1

    I am sorry but I think your hair looked better before the makeover

  • LogicianMagician
    LogicianMagician 9 days ago +1

    The hair for sure suits you.

  • christinegreywolf
    christinegreywolf 9 days ago

    The skinny jean style was made to make any woman look fat, no matter what her size. Skinny pants need to go away......far away. :) I think the pantsuit looks amazing on you and the gold eye shadow is perfect on you!

  • Lillian Steinweh-Adler

    if anyone can find me those wedges at 17:38 i would be eternally grateful!

  • Ivy da gacha fairytale girl

    You look so beautiful!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Cheetah Cat
    Cheetah Cat 10 days ago

    6:36 what is up with her laugh?! Haha

  • Claire Goulden
    Claire Goulden 10 days ago

    nice james charles palete

  • Kavya Murthy
    Kavya Murthy 10 days ago

    At 13:24 look how serious saf’s expression is.


  • Miranda Rivera
    Miranda Rivera 10 days ago

    whoever made wide-legged pants was the person who finally realized women deserve to be comfy.

  • Pastel Belle
    Pastel Belle 10 days ago

    Im not lying but you look like umm... a mom

  • Ilovebaby Dolls231
    Ilovebaby Dolls231 11 days ago

    Brad mondo the only reason why I’m saying this is.............I don’t know why lol😂😂

  • 「 Stormy & Claire 」

    Ima pear oof-

  • Liv Is Me
    Liv Is Me 12 days ago

    Omg Saf keep the brown curls.... THEY ARE EVERYTHING

  • Angela Liu
    Angela Liu 12 days ago +2

    Why do i feel like Brad is like the same as james charles except the one that does hair instead of makeup

  • Slick jr
    Slick jr 12 days ago +2

    This actually helped me a lot we have a similar build (minus that goddess booty! Working on mine and my skin is a little more Spaniard ? super pale a bit more cool tones ) also I love your vids! Started at a wish haul ...
    I usually cannot most people on TheXvid tbh 😂 but I think your personality is this tits! I plan to binge your videos! You cheer me up! ♥️

  • Venu_ Psycho
    Venu_ Psycho 12 days ago

    you look awesome ma'am im sooooo jealous of u ma'am wow im also a black cloths person

  • Wilkes Kids
    Wilkes Kids 12 days ago +2

    She was so touchy if i was there and that was me i would be like boo bye im out dont touch my bodonk

  • Sophia Antonio
    Sophia Antonio 12 days ago

    i got Warm Undertone Natural, woah the Ivory Neutral Undertone girl looked like my English Teacher :O

  • Amaya Emery
    Amaya Emery 12 days ago +1

    You look beautiful with style tips and without

  • purple dalilah
    purple dalilah 13 days ago

    The change speech was a very Eva Green moment