I Got A "Perfect" Makeover Based On My Features

  • Published on May 18, 2018
  • I got a hair cut and color based on my face shape and skin tone, an outfit based on my body type and complexion, and a full face of makeup based on my skin and eye shape and color! Featuring Stacy London & Brad Mondo!
    Make sure to check out Brad's behind the scenes hair cut video here!
    And check out Stacy's instagram here!
    So I've always wondered what it would be like to follow all of the advice for my body type, face shape, skin tone, hair color, eye color, etc - and see if what I "should" be wearing based on my physical features is any better than what I already like to. So with the help of some experts, I went on a makeover journey and got a head-to-toe "perfect" makeover!
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  11 months ago +16662

    HELLO FRIENDS! welcome to another video! and its a long one XD. happy friday & look out for another video THIS WEEKEND! xox, saf

    • Mel Rose
      Mel Rose 19 days ago

      Safiya Nygaard ⚡️

    • nicole
      nicole 2 months ago


    • SkyeFallers
      SkyeFallers 2 months ago

      are u using the James Charles Morphie pallet???? because i love u and him and u look soooooo good in green!!

    • x ameekiz
      x ameekiz 2 months ago


    • Cookivirus
      Cookivirus 2 months ago


  • Aaron Warren
    Aaron Warren Day ago

    Amen, sister. O...O my dear holy Jesus, Amen!
    But seriously, great video. As a man, and a very very recent subscriber, this channel is definitely teaching me more about the subtleties and details of the more feminine facets of a woman's life. They're facets that I always tried to respect in previous long- and short-term relationships (and in the lives of my female friends and relatives), but never really understood, and in some cases, not even find a doorway through which I could attempt a deeper understanding. (The Y-chromosome reigns in my recent ancestry: both of my parents's family trees have significantly more males than females. And I have many brothers, no sisters. So knowledge and experience and understanding of female and/or feminine facets of my culture/society were hard to come by.)
    Point being, this channel is wonderful at, in a weird-ass yet fun(ny) way, educating somebody like me on various feminine topics that I just never had a good intuition for. Now, in any present or potential relationships (Romantic and Platonic), I feel like I have a basic idea and vocabulary for attaining some measure of empathy for the women/girls in my life. Not only that, but seeing how Safiya explains and illustrates such feminine topics is incredibly illustrative for how I, as a man, can better explain and illustrate various experiences and truths about my masculinity for the women in my own life to better understand me, and other, men in their lives. Love the channel!

  • TheLonelySlime Queen

    Your perfect the way you are ilysm!

  • Spicekat
    Spicekat Day ago

    Brad: if you have greener veins, then your skin is warm toned. If they are bluer, then cooler. Simple

  • Pickle the Dinosaur

    No hate but when you where looking in the mirror before your cut you looked like a BEAUTIFUL dummy like stunt dummy again no hate

  • Fifi Ostrowski
    Fifi Ostrowski Day ago +2

    Omggggg Saf you sholud go back to this hairstyle!!!!

  • MsEinnot
    MsEinnot 2 days ago

    hi safiya! absolutely loved the makeover! very flattering! the only thing i'd change if i were you is the only thing you didn't pay attention to - your eyebrows. i'd go for one less darker shade and also the way you fill them in kinda makes them "fall down" if you know what i mean, and also it starts too strong of a line near the nose. any way i really loved this video and i think your'e really beautiful and funny ( im always finding myself laughing so hard when i watch your videos)!

  • Bea T
    Bea T 2 days ago

    When she was talking to Stacy London who was watching the dog😂😂

  • MariahsPalace
    MariahsPalace 2 days ago

    You are so beautiful!!!

  • Maggie Cronin
    Maggie Cronin 2 days ago

    Omg safiya’s long hair😍😍

  • This is Mickeydee’s, how may i help you sis?

    Yo fucking eyebrows nigga

  • Zoe Hannath
    Zoe Hannath 2 days ago

    Damnnnnn! That hairstyle really suits her!!

  • losa sakarosa
    losa sakarosa 3 days ago


  • Aderyn Kee
    Aderyn Kee 3 days ago

    I rewatched this and I thought she had a James Charles palette then realized he did make it yet

  • Romina A
    Romina A 3 days ago

    Wow Safiya! You look amazing! That makeover really suits You!

  • Ana Rita
    Ana Rita 3 days ago


  • Shana Pulla
    Shana Pulla 3 days ago

    You look so good wear more colors you look so good

  • Naomi Lipanovic
    Naomi Lipanovic 3 days ago


    Christine should do this next, xD !!!

  • Ducky and Penguina
    Ducky and Penguina 3 days ago

    Oh my god...Stacy London from What Not To Wear!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!!!

  • Maya Bee
    Maya Bee 3 days ago

    Green is considered COOL color, not warm. ..

  • Miss Arab
    Miss Arab 3 days ago

    I have green

  • Amelia The Diva
    Amelia The Diva 3 days ago

    I think Safiya is the most beautiful blogger

  • Xx IBITE xX
    Xx IBITE xX 3 days ago

    U kinda look like a mom with the haircut

  • Sebina Timm
    Sebina Timm 3 days ago

    Tbh I don’t know my face shape

  • Sebina Timm
    Sebina Timm 3 days ago +3

    I need Brad to come do my hair so it actually fits me

  • Eleanor Casson
    Eleanor Casson 3 days ago

    You look like a young Devina McCall, loving the hair and makeup www.arenaentertainments.co.uk/davina-mccall/

  • SummerBreeze104
    SummerBreeze104 4 days ago

    What happens if I have purple, green and blue in my veins

  • Xx Molly Armstrong xX

    “ I can’t see out of these glasses”
    -Struggles to see-
    “But it’s fashion so... “

  • AJ_ AJ_
    AJ_ AJ_ 4 days ago +1

    I love thisssss!

  • NonStopParis
    NonStopParis 4 days ago +1

    I was expecting to see a ZoZo suit revival when she was assessing your body type

  • Imma Burrito
    Imma Burrito 4 days ago +1

    My eye color is a nice light green with wheat colored squiggles and a dark blue line that goes all the way around my ire’s so I learned that I have a really rare eye color with the different colored lines and all

  • Stupid Sisters
    Stupid Sisters 4 days ago +1

    6:22 I have that picture hanging in my room, obviously painting a landscape of some sort

  • Ariella Holbert
    Ariella Holbert 4 days ago +1

    Personally, I don't think the outfit looked good with her figure

  • kaelah edwards
    kaelah edwards 4 days ago

    I loved your hair like this (first style)

  • lulu C
    lulu C 4 days ago

    Uh so about the skin tone thing I can't tell if my gains are purple or blue

  • michaela gosmire
    michaela gosmire 4 days ago

    I love your vampire look!

  • Lila_xoxo
    Lila_xoxo 4 days ago

    Anyone notice that the pallet she’s uses looks exactly live the James Charles x morphe pallet???(except the shades r different)

  • pafma
    pafma 4 days ago +6

    I'm thinking you need to speak in a Trans-Atlantic accent all the time.

  • Lynne McGee
    Lynne McGee 4 days ago +1

    Silver/light grey is also amAzing with brown eyes! :)

  • Angie crfts4
    Angie crfts4 4 days ago

    You look like a lesbian mom, kinda funky, i like it!

  • Miscellaneous gals
    Miscellaneous gals 4 days ago


  • Chloe Heaps
    Chloe Heaps 4 days ago

    i love it

  • Liv Hermanofficial
    Liv Hermanofficial 4 days ago

    So basically my veins are 3 times smaller than they should be and that includes all the major ones like arteries and the jugular vein all of them. So my veins are mixed colours they are blue and purple as well as a bit grey ( no I’m not dead) but what would I be? Cool or neutral

  • LeeAnna Sharp
    LeeAnna Sharp 4 days ago

    Did she say "flatter me self"

  • VlogNista !!
    VlogNista !! 4 days ago

    1:10 to flatter me self more😂 🏴‍☠️

  • Caleb Vale
    Caleb Vale 4 days ago

    Holy shit. 😍

  • Jade West
    Jade West 4 days ago

    I love how positive you are about everything, it’s so lovely 💛

  • Bayano Sy
    Bayano Sy 4 days ago

    you really looks so beautiful

  • Masara x3
    Masara x3 4 days ago

    Brad looks like Damon Salvator in the face...except he has blonde hair and dressed super gay xD

  • Avery Garrett
    Avery Garrett 4 days ago

    Omg it looks so good

  • Mia’s Doll Show!
    Mia’s Doll Show! 4 days ago

    Safiya.... you’re so pretty! I wish I was that pretty :|

  • UnicornsFor Days
    UnicornsFor Days 4 days ago +2

    Lol, I’m a heart shaped face and have a long bob

  • Fatima Dh
    Fatima Dh 4 days ago

    Your not funny

  • AJLawrence
    AJLawrence 5 days ago

    You look like me 4th grade teacher. That is a good thing cause I loved her style

  • Callie 25
    Callie 25 5 days ago

    omg this made my want hair like that bc it looks so great!!

  • Lily Talbot
    Lily Talbot 5 days ago

    Is she using the James Charles pallet

  • Unicorn Pug102
    Unicorn Pug102 5 days ago +15

    My veins are green and blue on one wrist and purple and green in the other...I’m an alien oKaY

  • Bridget Donovan
    Bridget Donovan 5 days ago

    i don’t wanna sound mean but she kinda gives me a mother gothel vibe after brad did her hair.... 👍👍👍

  • Ava’s World
    Ava’s World 5 days ago

    Whoever likes this comment really knows how much she is a really beautiful person either way👏🏻🤠

  • Ashley Weaver
    Ashley Weaver 5 days ago +2

    I literally fell off my couch when I saw Brad😂

  • Tiffany Arnett
    Tiffany Arnett 5 days ago

    Look so good in Green yasssssss🤪😀🤗😻

  • Jordyn Lyn
    Jordyn Lyn 5 days ago +1

    Why is Sav the ONLY PERSON who looks the same w long and short hair it’s not something u have to get used to SHE JUS LOOKS THE SAME‼️

  • MapleHeart
    MapleHeart 5 days ago

    0:22 SANDRA OH (any greys anatomy fans?)

  • Paigey Waigey
    Paigey Waigey 5 days ago

    I literally love this so much!!

  • Sophia Tucker
    Sophia Tucker 5 days ago

    Your hair....mmmm girl.... it looks sooooo freaking good. YAS

  • Evie sa
    Evie sa 5 days ago

    was the other eye shadow palete the james charles palete?

  • Alex
    Alex 5 days ago

    You look fabulous either way, but the warmth in your "perfect" makeover gives you this glow that's undenialable

  • Health & Household
    Health & Household 5 days ago

    If you like this comment you are Awesome

  • pastel land 235
    pastel land 235 6 days ago

    i think im a rectangle body

  • Aria weissburg
    Aria weissburg 6 days ago

    Am I the only one who like the long hair better? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Brittany Davis
    Brittany Davis 6 days ago

    Yoo she looked good in that makeup. Off to sephora again...

  • Geko Girl
    Geko Girl 6 days ago +2

    It is called a pantsuit.
    Like a jumpsuit but with pants.

  • Emily Terry
    Emily Terry 6 days ago

    okay the lower lash line adds soooo much!!! you ALWAY look great girl, but i am LOVING the makeup!

  • Solomiya Sotnik
    Solomiya Sotnik 6 days ago

    dude can never expect a bad video from you!!! amazing

  • Jennifer Patrick
    Jennifer Patrick 6 days ago

    "Listen, I'll give Stacy that this is a nice, human body shape, but sometimes I like to dress up like a bat."

    Best quote. Perfect. 10/10. I'm saved. Love it. Safiya, you're great. xD

  • Lizette Ochoa
    Lizette Ochoa 6 days ago

    I wonder what you would look like as a blonde. 🤔

  • Madeline Van Zandt
    Madeline Van Zandt 6 days ago

    im making a flat ass club who wants to join

  • Alissa McLendon
    Alissa McLendon 6 days ago

    When you have a natural highlights

  • Isabel Juarez
    Isabel Juarez 6 days ago

    She look like a mo whit the hari

  • briancè mcbroom
    briancè mcbroom 6 days ago

    safiya is the best youtuber

  • galaxy unicorn 123
    galaxy unicorn 123 6 days ago

    Her hair I would call is the "mom look"

  • Kaitlyn J.
    Kaitlyn J. 6 days ago

    I really love this new look Saf!!! 😱❤️👍

  • Ella Hassall
    Ella Hassall 6 days ago

    I love this look!!! You should keep everything

  • Imogen Baggaley
    Imogen Baggaley 6 days ago +1

    You look so good in colour

  • Aaryn Bastian
    Aaryn Bastian 7 days ago

    this was very fun to watch!

  • Amse Lundcon
    Amse Lundcon 7 days ago

    U look so goooooooood 😂👌

  • Viva la Diva
    Viva la Diva 7 days ago

    Wonderful makeup

  • Partygirl _3344
    Partygirl _3344 7 days ago

    The only celebrity flash that I recognised was Katy Perry 😂

  • Wendy Jackson
    Wendy Jackson 7 days ago

    Omg, in your pic's of your casual vampire you are wearing these amazing cat eye sunglasses... Where did you get them?

  • elfienfiyero1
    elfienfiyero1 7 days ago

    After the hair cut, you’re definitely giving me some Leighton Meester vibes! You are beautiful no matter what! Love the hair!

  • Lia Stewart
    Lia Stewart 7 days ago


  • okay nice
    okay nice 7 days ago

    oo im neutral undertone and I dyed my hair purple impulsively due to mental breakdowns and it actually looks good on me I think.

  • Slytheirn Queen
    Slytheirn Queen 7 days ago

    EMMa WatSon Is ThaT YoU?

  • Aljawharah Alghannam

    when are you getting married?

  • Karina Morin
    Karina Morin 7 days ago

    Girl you got a pro hairdresser and freaking STACEY LONDON!!!! (My idol) But then you did your own makeup? Why not a pro MUA?

  • Katie Thomas
    Katie Thomas 8 days ago

    OMG I Love her voices....what! Full of info in this video, thanks!

  • Pearl
    Pearl 8 days ago

    lol i a banana

  • Poul Mortensen
    Poul Mortensen 8 days ago

    I am Danish too

  • Zahra Abdullah
    Zahra Abdullah 8 days ago

    Your English is on point