VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 4

  • Published on Jun 22, 2019
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    The Crew is joined by VFX legend Andrew Kramer as they react to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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Comments • 11 215

  • ioN NetWork
    ioN NetWork Day ago

    Why does the mirror shot kinda scare

  • Game Zoid
    Game Zoid Day ago

    Ready player one

  • 1zloty movie
    1zloty movie Day ago

    React: The Birth of Sandman Scene - Spider-Man 3
    I will write this comment under each movie, up to my dead or to the reaction.

  • Cookie Waffle
    Cookie Waffle 4 days ago

    can you react to Bumblebee (2018)? The way they got Bumblebee to interact with real actors and with objects in a real world environment looked really convincing.
    And I know all the Transformers movies have really good CGI, but Bumblebee looks a bit better to me because the character designs are so much more easier on the eyes.

  • CarChrisMC
    CarChrisMC 7 days ago

    I can't agree on: "There's no ambient light in space, only directly from the sun".
    All planets reflect the sunlight to the spacesuit in the dark areas, I know it's not a lot compared to the sunlight, but it's there

  • BluPeps
    BluPeps 7 days ago

    8:06 The Force Awakens was actually made in December 2015 but ok...

  • SuperCrispyChris
    SuperCrispyChris 7 days ago

    The Harry potter death ray In deathly hallows pt. 2. It looks like slime but it's a Lazer. Whaaaaat?

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 8 days ago

    React to:
    This is The End
    Godzilla (2014)

  • Shashank Pandkar
    Shashank Pandkar 10 days ago

    Godzilla pls

  • WryGoldfish
    WryGoldfish 12 days ago

    Actually thought Clint was being serious then

  • ben pruitt
    ben pruitt 13 days ago +2

    andrew: be sure to mix practical and visual effects. dont do everything with a green screen
    marvel: *smudge cat face*

  • Julio Penaloza
    Julio Penaloza 13 days ago

    React to League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The one with Sean Connery. Tons of early vfx shots in that movie.

  • Sara Wärlestedt
    Sara Wärlestedt 13 days ago

    Mad max fury road

  • Thejaxman171 Gaming
    Thejaxman171 Gaming 14 days ago +1

    The first one when everyone is flying then they teleport, it’s stunt double going into the ghost effect I think. A lot of these I can catch and I’m not a VFX artist

  • Abi Shek
    Abi Shek 15 days ago

    Watch 2012 movie

  • CadillacJak
    CadillacJak 15 days ago

    The original xmen movies are amazing they were all epic af. I just wish they did a better job with the 3rd movie it was mediocre at best. The first X-Men movie was flawless it's the best one still to this day IMHO.

  • Stevie Jo
    Stevie Jo 15 days ago

    King Kong was one of the stepping stones to the great CG we have today.

  • Felix Tatang
    Felix Tatang 17 days ago +2

    I don't know why, but Andrew looks like he's made out of CG lmao

  • thefowles1
    thefowles1 20 days ago +2

    8:07 the force awakens was released in 2015, not 2014 🤔

  • Simidae
    Simidae 21 day ago

    You had gravity on the screen & didn't take the opportunity to pan it? I guess the CGi was alright but wildly inaccurate & the movie was generally horrible. I had to stop watching it for a while at the tether scene, it was just so bad.

  • SpeakYourMind Lea
    SpeakYourMind Lea 21 day ago

    can you react to NASA vfx

  • Zak Aziz
    Zak Aziz 22 days ago

    The stampede scene looked good King Kong had great cgi and there is no problem with the hobbit all the cg looks good

  • DIO
    DIO 22 days ago

    Endgame is 100% green screen though.

  • Martin Tolentino
    Martin Tolentino 23 days ago

    Vanhelsing creature transition :D i hope i see you guys react to it

  • Arthur Moreira
    Arthur Moreira 24 days ago

    10:38 to 10:39 you missed the dinosaur and the temple not appearing in the first frame of the cut

  • Tyrandus
    Tyrandus 26 days ago

    There's a source of light you're forgetting about Gravity and the space scenes. The Earth. The sun is NOT the only source of light in that scene. Earth is extremely bright. You think a full moon is bright? Imagine how bright Earth is from low Earth orbit. In fact just look at what astronauts that have been to the ISS have said about how bright Earth is.

  • Sunglasses bros productions

    As a Star Wars fan. Force awakens came out in 2015!!

  • Michael Gonzales
    Michael Gonzales 27 days ago

    React to Filipino Movies. :)

  • Uaint Shytho
    Uaint Shytho 28 days ago

    writers react to crazy plot twists or just crazy stories in movies?

  • Sol Plager-Unger
    Sol Plager-Unger 28 days ago

    doctor strange

  • Rachel Logan
    Rachel Logan 29 days ago

    47 Ronin please !! Especially after the John Wick reacts cause of Keanu Reeves 🤞 and also Netflix’s altered carbon

  • Juan Maffeo
    Juan Maffeo 29 days ago


  • Robert Williamson
    Robert Williamson 29 days ago

    wow that shot from contact is incredible. not only a great effect but one that greatly enhanced the visual story telling of the scene. you got a powerful visual of the characters feelings. we didnt even need to be told. just through a brilliant transition.

  • Lag Jesus
    Lag Jesus 29 days ago

    Please react to the Lord of the rings trilogy and there amazing practical and digital effects.

  • Cifer Null
    Cifer Null Month ago

    You should try to get Andrew back and talk about Fringe. Some great VFX on that show.

  • Tu Ty
    Tu Ty Month ago

    Plz react to First man .

  • Anshu Arya
    Anshu Arya Month ago

    Please do: "False Alarm" by The Weeknd

  • Tylet Rose
    Tylet Rose Month ago

    Or the sandstorm from Fury Road.

  • faiz hassan
    faiz hassan Month ago

    i cant help but notice Andrew's nipples are so pointy

  • Naminda Perera
    Naminda Perera Month ago

    revolver movie please react to it

  • Aidan Bergman
    Aidan Bergman Month ago

    Please do anything from real steel! I want to know how it’s done!

  • JMPf916
    JMPf916 Month ago +1

    Ya know Air Force one is for sure my favorite movie. I just kinda ignore the whole plane somersault thing... that doesn’t matter 😂😂

    • sWooshArts
      sWooshArts Month ago

      it's like a ps2 cutscene how doesn't it, the shot is 2 minutes long

  • Mark Heuer
    Mark Heuer Month ago

    The 1995 Caspar movie!

  • Ovadex
    Ovadex Month ago

    5:28 The sleeve is the giveaway.

  • Tylet Rose
    Tylet Rose Month ago +1

    React to Devastator's transformation from Revenge of the fallen.

  • Daniel Fagerlund
    Daniel Fagerlund Month ago

    It sort of looks like the sound lags by a frame or two at 4:00 just as Andrew is saying that the effect got shifted by one frame. Did you do that by design or am I looking for something that wasn't there?

  • Ransford Flentjar
    Ransford Flentjar Month ago

    Gravity may have been kind of a sucky movie but I can't lie the CGI is absolutely amazing. 💯🔥

  • Ransford Flentjar
    Ransford Flentjar Month ago

    I'd really love to see you guys react to Shark Boy and Lava Girl. The CGI is absolutely terrible.

  • Vaibhav Sinha
    Vaibhav Sinha Month ago

    The Force Awakens came out in 2015 not 2014. *ding*

  • Andrew Murray
    Andrew Murray Month ago

    They did it better in the "Scully" movie with that plane landing on the Hudson River.

  • Jav Rivera
    Jav Rivera Month ago

    I've been wondering about that mirror scene in Contact since I saw it in the theatre!

  • Alfredo Aguilar
    Alfredo Aguilar Month ago

    12:43 Hey thats where I live lol

  • Tyler Ruotolo
    Tyler Ruotolo Month ago

    The MK45 suit in Avengers: Age of Ultron

  • J-man 1017
    J-man 1017 Month ago

    I think that at 5;03 they used the 2nd shot if u watch it slow her hair on her right side changes

  • Hallugenetic
    Hallugenetic Month ago

    Andrew the legend :)

  • thor thor son of odin

    React to spiderman far from home cgi plss and the old spiderman movies

  • icykickflip
    icykickflip Month ago


  • icykickflip
    icykickflip Month ago

    these are my new addiction

  • jaredmarkleady
    jaredmarkleady Month ago

    Again dinotopia pleasssse

  • Winnie Pooh
    Winnie Pooh Month ago

    "Na Srebrnym Globie" / "On The Silver Globe" - Jerzy Żuławski