Nike self-lacing shoes put a ton of tech under your feet

  • Published on Jan 15, 2019
  • Nike Adapt BB is the second generation of self-lacing shoes. The updated sneakers are more affordable at $350, pair over Bluetooth, and remember how you like the fit of your shoes. We visited Nike’s campus to try them on and talk to Tinker Hatfield, the designer behind the self-lacing concept.
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Comments • 1 245

  • The Verge
    The Verge  5 months ago +428

    Would you buy these self-lacing shoes for $350?

    • Brian Hodgson
      Brian Hodgson 4 months ago

      No but I would pay 350 to see your channel shut down

      MAC MILLER 4 months ago

      not even if it meant the downfall of your channel.

    • AtomicCellar
      AtomicCellar 4 months ago

      Got to cop

    • MNC
      MNC 4 months ago

      Puma Fi looks better and they are for every day use and 20$ less.

  • Titan Boss
    Titan Boss Month ago +1

    The HyperAdapt BB Mags are coming out on the 29th....think they'll be worth more 5 years from now?

  • Doug M
    Doug M Month ago

    Release that triple black prototype colourway ASAP!

  • Kassie Rivera
    Kassie Rivera 2 months ago

    Her socks just ruin it

  • ZX
    ZX 2 months ago

    Sooooo do my shoes come with a warranty now orrrr?

  • Miho Chan
    Miho Chan 2 months ago

    Buying shoes without laces will work for me 🌚

  • Xanderall
    Xanderall 2 months ago

    We need more Ashley videos!!

  • Kirito Chris
    Kirito Chris 2 months ago

    It's very weird to walk on electronic devices

  • C Brooks
    C Brooks 3 months ago

    She needs stylist before those shoes....

  • DoctorJ42
    DoctorJ42 3 months ago

    Glad she dressed up for the interview.

  • Yannick Riveti
    Yannick Riveti 3 months ago

    Agreed w/ @flo here. Verge this is a pretty sophisticated product to have someone cover that is clearly very far removed from sports, exercise, fitness, and sneaker culture.

  • Edward JS
    Edward JS 3 months ago +1

    I don't know what's more frivolous. Self-lacing shoes or a 6 minute video about them.
    (I liked the video. Thanks!)

  • Tristan Sawyer
    Tristan Sawyer 3 months ago

    Are you crazy?! These things are the future!

  • Kelsea Miller
    Kelsea Miller 4 months ago

    To everyone saying these are only good for disabled people... stop. Its a basketball specific shoe so the tech will actually help athletes. It will stop shoes from coming untied during practice and games. It will form to your foot better than any normal lace up shoe. Also, nike cant limit to ONE group of people or people will shy away and they will lose profit. If a disabled person cant even bend to tie their shoes then they most likely have someone with them at all times. I play basketball for fun but im a huge sneakerhead so i bought the shoes. It also doesnt make you lazy like I've heard others say. I think Nike did very well on these shoes except for the current android app problems. Its good to have an opinion but Nike is a sports company.. other companies can create something for the disabled but i dont see the point in this specific shoe for them.. i do agree though that people with one hand (or none) could use these. But like i said before, nike cant market to just one group.

    • D E
      D E 3 months ago

      Beg to differ. Not if they are a stroke survivor with no use of one hand, otherwise completely active. It may not be about being able to bend over, but a hemiparetic hand (only having use of one hand). Would be great to enable a lot of survivors who may not have someone with them at all times. Cheers

  • Thomas Anthony
    Thomas Anthony 4 months ago

    3:34 hmmmm.....strange boy

  • kevin couto
    kevin couto 4 months ago

    I hope she can keep them, cause her sneakers are f'd
    Damn you are doing a sneaker recap with camera's on you and on your feet you could've bought new sneakers...lmfao

  • Mike R
    Mike R 4 months ago

    Non sneaker/bball person doing a sneaker review 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Florian
    Florian 4 months ago

    Why let her make this item ? She has no interest or clue

  • Stephan Droid
    Stephan Droid 4 months ago

    I would like those kicks

  • Grip God
    Grip God 4 months ago

    I got them and thet are super comfortable i bought them reason being because this is a piece of history

  • Julian Owens
    Julian Owens 4 months ago

    I am good with velcro straps. lol

  • glen herron
    glen herron 4 months ago

    Any one who buys them needs their head testing. Even if your disabled, your better off buying slip on shoes.

  • Elit3Blaze
    Elit3Blaze 4 months ago

    Show feet

  • Driver
    Driver 4 months ago

    These look like the type of shoes that they "assign" to you when your admitted into the nuthouse.
    Next up, you're shoes will only be programmed to take you to certain places, only. Say goodbye to your freedom.

  • BeGood 2Me
    BeGood 2Me 4 months ago

    I always imagined it would be pressurized and you can manually pump them up with air.

  • Movie matics
    Movie matics 4 months ago

    She always rocks the dopest 👓

  • Decal03
    Decal03 4 months ago

    Thumbs up 👍just because you got to sit down with Tinker Hatfield😎

  • Juan Pablo Montecino
    Juan Pablo Montecino 4 months ago

    que zapatillas fieras

  • Fun Stallman
    Fun Stallman 4 months ago

    So happy until realising they are not "self-dancing shoes"

  • Will
    Will 4 months ago

    This reminds me of those pumas that have the switch that you twist and tightens it

  • 10000yrs
    10000yrs 4 months ago

    When can I ask SIRI to tighten my shoes?

  • simon heywood
    simon heywood 4 months ago

    I must say ...Puma FI self-lacing kicks. Just destroyed the Nike Adapt BB. The overall design is much more superior and cleaner all round for my money. I can't wait to grab myself a pair of these bad boy Puma FI Ultra modern kicks. Job well done PUMA!

  • TechWorld 007
    TechWorld 007 4 months ago

    How hard is it to do shoe laces ? There's many gadgets out there

    CHARLES 13X 4 months ago

    What about people that live in super hot climate and walk on asphalt that's a 110+ degrees?

  • ravi chandra
    ravi chandra 4 months ago

    Making people lazy !

  • Sylvester Anderson
    Sylvester Anderson 4 months ago

    4:43 Daria is well and happy

  • Don Phillips
    Don Phillips 4 months ago

    Wish a sneaker head would have done this report

  • Bek Kwang
    Bek Kwang 4 months ago

    Bring out the red colorways, and I'll rock those babies.

  • Jeffrey Abraham
    Jeffrey Abraham 4 months ago

    Them hoes are clean

  • fidel liera
    fidel liera 4 months ago

    Sounds like liveing outside your means

  • Aidan Knoll
    Aidan Knoll 4 months ago

    Okay, the Verge is cool, but it's not _all_ the tech content I need.

  • Jenox almquist
    Jenox almquist 4 months ago

    Back to the future

  • Kavin Bharathi
    Kavin Bharathi 4 months ago

    How about laces! They're just faster

  • hassan farsi
    hassan farsi 4 months ago

    Very good Nike

  • Paul O'Neal
    Paul O'Neal 4 months ago

    John Cena needs a pair of those in high tops...

  • derkhaslol
    derkhaslol 4 months ago

    This is gonna be one of those products that will fail at launch. But becomes the standard a couple years later.

  • RNG Umair -
    RNG Umair - 4 months ago

    Released in winter, are they water PROOF? And SNOW proof? AND MUD proof?

  • myownname myownlastname

    Great !!, we are close to the day i can cut my flesh legs with a handsaw and pay $$$ to a shoe company to make robotic legs with included shoes for me. The robotic legs need repair/replacement every 5 years. But i will need to eat less food because all i need now is $$$ and a electric outlet.

  • Respawn Entertainment
    Respawn Entertainment 4 months ago

    The shoe ties itself but what if the shoe tied you

  • Luis Comic
    Luis Comic 4 months ago

    okay, that's cool and all but it still lacks a headphone jack? smh

  • Mich Washington
    Mich Washington 4 months ago

    Self Laces are the FUTURE! 🙄 it is smart and the way things should be now!

  • Mich Washington
    Mich Washington 4 months ago

    Can’t wait for my AIR MCFLYS! Circa 2019(2015)

  • Hashim Alsawi
    Hashim Alsawi 4 months ago

    I don't need it

  • EddyGraphic
    EddyGraphic 4 months ago

    That moment when you’re a sneakerhead and immediately noticed that she was wearing Jordan 1s 😂

  • Golden 47
    Golden 47 4 months ago

    Is it Waterproof and Burn proof with that gadget inside?

  • John Uzoka
    John Uzoka 4 months ago

    I wanted to see her play ball with them

  • One
    One 4 months ago

    I hate tying on lace ... I always try to buy slip ons.
    Any thing that has too much tech in them (like these nike shoes) will be prone to fail.
    Like German cars.

  • John Carr
    John Carr 4 months ago

    The laces are a lie. There are no laces.

  • Konqueror 1
    Konqueror 1 4 months ago

    A 4-eyed loser millennial telling us she's not "convinced."
    LOL! I'm sure Nike gives ZERO fukcs what she has to think, just like me. This is the future. Also would be great if these manufacturors made shoes with medical-grade LEDs that keep your feet warm in the winter months and deodorizes itself with the use of an app. There's so much more technology they can install in the shoes.

  • Logo4Poop
    Logo4Poop 4 months ago

    They should have these as a add on other then a actual shoe

  • God Father
    God Father 4 months ago

    Stupid, get electric shock when feet sweat.

  • Invictus
    Invictus 4 months ago

    until youre shoes get hacked and the hacker wants nude of ur wife but ur like u dont have wife so he asks for money but then there is -100 in your bank account so feelsbadman and the hacker puts money in my account

  • Tsegedoo
    Tsegedoo 5 months ago

    Laces that stay laced. Yes please!

  • B Brewer
    B Brewer 5 months ago

    Boycott NIKE!...Kaepernick loving Corporate Scum....Burn in hell NIKE!

  • Flykope
    Flykope 5 months ago

    It’s great that they didn’t choose some weird new design, they took a plain-ish design with a ground breaking feature

    JPTECH 5 months ago

    Not a fan of Nike but the verge should have sent someone who was into the shoe idea... she seemed uninterested in the entire video

  • BlackHawkRider
    BlackHawkRider 5 months ago

    I wouldn't mind wearing them but I do mind spending over $100 for a shoes.....

  • ABC Nostradamus
    ABC Nostradamus 5 months ago

    Still waiting for Nike to re-do Nike Air Max BWs (new colors) or just freaking RESTOCK the old ones instead…
    And NO! I do NOT like or love the new version of Nike BW. Damn those things are fugly….
    Keep it original.

  • Moses Tekper
    Moses Tekper 5 months ago

    Self tightening not self lacing.

  • Ltvn1968
    Ltvn1968 5 months ago

    Nike.....the shoes that automatically force you to kneel during the National Anthem. No thanks!

  • Mohammed Furqaan
    Mohammed Furqaan 5 months ago

    you are old

  • Aziron-X
    Aziron-X 5 months ago

    Do we really need this?

  • first Impression
    first Impression 5 months ago

    Me: Who is gonna pay $350 for these stupid shoes ?
    iPhone user: hold my phone...oh wait no, I need it to buy these shoes

  • Ummer Farooq
    Ummer Farooq 5 months ago

    Self lacing shoes without buttons but blood pressure sensors pulling the laces to their right comfort

  • Ummer Farooq
    Ummer Farooq 5 months ago

    Not really supposed to squeeze in. It should have been very loose and snap

  • gary s
    gary s 5 months ago


  • Daff Dubi
    Daff Dubi 5 months ago

    Life hack: use laces to tie your shoes when your battery runs out.

  • K W
    K W 5 months ago

    Watch it get hacked, and it cuts off circulation or severs your ankle from your foot.

    YSLSLATT 5 months ago

    That sample colorway is so clean

  • Tomas Kibsgaard Larsen
    Tomas Kibsgaard Larsen 5 months ago

    Why would you send a reporter who doesn't care about sneakers to do this?

  • a҉n҉t҉ TM
    a҉n҉t҉ TM 5 months ago


  • Josh23
    Josh23 5 months ago

    what sizes are the jordan 1's you were wearing? and what size was the adapt bb you tried? can you say they run the same size as jordan 1's?

  • Pinta Kong
    Pinta Kong 5 months ago

    prefer name "NIKE E-shoes" , I sure buy

  • Misterlikeseverythin
    Misterlikeseverythin 5 months ago

    If I had to choose between a £35 shoes that were not self-lacing and £45 that were, I'd take the self-lacing ones.

  • Abbraxas
    Abbraxas 5 months ago

    Bro wanna go play
    na fam i gotta charge my shoes

  • Raul M.
    Raul M. 5 months ago

    This is so stupid I can't describe it

  • MA AS
    MA AS 5 months ago

    its cool but pointless, and before you give me the atheritus bullshit, putting them on is a chore insef, and the guy with atheritus can just get slip on sneakers,

  • sn3192
    sn3192 5 months ago

    i wonder if these would ever become cheap enough to be mainstream. probably only if commercial athletes start wearing these to games and the fans start buying as well

  • Kunal Mahendera
    Kunal Mahendera 5 months ago

    i remember verge making a video of surface studio with two hosts one that works at verge the other was a cartoonist for a newspaper publishing house they both gave their reviews one as a regular user the other one as an artist i wish had they watched that video they could have added a 8-9 minutes review with one Ashley as an average customer trying to buy this tech shoe only with the purpose of being either nba fan or tech fan like a collectors item and the other would be someone who would love to see this concept being a reality and plays for nba teams or has great basketball skills ... then this video would've turned out to be a great selling point, no offence she did her part well but this video was only half baked. Thats just my thought as i recalled there was such video about surface studio verge made previously. :)

  • JP V
    JP V 5 months ago

    "this one is a lot more affordable, at only $350".... ... im just like..... 🤔😬

  • Zuriel Daher
    Zuriel Daher 5 months ago

    Wirelessly charging my shoes but depends

  • benedict massey
    benedict massey 5 months ago

    Didnt Reebok lunch shoe like this the Pump. Only diffrence is that they were manual.

  • انا لله وانا اليه راجعون

    Oh yeaaaaah yeah ;»-»;

  • jeanluc305
    jeanluc305 5 months ago +1

    They look awful on her with those grandma pants and socks....

  • Max Mustermann
    Max Mustermann 5 months ago

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the man, the myth, the legend: Tinker Hatfield!

    TRIPPLE JAY 5 months ago

    Lazy trainers for lazy people. I wear Adidas and put my laces being the tounge once I find the right comfort. I just use a simple granny knot to keep it minimal. Good luck Nike, you lost my custom years ago.

  • Samuel A
    Samuel A 5 months ago

    At least they better than yeezys

  • Rius Rydo
    Rius Rydo 5 months ago

    what a stupid idea...

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 5 months ago

    There's already a self tightening shoe that doesn't need a battery. Elastic FTW

  • luminor007
    luminor007 5 months ago +1

    I just want shoes that can be programmed to take me for a run around the block to save going to the gym