Angry Interview - Skull & Bones E3 2017

  • Published on Jun 18, 2017
  • AngryJoe Interviews for Skull & Bones, what can players expect in this in this ultimate pirate experience? Are there other modes, PvE?
    Can we customize our Flags, Captains & Ships? Find out!
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Comments • 769

  • Tall King
    Tall King 6 months ago +1

    If I'm not able to hop off of my ship and go explore underwater or go explore on land and different Islands like in Black Flag this is a pass for me I don't just want be on the ship I want to roam around in third person with my pirate will the game have any sea shanties that the crew will sing?

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 8 months ago

    The developer team keeps saying "we never had an ultimate pirate game." We still don't. How is this a pirate game when theres no swashbuckling or treasure hunting? Black Flag was a pirate themed AC game that is more of a pirate game than this.

  • Alex Agaga
    Alex Agaga 10 months ago

    If you cant go on land and board ships then its going to get boring

  • Ura Towel
    Ura Towel Year ago

    This is gonna send Sea of Thieves to Davy Jones locker.

  • jon moore
    jon moore Year ago

    Not everybody like mutiplater or online I prefer single player

  • DaBellMonkey
    DaBellMonkey Year ago

    I know I am EXTREMELY late to this, but I can already tell you that this game is gonna fucking suck. Don't get me wrong, it seemed like a cool game until you think about it and who is producing it. Now I'm not the kind of guy to complain about downgrades. Actually graphics don't even matter to me in the slightest. I've been playing the hell out of my ps2 games so I don't care about graphics. What bothers me is that this guy is saying that yes there is other modes, but by looking at the gameplay you can tell this is basically For Honor, but just with boats. The "other modes" would be what? A small campaign? A team death match? Capture the flag?Hold point A,B, and C? Maybe if you don't like doing that with other people then do it with a team of people playing with you going against AI's! Remember kids, you need to always be online to play though! The whole trade route thing to where you can't go on land is bull. That's just an excuse to make a multiplayer game with amazing visuals. "If more money is spent into making a game more dense, action packed and fun, then how will we get to have these graphics bro". I can already see that this is going to be one of those games that forces one gameplay mechanic for the entire game. Campaign is more than likely going to have really nice rendered cutscenes, but after you see these pointless interactions end, then you go back to the third person view on your ship. This is basically playing Assassins Creed Black Flag or AC Rogue and only staying on your boat. You can't even fight on deck or jump to other players boats and fight to the death from the clips I've seen. This is a waste of talent onto a massive disappointment just waiting to happen and if my predictions/opinions turn out to be true, then we would have just wasted 60 dollars on what should have been a free to play or 20 dollar title. I hope to god I'm wrong about all of this just because this could be an amazing game, but now I'm not even a little excited for it unless.

  • Jarry
    Jarry Year ago

    Hopefully this will be better than Sea of Thieves...

  • SixTuber Productions

    So, you can customize ships and factions to make clans and gangs and all that. So we can see the Angry Army for example. Now THIS is pod racing!!!!!!

  • The Boony Channel

    Man this is the game i've been looking for all my life

  • Grammar Police
    Grammar Police Year ago

    And soon we get to see Joe saying

  • Marlon Adonis
    Marlon Adonis Year ago

    Finally a proper pirate game.

  • boop
    boop Year ago

    if i cant board the ships and explore an open world then i aint buying

  • Aurora
    Aurora Year ago

    Only one minor issue for me is that the projectiles of the rockets and cannons are too fast, and kind of counters the realism and immersion that the great graphics and playstyle the game promotes. They should tweak that down a noth, then this game will be damn great!

  • xIpodTouchGoeroex

    spineless joe

  • jk2abs
    jk2abs Year ago

    So this is Assassins Creed Black Flag without assassins? =D

  • Winter Von Fenris

    Yarrg maties here's hoping this won't end up some land lovers blunder of a for honor with a pirate paint job

  • Comander
    Comander Year ago

    i just wanna know if you can move other then the boat.. that would be awesome like in black flag take your sword and fight the men of the other ship but anyways I CANT WAIT !!!

  • Ysakur Henriksen
    Ysakur Henriksen Year ago

    Was it just me who thaught it was the completionist

  • DontLookAtMeLad
    DontLookAtMeLad Year ago +1

    So much wasted potential. Imagine, just imagine if they created this where you could have actually controlled a character, ran about your ship, have hand to hand combat, explore land. Instead they have went for a quick multiplayer cash grab. So sad. This is a game that screams out for exploring. Adding sea monsters is a beautiful touch but sadly we will not be able to have the most fun we could of with this.

    • DeeK KayE
      DeeK KayE Year ago +1

      I totally agree! those motherfuckers should really stop screwing up their own games for fucks sake!

  • DontLookAtMeLad
    DontLookAtMeLad Year ago

    2:38 Sheer panic

  • TheInfamousWolf
    TheInfamousWolf Year ago

    Fuckin love you Joe. Give the best gaming content.

  • Luis Guerra
    Luis Guerra Year ago

    Why is this twat disable comment section in his reaction by the way is it necessary that u need to flip the video

  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg Year ago +2

    Imagine an open work online multiplayer black flag game

  • Iptihar Dilshat
    Iptihar Dilshat Year ago +1

    its not a pirate game. its a naval combat game

  • Travistheboss 18
    Travistheboss 18 Year ago

    can you customize your crew

  • Syafiku Zack
    Syafiku Zack Year ago

    i really wanna enjoy the pirates single player where like ASC Black Flag where we can build our own base, running around the island and a good story. Thats all i need

  • Tezza Bhoy
    Tezza Bhoy Year ago

    forget skull and bones flags and sails.... Cock and Balls

  • Justagamer 14
    Justagamer 14 Year ago

    Hell when you think about it there are technically 3 pirate games coming out. Sea of thieves, Skull and bones and beyond good and evil 2. The way we have seen skull and bones it's all naval, with no exciting ship boardings besides a 5 second cutcene. Sea of thieves is just cartoony as fuck. Lastly beyond good and evil 2 seems like the best form the interviews that describe how the experience works. Let the army of radical haters of my analysis attack.

    • Jim Bobberson
      Jim Bobberson Year ago +1

      Beyond Good & Evil 2 looks like fucking trash.
      Excited about the other two, though. I only wish I could take Sea of Thieves' gameplay and apply Skull & Bones' aesthetics.

  • Justagamer 14
    Justagamer 14 Year ago

    The fact that boarding a ship is a cutscene is kind of cool, but also lame as fuck. Boarding ships is the most tense part of being a pirate. Has anyone seen black sails? The ship boardings were always tense, and usually the parts that actually made a difference.

  • DeeK KayE
    DeeK KayE Year ago +1

    I hope they will add on foot open world with sword and gun combat like boarding ships too and diving in the seas with the sea creatures and an offline story campaign otherwise that game will be very bad I can assure you that!

    • DeeK KayE
      DeeK KayE Year ago +1

      Justagamer 14 well since its just one mode of a multiplayer only, it can be possible in other modes or when you are on free roam

    • Justagamer 14
      Justagamer 14 Year ago

      The gameplay video showed a 5 second cutscene for boarding, and you switch views of positions throughout the ship so there isn't one character to really call your own gameplay wise. except maybe the captain. Your other points don't look possible either. Sorry man

  • john xiong
    john xiong Year ago

    Things that I really liked in this since black flag was the graphics, cool ship designs, sound, different perspectives, more crew members, and the water

  • MunchyHam
    MunchyHam Year ago +1

    This game looks great but I've been let down too many times by Ubi so I'm not expecting much.

  • trueshadow64
    trueshadow64 Year ago +1

    my only concern with this game is that being a pirate is a lot more than just naval combat. its about exploring the open sea, being a captain and making captain decisions, freedom, traveling around, looking for treasure and going where you please. that to me is what a REAL pirate game should be all about. not just pvp battles. so we'll see how they handle that and hopefully there will be more modes and options other than just the 5v5 pvp mode. a story campaign mode would be what really could make this game shine and stand out.

  • Admiralex91
    Admiralex91 Year ago

    Ubisoft is always a black flag

  • Sir Pinkly
    Sir Pinkly Year ago +2

    I appreciate that they are trying to give us the pirate game we asked for but I think they've missed the point.
    Luckily Sea of Thieves is a thing so I can just get that instead.

  • Sabier Marinier
    Sabier Marinier Year ago +1

    yessssssssss open world 😣😣😣😣❤❤❤❤

  • Trevali Mec
    Trevali Mec Year ago +1

    So does it not have a single player?

  • Nathan
    Nathan Year ago +1

    The real big questions is
    can you enter the ship and fight with your sword ?

    • ShadowFox
      ShadowFox Year ago

      Nathan no you are bound to your ship

  • marius voges
    marius voges Year ago

    I would have enjoyed a single player career mode

  • Cassiel Aralim
    Cassiel Aralim Year ago +1

    This is Sea of Thieves for beggars.

    AGEMO Year ago +1

    I want to customize my captain with a parrot on my shoulder. Please Ubi. Merci in advance.

  • Attila Pataki
    Attila Pataki Year ago +1

    no SP? so this games gonna fail too

  • Ratta Tooie
    Ratta Tooie Year ago

    ugh who watches this shit..........

  • Dan Elendil
    Dan Elendil Year ago

    1:25 ".. the graphics, the action, the sound, the music, the crew singing on the ship .." - so many things to be ultimately ruined by _THE UBISOFT_

  • Nika Megrelidze
    Nika Megrelidze Year ago


  • Michael Jacobs
    Michael Jacobs Year ago +1

    The besy part of Black Flag was physically moving your character to different parts of the ship, jumping oveeboard, and jumping to enemy ships to sword fight and take treasure. I'm not interested if you just play as a boat the entire time.

  • 3dank5me Dankerman
    3dank5me Dankerman Year ago +1

    I'm thinking that this will die fast and be overshadowed by thieves of the sea which will die in a week unless content is added. don't get me wrong I frickn love pirates, I'm hoping they succeed.

  • Jojo Meyer
    Jojo Meyer Year ago


  • harrald schmitt
    harrald schmitt Year ago +1

    i can already see a for honor situation coming...

  • Darien Darkhouse
    Darien Darkhouse Year ago +1

    For those saying this is a Black Flag ripoff, remember that Black Flag actually had melee and ranged combat as a pirate, island exploration, actual boarding of ships, diving for treasure, walking on your ship, and pirates enjoying life. Y'know, Black Flag wanted you to live the pirate dream.

  • SuperJYLS
    SuperJYLS Year ago +1

    If you can't actual board other ships and fight the enemy crew then not interested

  • Escanor
    Escanor Year ago +1

    If it's only about ship battle,
    Please push the release date a year later and add pirate stuff, Boarding, Fights ...

    ARACHNIDGUY 16 Year ago

    my Dreadnaught will be built in 2018

  • Yoboydrew
    Yoboydrew Year ago

    anyone remember the old pirates of Caribbean? it was open world with a huge map you can do shit battles and land on the island and explore shit was awesome

  • Julian Gushway
    Julian Gushway Year ago

    There's still one question to keep in mind (and this goes for all their multiplayer titles); how well do you think Ubisoft will support this game?

  • Alucard3362
    Alucard3362 Year ago

    Shitty interview, you didn't press him about out-of ship gameplay, single-player or microtransactions, lame.

  • garlygunto
    garlygunto Year ago

    this game looks pretty boring and repetitive, especially if you cant leave your ship, its pretty much just taking the mechanics and programming from ac 3 and black flag of the naval parts and got rid of the other stuff, yer not paying money for it,

  • cmz8706
    cmz8706 Year ago +1

    multiplayer is going to suck in a game like this. being stuck in the ship the whole time is going to suck in a game like this. love the realism. hate the restrictions. if they can't build a strong open world campaign, this is going to be pass for me. wish they would focus on more PVE and singleplayer / COOP experiences. there's too many PVP games right now.

  • Sammy Diamond
    Sammy Diamond Year ago

    I swear to god if you can't steal ships like in black flag I'm gonna lose my shit

  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones Year ago

    Sea of Thieves looks 10x as much fun as this! Oh and fuck Ubisoft.

  • Shane Arnold
    Shane Arnold Year ago

    is there island exploration and stuff like that or is it deathbattle with just each player gets there ships?

  • ssantos88
    ssantos88 Year ago

    Yeah because Ubisoft can be trusted with multiplayer games, just look at Division and For Honor.

  • fearlessjoebanzai

    Fuckin'ell, skipping the WiiU again :(

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana Year ago

    One more idea stolen from Ubifuck

  • Flowsnake
    Flowsnake Year ago +1

    Pirates of the Angrybean: Kool & Boners


    IMO I'd rather play sea of thieves over this any day.

  • Johnny Me
    Johnny Me Year ago +2

    Cool concept that will be poorly executed. The same that happened with For Honor will happen to this one. And the single player will also be shit because Ubisoft never learn.
    Trust me, I would know. I know I would know. Because I know, you know?

  • arjun220
    arjun220 Year ago

    Wow angry joe isn't angry anymore.... his becoming more of a professional video game journalist....

  • Synalbatros
    Synalbatros Year ago

    okay. nooow im interested

  • Paul Lane
    Paul Lane Year ago

    so just a pirate ship mmo... disappointing. There was so much potential.

  • blackoutnowx
    blackoutnowx Year ago

    Can it be better than Blackwake?

  • splinter360
    splinter360 Year ago

    Little tip Joe. Noticed it in my most of your E3 vids. Stop playing with your hands. Makes you look real nervous (which i'm guessing you are a bit). You're a big youtuber with decent influence. He should be the nervous one.

  • Animefreakah
    Animefreakah Year ago

    I am not a big fan of the over the top fantasy design ships. I mean ships with battering rams and a giant skull on the rear kind of pulls me out of the game.

  • mylobage
    mylobage Year ago +2

    People be complaining about repetitive gameplay, and still haven't missed a FPS since Doom. #CoD #Overwatch #Battlefield #...

  • Jamal Tyrone
    Jamal Tyrone Year ago

    Jim Sterling was right, the new ubisoft logo screams poobisoft! (White 80s dog poo-bisoft)

  • Niceneasy Raps
    Niceneasy Raps Year ago

    For those of you saying it will get boring, it might be like a world of warships type game with progression. However, Sea of theives looks way better.

  • Belnick6666
    Belnick6666 Year ago

    World of WarShips : Pirate Edition/DLC `?

  • Kaan Dogru
    Kaan Dogru Year ago

    This is literally Assassins Creed Black Flag without the Assassins Creed part. Whats the point?

  • ChoctawFlute
    ChoctawFlute Year ago

    Well they had it just about right with Black Flag. In stead of this rubbish COD crap they should have made a proper pirate adventure.

  • Lord Cthulhu
    Lord Cthulhu Year ago

    french joe meet angry joe

  • Arek Borowski
    Arek Borowski Year ago

    i was fucking hyped untill i heard what this game will be all about... i hoped for it to become black flag/age of pirates RPG but looks like ubi just cut the black flag's ships and paste it on some shitty game mode, easy money without much effort....

  • Attila Pataki
    Attila Pataki Year ago

    no offline? .. fuck this. i was hoping for a good SP game... we already have MP ship combat games:(

  • UmadMoop
    UmadMoop Year ago

    yay the old joe is back with the e3 interviews

  • fjuraa
    fjuraa Year ago

    what.... this is not a documentary about that secret society? Son... i'm disappoint

  • Tha Pume
    Tha Pume Year ago

    Only MP... i prefer to get Black Flag for cheap than paying for this. Missed opportunity IMO.

  • 12inchRules
    12inchRules Year ago

    True, I loved Black Flag for the naval battle!

  • Miłosz Zwierzchowski

    Cypress Hill Skull & Bones :D

  • Black dragon Kalameet

    don't think he said if there was an offline mode. Not one for only online.
    If I buy a game then I expect to have that game for as long as I want to have it, only online doesn't offer this

    • Black dragon Kalameet
      Black dragon Kalameet Year ago

      plus not being able to explore islands on foot will mean it gets boring.
      Wish it was an offline sea of thieves. As in a sea of thieves without the twatery of other people.

  • NeoGeo46
    NeoGeo46 Year ago

    Too bad sea of thieves doesnt have these graphics

  • Mayo
    Mayo Year ago

    This looks exactly like black flag

  • SmoothEmJay
    SmoothEmJay Year ago

    Joe, you have finally been out-bearded. XD

  • Dosun* Sweet
    Dosun* Sweet Year ago

    Xbox and Ubisoft seem to have the same idea about pirate games the only difference is that Xbox is animated and Ubisoft is like assassins creed black flag but there is more you can do in the ship I like it

  • MarkyMark Minusthefunkybunch

    A bit too early for details, in normal non dev talk, that means, yes lots of microtransactions and loot boxes to open, because everybody loves those!
    If they do the same shit that they did with For Honor, as an example, that shits not going to last long before people get tired of endless grinding. Sort it Ubisoft.

  • Gamer Max
    Gamer Max Year ago +2

    ubisoft has failed too many times for me lately. I don't trust them, the division, for honor. Both had major flaws. As for this game. I want a more open world mmorpg, not just a sandbox world of ships with pirates.

  • Brandon J Larry Gaming

    The guy with the beard looks like Dan Bilzirian

  • SandwichProtector IsDead

    unlike black flag , this game has no personality , some generic pirate game that uses a fun and engaging naval combat system from a successful game . players will get bored of it after a while .

  • Nikolaus Kotzinetsi

    I thought you were talking with skull & bones, a secret society. What a disappointment.

  • Kushy
    Kushy Year ago

    Seriously, who on earth is going to buy this?

  • PixelMan Games
    PixelMan Games Year ago

    This looks just like Black Flag... but missing much more

  • Deion Goldsmith
    Deion Goldsmith Year ago

    we as gamers basically want black sails the game....ships, looting, boarding, fighting on land and ship decks, mutany, land battles. colonial factions uk,france, spain, portugal, the dutch and pirate shit don't fuck us ubisoft.