Romeo Lacoste INTERVIEW! #DramaAlert ( Uncensored ) Romeo Lacoste reacts to recent Allegations!

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • Romeo Lacoste defends himself against recent allegations in an 37 min interview!
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  • DramaAlert
    DramaAlert  6 months ago +9166

    Make sure you watch the full interview before you make up your mind if hes guilty or not! If you are new here make sure you sub with notifications on cus we are staying on this story & many others in the community!

    • Lisa
      Lisa Month ago

      He sounds exactly like the creeps on the to catch a predator show! GUILTY!

    • Butter King
      Butter King Month ago

      He’s dodging the subject

    • Strawberry 333
      Strawberry 333 2 months ago

      DramaAlert You know me I hate pedos. Romeo was a full on retard on Twitter. He had no idea how it worked. It's sad I knew more them him. Yes he's always been respectful and took advice. Keem on him he gets the autistic pass. Damn I didn't know he was that old.

    • Stefano/TheBigDank
      Stefano/TheBigDank 4 months ago


    • Adam Dragon
      Adam Dragon 4 months ago

      @Max becouse he is guilty if he does he is fucked. even more than he is now

  • Countess Bitch sparkles

    Romeo Lacotse saying "here's the thing" for 36 minutes straight (this probably isn't original but idk)

  • Jonathan Michael Shapiro

    *romeo* she was almost 18
    *also romeo* oh she was 18 almost 19

  • XxVillain DekuxX
    XxVillain DekuxX 3 days ago +1

    *Keem asking Romeo questions*
    *Romeo says the same thing over and over*

  • Maria S
    Maria S 5 days ago

    She say you pee on here, No i didnt, she say it traumaticed her, it traumaticed her? OMG HAHAHAH, with his reactions he is acepting it

  • raymond chen
    raymond chen 7 days ago


  • Tride
    Tride 8 days ago

    Keem: “You said this shit to a kid!”
    Romeo: “Well.... I’m a good guy, I treat people with respect”
    Because treating people with respect has a lot to do with being a pedo?..

  • Just A Person
    Just A Person 9 days ago +1

    I’m literally just tuning out the rambling of “you know”, “here’s the thing” and “look man” and I’m laughing like crazy at this dude‘s facial expressions. What a legend

  • Kevin Mckenzie
    Kevin Mckenzie 10 days ago

    Just looked up ddlg.........🤦‍♂️ wow

  • silky johnson
    silky johnson 11 days ago

    okay can we talk about how his ex wanted to stay anonymous and you let him say her first and last name without censoring it. i feel like you did her dirty. also she was a minor during the time period in question and idk what the laws are in regards to identity protection for victims, but i feel like you shouldnt have let him say her full name. not to mention youre telling the world this dude literally pissed on her.

  • Megan Chambers
    Megan Chambers 11 days ago +1

    "I'm not trying to make excuses"
    *spends the entire time trying to make excuses*

  • Megan Chambers
    Megan Chambers 11 days ago +1

    Teacher: Romeo what's 2+2?
    Romeo: Ok well here's the thing...

  • Megan Chambers
    Megan Chambers 11 days ago

    lol I love hearing someone try to talk themselves out of such a deep hole 😂😂

  • Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain 11 days ago

    Not that good looking or don't get attention bitch it kills me trying to get this girl to know me it doesn't make and accuse to be a pedo

  • Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain 11 days ago

    He keeps shutting keemstar off sign of guilt he trying to justify him self

  • Alexandria Andrade
    Alexandria Andrade 11 days ago

    Tell me where @projared interview is at or you a new news report on how he proved he was innocent when you were trying to criminalize him.

  • OG Broman
    OG Broman 12 days ago

    First this dude sed litrly 100 fricken times and he sed i new she was almost to 18 and then he sed she was close to 19 what is stupid head ass boy doing he is such i liar

    Edit:i am sorry if i spelled anything wrong

  • Jess :)
    Jess :) 13 days ago

    Yeh he’s a pedo this interview just fucked him up even more

  • Jay D87
    Jay D87 13 days ago

    Keemstar’s facial expressions just made this interview 😂😂 He knows he’s BS’in! Romeo keeps running his mouth CONSTANTLY without saying NOTHING AT ALL!

  • Murphymon Kid
    Murphymon Kid 14 days ago

    "She's devastated because KIDS, oops I meant KIDS and adults are calling the shots"

  • Renata Budai
    Renata Budai 15 days ago

    I just seen this and I have to he is avoiding the questions this bruh

  • Chelsea's Beauty XO
    Chelsea's Beauty XO 15 days ago

    You can’t photoshop a video Romeo so dumb you a liar and a disgusting nonce

  • Chelsea's Beauty XO
    Chelsea's Beauty XO 15 days ago

    He is a Predator at the end of the day this is disgusting there’s know but here’s the thing you are and you’re in denial I’m 22 and fine it weird too talk too a 18 year old and that’s legal age it just doesn’t appeal too me it’s the fame and social media lots of people are on social media it doesn’t make them a pedophile or predator too young boys or girls don’t blame social media and being new too fame wtf you can’t remember someone who is 15 and you thought she was more of 17 makes no sense Romeo evidence doesn’t lie

  • Once upon an Indie
    Once upon an Indie 16 days ago

    Was I the only one wishing really hard that Keem would have just layed into his stupid ass?

  • Once upon an Indie
    Once upon an Indie 16 days ago

    I bet the lawyers listening to this are shaking their heads and yelling shut up idiot to the screen!

  • Once upon an Indie
    Once upon an Indie 16 days ago

    Dude!!! Was he fucking high during this interview!? He is absolutely stupid! There is NO context in which any of the shit he did is right!

  • Anti-Social Justice Warrior

    The one time keem the meme star exposed someone and was in the right

  • Anti-Social Justice Warrior

    He sounds and looks like a pedo anyone who gets tatoos all over their body probably is a pedo

  • Sub to me For a cookie

    Ok but like we all fucked up once...cmon

    • Jill Child
      Jill Child 19 days ago

      It's sexual assult it's a massive mistake

  • Sub to me For a cookie

    Damn his whole career thrown like dat....

    SMOKEY GANGSTA BACON 20 days ago

    Hes stuttering alot

  • Puffy WooWoo
    Puffy WooWoo 23 days ago

    Even in some states where the age of sexual consent varies(such as under 18) ....internet/social media/texting laws are diffeeant in the US...adults sexting w/ any1 under the age of 18 is illegal. Hope ya didn't send pics (worse)...hope ya didnt entise one to meet up.(alot worse) . .especially across state lines(boy you F'd)

  • Puffy WooWoo
    Puffy WooWoo 23 days ago

    How do you live with someone, date them for 3 yrs, and not known their age? The fact that he's Just Not Getting It.. That he's the adult.. . that he took advantage of these teens, that idolized him, for his own sexual gratification... That he excuses his accountability... It proves he is mentally incapable of understanding his predatory behavior. He's not even comprehending that he's throwing himself under the bus.. He doesn't get the point. He's okay with his behavior. Hope this dudes getting mental health or it will continue

  • Jayden
    Jayden 23 days ago +1

    HeReS tHe ThInG

  • Mc Stiffy
    Mc Stiffy 24 days ago

    "I'm not getting the chance to defend myself" Shut the fuck up you haven't stopped talking since the start. This is the first time I've wanted to actually listen to keemstar a million more times than the other person.

  • Zoie Flynn
    Zoie Flynn 25 days ago

    I really want something to happen to him for this. Don't like this predator get away with it

  • Zoie Flynn
    Zoie Flynn 25 days ago

    So is this guy in jail yet

  • Tictac Taco
    Tictac Taco 25 days ago

    He talks so much🙄 he's tryna make himself the victim🤦‍♀️ smh

  • Ariel Popoca Sanchez
    Ariel Popoca Sanchez 25 days ago

    I would change the title Keem. This ain’t an interview at all 😂

  • Katie Olson
    Katie Olson 26 days ago

    Keems face though🤣😂

  • Linda Ann Forrester
    Linda Ann Forrester 26 days ago

    He hasn't answered one question, instead of saying yeah I messed up, I got hung up with the fantasy etc, but he's literally telling us he is fine with it cos the girl came on to him and the parents were fine with it, Jesus! Say sorry for your young sisters sake at least, who cares if the girls cut their part out of the messages, you're an adult at the end of the day, you should go the other way!

  • Kati Grace
    Kati Grace 26 days ago

    I think the point he's trying to make...whether right or wrong is...they might have been 14-15...but he wasnt running around on twitter going "mmmm I'm gonna get me a little 1 yr old and do all this shit to her" He wasn't sitting there in chat rooms r anything looking for 14 or 15 yr old girls to make fucked up fantasies come to life....he was living his life...some girls started coming on to him attention...they're like "I'm not 18 yet...I won't be 18 for a couple months" blah blah blah...and he's probably...admittedly and stupidly...thinking "this chicks hot...she's about to be 18...she's pretty much 18 already...this shit happens every ain't no thang....hey girl you wanna come over?" He wasn't out preying on little girls...chicks that he thought were practically legal were chasing him and he didn't see anything wrong with doesn't make him a makes him stupid and honestly...he's clearly on more of a 19-20 yr old mentality which prolly makes it seem even more ok in his head...what I want to know is how is it that girls can sit there...acting like the predator...seeking out a dude on purpose (which she admitted she did) lie about their age to make him feel like it's ok...have very inappropriate conversations with him...then three years later decide to expose them...but just his side...none of the fucked up shit she said...girls do this shit all the time to try and set dudes up. But the dude is the one whos the wolf and the girls that do this for vindictive reasons are victims...whether he's wrong or right...there are guys who are completely innocent then get set up all the time. When is somebody going to hold these girls accountable fo their actions They learn this crazy shit somewhere?

  • Jay Bird
    Jay Bird 26 days ago

    Was it the cleanest best pressure ?

  • Kati Grace
    Kati Grace 26 days ago

    I really dont think knew the girl was 14-15...I think he thought she was almost 18 and figured it was most people do in society today...when I was 17 I was living with a 27 yr old...then again...where I lived the age of consent is 16 not even if he thought she was ALMOST 18...was it technically illegal? Yes...but does that make him a predator? If it does then that would make a LOT of ordinary people predators...who you most likely wouldn't normally think of as a just makes hm kind of stupid. And where he says a lot of the msgs are cut out and it's manipulated...I thought that when I saw the first video about this...having no idea who he was or what any of this was about. The girl admits they made another account with the sole purpose of setting him up. And thru all the screen shots of the looks like he's talking to himslf. His msgs are clearly a response to something dirty she said yet you don't see what she said. And of course she isn't going to want people to see those things...but it has to make u wonder what exactly did sh different would this situation look if you could see both sides of the conversation. She tells US that he knew that her and the other girl were 14-15 but nowhere in the msgs do you see her say it or him say it. The only thing that suggested that she was under age was him asking her if she wanted to wait til she was 18 and her saying she didn't know if he waned seems to me that two people talking about hooking up but discussing whether or not to wait a couple of months til she's 18 seems a lot more plausible that alking about the possibility of waiting 4-5 years...bu that's just me. If a 14 -15 yr old girl decides to make a fake account to trick a "famous" guy into talking dirty to her...lies about her age...initiates the situation...admits to seeking him out to see if he'll talk inappropriately...but lets him believe she's a 17 almost 18 yr old sex freak...then three years later once he's really popular...decides to "expose" him...leaks every dirty msg he sent to her but leaves out everything she said...admits she set him up (but worded it so it doesn't sound as bad) says he knew how old she really was...but shows no proof that he did...but he's the child grooming pedophile and no one questions her...I don't get it. Now I'll admit...I had no idea who he was before today...and obviously don't know he whole story yet...or rather I don't have all the info that is public yet...and maybe I'm wrong...but If I' is it that I immediately catch onto to this gilrs possible manipulation and no one else sees it?

  • Kati Grace
    Kati Grace 26 days ago

    If he was 29 or whatever and he was talking to a 14-15 yr old girl and he knew it? That's fucking sick ..but if she was actually about to turn 18 or was lying to him about being almost 18...then I really do feel like the waters get a little muddy. In a lot of states 16 is the legal age of consent...while it is technically illegal to engage in sexually explicit texting with anyone under 18...given the world we live in...most 16-17 year old girls are sexually active and it is pretty common for girls 16-19 to date older guys. As long a the parents don't care...nothing usually happens. Now if he was to be turned in... he would most likely only be charged with a misdemeanor given that there was no physical sexual intercourse...and most likely would not do time in jail (but even if he did it would prolly only be 1 yr in county..which means most likely 6 months...and only 30 days if the jail is over crowded) and would get probation and a pretty big fine. And the 17 but maybe 15 yr old when he was 19? Again...while technically illegal as he is over 19...still a LOT of people wouldn't really even notice nor would they consider him a predator...

  • Jim Sonic
    Jim Sonic 27 days ago

    This dude is a complete moron. He is SO completely and entirely delusional about who he thinks he is. People dont have respect for this idiot. He entertained a few a couple of times and now he thinks hes some kind of rockstar. He has zero regret for the victims. He cares about nothing other than trying to look like the victim. Sure seems to me like he has no respect for sexual boundaries, esp when he thinks nobody is looking.

  • T KEO
    T KEO 29 days ago

    You fucked him over nice and properly just like the predator needed 😂

  • Eric
    Eric 29 days ago


  • Lokey Shook
    Lokey Shook 29 days ago

    He said he doesn't like pedo's and creepy guys *cough cough*

  • Arelis Rumberger
    Arelis Rumberger 29 days ago +1

    “Here’s the thing” lmfao

  • Mr Boi
    Mr Boi 29 days ago

    All i have to say is B R U H

  • Shicc
    Shicc Month ago

    Wow he ugly af tho

  • Authentic puro
    Authentic puro Month ago

    Okkkk, now I understand, It's social media's fault!!! This guy is a pure idiot. SMFH!

  • BlazeNekoGamer.
    BlazeNekoGamer. Month ago

    “Ask everybody who’s come to my shop... i treated them with complete respect” but that doesn’t answer why you wanna be with young girls🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Ridge Cook
    Ridge Cook Month ago

    Drama alert is becoming the new to catch a predator

  • hjordis leuteritz
    hjordis leuteritz Month ago

    U can see keemstar getting annoyed talking to him like I mean come on dude

  • Tracy A
    Tracy A Month ago

    Wow! How to end a career and be considered a pedo by the entire platform in just over half an hour! That's impressive

  • Lali lali
    Lali lali Month ago

    I've lost all of my brain sells

  • ughIrats
    ughIrats Month ago

    Why all these straight edge tattooed boys turn out to be predators? Remember Sam Pepper? They even look similar

  • Uh-Uh Claireski
    Uh-Uh Claireski Month ago

    If he tattooed me and then I watched this video/learned about him... I'd cut my tattoo off to get rid of it. This guy actually makes my skin crawl.