The Smashing Pumpkins - Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts) (Lyric Video)


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  • Daniel Werner
    Daniel Werner Day ago +1

    After All, separation is an illusion of Necessity, by Daniel Werner..... I Am, much Love !

  • denny beck
    denny beck 3 days ago +2

    Classic 'Smashing Pumpkins', but new 'Smashing Pumpkins', what the heck! I'm 14 again. Thank you

  • mog neko
    mog neko 4 days ago

    i like this one, best thing corgan's penned in years.

  • ian redgate
    ian redgate 5 days ago

    dive like a Howard Stern

  • Valer Ijo
    Valer Ijo 5 days ago

    This is my personal cover of the song 🎃

  • Ulm Wurttemberg
    Ulm Wurttemberg 6 days ago

    No sir. I've heard those chords. Get at me with something that doesn't sound like somewhere we've been.

  • infornographic
    infornographic 7 days ago

    wow, this is suprisingly good, i was already gave up long time ago

  • Roberto Contu
    Roberto Contu 7 days ago

    I love you Pumpkins!

  • Wearing Van's Goghing Nowhere

    Hmm just saw them last night in Chicago. A bit disappointed that it was the same playlist but it appears as if Billy is a creature of habit. It's all good. Great show. Few great songs of new album.

  • Casroder
    Casroder 10 days ago

    My new jam!!

  • RAS 123
    RAS 123 10 days ago

    Ahhhhh the 90ties are alive once again....takes me back to those days driving up the coast on the 101 freeway headed to UCSB....times before cell phones, emails, Facebook, etc etc.

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith 11 days ago

    Fun. Exciting. Mysterious. Wonderful.

  • Loup
    Loup 11 days ago

    that hurts*

  • MFE
    MFE 12 days ago

    Mannaggia a voi! vi davo per finiti nel 99. e invece rieccovi. grandi!

  • Michael Mitchell
    Michael Mitchell 12 days ago

    ''Stumbling before you speak, stunning and stunning,
    with canons to lead, and tigers tight,
    you scan the fields, someone dies tonight,
    it's tragic, but at least it's not you.''
    One of the most emotional and well written verses I've ever heard in a Smashing Pumpkins song.

  • zosojay024
    zosojay024 12 days ago +1


  • The Lawn Gnome
    The Lawn Gnome 12 days ago

    You know the last 3 albums were nothing special but, this one I really feel a nostalgia factor. Like I hear lots of classic Pumpkins sounds.

  • Lee Saunders
    Lee Saunders 13 days ago

    Not liking it really I'll stick to gish, Siamese dream and melancholy. Without darcy I ain't liking it no matter how fucked up she may be she was good very good and all their thoughts combined created some of the best albums of the 90s period. Stick this up your arse lol

  • JohnBindon
    JohnBindon 13 days ago +1

    Love the sounds so Shoegaze-like ! Billy loves Shoegaze and my pro band played Shoegaze ! If you don't know what Shoegaze is - go look it up. :o)
    I see some serious political language - it's disguised, but a poetic can see it easily !

  • Morris
    Morris 13 days ago

    New Smashing Pumpkins CD. 20+ years with Billy Corgan and I have never been disappointed. Old and the New sound mixed. Artists that keep pushing ❤️🎃

  • Caleb Mastronardi
    Caleb Mastronardi 13 days ago +1

    Die like a Cobain or live long enough to be a Corgan

  • Hao Xue
    Hao Xue 14 days ago

    I love SP but this is not old-time SP any more. Songs are catchy but lack of depth. Same level as Zwan stuff...

  • Nick B
    Nick B 15 days ago

    So refreshing to here some good ole' 90's music (real music). Thanks Smashing Pumpkins. Buying the CD and the record for my collection of the good shit.

  • Renan Lopes
    Renan Lopes 15 days ago

    Amazing song \o/

  • Benjamin Lambert
    Benjamin Lambert 15 days ago

    Sounds like a Placebo song

  • l vm
    l vm 16 days ago

    Super 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶

  • Caladobo
    Caladobo 16 days ago

    Yeehaa! Some new stuff from the Pumpkins :)

  • Alberto Pace
    Alberto Pace 16 days ago

    top song !!!

  • TheMonolake
    TheMonolake 16 days ago

    Will we hear it on the radio?

  • Jason Ought
    Jason Ought 16 days ago

    Somebody said it well, this is 1979 for this generation

  • Bruno Modesp
    Bruno Modesp 17 days ago

    Simplesmente fantastico!!!!

  • Jefferson Andres Solano Sarmiento

    Quiero verlos en Colombia con su formación original, porque no en un estéreo picnic

  • David Mills
    David Mills 18 days ago

    Despite all his rage
    He's sadly no longer a rat in his cage

  • John Draisey
    John Draisey 20 days ago

    What the shit, this is just as good as the classic Pumpkins songs. Thank god they got back together. Well, most of them. Corgan botched getting D'Arcy Wretzky back in, but maybe there's hope for Vol 2 because her basslines are sick.

  • Mick Hawkins
    Mick Hawkins 21 day ago

    fantastic song love it

  • Filipino Conservatarian

    its like 1979's tyrant son

  • sonic jet
    sonic jet 21 day ago

    The Foo Fighters started the lyrics music video ideal :) back in 2014 with Sonic Highways, now rock bands like Green Day, the Smashing Pumpkins are doing it too

  • Michal Kaczmarek
    Michal Kaczmarek 21 day ago

    Best song they've done in years. Honestly I think this is one of my favorite songs by them. And that's saying a lot. Classic Pumpkins sound but innovated. Progress. Doing everything right. Please more of this. I really can't believe this comeback. FORGET SOLARA. Do this, Knights of Malta, Seek and You Shall Destroy. To me Solara is a cash in and isnt genuine. Say what you want that's what I think. This is where it's at and im sure they know it.

  • sylvain bortolini
    sylvain bortolini 21 day ago

    Good to me!!! Keep up the good sound

  • Fabian Mora Romero
    Fabian Mora Romero 22 days ago

    Back to their classic sound, I love it!!

  • Charles De Rosas
    Charles De Rosas 22 days ago

    Brings me back to the 90s

  • 21innocentbystander
    21innocentbystander 22 days ago

    Why did they turn off the comments on Knights of Malta?

  • 7 Applesoggy
    7 Applesoggy 22 days ago

    Ok where have I been, this is great, corgan should have been doing this for the last 15 years

  • the rockford files
    the rockford files 23 days ago +1

    yeah this is a really good song

  • GBS
    GBS 23 days ago


  • Mikael Most
    Mikael Most 23 days ago +1

    You got the ghost in you

  • AbeVigodaIsAlive
    AbeVigodaIsAlive 23 days ago

    So close, it would be a great instrumental track but I can still hear too much New Pumpkins / Zwan / TFE in the singing style.

  • Matthew King
    Matthew King 23 days ago

    I'm diggin,' it!!

  • Oscar Bustamante
    Oscar Bustamante 24 days ago

    Tremendo volver a oír nuevas caniones!!!

  • Jellybeantiger
    Jellybeantiger 25 days ago

    This album surprised me in a good way.

  • Leo Aedo
    Leo Aedo 25 days ago

    Esta canción es una joya, cada vez que la escucho me gusta mas !

  • Garrick Allen
    Garrick Allen 25 days ago +1

    I love Smashing pumpkins. Their awesome and always will. They even still sound the same.

  • rdmauzy
    rdmauzy 25 days ago

    I can't help but feel Corgan is trolling fans by forcing the "1979" comparisons, but I hear it more contemporary to Oceania. Anyway, another for the Great American Songbook, no matter how you compare it.

  • Eric Marten
    Eric Marten 26 days ago

    This is good.

  • ᗩÐᖇƗᗩᘉ〇 V〇᙭

    Muito bom! Very good!🎃👻🔝🇧🇷

  • Chad Johnson
    Chad Johnson 26 days ago

    Billy is an awesome musician/creator by himself, and so are James, Jimmy, Jeff...etc... but when Billy and James start making music together again, there is a synergistic magic that starts to happen that turns real good rock into The Smashing Pumpkins. This song expresses that synergistic magic. I would love to see Darcy 'hang out with the band'... perhaps we can all be surprised just how high the original synergy can go again!

  • Phantasmagora
    Phantasmagora 26 days ago

    Weird how Billy bagged on James' writing all the time yet this sounds like a James song lol

  • Petr Gric
    Petr Gric 27 days ago

    Thanks!!! My lovely band. 4EVER!

  • BboyStepsReborn
    BboyStepsReborn 27 days ago +1

    Fuck 1979 part 2, this shit its own beast...brilliant chorus teaser early in the verse, amazing chorus...How can anyone discredit this shit? Honest to God are you kidding me? Fantastic work.

  • Barnóczky János
    Barnóczky János 27 days ago

    The intro of this song remind me the Silversun Pickups's sound

  • David Humphrey
    David Humphrey 27 days ago

    Its funny how this song sneeks up on ya. Looking forward to 11/16.

  • Cesar enrique vela castro

    por favor ,es mi deseo leer lo que dicen las épicas canciones del grupo ,gracias por la respuesta positiva , desde Perú 13/11/2018 .


  • Bud Man
    Bud Man 27 days ago


  • Rui Marinho
    Rui Marinho 28 days ago

    thank you very mutch

  • Fabio Buzzo
    Fabio Buzzo 28 days ago +1

    only knights of malta disappointed, the rest is dope

  • 알글아마니
    알글아마니 29 days ago

    최근 앨범은 다 별로였는데 이번건 괜찮다.

  • Bob Speirs
    Bob Speirs Month ago

    Good to Hear these guy's are still putting out great tunes

  • david hoyles
    david hoyles Month ago

    the perfect song

  • Emily Emiloid
    Emily Emiloid Month ago +1

    This song makes my cunt drip. Love it!

  • Patrick Donahue
    Patrick Donahue Month ago

    This song is life. Like they never missed a beat. Come on Nov 16th already. 💥🎃🎃

  • Gavin Murphy
    Gavin Murphy Month ago

    The Tragically hip ripoff but it's good.

  • Raven 2041
    Raven 2041 Month ago

    Gives 1979 vibes

  • Eever Paul De Leon
    Eever Paul De Leon Month ago

    that smashing pumpkins breeze sends chills all over my body. brings me my youth.

  • Vinnie Esteves
    Vinnie Esteves Month ago

    Mas que sonzeira! \m/

  • danny brabaender
    danny brabaender Month ago


  • James Feeley
    James Feeley Month ago

    I'm really enjoying the new Pumpkins stuff. It's really great to have most of the band back together again.

  • andrei sverchevsky
    andrei sverchevsky Month ago

    It would have been even better if the intro didn't sound like Lenny Kravitz's California. Other than that it's a great song.

  • Reverse Flash
    Reverse Flash Month ago

    Theeeeeey're baaaaaaccckkk

  • N Beers
    N Beers Month ago

    Great track, love it.

  • Antonio de la Puerta

    we all want D'arcy back!!

  • Robert White
    Robert White Month ago

    How has this song been out for fifty two days but only has 496,629 views? This is vintage Pumpkins! Maybe that's actually a great number and I have no concept... but it feels woefully insufficient for such a great song by a band of this caliber!

  • kobi2187
    kobi2187 Month ago +1

    Thank you Smashing Pumpkins! dear fans, please take a few moments to read about an atrocity happening in Communist China - Falun Gong practitioners are being murdered, on an unspeakable scale, 100 million peaceful meditators became a target of elimination for the evil party, but it can never do so. please voice your support today, and help rescue lives and spread the truth. Thank you.

  • dustyn boubard
    dustyn boubard Month ago

    I luv u pumpkins amen for your music

  • Dorsia Rez
    Dorsia Rez Month ago

    What a surprise of a song! This is exactly the kind of material that has always made me feel how important James Iha was to the collaborative unit. Billy Corgan might have "written it", but it wouldn't have happened if James wasn't there. Billy is completely capable of writing a great song, and I've enjoyed a lot of Billy's output since 2001, but the Pumpkins are distinctly different without James. I love the Pumpkins more with James in the equation.

  • Naneux PeeBrane
    Naneux PeeBrane Month ago

    This has me like in high school - anxious and depressed...

  • Neil McLean
    Neil McLean Month ago +2

    I’ve not bought a CD in years but will buy the album just to keep my SP collection complete.

  • Rich Wong
    Rich Wong Month ago +2

    Just heard this on the radio! This song is badass!

  • luis felipe azevedo Giacomin

    So 90s

  • TheMonolake
    TheMonolake Month ago

    Will it get radio play ? It should. But who knows.

    • chris soldatos
      chris soldatos Month ago

      radio barely plays the old bands new music. I heard the first single Solara for a week or two and then gone.

  • Jorge Luis Cámara Linares

    The logo is gorgeous

  • The Turkey Sandwich Podcast

    Wash, rinse, repeat, repeat, repeat repeat....can’t stop listening.

  • Miao Du
    Miao Du Month ago

    When I first heard the song, I actually thougt it was James Iha's Speed of Love. This song is SP to the core!!!

  • Kyle Hedrick
    Kyle Hedrick Month ago

    Wow....I knew Billy still had it in him. Amazing stuff.

  • Isadora Rebollo
    Isadora Rebollo Month ago

    Love it! Thanks for this great song! TSM are back!!!!!

  • Alessio Alessi
    Alessio Alessi Month ago

    Please, somebody provides the tab for this song! Pleaaaaaaaaseeeeeee... 😁

  • Mastesy
    Mastesy Month ago

    Please check out my acoustic cover:

  • maneatingseas
    maneatingseas Month ago

    Love it....

  • Daniela Bravo
    Daniela Bravo Month ago


  • real real Month ago

    Make some more !!!!!!!!tracks all dope