Video Game Tier List

  • Published on May 10, 2019
    Soft Drink: 00:05
    Fast Food: 03:04
    TheXvidrs: 08:00
    VRChat Avatars: 11:53
    Video Game: 12:32
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Comments • 809

  • Yujiツ
    Yujiツ 3 days ago

    1:45 song?

  • Yujiツ
    Yujiツ 3 days ago

    0:05 song?

  • Sibi
    Sibi 4 days ago

    lulw,Putting Divinity on E because you have ADHD

  • The Dark Spirit
    The Dark Spirit 14 days ago

    ​Minecraft is always worthy of an S, No one is worthy enough to classify Minecraft Lower than an S

  • maxo the king
    maxo the king 22 days ago

    He looks like josh peck haha ah good vids

  • Lazule
    Lazule 27 days ago +1

    diet coke. ofc you are fat as fuck dude.

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith Month ago

    Why no for honor 😱

  • •Glassy_Sun •
    •Glassy_Sun • Month ago

    I’m honestly kinda surprised that roblox isn’t on here XD

  • AzasalTheDev
    AzasalTheDev Month ago

    nobody is talking about the fact that stardew is in c

  • Andrew Rivera
    Andrew Rivera Month ago

    Did this man really put Sekiro at F I’m done watching this

  • Coyote Production
    Coyote Production Month ago

    Bo2 below f tier my man high as shit

  • Olimar
    Olimar Month ago

    Why is Fortnite a C Tier?! It should definitely be F

  • Grandma ?
    Grandma ? Month ago

    "IF you eat Arby's you are a normie"

    Puts one of the most popular and normal fast food restaurants on top tier
    btw arby's would be the best if i loved fast food.

  • Mathias Holthaus
    Mathias Holthaus Month ago

    how dare you put black ops 2 on the bottom?

  • Dman
    Dman Month ago

    Idubbbz: starts tier list trend
    This dude: who's that
    It's time to stop

  • ArnoldsK
    ArnoldsK Month ago +1

    Imagine putting minecraft in A tier SMH.

  • Simon Williams
    Simon Williams Month ago

    I’m confused where’s rainbow six siege

  • Lion
    Lion Month ago

    Dude put borderlands in B,I’m dead bruh.

  • OOF
    OOF Month ago +1

    He put Minecraft in A tier instead of S tier... an embarrassment can’t watch this anymore

  • ODSGxPrecision
    ODSGxPrecision Month ago

    You put Minecraft in A rather than S and you put Enter The Gungeon in the same rank as Fortnite, what are you fucking gay?

  • Bob Thelob
    Bob Thelob 2 months ago

    Minecraft is supposed to be switched with terraria, guess you made a mistake over there

    • Micstride
      Micstride Month ago

      @Bob Thelob The borderlands series

    • Bob Thelob
      Bob Thelob Month ago

      Micstride just an opinion and just your opinion. What do you think was misplaced?

    • Micstride
      Micstride Month ago

      Not really

  • Ian McCoy
    Ian McCoy 2 months ago

    Borderlands at the end of B... sure buddy

  • Spectrumrex
    Spectrumrex 2 months ago +1

    Dunkey is SSS tier bad list

  • Valen Goksir
    Valen Goksir 2 months ago +4

    * puts minecraft in A *

  • AmicableMouse
    AmicableMouse 2 months ago

    This dude is retarded how can you put team fortress 2 as s and garry's mode a LOL...

  • Nick
    Nick 2 months ago

    Nobody gonna talk about how he said Chick-fil-a has burgers

  • Kaleb Yacob
    Kaleb Yacob 2 months ago

    Tim Horton’s have really good hash brown (single big one) and breakfast sandwiches but donuts and donut holes were ass

  • Soul Knight
    Soul Knight 2 months ago

    Undertale ?

  • Popplio_OwO
    Popplio_OwO 2 months ago


  • Epic Gamer エピックゲーマー

    Garbage list

  • GalacticGamer26
    GalacticGamer26 2 months ago

    Rocket league

  • Eden rox7
    Eden rox7 2 months ago

    Fortnight I would put in F tear and the ones I would put in a sphere or Minecraft beat saver binding of Isaac VR chat and almost every one of them are trash

  • Mr. EpicGuy
    Mr. EpicGuy 2 months ago

    Minecraft deserves an s tier. Change my mind

  • Rio Santos
    Rio Santos 2 months ago

    HOLD UP! my man disrespecting little Caesars

  • Derp Ismeme
    Derp Ismeme 2 months ago

    No wrong illegal leafy sux

  • GooberBoy XDD
    GooberBoy XDD 2 months ago +2

    This man must be destroyed for his transgressions against humanity.

  • Sean Doyle
    Sean Doyle 2 months ago

    Pibb is just dr pepper

  • Austin Willson
    Austin Willson 2 months ago

    at least terraria is S tier

  • Shadow
    Shadow 2 months ago

    The only reason why you Diet Coke is S tier because you a fat ass

  • Jeeses99
    Jeeses99 2 months ago

    All of those CoD should be in G tier

  • -MGP- Triz
    -MGP- Triz 2 months ago +3


  • Just iSneaky
    Just iSneaky 2 months ago

    Really?! No halo?

  • Joseph Schafer
    Joseph Schafer 2 months ago +1

    Someone couldn’t beat SEKIRO

  • Brandon Jensen
    Brandon Jensen 2 months ago

    I just noticed who I just watched as now know why he didn’t tier vr chat

  • Brandon Jensen
    Brandon Jensen 2 months ago

    Cherry coke is s tier

  • Diamondwarrior
    Diamondwarrior 2 months ago

    I wish you get demonitized for that language

  • Diamondwarrior
    Diamondwarrior 2 months ago

    Where’s pewdiepie

  • Sam Roble
    Sam Roble 2 months ago +1

    Bo2 is bad to you?????

  • HarutoIsAGod APA
    HarutoIsAGod APA 2 months ago


  • Mara Kaufman
    Mara Kaufman 2 months ago

    Mr pibb is basically the knockoff brand of dr pepper

  • hello
    hello 2 months ago +2

    Sekiro f teir? Lol guess it was just to hard for him. Like don't judge a game based on it's difficulty...

  • swiggity in the booty
    swiggity in the booty 2 months ago

    Warframe e tier? Borderlands and apex as c? You're a fucking degenerate.

  • Lando
    Lando 2 months ago +2

    In my opinion In n Out is easily S tier

  • GamingDerp
    GamingDerp 2 months ago +3

    Roblox and minecraft S tier

  • INVALID syntax
    INVALID syntax 2 months ago +1

    You will regret this day the day you put terraria over minecraft the day you defiled the god of all things NOTCH. You will regret the day you didn't make a god tier for the legend

  • DankPebble
    DankPebble 2 months ago +4

    Tf2 was S
    My life is complete

  • Rob Bob42069
    Rob Bob42069 2 months ago +1

    McDonalds finna end his life too.

  • Super Nova
    Super Nova 2 months ago

    Ok let me get this straight you put terraria above minecraft and put forest at a D YOU PUT THE FOREST ONE OF THE BEST MULTIPLAYER SURVIVAL GAMES UNDER FUCKING FORTNITE and then you proceed to put FORNITE AT THE SAME TIER AS APEX ONE OF THE BETTER BATTLE ROYALES WTF IS YOUR TASTE? But apart from that SHIT LIST here’s what I think is right borderlands and Smash that’s it tf2 should be at A and where’s titanfall 2 it’s literally one of the funnest shooter games and you didn’t even put it on here AND YOU HAVE NO OPINION ON BO2? Have you even played it? What the fuck

  • Rip T
    Rip T 3 months ago

    Divinity E Tier? Wanna punch this fuck.

  • Implement Ord
    Implement Ord 3 months ago +2