Steve Aoki, Sting & SHAED - 2 In A Million (Official Video) [Ultra Music]

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • Steve Aoki, Sting & SHAED - 2 In A Million
    Steve Aoki, Sting & SHAED - 2 In A Million
    The Latest & Greatest from Ultra Music
    Director: J. A. Moreno
    Production Co: Mondays
    Executive Producer: María Fernández
    Video commissioner: Eddie Sears
    Video commissioner: Jori Teplitzky
    DP: Isaac Berner
    Edit: Alex Alvga
    Color: Maria Nualart @Moonlight Barcelona
    Filmed at United Palace Theater
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Comments • 445

  • FrancescoGuardi
    FrancescoGuardi 3 days ago

    Bullshit. Chelsea's unique voice burried under electronic manipulations and chorus stting, Sting looks like 14yo boy desperately trying to look cool,
    and a mediocre composition. Not a favour for anyone.

  • Karen Carolina Rodriguez Pacheco

    Grande sting. el mejor cantante del mundo

  • thatscooky_101 _
    thatscooky_101 _ 4 days ago +6

    everyone here talking about Sting but i’m here because of SHAED, they’re a great band. i love their music.

  • Sarper Ağaoğlu
    Sarper Ağaoğlu 5 days ago +1


  • ce8estial
    ce8estial 5 days ago

    underrated gem

  • Kazuya Akira
    Kazuya Akira 5 days ago

    Mr sting slay

  • Ragoo Denise
    Ragoo Denise 6 days ago +1


  • Consolidated Freedom
    Consolidated Freedom 7 days ago +1

    Just became among my very favorites first time i heard it this morning! Wow.

  • Vibe Tune
    Vibe Tune 8 days ago

    Quality song mistery the voice🔥💕

  • Karen  Whittaker
    Karen Whittaker 10 days ago

    What a fabulous cool combination, Shead's and Sting's vocals together- pure magic! Steve Aoki's music, perfect! Damn, Sting continuously keeps looking more handsome all the time.

  • Cristina JCGM
    Cristina JCGM 10 days ago +1

    somos dos en un millon! always!! 😍

  • Іра Стас Полінка


  • EpicGlitchTV™
    EpicGlitchTV™ 11 days ago


  • Melody Moon
    Melody Moon 11 days ago

    Loveeeeee 😊😎😋😍

  • Dete Penas
    Dete Penas 11 days ago

    A Fearless Tw2 in a Millón Lovelyness :) hehehe

  • Dete Penas
    Dete Penas 11 days ago

    Lovely :)

  • Pablo Menduco 147
    Pablo Menduco 147 12 days ago

    Wow !!!

  • greygob1
    greygob1 12 days ago

    Hello Ladies !!

  • Gitana Cepeniene
    Gitana Cepeniene 13 days ago +1

    Oh MY GawwwD
    Whoa how beautiful It IS!! MAD💓❣️💕😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🙂
    Absolutely Magical✨

  • Tautvydas Kumža
    Tautvydas Kumža 13 days ago +1


  • DJRO Official
    DJRO Official 13 days ago

    Como cuando un dia sacas un tema con el mismisimo Sting, y al dia siguiente sacas otro con maluma🙄🤦‍♂️

  • Frida Roser
    Frida Roser 14 days ago

    Great song

  • Massimo Sammi
    Massimo Sammi 14 days ago

    Magnificent song, artists and video. What a fantastic inspiration!

  • Quaz
    Quaz 15 days ago

    Fucking slaps

  • Əli Həsənli
    Əli Həsənli 15 days ago


  • Papi
    Papi 16 days ago


  • Aram Joao Mestre León
    Aram Joao Mestre León 17 days ago +5

    I love this song so much, what a great collaboration!!!!!!!

  • Windysaint
    Windysaint 17 days ago +2

    💕Steve, Sting, Shaed =3 💕
    💕Your 3 in a million 💕

  • zippyzee
    zippyzee 18 days ago

    Aoki got his ghost writers on this like fire

  • Ceren Göz
    Ceren Göz 18 days ago


  • Anita Heise
    Anita Heise 18 days ago

    About awakened Twin Flames ....

  • Alisa Schweitzer
    Alisa Schweitzer 19 days ago +2

    Wow😍 love this song an collab. So cool to see sting connect with younger artists

  • The Dragon
    The Dragon 19 days ago +1

    sting still cant stop tappin his feet ❤️

  • Eylül Işık
    Eylül Işık 19 days ago +1


  • DinhoGaúcho - FÚTBOL

    Es muy buena esta canción Dios

  • cbost37
    cbost37 20 days ago

    So cheesy

  • inservible ja
    inservible ja 21 day ago

    Sos un uno de satanas

  • Chris Kearsley
    Chris Kearsley 21 day ago +3

    Sting barely trying is still amazing. Bass boost is nice and raw with this too.

  • Dennis Prm
    Dennis Prm 21 day ago +1

    This is crap.. what were SHAED thinking participating in this crap

  • Centurion Official
    Centurion Official 22 days ago

    If only Phoebe could see Sting now

  • bảo trần
    bảo trần 22 days ago +8

    sting's voice is good

  • My Space
    My Space 22 days ago

    Very Very Cool. 👍

  • Aminh Amiinh
    Aminh Amiinh 22 days ago

    Do you remember his song the desert rose 🚶‍♀️

  • Nicole Hawkins
    Nicole Hawkins 23 days ago +8

    Omg what it must’ve been like to work with STING!!! I would give all my limbs to meet and talk with that man

    • The Dragon
      The Dragon 19 days ago +1

      Nicole Hawkins same! id give all my limbs and my nose!!

  • june j
    june j 24 days ago +1

    Thank Aoki :) You great Steve 😍😍😍

    DYNAMIC ILLUMINATI 24 days ago

  • Kiwanka Chan
    Kiwanka Chan 24 days ago +9

    Sorry I'm here from steve aoki collab with bts

  • Georgescu Christian georgescu

    Cool, new and old like salt and pepper!!!! 😍😎

  • Özgür Çalkan
    Özgür Çalkan 25 days ago +1

    Iam KURDİSH🙏🏼😑🙏🏼 2020!!! 🇺🇸🗽🇨🇦🗽🇬🇧
    gelek xaşe gelek geşe süper music

  • THTFTMFG 911
    THTFTMFG 911 26 days ago +1

    Heard this crap for the first time today. My inner troll urged me too google who the f**k would make such utter garbage. I got a little sad to see that Sting allows himself to sink this low. This song has zero soul, puke

  • Laura Powell
    Laura Powell 26 days ago +7

    Woooowwww, Sting still sounds so incredible, his high notes 😍 Shaed's voice and his sounds so good together, love this!!

  • Trynakrium il Palermitano

    Next step: Sting feat. Fabio Rovazzi.

  • juanjose paralon
    juanjose paralon 28 days ago +3

    Sting un genio,bravo Sting siempre sorprendiendo,wuaaauuu incombustible Sting

  • Robin DeLucia
    Robin DeLucia 28 days ago +1


  • amara öztayan
    amara öztayan 29 days ago +2

    Çok güzel olmuş

  • Bardius Douglass
    Bardius Douglass Month ago +1


  • Maria Valeska Bianchi

    Type of song where the hook is terrible!! Started good and after the the Phil Collins drums was a big fail

  • panda Tow
    panda Tow Month ago

    Switch subscriptions

  • Leah D
    Leah D Month ago +5

    Chelsea’s voice is like butta.

  • Erin Vinson
    Erin Vinson Month ago +1

    Who else is disappointed Steve Aoki didn't throw a cake into Stings face?