Is The Canon EOS R WORTH Buying? One Year Later!

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
  • The Canon EOS R has been out for almost an entire year now. When it was first released it was hugely controversial but as time has gone on people have really started to accept it as one of the best options out there for making online content and TheXvid videos specifically.
    So after a year is it actually a good camera?
    Lets find out!
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Comments • 154

  • Super Joe Pardo
    Super Joe Pardo 6 days ago

    I was going to buy an A7 III until I watched this. Thanks Dad!

  • Raychard Kho
    Raychard Kho 13 days ago

    The answer is no, end of video.

  • Themi P
    Themi P 17 days ago +2

    Hey Mate, please update to firmware 1.4.0 and review again. It's great and deserve a shout out.

  • Alvin Ameyaw
    Alvin Ameyaw 18 days ago +2

    Hey Dad have you tried the latest EOS R firmware? The version 1.4

  • badboyvr4
    badboyvr4 19 days ago

    Great video! You should update your video now that Firmware 1.4.0 has been released.

  • Alan Williams
    Alan Williams 19 days ago

    Just love my EOS-R & just love the 4k crop. I don't take movies of myself, but the crop is great for bird video's. I bought the R for landscape & travel and it excels, but it is useless with my Tamron 150-600 G2 -the focus is slow & fps isn't good for birds -in -flight, so I leave that to my EOS 7DII which is very responsive. But the R has changed my landscape /travel photography tremendously: great resolution and fantastic colours, and really good at the darker areas that I can easily recover with Capture One.

  • Chad Cohoon
    Chad Cohoon 21 day ago

    Thanks ED! What was your B Cam after you switched to recording with the EOS R? Thanks. Still trying to decide b/w the R and the Z6... best implementation of adapters out there on the R, opens up a world of phenom used glass, love the control ring. ... GH5 (3:27) Lol. Thanks for answering so quick! :)

  • Jose Gerardo Palma
    Jose Gerardo Palma 25 days ago +1

    Nice video, I own the camera and I partially agree with your points, for me what is really good on the EOS R ecosystem is the RF lenses, they are just comparable to medium format glass with the issue of a 30 mp sensor with an antialiasing filter and poor DR. Yes, the EOS R is a good camera for everything that isn't the best on anything so if you want to have the best on something you have to pick other brands.
    But I do agree with you that is super convenient to have such a body that can do everything (and the crop sucks)

  • Michael Wu
    Michael Wu 25 days ago


  • Michael Bell
    Michael Bell 25 days ago

    Sorry but people making online content for TheXvid don't need anything more than an iPhone. Actually, even an iPhone is overkill for people sitting in a room talking to a camera or walking around town talking to a camera. Who watches this crap in 4k? lol. Vloggers are seriously wasting money on $2k cameras and lenses for this stuff. This isn't stuff you need a great camera and lens for.

  • Fred Schmitthammer
    Fred Schmitthammer 26 days ago

    Please, please, please (3 pleases), do an in depth video on your work flow from recording in clog to final results. Please include the codec and color grade.

  • Let's Get Techy
    Let's Get Techy 29 days ago +1

    I have been on a binge of your videos lately, and this one has truly had me considering selling my G85 for the Eos R. I can absolutely relate to spending 2 hours trying to make content and have virtually nothing done at the end of those two hours. When it's good it's great, but when it's not, it's so painful. Great video sir!

    • The Everyday Dad
      The Everyday Dad  29 days ago

      Thanks so much! Yeah my main camera now is the EOS R and I absolutely love it 👍

  • Wayne Mccormick
    Wayne Mccormick Month ago

    Most of the hate I see for the EOS R and other Canon products is mostly (80-90%) based on video. Some of us still shoot stills. For some of us video is secondary.

    • scarface188
      scarface188 Month ago

      Wayne Mccormick I think the super slow frames per second also irks pros who want to shoot wildlife or sports

  • 2a
    2a Month ago

    No 4k 60p and 180 fps... Panasonic is much better

  • Miłosz
    Miłosz Month ago

    COLORS and screen are great!

  • FungZhi
    FungZhi Month ago +3

    Hope Canon will release a R series camera like a7s series that focus on video.

  • Nigel Saunders, The Bonsai Zone

    The R is fantastic for TheXvid videos, and I agree about the usability of the camera. Ease of use is so important when you are making 2 to 3 videos per week, anything that makes your job easier is worth it!

  • Bruno cena
    Bruno cena Month ago

    plsss make a video on Panasonic S1 H

    CAPTAIN DRONE Month ago +5

    Yup, I'm a TheXvidr as well and I went for the EOS R for great output for limited input.

  • Right Shot Photography

    Awesome camera! Rarely do I need wider than my 16-35... don’t do much wide angle landscape videos. 4K with Atomos Ninja V, 10-bit 422, capturing Prores HQ looks awesome. Thanks for shoutout for the 1080p... under appreciated!

  • Jan Garcia
    Jan Garcia Month ago

    I think the fuji xt3 and panasonic gh5 has also all intra and long gop options with even higher bitrate right? Do you still think the 1080p is better on the Canon than on the xt3 and gh5?

  • GorhamNewsNetwork
    GorhamNewsNetwork Month ago

    Incredible content man; huge fan! I feel you on the love-hate relationship w/ Canon. Regarding the 1080p - I own an R, have owned a 5DM3, 5DM4, and C100MII. The R's 1080p is pretty darn good (..for Canon), however, if you want to get the absolute best-of-the-best 1080p out of it, enable crop mode. The 1080p in crop mode is easily C100MII-good, maybe even better. No moire either. It all comes at a cost though.. heavy rolling shutter, so plan your shots accordingly. Also, no 1080p60 in crop mode ☹️. The R's full frame 1080p60 is very okay (again, if you're picky). For the win, Panasonic GH5, 5S, and S1 have the best 1080p that I've experienced, at the cost of no DPAF. I haven't used any Fuji or Nikons, however I literally returned the A7III because the 1080p was hot garbage. Give the EOS-R crop-mode 1080p a try and pixel peep. You'll be impressed. Keep up the great work dude.

  • Brian Michael
    Brian Michael Month ago

    For me.. yes.. I'll be buying the EOS R
    While I do want to make the switch to Sony.. and I do really want an upgrade.
    But the EOS R will do the job for me and be a significant upgrade from what I'm using. And will be a much less expensive switch/upgrade for me.
    And for $1600 it's a good buy.
    The 5D4 is just a bit too much and it's a dslr not mirrorless

  • Scott Waldron
    Scott Waldron Month ago

    Do the prompted scripts help cut editing time down? I voice my videos by winging it from basic notes so sometimes the edit takes a while... ;D

  • Wesley Chapman
    Wesley Chapman Month ago

    Regarding the 4k crop, just throw on the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8, makes it like a 28-55mm which is pretty great. Also, checking out Potato Jet's comparison of 4k vs 1080, you need to zoom in 300% to see a noticeable difference (plus the larger video sizes seems unnecessary). Thanks for the review though, great to hear your thoughts on it.

  • eWolf Russia
    eWolf Russia Month ago +8

    If you can live with the best 1080p ever instead of 4k, it's a super duper option it seems.

    • Andres Carrasco
      Andres Carrasco Month ago +1

      Well Sony will give you superb 4k, superb 1080p 120fps (so 720 is not even to talk)

    • ivan rivas
      ivan rivas Month ago +1

      The best 1080p and superb 720p 120. Who need 4k.

  • Diversity and Comics Bear

    What was the close up camera? That looked better. Was it the A6400?

  • Lightsaber Samurai
    Lightsaber Samurai Month ago +1

    I was so hype for the 90D but the removal of 25p was a deal breaker

  • Lomar Yearwood
    Lomar Yearwood Month ago

    When people complaining Sony a7r4 don't have 4k 60 but people justifying canon amazing 4k crop

  • Arthur Rosa
    Arthur Rosa Month ago +1

    3:34 You enabled on screen audio levels. How can I do that? Mine doesn’t show audio levels like that.

    VLOG FACTORY Month ago

    Canon 90D please!!!!

  • 10x88
    10x88 Month ago

    I bought one yesterday. Good timing.

  • Joel H
    Joel H Month ago

    The flawed 4k is the problem

  • Patrick Rose
    Patrick Rose Month ago

    More focused on imaging, I actually would love to pick up either the EOS R, or the EOS RP. Another little thing I have noticed that Canon has done (and no one at all) is have the shutter close when the camera is off. That saves so much effort to clean the sensor.

  • טוהר זינתי

    Will u going to review the my mkii?

  • mikldude
    mikldude Month ago

    How does the R go for battery life , Edit: and in camera charging ?

    • 666Tomato666
      666Tomato666 Month ago

      Honest question (I really must be missing something): why do you want in camera battery charging?

  • T.K. Wei
    T.K. Wei Month ago +1

    Make another video when the EOS R firmware 1.4 update is here in a week or two. I think that firmware update could be pretty much final for EOS R.

  • spillX Drone
    spillX Drone Month ago

    I record one video on my yt channel on the black magic cinema camera 2.5k one video is about 500gb to 1tb for only one video

  • allan oteyza
    allan oteyza Month ago +1

    If all my viewers watched my content on thier phones. Why would I want to go full frame or even go 4k. I'll stick with my canon m50.

    • Marco Carpinella
      Marco Carpinella Month ago +1

      Totally agree! Content should have the priorities, not the fancy gear.
      However, own fancy gear maybe should be just a whim.
      By the way you can create content even if you don't "love" photography and filmmaking, it's not binomial. In that case, gear is useless. Your M50 is as good as a C300.

    • NERDSoul
      NERDSoul Month ago

      That is a good point. It definitely seems as if more and more viewers are mobile. No real need for 4K in such a small viewing space.

  • John Harvey
    John Harvey Month ago

    I'm just confused. Several other prominent TheXvidrs showed comparisons between the EOS-R, Nikon z6, Sony a73 and the GH5 and the EOS-R looked the worse in 1080p. Kinda like 720 upscaled. I've never tested it in person but bitrate is only part of what makes it a good image. I have to admit I've been intrigued by the EOS-R

    • Joe Charles
      Joe Charles Month ago +1

      John Harvey probably something wrong with their encoding. A73 has proven to be awful in 1080p in all modes

  • Tim Love
    Tim Love Month ago +6

    My 5diii died a tragic death after 6 years. EOS R got allot of bad press. I am not seeing it. Im strictly photos (portraits) so i’m not seeing the video side. The focus and keeper rate has shot up dramatically. Makes shooting at 1.4 a breeze. New firmware update coming for AF in late Sept will only improve this. It is said it will be on par with Sony. I love this camera its a joy to use. Makes a shoot go so much faster and easier. One knock I have is no 2nd card slot. I got this and an ef adapter and grip for a little more than insurance paid out for my 5diii. I am happy as happy gets. Makes me want to pick it up and shoot every day.

    • Tim Love
      Tim Love 13 days ago

      Jessica B Yes I did. I will be trying it out this Tues. I have two shoots. I will be sure to let you know how it goes.

    • Jessica B
      Jessica B 13 days ago

      did you update?

    • It's Juan
      It's Juan 22 days ago +1

      what are your thoughts on the newly released AF firmware?

  • MegaWoodswalker
    MegaWoodswalker Month ago

    Right now I would take IBIS over pure software because it always works. A touch screen for adjustable looks nice. More so when shooting in a tent as there is no behind the camera. The prices have gone down but the crop is too much for me. However nice 1080p sounds good as most of my videos are 1080p

  • Isä Ankka
    Isä Ankka Month ago

    The newly introduced 90d has a 30+ me sensor and full sensor 4K and the same digit 8 processor as the eos r so maybe we will even see 4) full frame with a firmware update on the eos r

  • Cleveland Terry Bowens

    What camera are you using for your side shots? That image looks crispier. Sharper than the Canon.

  • geoffrey enriquez
    geoffrey enriquez Month ago

    Great video. Would be interesting to have a 1080p comparison for other cameras in the same price range as the R. 4k eats my hard drives for breakfast.

  • Manuel Friedrich
    Manuel Friedrich Month ago

    Is there any difference between 1080p of the RP compared to the R?

  • The Things I Do
    The Things I Do Month ago

    Canon USA has the new firmware 1.4.0 is listed on Canon's website but I haven't been able to download it.

    • Tim Love
      Tim Love Month ago +2

      The Things I Do Said it will release Sept 26. Looks like they pulled it down. Not sure what happened there. Cant wait.

  • someonesomewhere
    someonesomewhere Month ago

    And crying about 24fps are not needed to be honest.

  • someonesomewhere
    someonesomewhere Month ago

    And i cant live with people complaining about video on a camera lineup made for photographers with a video feature included. Canons cinema line is made for filming. But yes the crop thing is annoying but its in more cameras and even mobilephones like that. Samsung S9 4k crops, other cambrands do the same even nikon.

  • someonesomewhere
    someonesomewhere Month ago

    New update is coming soon.

  • Darkertime2
    Darkertime2 Month ago

    Only silly people defend the waste of money when the z6 a7ii and xt3 all exist. Just wish people would be honest and say that only gave cannon their money for their crappy camera because they have the lenses and not “cannon colour”

  • anoophcl
    anoophcl Month ago +1

    It need courage to make video saying canon eos r is good. I salute you. It's not because I am a canon shooter, it's because I do have a73 and 5dmakr 3 and I know the difference.

    • anoophcl
      anoophcl Month ago

      Leon Wei yes right , it terms of color signs canon old camera still beat sony a73, i dont want zombie lookingbyellow faces from sony camera lol

    • Leon Wei
      Leon Wei Month ago

      anoophcl I like how you compare cameras of 6 years difference

  • The TexPat in Saigon

    Why would anyone buy a Canon camera? You can be sure that your upgrade path will have less features than your current camera.
    I wonder why camera makers don't want to produce cameras with the most features they can instead of crippling models to try to push consumers toward other models. Certainly would be better if they were more like smartphone makers that try to load their new models with more features than their previous model and the competition.

  • Jordan Sarkisian
    Jordan Sarkisian Month ago

    If it just did one video thing really well it’d be an instant purchase for me. Just do 1080p that’s downsampled from 4K in camera with 1080p 120fps that has sound and AF and you don’t even need to give me the damn 4K. Just do everything perfect at 1080p Canon, I’m still torn between the A7III and Canon EOS cuz of their bad decision making:(
    Also those new Tamron lenses for Sony are sick deals and make their bodies way more tempting.

    • Mark Shirley
      Mark Shirley Month ago

      Same here - I really don't want to buy Sony - but the Z6 and R have been let downs. The R because of no 120fps in 1080 the Z because of stupid XQD cards and over complex AF. I'm patiently waiting for either manufacturer to deliver a good design.

  • Andrey Vlasenko
    Andrey Vlasenko Month ago +9

    Crop sucks, true, but I fully agree, as the package overall it is one of the best thought out solutions out there.

    • Snowwalker
      Snowwalker 18 days ago

      @The Everyday Dad Can Canon fix the crop with a firmware since they have stopped cropping in 4k with their new less professional models, it would be fair to the already EOS R owners if Canon fixed this if it was possible.

    • The Everyday Dad
      The Everyday Dad  Month ago

      Yeah I do really wish the crop was less but it’s still a great camera 👍

  • Steven Hernandez
    Steven Hernandez Month ago +4

    I used the 28-70mm for a wedding it was so nice!!!

    • Steven Hernandez
      Steven Hernandez Month ago +1

      @The Everyday Dad its like carrying a brick but that image quality is spot on even in low light! I had to take some photos after dinner at that wedding and the shallow depth of field was amazing sp smooth and the faces so sharp they loved the photos!

    • The Everyday Dad
      The Everyday Dad  Month ago

      I can’t wait to try that lens out, it looks huge but I’ve heard nothing but good things 😁👍

  • Outback Images
    Outback Images Month ago +1

    WOW... the colour difference between the Panasonic and the Canon ! Is is really that much ?

  • vinza pramana putra

    The legendary almost perfect camera 📸

    • The Everyday Dad
      The Everyday Dad  Month ago

      I mean that could be every cameras label as there isn’t a perfect one made unfortunately 😭

  • The Beardo!
    The Beardo! Month ago

    Please mention which gears you used to shoot your videos..!
    Great reviews 👍👍👍

  • HF Production
    HF Production Month ago +2

    Wait it to upgrade firmware with 1080/120p, AF 120p and uncrop 4K

    • Brian Watkins
      Brian Watkins Month ago +1

      HF Creative I really hope that they at least give us autofocus in the 720 120fps

    • Mark Shirley
      Mark Shirley Month ago +1

      @Frank Feng no thanks - tried one really didn't like it (A73)

    • Frank Feng
      Frank Feng Month ago +1

      Sony: Welcome to the dark side.