€500,000 Yacht Tour : Linssen Grand Sturdy 45.0 AC INTERO

  • Published on Nov 27, 2021
  • Linssen make some of the finest steel cruisers in the world. This is the Linssen Grand Sturdy 45.0 AC INTERO.

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Comments • 298

  • Pilgrim
    Pilgrim  +27

    Honestly, I liked this boat more than some of the £ million + boats I've seen on the channel. Very simple, practical, well proportioned, modest and just really homely. There's something about it.

  • Marti Grey

    Finally a tour of this boat. It looks great. You definitely need to do more live aboard or long term cruising boats.

  • Debbie Judd

    They interior as massive. I never would have thought there would be so much. And the day head slash separate showers a great idea. Thank you Nick. Always a pleasure to watch.

  • Evan Randolph

    I find videos about these smaller boats much more enjoyable than the huge, multi-million dollar yachts. Boats like these are more realistic in terms of what most of us will be able to afford someday. This just looks like something you could cal home on the water.

  • Alex Pittendreigh

    Impressive amount of space for a 45' boat, 3 cabins, 2 good sized heads, separate shower for guests, lovely layout and materials, great engine room. What's not to like. Just need the Lotto numbers to come in now. Great walkthrough as always Nick.

  • Nora Rivkis

    WOW!!! I

  • Chris Williams

    Brilliant layout. 2 massive berths and even a third children's cabin. Very clever use of space for a 45 footer. Great video.

  • R.A. Monigold

    You had me at Dutch Boat - but the STEEL construction kept me watching. I'm "looking" for a live aboard myself. ROOM is the one thing boats under 50 feet lack. But those clever, wooden shoed folk in the nether lands have found space where none was thought to be. And comfort. And long range actual STOWAGE. I'm guessing they make fewer that one million of these each year - so the waiting list has a waiting list. Well, as my gran used to say - that worth having is worth waiting for. But Nan - I'm now 75...

  • Scott Stewart

    Love this boat as a live aboard - but for me, I need a little more displacement speed. I know it's a "river" boat, but it has great qualities. If it made 14 kts and had a generator/hybrid/solar, it be perfect for my wants. The space is there. Add a freezer and a water maker and you're golden.

  • Barry O'Connor

    Absolutely stunning piece of kit. Great value for your dosh compared to the cruiser style boats. A real relaxing, waves permitting, holiday or live aboard cruiser. A BIG thumbs up from me.

  • john ingham

    Linssen are a lovely steel cruising yacht built for inland and ocean water, I was lucky enough to pilot one of their boats and they're so pleasant to drive rather than the faster sports boats. Another great tour nick.

  • Peter Jordan-Turner

    I've always thought the Linssen GS is an ugly thing, but the interior is superb and its clearly very capable. Thanks for another very informative and enjoyable tour.

  • Jytte's Trail Camera

    HA! Finally 😊 The Dutch build great steel boats, and Linssen is one of the best. They're not speed boats, but great touring and live-aboard owner-operated boats. They're not cheap, but they will last your lifetime and that of your children's as well (and great re-sale value). They're proper offshore boats (winds to 40 knots and significant seas to 13 feet), but also 'fold down' to scale practically any river (and under any bridge) in mainland Europe. They're vastly popular here, you see them everywhere. The space inside, and the headroom, is second to none in this size boat. Personally, I prefer the Variotop models, they offer even more space and amenities, especially the 500AC Variotop. I also prefer the 'proper boat blue' hull colour LOL, but that's the beauty of Linssen, they'll give do whatever you wish, inside and out.

  • Mark Burgess

    A typical interior for an inland/coastal cruiser but done so well! Great attention to detail, the engine mounts, separate heads (drives me nuts to see that feature not on much bigger & expensive boats) and safe roomy decks. I liked the fold-up seat over the rear entrance to what I assume is a small bathing platform and hopefully a fine pair of stainless steel derricks. I am a bit of a derrick nerd, can't help myself.

  • The Australian Eh Team

    Love that the smaller twin bed cabin has so much natural light in it. The separate shower is nice too. Great tour Nick, thanks.

  • Joseph Frainetti

    Very well designed and thought out yacht, I'm impressed. Always a delight to watch. Thank you again, Nick.

  • Mark
    Mark  +1

    Great tour . Love the classic "trawler" yacht styling . Amazing space & great layout . Love all the windows & light . Mark (Toronto) ⚓

  • Chris Hodson

    Hi Nick. A seaworthy sturdy steel cruiser. Offshore, separate showers, 3 cabins sleeps 6 on a 45ft. Awesome walkthrough tour thanks 😊

  • gervers
    gervers  +3

    Yes! I could disappear on this boat for months at a time! Love it! So relaxing and freeing! Great boat, great tour. Thank you and have a great week!

  • Ian Charlton

    No doubts Nick…… THAT’S the layout for me 🤩