"That Tastes 54 Years Old" | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Dec 26, 2018
  • We're back to one of the Greatest Of All Time.
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  • MrNuts70
    MrNuts70 49 minutes ago +1

    Imagine having to work with someone like NINO.
    Unemployment is better.

  • Adam Darski
    Adam Darski 3 hours ago

    Gordon: I am shitting myself
    Nino: You need to wear diapers, you shouldn't be shitting on yourself
    Ladies and gentlemen, the Joker

  • I'm A Potato
    I'm A Potato Day ago

    Synonym: Duty
    Antonym: Nino

  • Gillian L
    Gillian L Day ago

    Nino providing pictures of him cleaning is like me putting references in my essay to convince my prof that everything definitely was not taken from Wiki.

  • Kannaberry Cat
    Kannaberry Cat Day ago

    Everything about nino screams three year old

  • Kannaberry Cat
    Kannaberry Cat Day ago

    Honestly looks and probably tastes better than the food

  • CLAW
    CLAW Day ago

    Gordon: You are in denial

    Nino: NO I AM NINOOOOO!!

  • James Reid
    James Reid Day ago

    I like the Michael guy to be honest he seems like a nice guy

  • Xani Evans
    Xani Evans Day ago

    This is the eggplannn...I got that part...what did he say after Gordon said 'thank you'. It sounded like YUGIOH

  • Ville Linder Alexandersson

    6:55 What a grown up

  • ARN
    ARN 2 days ago

    Now we know the restaurants problem: It's Ramsay. Duh

  • HyouMix !
    HyouMix ! 2 days ago

    Nino: 🔃
    Gordon: 🚫

  • Reia Taka
    Reia Taka 3 days ago

    When did super mario became a server?

  • Captain toe
    Captain toe 3 days ago +2

    Nino is genuinely giving me second hand embarrassment

  • Dopesalad
    Dopesalad 4 days ago +3

    Gordon critiques Nino.
    Nino: *chuckles* "I'm in danger."

  • sajil fatima
    sajil fatima 4 days ago

    6:13 thank me later

  • potorrero
    potorrero 5 days ago

    How Nino didn't pull a "I know you are but what am I" comeback, is beyond me.

  • Betul atac
    Betul atac 5 days ago

    *bloody hell*

  • Fabi B
    Fabi B 6 days ago

    I love the german accent from inge

  • Gonzo Gilberto
    Gonzo Gilberto 6 days ago


  • Nathan Nat Figgers
    Nathan Nat Figgers 6 days ago

    I was expecting Nino in the end of the video 😥

  • GXD
    GXD 6 days ago +1

    " nino is a ball of excuses, he's just *WACKO* "

  • Shiteno
    Shiteno 7 days ago

    Wait did he just use the knife to eat that he use to clean the gum EWWWWWW

  • Diana
    Diana 9 days ago

    My name's *nINOOOOOO*

  • Leo Basilan
    Leo Basilan 9 days ago

    I wish nino gets his ass kicked

  • Mike Edge
    Mike Edge 10 days ago

    Anyone got a link for the full episode

  • shapju
    shapju 10 days ago

    0:53 and 6:20 the creepy music and the way nino appears out of nowhere lmaooooo

  • Shinx990
    Shinx990 10 days ago

    Given 2 or 3 people, they could give that whole resturaunt a clean in only a day or two. So there's no way it takes Nino to clean in a month.

  • Tom Kenning
    Tom Kenning 10 days ago +1

    Gordon: I need to understand how this restaurant is fucking up, to help you get a better living
    Nino: u poopy diaper man

  • xDPN
    xDPN 12 days ago


  • Bijou123g
    Bijou123g 12 days ago

    Ramsey can be so rude...I agree je shouldnt be talking or doing that infront of customers...he can go in the kitchen and bitch about the food...

  • xxSydneyFox
    xxSydneyFox 12 days ago

    Nino recommends!!!!

  • Magdalena Dziczek
    Magdalena Dziczek 12 days ago

    Lmao my school was cleaner than ninos restaurant.

  • deblokmeopfb kanjenibereiken

    Jordan is a good chef he knows where he’s talking about

  • finn rose
    finn rose 12 days ago +1

    I don’t get why they always say they have ‘success’ when Gordon critiques them. Like he’s there because you *don’t* have success dumb dumb.

  • Kaka Masi
    Kaka Masi 12 days ago

    He took pictures of cleaning:)

  • R Jey
    R Jey 13 days ago +1

    Nino: I’m not scared of them... I’m not scared of you
    Gordon: surprised pikachu face

  • M F
    M F 13 days ago

    I'm not fuckin around 😂

    MR BOYDER 15 days ago


    MR BOYDER 15 days ago


  • Luka Lee
    Luka Lee 16 days ago

    *handles every thing with his hands

  • Quien Dice?
    Quien Dice? 16 days ago

    This was hilarious 😆

  • Innocent
    Innocent 18 days ago

    i thought nino was just a meme little did i know he also deluded

  • FallFN
    FallFN 19 days ago

    *IsG EgKPlAn*

  • femmeavecmoutarde
    femmeavecmoutarde 20 days ago +1

    Me in front of the mirror: now I know what the problem is. I'm staring at it.
    The mirror: I'm staring at it as well.

  • Pedro Vieira
    Pedro Vieira 20 days ago

    It's always sad to see a _shit-for-brains_ speaking... =(

    Nah, I'm kidding. It's hilarious. What a nincompoop. xD

  • Onyxiate
    Onyxiate 20 days ago

    I wonder what that bald guys name is,

  • Mr Beast
    Mr Beast 21 day ago

    Gordam ramsay Comes in to eat for like an hour and then the man says he is reason why the restaurant is failing. What a fuckin idiot

  • Nikki Kuntergraudunkelbunt

    These customers in the background... it's so cringy. I would just flee.

  • winter merlyn
    winter merlyn 21 day ago

    the bald guy is so fucking, how do i... i cant put into words just how much of a, i dont even know someone finish this for me please

  • Belinda Ng
    Belinda Ng 21 day ago

    No "I'M NINO" at the end cause he's embarrassed to have the same name as that idiot

  • Aku Chou Lee
    Aku Chou Lee 21 day ago +3

    Ramsay: "You're in a denial"
    Nino: "no, I'm not"
    Me: "well that didn't age well"

  • Today Tomorrow and After


  • Today Tomorrow and After

    You know what they say, a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

  • Virtus
    Virtus 22 days ago

    I know what you are, but what am I?

  • LegendPlayzzz
    LegendPlayzzz 22 days ago

    Honestly I love it when they fight back. But Ramsy always has the one up tho😂

  • Quang Tuan Tran
    Quang Tuan Tran 22 days ago

    0k b00mer.

  • Gernys
    Gernys 22 days ago

    Why do these restaurants never get fresh produce IF they know that Gordon is going to show up a few days later?

  • Better Tomorrow
    Better Tomorrow 22 days ago

    Why is Gordon always so rude. He behaves like a child

    • swxrd.
      swxrd. 18 days ago

      He's not rude imo, he's just pointing out mistakes. He say things like "fucking idiot" or someshit like that because of the owner is trying to say that their food is good when in reality it's not

  • Luis Lopez Rodas
    Luis Lopez Rodas 23 days ago

    nino = fucking morron