"That Tastes 54 Years Old" | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Dec 26, 2018
  • We're back to one of the Greatest Of All Time.
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  • Malina 123
    Malina 123 3 hours ago

    Wow, i would t serve meat i made on a Friday at dinner on Tuesday at my own home ... going to a restaurant one expect fresh food . The arrogance of the owner is truly disgusting !!

  • Abdo Mawalla
    Abdo Mawalla 4 hours ago

    No u

  • Abdo Mawalla
    Abdo Mawalla 4 hours ago

    And that the slogan of kitchen nightmares/a meme was born

  • Non Pervenuto
    Non Pervenuto 9 hours ago

    "That Tastes 54 Years Old!!"

  • Knownoname
    Knownoname 10 hours ago

    You’re bald “no, I’m not”

  • [Miliz] Simon Falafel

    it tastes like 54 years old an they sell them since 54 years

  • Martin Tan
    Martin Tan Day ago

    Woah woah woah 6:15.
    It should be EGG(SPACE)PLANT. Come on, don't fuck up the spelling!

  •  Day ago

    Bruh Gorden Ramsey will smash you Nino you little b***g

  • FerretChaser
    FerretChaser Day ago


  • Reto Ware
    Reto Ware 2 days ago


  • Phillips Time to play

    Gru lookin ass mf

  • Jymll Umpyre
    Jymll Umpyre 2 days ago

    nino's like a mirror wall with cracks

  • Muthine .s
    Muthine .s 3 days ago

    Idk y but I think gordan ramsay is very picky

  • Soumya Sharma
    Soumya Sharma 3 days ago


  • Heathen Wolf
    Heathen Wolf 4 days ago

    you can tell who the people who haven't got kids are, they normally comment "Gordon Will touch anything"

  • azakatura
    azakatura 4 days ago


  • The guy Who sees u
    The guy Who sees u 4 days ago

    How would Gordon know how 54 year old meatballs taste like?

  • SLGmedia
    SLGmedia 5 days ago

    Where’s the fucking laaaam sauce

  • Antsonns
    Antsonns 5 days ago

    Am I the only one that thought the thumbnail picture was a pie at first but then it was a god damn meatball..

    • CloudyPullip
      CloudyPullip 2 days ago

      No I thought the same... I thought it was a piece of cake

  • Andinga Tacho
    Andinga Tacho 5 days ago

    First time Gordon got afraid 6:19

  • Jonathan Edshot
    Jonathan Edshot 5 days ago

    Nino has sexual fantasm about showing pictures of him leaning things to people

  • Gâm Nguyên
    Gâm Nguyên 5 days ago

    No one
    Not single soul

    T h E f O 0D. L O 0k gO0 D

  • YegorsTV
    YegorsTV 6 days ago +2

    Insulting people who make your food isnt wise

  • Elie Nehme
    Elie Nehme 6 days ago

    I can't watch this one all the way because Nino make's me cringe too hard.

  • The GAY GAMER Pro
    The GAY GAMER Pro 6 days ago

    Is it just me or is it that everyone wants to punch Nino in the face

  • Miz Lauren Alexis
    Miz Lauren Alexis 6 days ago

    Nino needs to meet up with Joe and they can have a delusion-off.

  • Raknar
    Raknar 6 days ago


  • Cringe Attack
    Cringe Attack 7 days ago +1

    Gordon Ramsey: Are you a fucking idiot
    Nino: (Uses UNO reverse card) No you are a fucking idiot

    THE KING 7 days ago

    Gordon: im shitting myself
    nino : then you have to wear diapers 😂😂

  • Axel Bergström
    Axel Bergström 7 days ago +2

    Nino: materializes out of thin air

  • Ludvig Smaavik Hansen

    * There is four pieces of gum * yeha that was a retorical question, not something to answer lmao

  • TurtleMan8365
    TurtleMan8365 7 days ago +2

    Gordon Ramsay is wrong about Nino’s food because Nino has pictures of customers enjoying his food.

  • Fusuy
    Fusuy 7 days ago

    "I'm not gonna touch it"
    walks away and touches it

  • Everyone's Favourite Shape

    Why does he think saying everything is clean will make everything magically clean

  • Jakeztine
    Jakeztine 7 days ago

    Your saying that it tastes like your wife lol

  • AK Media
    AK Media 8 days ago +1

    One meat ball

  • Slimes HD
    Slimes HD 8 days ago

    "I'm just...shitting myself."
    "You need to wear diapers."

  • mannen man
    mannen man 8 days ago +4

    "bald man says no you for 7 minutes and 43 seconds"

  •  8 days ago

    “Touch that”
    “No no that’s food”
    “That not food that’s shit”

  • peter
    peter 8 days ago +1

    My name is NINOOOOOOOOOO

  •  9 days ago

    Is she german, or why did she say "reight" instead of "right"

  • clay74able
    clay74able 9 days ago

    I wouldnt use any marinara sauce older than 2 days disgusting bad taste loses consistency ugh and the meatballs musta taste super disgusting

  • Satan
    Satan 9 days ago


  • jiyong taeyeon
    jiyong taeyeon 9 days ago

    The Mom more clever unlike nino 🤦‍♂️😂

  • Fermuso • 27 years ago

    Nino fucking no u'ing Gordon lmao

  •  9 days ago +2

    "Are you OK?" 😂

  • Danny Welbeck
    Danny Welbeck 9 days ago +2

    Ramsay the grammar nazi

  • Thefrog Man
    Thefrog Man 10 days ago

    Hello, my names NIINOOOOOO

  • Phatzoot
    Phatzoot 10 days ago +1

    That Nino....what a cunt

  • Steven Garcia
    Steven Garcia 10 days ago

    Was he doing the Michael Scott routine where he just copies what the other guy is saying?

  • Pepola 117
    Pepola 117 10 days ago

    That is NOT Italian food

  • psykikninja
    psykikninja 10 days ago +2

    so fucking scripted and manipulated. jiip k

  • Elisa Adikarta
    Elisa Adikarta 10 days ago

    Gordon is always right

  • Jin’s Left toe
    Jin’s Left toe 11 days ago

    3:15 that lady was so right

  • Silacide Squad
    Silacide Squad 11 days ago +1

    Wow, his comebacks are fire!
    Hey really burn my ears!

  • pixel girl
    pixel girl 11 days ago

    What kind of inconsiderate wanker sticks their used gum underneath tables? Especially when you have access to paper napkins.

  •  11 days ago

    Gordon:I found the problem in the restaurant and I'm staring at it.
    Nino:No u
    Also Gordon:Wait I don't fucking work here

  • Derry Parke
    Derry Parke 11 days ago

    How can you fuck up a " Meat Ball". Some nice mince I'm a ball with some seasoning. Simple? That looks grim! How can you go that wrong with a meatball 😂🤣

  • Lucia llewellyn-Thomas

    Nino makes me want to jump off a bridge

  • die vollendete Blume
    die vollendete Blume 11 days ago

    My Name is Nino😢

  • Jordan McCarthy
    Jordan McCarthy 12 days ago

    I'm shitting myself - you need to wear diapers 😭

  • Ryn O'
    Ryn O' 12 days ago

    what season & episode is this?

  • TriEdgedPrism
    TriEdgedPrism 12 days ago

    *My brother is full of shit* LOL aren't they censoring that usually?

  • JOE
    JOE 12 days ago

    got a gordon ramsay ad on a gordon ramsay video lmao

  • Theo Higgins
    Theo Higgins 13 days ago

    A clip entirely about Nino but no "My name's Ninoooo" clip at the end ;w;

  • Crusader Boy 9000
    Crusader Boy 9000 13 days ago

    Niiiinnnooooooooooooo the Legendary.

  • GamerKing USA
    GamerKing USA 13 days ago

    Year later customer say that the restaurant us not clean.
    Him:*Brings the same pictures*
    Him:See I took it yetesday.

  • Ilias Attar
    Ilias Attar 13 days ago

    gordon: "im shitting myself"
    Nino: "so you need to use diapers"
    yes ladies and gentlemen, his name is ninooo.

  • SleepLess
    SleepLess 13 days ago

    “I wouldn’t do that in your restaurant either”
    *you wouldn’t find that in my restaurant*

  • Bin Nguyen
    Bin Nguyen 13 days ago

    How does the meatBALL look like that ????

  • indiana jones
    indiana jones 13 days ago

    Nino is planting gums in Gordon's restaurants as we speak 😈

  • Карась Жирный

    Мэ 54 года даб даб даб

  • Syahrul Ridzuan
    Syahrul Ridzuan 13 days ago

    If chef marco do all these, somebody would cry on the 1st menu.
    Gordo is much2 gentle.

  • Casper
    Casper 14 days ago

    My room is cleaner than that restaurant

  • CarL OfficiaL
    CarL OfficiaL 14 days ago

    If ramsay go here in philippines he might get punched very fast hahaha dead in 1 week

  • NUKE 1322
    NUKE 1322 14 days ago

    0:15 oh god that fake laugh

  • VGLM D F
    VGLM D F 14 days ago +24

    The fact that Gordon said that the meatballs tasted 54 years old and then Nino said they've been selling the sauce for 54 years...

  •  14 days ago

    so its exactly 54 why isnt it 45 years old

  • D K
    D K 15 days ago +1

    6:17 - I died at that zoom out, Nino standing there like some cartoon character. What a psycho lol

  • Marysh del Toro
    Marysh del Toro 15 days ago

    Nino: "I wouldn't do that in your restaurant"
    Gordon: "You wouldn't find gum under my tables"
    Clap back bitch! 😂

  • Sarah Long
    Sarah Long 15 days ago +1

    How does Gordon dares to touch something SO dirty and gross

  • MM Espejo
    MM Espejo 15 days ago

    NiNo ReCommEnDs....

  • Freddy Ward
    Freddy Ward 15 days ago

    He said the meatball tasted 54 years and he said that they have been selling that sauce for 54 years ????

  • R Gamer
    R Gamer 15 days ago

    That's what happens when you physically grow up but your mind is that of a child.
    I can already see him fitting those orange jumpsuits just fine!

  • Dinoscarex
    Dinoscarex 15 days ago

    Nino: the man, the legend.

  • Lee Lemon
    Lee Lemon 15 days ago

    Nino’s entire rebuttal to everything Chef Ramsay says is summed up as “NO U”

  • Jasmer Diaz
    Jasmer Diaz 16 days ago

    Now i know whos nino

  • Spychopat
    Spychopat 16 days ago

    eGg PlAnT

  • Yoiichi Koizumi
    Yoiichi Koizumi 16 days ago

    6:29 "We've been selling this sauce for 54 years"
    ohhhhhh so that's why the meatball tasted 54 years old

  • Taylor Steer
    Taylor Steer 16 days ago +2

    Holy crap the sound effects why are American shows so much more unnecessarily intense at all times.

  • Mark Anthony Bartolo
    Mark Anthony Bartolo 16 days ago

    At first I thought the "one meatball" was a carrot cake. Haha. No offence

  • jeflynnenut
    jeflynnenut 16 days ago

    What a fn idiot.

  • Carl Winson
    Carl Winson 16 days ago


  • Benny Boi
    Benny Boi 16 days ago

    Go back to Fire Emblem Nino.

    SMOKEY GANGSTA BACON 16 days ago

    says the problem is gourden why call him then?

  • Master Plays
    Master Plays 16 days ago

    Nino, the problem in this restaurant is you, and say “no u” whilst taking a hard look in the mirror XD

    Is this a good come back?

  • fuckingsad
    fuckingsad 16 days ago +1


  • Bruce Lamberton
    Bruce Lamberton 16 days ago

    He definitely has a screw loose!

  •  16 days ago

    Nino acts like an 8 year old

  • Häschen 007
    Häschen 007 17 days ago

    I hate this fucking michael