• Published on Jan 6, 2019
  • WE HAD A BABY! His name is Max and he's pretty cute which you can thank my wife for. David finally got to meet the newest little cub in the group, plus lots of UGHITSJOE and I holding hands.
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  • Claudia Mukul Molina


  • Jason Anderson
    Jason Anderson 4 days ago

    max's first words are gonna be david XD

  • Molly Jackson
    Molly Jackson 4 days ago

    David is gonna be such a good dad one day 🖤

  • LucidClan Fortnite
    LucidClan Fortnite 5 days ago

    Lmao the baby looked fake lol

  • Mariana Soares
    Mariana Soares 5 days ago

    Why is David always touching the baby with his face?😂😂😂😍

  • Ellen Irem
    Ellen Irem 7 days ago

    max: d...d.....
    max: david....
    josh: *puts him up for adoption*

  • Ginger Finley
    Ginger Finley 10 days ago

    where the fuck was david when i was in college?!! ugh

  • Caleb.finnfan 94
    Caleb.finnfan 94 12 days ago +2

    5:50 “you hear that liza” my heart 😢😢

  • Adventure Tension
    Adventure Tension 13 days ago

    He’s so sWEeeeeET!!

  • Mellodee Klemmetsen
    Mellodee Klemmetsen 15 days ago

    David is so cute with a baby!!!

  • Andrea Dunnuck
    Andrea Dunnuck 15 days ago

    David is gonna be such a great dad someday..... Hes so sweet and good with babies

  • Odd Tales
    Odd Tales 16 days ago

    I never knew david until a day ago but i realy like the dad side of him. The party side is just too much

  • Sam Wujkowski
    Sam Wujkowski 16 days ago

    Baby- D d
    Josh- say daddy!
    Baby- David

  • Edith G
    Edith G 16 days ago +1

    This still make me cry because it is so cute 😊

  • chloethepinkytoe alexander

    david and Liza will ALWAYS be soul mates🤷🏽‍♀️

  • gn lilu
    gn lilu 24 days ago +2

    This video 📼 needs to have more likes! I love all of them so much ❤️

  • Mello
    Mello 24 days ago

    You compared taking care of a baby to the most chaotic game ever....Seems legit.

  • AnmeKazaki
    AnmeKazaki 24 days ago

    2024-2025 David's having baby with himself

  • Alicia Kurtz
    Alicia Kurtz 24 days ago

    David is a huge soft mushy gushy teddy bear!!

  • Alicia Kurtz
    Alicia Kurtz 24 days ago

    Nicest thing I've ever heard them say about Jonah!! Very sweet!!❤️

  • Nikki van der Stelt
    Nikki van der Stelt 25 days ago +1

    I called my little broter grumpy because he wasn’t really the that beautiful🥰🥺

  • Jack Riggs
    Jack Riggs 26 days ago +1

    Wonder what drake think

  • Kristina Campo
    Kristina Campo 26 days ago

    I absolutely love this video!!

  • Fayth Carroll
    Fayth Carroll 29 days ago

    I love how the baby in drake and josh, was also named max, coincidence I think not😂

  • Enrique Lopez
    Enrique Lopez Month ago

    Congratulations Josh, on being a father , many sleepless nights, baby is hungry, diaper change, hope you have your hazmart suit ready, for the toxicity left in the diaper, or is that David*s job as the godfather, how about Vardat.

  • Enrique Lopez
    Enrique Lopez Month ago

    Josh, at first, I thought you were thinking of David as the baby, I thought well it sure beats buying diapers, at least David has his own program,vlog, annother income,hooray.

  • Get out my room I’m playing Minecraft

    When is David gonna buy the baby a Tesla

  • Ashley Clanton
    Ashley Clanton Month ago +1

    Cutest baby, oh but Max is cute too🤣😂

  • Ashley Clanton
    Ashley Clanton Month ago +1

    Cutest baby

  • Ashley Clanton
    Ashley Clanton Month ago +1

    Omfg he’s one of the best looking babies I’ve ever seen dang!

  • I am a KareBear
    I am a KareBear Month ago

    673 people accidentally clicked the dislike button

  • Phoenix Youngblood
    Phoenix Youngblood Month ago +6

    "I really want one"
    *Cough cough* LIZA YOU'RE NEEDED

    jk but I ship them so much and they need to get back together😍😍😭😭😭

  • youtube troll 916
    youtube troll 916 Month ago

    The thumbnail has the gayest faces I’ve seen all year

  • The baddest Morales Miranda

    The first time I thought it was a prank 🤣

  • new guy
    new guy Month ago


  • Eve Ince
    Eve Ince Month ago

    Awwww so happy for u guys x

  • Angelina Suayan
    Angelina Suayan Month ago +1

    David: “Look at his toooeeeesss”
    So cute 😂

  • Lucy Main
    Lucy Main Month ago

    I love newborn babies

  • Kira Kimbrough
    Kira Kimbrough Month ago +1

    I think its great that his sons name is max because in the first episode of drake & josh, drake leaves josh to take care of a baby named max.

  • Nakimo
    Nakimo Month ago +1

    10:08 David pouting 😂

  • Sam Harries
    Sam Harries Month ago +1

    When your mum looks at your phone and asks if that’s three gay men smh

  • Jessy Love
    Jessy Love Month ago


  • Hessa Aldereih
    Hessa Aldereih Month ago

    Josh I’m so so so proud of u and ur wife (I know I’m late but I just knew about the vlog squad)

  • J P
    J P Month ago

    David is very happy for you in this josh hope you noticed that!

  • kxrnie xx
    kxrnie xx Month ago

    “Well... he wouldn’t let it go” 😂

  • kxrnie xx
    kxrnie xx Month ago +2

    OMG DAVID WITH A BABY💀😭🤩 y’all David needs to be a dad

  • LittleFinger
    LittleFinger Month ago +1

    Josh Peck is the gayest straight man I ever seen.

  • Melissa coviello
    Melissa coviello Month ago

    This is sooooo sweet!!!

  • KarmaJo 23
    KarmaJo 23 Month ago +3

    When David tries to steals your baby for a whole 12 minutes

  • The Farwells
    The Farwells Month ago +3

    Joe : can I hold him David: no DAVID IS SUCH A DAD 😭😭

  • moran Moran
    moran Moran Month ago

    you know you can have more than one godfather right?

  • Sophie Nepouceno
    Sophie Nepouceno Month ago

    The first actual sentimental moment in David’s life.

  • Hailey Groah
    Hailey Groah Month ago

    Who tf disliked this

  • Jaden Tate
    Jaden Tate Month ago +1

    Can we just take a second and realize that josh named his son after the tv show drake and josh in s1 e1 they watch a baby and the baby’s name is Max just like his son now 😂❤️ amazing

  • Kiara Valentin
    Kiara Valentin Month ago

    I love how in the first part of the video in the back ground it says clickbait

  • Hessa Aldereih
    Hessa Aldereih Month ago


  • mysticforest 12
    mysticforest 12 Month ago

    david is too cute with max

    SHAYLA MACHADO Month ago

    9:29 David- “GUYS let him go HE’S MINE” I’m dead😂😂

  • Miriam Hernandez
    Miriam Hernandez Month ago

    Love teary eyed David😭 He really loves that baby😭

  • Gray Matter
    Gray Matter Month ago

    What did david suffer through, holy crap mang