How to build a REST API with Node js & Express

  • Published on Mar 7, 2018
  • Learn to build a REST API with Node js & Express in just 1 hour!
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    00:49 What are RESTful APIs
    06:48 Introducing Express
    09:09 Your First Web Server
    14:57 Nodemon
    16:29 Environment Variables
    19:44 Route Parameters
    25:22 Handling HTTP GET Requests
    30:09 Handling HTTP POST Requests
    33:53 Calling APIs using Postman
    36:03 Input Validation
    44:03 Handling HTTP PUT Requests
    52:33 Handling HTTP DELETE Requests

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  • Ovidiu Pop

    If you meet the validation error, you have to do some changes to be according with your Joi version.

  • Gallopeermeneer
    Gallopeermeneer 3 years ago +35

    Knew most of this, but I still watched the entire tutorial because it was so incredibly well structured and didactic.

  • venkataramana govindu
    venkataramana govindu 2 years ago +71


  • Mauro Napsuciale
    Mauro Napsuciale 2 years ago +56

    This is the clearest, most elegant tutorial of Express JS basics. Amazing since it was uploaded two years ago. Thanks, Mosh.

  • Youssef Zidan
    Youssef Zidan 2 years ago +16

    I've been learning web development for over a year, and I've never seen such amazing, organized, coherent courses like yours! Thanks Mosh!

  • KM Francesco Fusco
    KM Francesco Fusco 3 years ago +6

    Great content! Very clear, well explained, with the perfect balance between simplicity and depth. Fantastic job!

  • Niharika Gupta
    Niharika Gupta Year ago +19


  • Christopher Scott
    Christopher Scott 2 years ago +4

    Great tutorial. I had just finished the express course on codecademy and was still really confused. Watching this gave me a much better understanding and explanation of the why and how of building endpoints with express on your actual computer. I'll definitely be checking out your courses and your other videos.

  • ciemrnt
    ciemrnt  +2


  • SAM Am
    SAM Am 3 years ago +1

    I find your curricula competencies and content spreading strategies accurate and efficient. It looks like a dominos effect learning. I never coded with Express.js. and I really got all the logic behind it easily .

  • Araz Peters
    Araz Peters 2 years ago

    Simply fantastically clear, understandable, easy to follow and very educative. Thank you so much Mr. Mosh for this amazing Tutorial, which I personally am using as a reference to learn more and more out of it gradually.

  • Alan Saldivar
    Alan Saldivar 3 years ago +14

    Man! this for far one of the best well explained Node+Express crash courses I've ever seen. You convinced me to buy the full series :)

  • Prisantya Fridayana
    Prisantya Fridayana 3 years ago +18

    Thank you for your tutorial..

  • Gerard Lee
    Gerard Lee 3 years ago +3

    Hi Mosh, this is so great. You explain it in detail yet clearly understandable. Awesome.

  • Muhammad Awais Ali
    Muhammad Awais Ali 2 years ago

    Great tutorial and very easy to follow. I always thought APIs were scary but you made it seem harmless. Kep up the good work. And if possible can you make a video on How to connect the server to database (like mongoDB) and manipulate data through end points?

  • Balance Is Everything

    Wow, thank you Mosh. This is the clearest, most detailed explanation I have come across. This helped me so much and I thank you so much. Going to get your course now as I love your teaching. Spot on

  • spj

    I really enjoyed your tutorials, and your detailed explanations.

  • Ahm Fahady
    Ahm Fahady 2 years ago

    It's really amazing what you are teaching Mosh. Your methods, content and video production are all perfect. I wish you all the best!

  • Raphael Hungu
    Raphael Hungu Year ago +3

    Thank you Mosh, this is a great tutorial; so many node concepts in one lesson and presented in a straightforward way.

  • balvenie
    balvenie 3 years ago

    I was struggling learning how to create a server with node and express. This tutorial is really easy to understand and well-structured for beginners. This is so far the best tutorial on TheXvid!!! Thank you so much, Mosh!!!