Should Manchester United just bring Jose Mourinho back? | Extra Time

  • Published on Oct 9, 2019
  • Craig Burley, Steve Nicol, Shaka Hislop, Julien Laurens and Adrian Healey of ESPN FC answer fan questions in Extra Time, including: if Man United should consider bringing Jose Mourinho back as manager, (2:36) if Nicol would rather see Liverpool win the English Premier League this season or Manchester United go 20 seasons without winning another league title, (3:03) what needs to happen to make international football as exciting as club football, (6:38) when the FC crew had their first "I'm a professional soccer player" moment, (10:20) and if any of the FC guys have seen the movie, Joker, yet.
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  • Joseph Ardo
    Joseph Ardo Month ago

    Espn have the dumbest FOOTBALL pundits

  • Morne Castelyn
    Morne Castelyn 2 months ago

    What can't get any worse is this show and its presenters!!

  • Fender Tremolo
    Fender Tremolo 2 months ago

    Man United legend Steve Bruce should replace Olly

  • Amie Nyess
    Amie Nyess 2 months ago

    The best couch ever in this planet

  • Laili Mohd
    Laili Mohd 2 months ago

    Yes bring the special one back. If this week manu lost. N the others 4 win then ole in deep blue sea.

  • Ronak Kanabar
    Ronak Kanabar 2 months ago

    Mourinho is top top top

  • Dielowren 39
    Dielowren 39 2 months ago


  • dantes peek
    dantes peek 3 months ago

    nobody should come for now, glazers and woodward just sucking the club out dry.

  • Aj r
    Aj r 3 months ago

    Man united board just wanted to make headlines that they sacked mourinho. not considering club future, not considering the fact the manager has impressive history of winning trophies and get behind him instead of players. choose to suck Pogba. Probably they should have placed Pogba manager.

  • The Chameleon
    The Chameleon 3 months ago

    How would that make any sense

  • Andrew Finlayson
    Andrew Finlayson 3 months ago

    Absolutely not. He doesn't have Utd values.

  • mahendra jumnoodoo
    mahendra jumnoodoo 3 months ago


  • ibookje
    ibookje 3 months ago


  • Matthew Stachler
    Matthew Stachler 3 months ago

    Use this time of Man U's dismal position to talk about a team like, Leicester or Burnley. Those teams need more discussion. Man U get's way too much attention. They are boring, they are playing poorly, and they've spent a ton of money. ESPN is losing me with this daily discussion of Man U.

  • rswpt
    rswpt 3 months ago

    mourinho should be back!! pogba out! ed woodward out!

  • El Greco
    El Greco 3 months ago


  • Liam Hemmings
    Liam Hemmings 3 months ago

    Why would he come back?

  • reise Kapoor
    reise Kapoor 3 months ago

    Jose Mourinho is a champion .,united must bring him back .

  • Murphy moe
    Murphy moe 3 months ago

    What!!!!!!! Jose will remain without a job for as long as he lives

  • Paul Simbeya
    Paul Simbeya 3 months ago

    Bring back Jose to improve the performance of the team. Jose is obsessed with winning, so he is the right man back for the job

  • Ιωαννης Κωφιδης

    no way,dont make the looser hero because of this situation.

  • Vampyres graveyard
    Vampyres graveyard 3 months ago

    Sir Alex Ferguson needs to come out of retirement.

  • Dr. Nakrah
    Dr. Nakrah 3 months ago

    I love the TRUTH. whatever anyone says can't change the TRUTH. I still recall all that Man U fans vomited on Mourinho, including you guys here. but that didn't stop the man from saying the Truth to all ur faces.

  • Dan EcoFriendly
    Dan EcoFriendly 3 months ago

    Should have fully supported Mourinho when they had the chance. The ship has sailed, and whether it’s pride or other reasons, the board would not go back to the ex... Mourinho has been there and done that, and has to be given full support do so what he wants to do, without any twists. He keeps getting blamed for the amount of money spent, but was that the money he wanted to spend on?

    ABBAS NOOR 3 months ago

    As a Man U fan I’m sure one day we will be dominating

  • Usman Chaudhary
    Usman Chaudhary 3 months ago +1

    ESPN this is not a joke cut that silly background music u mugs!

  • Steven Townsend
    Steven Townsend 3 months ago

    Funny. Good show. Thank you.

  • JKD1
    JKD1 3 months ago

    Who thought it was a good idea to keep that shitty elevator music in the background of this entire segment? Take a lesson from Sky Sports and let them talk... Jesus...

  • LeoThe Lion
    LeoThe Lion 3 months ago


  • kjetil knyttnev
    kjetil knyttnev 3 months ago

    Yes. Lets pretend he didn't insult the club, its history, the players, the youth AND the fans in numerous press conferences, and deliberately got himself sacked to get a fat paycheck once the going got tough. He definitively sounds like a great option.

  • Sebe wasa
    Sebe wasa 3 months ago

    bad pundits

  • Kenpachi Zaraki
    Kenpachi Zaraki 3 months ago

    Fire Woodward, bring back Mou, give him a decade contract and let him build a team he wanted to build in 2016.

  • Clyde Warren Govender
    Clyde Warren Govender 3 months ago

    If Ole promised that after 8 games the club would be in 4th position then they can dispatch him. When the board chose Ole they must have reached a consensus that as manager he will guide the team to a position that they saw as desirable, probably 4th spot. So the board can only sack him if and when the desired outcome for the season is not reachable. It would be helpful if the board and manager could spill the beans as to what the desired outcome for the season is, that way there can be no premature calls for sacking. No self respecting Man Utd fan would expect them to win the league, Europa or FA Cup with the squad they have. Fourth position should be our goal for this season and we should take any manager who can deliver this including Ole

  • Makainternational
    Makainternational 3 months ago

    What a season it could be: Liverpool win the league and watch United and Everton get relegated. That would surely be worth the 30 year wait Liverpool have had for a premier league trophy!

  • Ian Davis
    Ian Davis 3 months ago

    Shake getting all defensive...

  • Az Akh
    Az Akh 3 months ago

    Of course it will be better with Mourinho. People on here are way biased against him.

  • Larry Tan
    Larry Tan 3 months ago

    They should bring David Gill or Phil Kenyon back to replace Ed The Wood

  • Bob Barrel
    Bob Barrel 3 months ago

    He won't come back, Jose is too classy to come back to the shitshow Woodward and the Glazers have created. Jose deserves a top team (like Manchester United under Fergie).

  • Jean Ferguson
    Jean Ferguson 3 months ago

    I think they need to do That, solskjaer was a never a solution he has no experience managing a club, mourinho or othet trainer at this point anyone but solskjaer or another legend with 0 experience managing and when you bring that new coach give him support buy the players he wants and also get rid of a lot of players that are not playing well, what you need to do is to start from zero.

  • Cthulhu 67
    Cthulhu 67 3 months ago

    Turn off the stupid music in the background

  • Vegeta Principe
    Vegeta Principe 3 months ago


  • terence w
    terence w 3 months ago

    the music is drowning out their voices

  • Luís Maciel
    Luís Maciel 3 months ago

    The only coach in the world that would take Man Utd from 12th place to 1st is Jorge Jesus (about to be champion in Brazil), but he doesn't speak english

  • vixan
    vixan 3 months ago

    why do you guys have the absolute worst pundits in the world? Shaka Hislop what is he still doing there? every video there's a pair of despicable guys with terrible unimformative opinions.

  • Embison Jones
    Embison Jones 3 months ago

    These numpties sure make me laugh. Why do United fans think Mourinho failed and wasted money? So, four finals and winning three if you count the community shield. Getting United back in the CL.Getting second place while playing the youngest team in the league in his second season. All this in two and a half season and united fans think he failed because he spent 400 million and didn't win the CL and premier league. Are you for Real? It took Pep two season to win his first trophy after spending the same amount. It took Klopp four seasons before winning his first trophy after spending the same amount. Pure madness

  • harryaragon5
    harryaragon5 3 months ago


  • Walt Heisenberg
    Walt Heisenberg 3 months ago

    Why do these programmes feel the need to have cheesy background music?.

  • Rav Hirani
    Rav Hirani 3 months ago

    Lol I didnt even want him sacked I support United. It's now clear the players are not good enough.

  • rotimi aruwajoye
    rotimi aruwajoye 3 months ago +1

    Sorry Jose should stay gone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, contributed to the problem

  • Gabriel Degraaf
    Gabriel Degraaf 3 months ago

    United literally just need attackers and they will be at least top 4, the defense is really solid. It’s just that they don’t attack and create chances so they soak up so much pressure that they eventually concede like one goal but the problem is that they only score one at most

  • Anthony Dunne
    Anthony Dunne 3 months ago

    Proper bellends

  • Farshid Amin
    Farshid Amin 3 months ago

    Not even the 1970 Brazil couldn't have beaten man city the year Marino came 2nd with united...Marinho was doing just fine.

  • Daniel Lim Santoso
    Daniel Lim Santoso 3 months ago

    F**kin' Manchester United board shouldn't have sacked him at the 1st place.. But this time around, it would be great to bring him back in and probably keep Ole as his assistant if they're willing to..

  • W Brand
    W Brand 3 months ago +1

    Jose was perfect for United but his attitude was not . He is an impatient winner - good and bad. He is NOT going be with United to build and that’s not what the club needs. I do agree that Woodward is incompetent and when he had to back Jose in the transfer window it spiralled out of control. But Jose will never alter his ways for United and that’s where there’ll always be a conflict.

  • Question MK-Question
    Question MK-Question 3 months ago

    Fire Woodward now, apologize to and bring back Jose Mourinho. Woodward is the problem United has. Not managers or players necessarily

  • sivangie 0705
    sivangie 0705 3 months ago

    Mourinho in pogba out!

  • Horsman PT
    Horsman PT 3 months ago

    This lot 😂😂😂
    Thank god my £100 per month sky subs dont include this. Thank you. God.
    God... heres to ya 👍🍺

  • Cripen Nelson
    Cripen Nelson 3 months ago

    This bunch will not chew their words they used to chart a lot of bulls just like some of man u fans .

  • joão deCarvalho daniel

    you wont get Mourinho

  • Thomas M
    Thomas M 3 months ago

    Lol if Man U does this, that will tell u all u need to know about how clueless their board is