A Dying Toys R Us Can't Sell Star Wars Toys


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  • JulioCoolio
    JulioCoolio 2 hours ago

    You mentioned Power Rangers towards the end of the video. Well, Hasbro is going to get the toy license for that next year. They might even buy out the whole franchise according to some reports.

  • angel fish
    angel fish 10 hours ago

    My Toyrus

  • George Senda
    George Senda 12 hours ago

    I guess they will auction off this crap somewhere.

  • ultrabaiter
    ultrabaiter 14 hours ago

    Sad fact is, and I saw it personally this Christmas, is the family would go down toys r us, look at the toys, fond out what the kids want... And then leave and order it for 20% less at least online...
    That's how it's gone... Sad or not, it's retail today.. Maybe toys r us should have charged a cpupel of bucks for entry if you don't buy anything, that all I could think of that might have saved em... Have some stuff in there to make it worth it, a play area, ball pit etc...
    But it had deff become where you went to see the toys, but not where you bought em!

  • ultrabaiter
    ultrabaiter 14 hours ago

    It's not just that SW is losing it's lustre as a brand... It's the toys are shit! They obvs all sit around trying to think up ideas... When all kids want are models of the characters, ships and light sabers (not blade builder... Which is shit)... Maybe some radio controlled stuff in there, and all for sub 200 bucks... More than that, the kids are priced out and you are aiming at adults..
    But Disney have screwed the pooch above all by diluting the brand... Should be trilogies, with 2 years in between episodes, and maybe 5 years between trilogies... To keep it exciting, as it's already become a joke. Maybe consider a tv show as well, or keep the cartoons going, which by the way is currently more star wars than the movies... Clone wars and rebels are superb (And I'm a huge fan that hasn't despised any of the movies, except maybe phantom menace... Anyway.. I miss Lucas directing already, OK the films were mad, but that WAS star wars... Not they are just making science fiction adventure films... With SW branding)

  • SPQR101010
    SPQR101010 14 hours ago

    dude you move the fucking camera too fast, when you film you cant just walk around, you have to do it fucking slower.

  • jjthebird
    jjthebird 17 hours ago


  • Sula Mareska
    Sula Mareska 18 hours ago

    Heck, as a female, I have waltzed into any damn section I want in a store. I frequent the LEGO section, and I have bought a Bladebuilder (for costume purposes) for $15 that has been opened. I think it's a bit depressing that Star Wars killed Toys R Us, and that Charles Lazarus (founder of Toys R Us) died to. Such a depressing end to a dynamic brand.

  • Sylvester Puddy-Tat
    Sylvester Puddy-Tat 18 hours ago

    I never understood the "Action Figure" as being something worth playing with.

  • random tv 1
    random tv 1 18 hours ago

    100 wow just buy online

  • heli88
    heli88 20 hours ago

    I wish I could have shopped at your TRU with the 5 cent price difference. Around me, it was always at least a couple bucks more than Target or Wal Mart, to say nothing of Amazon. The only time my local TRU was competitive is when they'd have "buy one get one 50% off" sales, and then they'd be about the same price as other stores. Assuming you still wanted figures from two waves ago, when they last stocked anything.

  • Bob Bobson
    Bob Bobson 21 hour ago

    End of an era. Great commentary, cheers. I'm not even into merchandise or anything, just the socio-historical aspects. I haven't even watched any Star Wars films since I saw a shitty pirate DVD of the one where Anakin falls into the lava in front of Ewen Whatsisname, haha. Just fascinating to see how the politics and other shifts are impacting this area. Made me a bit sad for the old days of the toystore too. Ah well, maybe a few Mom and Pop ones will reemerge.

  • waterloo32594
    waterloo32594 Day ago

    Toys R Us brought this on themselves. In addition to sjw politics, they have donated millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood, killing hundreds of thousands to millions of potential future customers.

  • Henry S
    Henry S Day ago

    The force weakens? Ours had tons of toys not moving. There were piles of Skylanders toys for 99c ea. originally 15.99, not moving.

  • KAPT_Kipper
    KAPT_Kipper Day ago

    WOW Canadian TRU cleared Disney infinity years ago. Maybe that's why they aren't closing.

  • TruthAndMoreTruth

    When the company filed bankruptcy, they cleared out all of the distribution centers, sending all remaining inventory out to the stores to liquidate. A ton of inventory was dumped on the stores.
    You also don't seem to know much about why Toys R Us has failed. It has nothing to do with the assortment of inventory.
    One can clearly see that you have no idea how how a company liquidation works.

  • My Childhood Toys & Games

    I'm not surprised and its really sad.

  • Communism With Giggles

    The founder of Toys-R-Us has passed away

  • Donald Clifton
    Donald Clifton Day ago

    Toys R Us is dying not because of Star Wars or anything that Disney is doing. It is because of vulture capital. They had a leveraged buyout saddled them a 6 billion dollars of debt. The very same thing that's killing iHeartRadio. For me the only difference is I won't miss iHeartRadio.

    • JayDee284
      JayDee284 Day ago

      Yeah but it sure as hell did not help.

  • thisvampireheart1
    thisvampireheart1 Day ago +1

    KB Toys is coming back so toy stores aren't dead. money.cnn.com/2018/03/20/news/companies/kb-toys-toys-r-us/index.html

  • kidstl
    kidstl Day ago +1

    sir the only thing I can add to your Perfection is this I hope JJ Abrams Brian Johnson and the rest of the ilk that destroyed Star Wars are involved in a fatal car accident or get cancer... what they did to the franchise was more than just shitted on it they basically shitted on the childhood of millions of people I hope they all die miserably...

  • AKcelsior
    AKcelsior Day ago

    I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys R' Us kid...

  • Numa Mendez
    Numa Mendez Day ago

    And...whats your point??

  • Daniel Tsiprun
    Daniel Tsiprun Day ago

    why didn't go to the Lego section

  • Nathan White
    Nathan White Day ago

    I remember when star wars was the shit during when the clone wars came about. I used to be so excited to go to toys r us to see all the figures that would be on the shelf, desperately shuffling through the shelves to find that cool clone trooper, or other character. You would want. Seriously since Disney bought star wars the ONLY thing good that has come out was rebels and Dave filoni continuing work. Seriously we are in an age of utter bullshit

  • Jan Romer
    Jan Romer Day ago

    Is it wrong for me to kinda want those foam lightsabers?

  • Camel76
    Camel76 Day ago

    From Business Insider: KB Toys owner plots return as Toys R Us goes out of business

    • Camel76
      Camel76 Day ago


  • suicune2001
    suicune2001 Day ago

    Don't piss off geeks. Geeks have disposable income. My brother proposed to his wife using an R2D2. If Disney loses my family, they lose thousands of dollars right there.

  • Spencer Whiteway

    Toys R Us went out of business from millions of dollars of unsold Star Wars toys.

  • Thisithis ithis
    Thisithis ithis Day ago

    Mitt Romney would love you. You didn't even blame him, even that it was his Company that liquidated it.

  • AnIrishMusician
    AnIrishMusician Day ago

    There are 3 big reasons why Toys R Us failed:
    1) Most of the toys suck/aren't fun for kids to play with.
    2) Most kids have video games and smart devices so cheap plastic toys seem pretty underwhelming to them.
    3) The adults who purchase toys still wouldn't be caught dead checking them out in a store if they can just use amazon.

  • 777the neighborofthebeast

    Jesus, don't you feel embarrassed walking around filming children's toys? Don't you feel embarrassed talking about politics in children's toys? Why the fuck do you care?!?! You're a grown ass man! No, I'm not a libtard. I'm not an sjw. I'm not any of your stupid labels. You can label me shocked at a grown man's anger towards a children's film and toy line. Save the speaches for your children and why they shouldn't want what you don't want them to have

    • Camel76
      Camel76 Day ago

      The people who make toys, animation and movies aren't children.

    • Camel76
      Camel76 Day ago

      The movie was not made for children. He's talking abiut the political motives of a big business that is Marxist and how we can stop them.

  • RRR 949
    RRR 949 2 days ago

    Soon toys as a whole will die out. Kids won't even know what toys are all they will know is Ipads and smartphones

  • RRR 949
    RRR 949 2 days ago

    Star Wars toys have been fucking crap for years. The last good action figure line was the vintage collection and that ended in 2012.

  • Nathan Rosario
    Nathan Rosario 2 days ago

    My nearest TRU is about 60 miles away and I'm sure they are closing down. However, they are likely just going to be loaded down with TLJ merchandise and leftover Rogue One/TFA toys, so there doesn't seem to be any point in making the 120 mile round trip drive just to see pegs clogged with toys I don't want.

  • Pål Eidem
    Pål Eidem 2 days ago

    Last jedi killed Toys r us. Last Jedi was a disgrace!

  • AzureBuild
    AzureBuild 2 days ago

    its funny reading these comments and none of you know the real reason why Toys r Us is dead, which has nothing to do with star wars

  • Jonas Wondollek
    Jonas Wondollek 2 days ago

    not that i like episode 8 but have u ever heard about the "as shape as new" concept?
    shops buy more than they need to not look like they are sold out and can not provide stock.
    Some things u mentiont may be true but u are not showing the hole picture.
    sad for the plant btw

  • Biyari Arumine
    Biyari Arumine 2 days ago

    This video gets 5/5 Millennium falcons! 5 more than the movie and the dumpster toys haha!!!

  • Erasmus Beethoven
    Erasmus Beethoven 2 days ago

    The other thing is that Star Wars is from your dad's (or even your grand-dad's) era. And it's just the same damn story over and over -- a ragtag bunch of unlikely heroes defeating the evil Federation. It's been done. There's no reason for anyone under the age of 40 to be hyped by Stars Wars today. When I was a kid in the '80s, I wasn't interested in old crap like Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers either. And yeah, I realize the Marvel characters have been around forever, but the "cinematic universe" is still pretty new and constantly unfolding.

  • Shoolk Time
    Shoolk Time 2 days ago

    I bet even at 99% off that toys r us will not be able to sell all those star wars toys and will end up being thrown away in a landfill somewhere lol

  • Shoolk Time
    Shoolk Time 2 days ago

    > the final star wars toy video
    Lies, deception

  • Nazgull123
    Nazgull123 2 days ago

    I like putting the disney infinity figures on display

  • George McFly
    George McFly 2 days ago

    Let me lay out and honest take on the Star Wars toys. I am 42 and I have a 7 year old son. We are both infatuated with Star Wars together. I have been my entire life so I'm pretty much his influence. What I grew up with were action figures. I also had a few playsets - Death Star, Hoth, Ewok Village, Dhagoba, Millennium Falcon, Cloud City car, landspeeder, Speeder bike, etc. All these were customer for the 3.75" action figures. That's all they had. And that's what we wanted. That's the Star Wars toys that I know. Now fast forward 35 years. I don't understand most of the toys on the shelves. There is so much crap that my son is not interested in. I am not interested in it. I'm not really sure where are the manufacturers got these concepts that there's a market for them. If you look at those lightsaber builder sets. What's the point in buying ONE because you need TWO to have a lightsaber duel. The larger action figures are pointless. There's like four or five different sized action figures. If I remember correctly from my childhood, we would all get the main characters first - Vader, Luke, Han, Leia. There were plenty. it was only after that when they put out the secondary figures and you'd want to add to your collection. these new concepts like the Force Link feature is stupid. Why did the figures need that? All these other toys are so overpriced that parents just aren't going to buy them especially if their kids don't want them. you usually want what other kids have. And those parents feel the same way. so, just the basic action figures with some playsets is all that anybody even cares about. what I have seen in stores is Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren, Chewbacca, and Leia rarely ever being in stock. These figures are not distributed properly. Why would you buy a Rose or Paige figure when you don't even have Luke or Kylo? There's a lot of people that really liked the movie. But, it's the toy concepts that just don't work.

  • MartianProductions
    MartianProductions 2 days ago

    Dave Filoni could have stopped this, only if Kathleen Kennedy hadn't had ruined everything.

  • Count Asti
    Count Asti 2 days ago

    is this a re-upload or is all that shit really still there? XD

  • Rukia
    Rukia 2 days ago

    Cut the price it will sell

  • Rukia
    Rukia 2 days ago

    I miss it mine

  • Rukia
    Rukia 2 days ago

    Awesome video star war my favorite I biy it all yay

  • rgd963
    rgd963 2 days ago

    I remember a time when TRU would have a lot of off brand toys, that was low cost and in the reach of little kids allowances , 20 years ago they went Advent vanguard for high price Licenses and they went down ever since!

  • Logan Montero
    Logan Montero 2 days ago

    Send this to Rags. He would love this

  • Live Free
    Live Free 2 days ago

    "The Pareto Principle".
    It explains it ALL.

  • Heroes in a Dream
    Heroes in a Dream 2 days ago

    its like watching a store burn to the ground XD

  • Yolo !!!
    Yolo !!! 2 days ago

    the only people to blame for this is TOY R US.
    they over stocked too boot.
    they thought they would rake it in like disney did "didnt"
    plus zero online presence killed the store.
    both disney and toys r us were blinded by greed and it bit them in the ass.

  • The Bellcaptain
    The Bellcaptain 2 days ago

    Do kids actually like Star Wars toys? Honestly I get if they like the movies but I’ve NEVER seen a kid in my family or while out toy hunting get excited/want a Star Wars toys

    • JayDee284
      JayDee284 Day ago

      they don't care about Star Wars @ all its all Superheros now.

  • Matt McEntyre
    Matt McEntyre 2 days ago

    Does anyone remember Children's Palace? It was a giant toy store that was shaped like a castle. We had one in Memphis when I was a kid.

  • Matt McEntyre
    Matt McEntyre 2 days ago

    LOL!!!! Bro, I love the little spin you put in there. I love The Count.

  • tcdahn7
    tcdahn7 2 days ago

    I'm an egalitarian and I find it disgusting when someone tries to make a buck off social justice.

    MOUNTAINOUS 2 days ago

    has nothing to do with toys r us. no one is selling the new star wars toys. once they went leftists. no one wants them. once they went social justice warrior and put woman in charge of the movie. and the stars. no one wants the toys. no stores can get rid of them. it is not just toys r us.

  • Fros-T13
    Fros-T13 2 days ago

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I knew Star Wars is now garbage.

    • Fros-T13
      Fros-T13 2 days ago

      It would of sold if the movies weren't so shit.

  • Lothar Scholz
    Lothar Scholz 2 days ago

    Because Star Wars turned to shit under Disney, Force Awakens was fucking bad remake of E IV and i haven't even seen Last Jedi yet. Go fuck you Disney.

  • O'neill Danielson
    O'neill Danielson 2 days ago

    To be fair, those Disney Infinity sets were for the Wii U, which is almost as dead as Toys R Us is going to be.

  • Paul Corliss
    Paul Corliss 2 days ago

    Man u crazy aint no 5 cents diffrent dude in a long time maybe 3 or 4 dollars and haven to price matching

    TheGUNSLAYER7 2 days ago

    Not at all competitive pricing. Corporate buried themselves

  • Patrick Mcdaniel
    Patrick Mcdaniel 2 days ago

    It wasn't sjw that killed toys r us, it was their ridiculous markups that's did

  • Darth Cakes
    Darth Cakes 2 days ago

    Dear people who love the last Jedi,
    I personally love the last Jedi but please don’t try to fight and haters because that’s not gonna do anything because were all Star Wars fans on the inside.

  • Darth Cakes
    Darth Cakes 2 days ago

    I think the reason is is that they’re all too expensive my mom didn’t want me to go to toys are us because everything was so expensive

  • John Sullivan
    John Sullivan 2 days ago

    100 fucking dollars for a 12 inch plastic stormtrooper? my god thats stupid.

  • SPTX
    SPTX 2 days ago

    When you say the overpriced argument doesn't hold, you forget about inflation.
    It's not about the 5ct difference *now* , it's about *then* .
    The price generally didn't budge, but the currency's value itself is constantly falling off the cliff.

  • Helgamond Ratbone
    Helgamond Ratbone 2 days ago +1

    All hail Rose Tica!!!

  • MV Ye
    MV Ye 2 days ago

    From my experience, the stuff I was interested in at the local Toys R' Us (usually action figures) were around 5% to 10% more expensive than the normal (non-sale) price at the local Targets. Yes, they "price-matched" but then, they wouldn't let one have the discount they give would have given if one were to use a TRU/BRU Credit Card on Thursdays. Also, TRU's are also waaayyyyyy slower in putting stuff out on clearance (they let them sit on the shelves for years instead of seven months to a year at the local Target). Their pricing (and stocking) strategy really did not compete well with the "Big Box Stores."

  • SnakeEyesBP1980
    SnakeEyesBP1980 2 days ago

    Wow the toys r us in Fort Wayne don't have SW games. They don't move them around

  • Endymion766
    Endymion766 3 days ago

    SJW ideology didn't do all the damage to Geoffrey, but they dealt the killing blow. You know its not just your TRU that's closing right? The entire company has folded.

  • Zerebrat Eightyseven
    Zerebrat Eightyseven 3 days ago +1

    no one want to buy trash ... period

  • T@wesomE
    T@wesomE 3 days ago

    Don't you worry my friend since they refuse to drop the price tags to sell those last pieces,you all will soon find out how those are cost inside a garbage can! Who cares actualy if the lucas products doesn't sell in the end of the day since the stores that are about to close & disney have earned their cash.The matter that should someone focus here is the fact that many people will loose their jobs and will search somewhere else.Though i don't know how is the job find situations out there it is still a shame that this is happening.And things like that happems because big companies such as this one oppening more stores than they can count having in the end clossing all of them.Can't wait for those clossing time exclusives they are gonna sell to their employees after all this! 100 bucks cheap toys??? Seriously you might give 100 or 1000 like some others give 20 but those are not prices for toys & such,most of those not worth even 10 especially those lightsaber builders.If they didn't had the lucas disney logos on them they would cost a penny or two!

  • Majinn Buu
    Majinn Buu 3 days ago

    Toy r us died cause #1 the people running the company, #2 kids not playing with toys as much, #3 video games/mobile devices, #4 stores like Walmart, #5 crappy toys, #6 sjw politics, #7 companies forcing product to store. It wasn’t a single thing but the combination of all of them that killed it. (Also toys have increased in price like $50 for a board game, medium Lego set, etc....

    • Majinn Buu
      Majinn Buu 3 days ago

      Also you haven’t seen the size of the toy section at the Walmart near me there’s bikes, board game/puzzles, lego or simular, 2x boys SW/WWE/etc , baby toys/educationonal, 2 x girls toys. 9 rows plus back wall. Then electronics

  • Stephen More
    Stephen More 3 days ago

    No wonder they went out of bussines selling this rubbish, so many good toys out there they dont have

  • space man reviews
    space man reviews 3 days ago


  • Danite Ghost
    Danite Ghost 3 days ago

    These guys need a lesson from Canadian Satan. Star Wars had a core following that would spend money religiously on shit forever, and all you had to do was NOT tell them to fuck themselves. Same thing with Star Trek. Same thing with Marvel. The problem with Feminism is that it rots you from the inside out. I mean just look what it has done to Jim Carrey. Would you believe that guy once had a sense of humor?

  • vlenhoff
    vlenhoff 3 days ago

    I think ToyRus was hoping the Last Jedi would sell toys. I own over 10 Lukes Disney. Guess what happens when you kill the Goose with the golden eggs. It almost seems like Disney indirectly killed ToyRus.

  • Bond H
    Bond H 3 days ago

    You know what's more annoying that SJW's? People who are constantly bitching about SJW's.

  • Joshua Rae
    Joshua Rae 3 days ago

    meh. I don't think this can all be tied into the existence of social politics being mixed into movies. that has always been a thing. It might be more relevant then not, but i also contest that this has a lot to do with numerous other variables that stack up to make the significant reason why toy stores are failing: this generation makes less money, has lots of debt, has little disposable income; physical toys are just not as interesting compared to the age of software products; etc. just coming up with some ideas, its irresponsible to just imagine this ALL come down to one thing.

  • _ Raven _
    _ Raven _ 3 days ago

    Its sad, I remember going to toys r us for the first time(because I never knew what it was till later on in life) I got my first Mortal Kombat 4 pack that have these little 4 figures along with them, smoke, sub-zero, scorpion,reptile. And scorpion and reptile have switch out heads which is cool, I had gotten an ezio auditore from assassins creed brotherhood. Due to low amount of money I couldn't get the glider from the one mission you did for the inventions, than I also got a lot of Lego sets, halo figures, and even a lot of my star wars items that I love so much, so its sad seeing that I'll never be able to walk in a store like this and buy things like I used to its really sad

  • Christopher Negri
    Christopher Negri 3 days ago

    I think a lot of the clutter really comes from over ordering and that Disney now releases 1 Star Wars film every year. The Last Jedi just came out in December and in May the movie "Solo" is coming out. Most stores are still sitting on stock from TLJ, Rogue One and Force Awakens. They are just making too muc stuff and doing it too fast.
    Back in 1978 when Star Wars toys were first made available, there was nothing like them. They also only came in about 1 or 2 sizes (3.75" and 12") so if a kid wanted Luke Skywalker, there was 2 options. Now you can get him as a Pop, a Lego guy, a Playskool figure, a 3.75" figure, a 6" figure, a 12" figure for a total of 6 different ways. People on a tight budget or a collector with limited space simply will not buy one in every design enough to help move all this product.

  • hypermetalsonic
    hypermetalsonic 3 days ago

    Was always my dream as a kid to participate in the toys r us contest when you could run down the isles and grab all the shit you wanted.

  • D. B
    D. B 3 days ago

    11:30 Maybe your boys can go into the girls section...

  • darklordojeda
    darklordojeda 3 days ago

    You sound like Penn Gillette. Love the videos.

  • tyedyejedi
    tyedyejedi 3 days ago

    Son you need to remember going in there getting thunder cats and m.a.s.k. that was toys r us

  • Jim H.
    Jim H. 3 days ago

    You bet your ass I'll miss Toys 'R Us. I'm 42 and I shopped at those back in the early 80's. That place was Mecca for children.

  • Sagiri Izumi
    Sagiri Izumi 3 days ago

    KB Toys has announced they'll be back before Xmas. It's called C A P I T A L I S M. Did you guys REALLY think these businesses would let Amazon control their business?

  • NewWaveFan1
    NewWaveFan1 3 days ago

    I don't wanna grow up, I'm a toys r us kid..there's a million toys at toys r us that i can play with!..From bikes to trains to video games its the biggest toy store there is..i don't wanna grow up cuz if i did...i wouldn't be a toys r us kid!....

  • Godzilla 62
    Godzilla 62 3 days ago

    Toys r us is closing nation wide it’s so sad

  • MushaGundamMKIII
    MushaGundamMKIII 3 days ago

    My toys r Us is still thriving. No sign of it going out of business any time soon.

  • RLS0812
    RLS0812 3 days ago

    $140 for a normally $50 toy ...

  • Jaiden Fedele
    Jaiden Fedele 3 days ago

    To be honest at this point the only good new Star Wars thing are Star Wars LEGO because they don’t cram SJW politics into them and instead concentrate on more important things such as Design and Playability. I know weird right? Also notice how the OT and Prequel stuff always sells better than new trilogy for obvious reasons.

  • Curious Orange
    Curious Orange 3 days ago

    Dood it's woman, race, and Disney that has ruined everything in the world. Who created this shit, "HEY let's make a bunch of shitty toys and make them girly because feminist can't just take a danm L.

  • Curious Orange
    Curious Orange 3 days ago +1

    Everything that just can out of your mouth is 100% true.

    MYSTICAL GOOSE 3 days ago

    These toys are too expensive.

  • shinra358
    shinra358 3 days ago

    Haha look at those prices!!! No wonder...

  • John B aka Smooth Chocolate

    They couldn't sell the Star Wars toys because they simply suck.