A Dying Toys R Us Can't Sell Star Wars Toys


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  • TheQuietWelshman
    TheQuietWelshman 7 hours ago

    I would've grabbed SW Infinity for $3, that's a pretty good price

  • ZtownTrain
    ZtownTrain 8 hours ago

    One less stop on my favorite day of the year. My wife and I still go shop at physical stores for Christmas for our kids; we send the kids to grandparents and make a day of it. I loved this stop because it was so much fun, like when my mom took me to TRU as a kid. Goodbye Geoffery.

  • ZtownTrain
    ZtownTrain 8 hours ago

    We fell off the timeline. I swear it's like a neo-USSR lsd fever dream in the US right now. There is nothing good anymore; the second you like something it offends someone. Toys R Us was a place where a very poor young me used to go and marvel at everything. Now it's dying an awful slow K-Mart death.

  • MugarAssassin
    MugarAssassin 2 days ago

    -Before you read this I know exactly how you all feel about this place closing. I'm just as sad about it, however we can't just blame a whole group of people for not buying toys that are selling for very expensive prices. (Just recently I went in and there was a small Lego set box with only a 100 pieces for $20,00, keep in mind this was with a SALE!)
    By the way the main reason why they closed wasn't due to electronics and the Internet. What actually happened was in the 2005 leverage buy out. They had to owe a 9 million dollar price + rent. From this they were never able to pay this off and this led to their downfall. The other reason why they closed is they attempted to compete with Amazon and they stopped importing and exporting toys, so they ran out and no longer could compete with Amazon and didn't have enough to pay the people giving them the toys.

  • Sophie G
    Sophie G 2 days ago

    I went to my local TRU and they had about 30 TFA 6" Finns on the shelves/pegs as well as a ton of blade builders as well.

  • Bret Harper
    Bret Harper 3 days ago

    Oh and thanks Kk for strangling and killing ToysRUs another peice of my childhood taken just like Starwars is dead to me.

  • Bret Harper
    Bret Harper 3 days ago

    See KK boycotts just don’t mean movies. It means everthing won’t make $

  • Grand Master Mawile
    Grand Master Mawile 5 days ago

    dude, if there was a lego store, id be up the wazoo with my kids about it! but i get you, i remember the good old days of going into a toys r us and getting toys from the shelve. being able to pick them out. now everything is online cause its easier for parents who are the ones who buy the toys. but i also think toys are us has some backround business flaws seperate as well as being a bit too big. i say instead of having a grocery sized stores, except in heavily populated areas, that they should be alot smaller. have alot of stuff but just not be massive. be awe inspiring. in like a family friendly area cause thats the key to keeping the nostalgia alive, keeping the folks happy. plus, make the toys more flashy. like how on chrismas some stores have toy trains operating for display and some robotic toys doing cool stuff. everyone likes seeing cool stuff. in my mall we have a store called brookstone where you can try out almost half of all their cool tech before buying it. a great selling point

  • Grand Master Mawile
    Grand Master Mawile 5 days ago

    rip toys r us

  • TheEpicDinosaur Studios

    The star wars toys at my toys r us are gone, All the stuff that's still left is 2 rose tico force links and a peg filled with force awakens tie fighter pilots with that battle gear thing and 4 Jyn erso dolls

  • EnviousWingDings
    EnviousWingDings 7 days ago

    Even I like Toys R Us, it makes me so sad that it’s closing. I still have GameStop and stuff, but they had a great collectable section! I love 2nd and Charles and all, but Toys R Us is just such a special place to me.

  • Rob D
    Rob D 7 days ago

    I'll never forget the pure joy that I used to get as a kid walking into TRU, running to the Jurassic Park section and seeing an entire aisle of toys stacked up as far as I could see. It was such a magical place and it's sad that my future sons or daughters won't get to experience that kid in a candy shop feeling that I had with TRU.

  • centpushups
    centpushups 7 days ago

    Will probably end up in the landfill next to the ET games

  • josue Nogueras
    josue Nogueras 11 days ago


  • MutantMFM
    MutantMFM 13 days ago

    I wonder if these toys will end up buried in a desert somewhere in the United States.

  • Rodrigo V
    Rodrigo V 14 days ago

    That's the problem with people pushing the SJW agenda, they don't even buy the toys and I have the impression that they don't even watch the movies because worldwide people are not happy with Star Wars at this moment. Being honest I disliked the force awakens movie just as much as I disliked the last jedi movie

  • CWDTrixie
    CWDTrixie 14 days ago

    Not surprised that Disney/Star Wars was selling poor lately, but damn, never knew it was that bad. At this point, having looked at Target and Wal-Mart and those Star Wars sections have been shrinking and could likely be phased out in the near future as next to nothing moves. Especially with Target, I can see SW toys hitting the Clearance end caps as they move onto something that sells more.

  • Daniel Mortensen
    Daniel Mortensen 14 days ago

    my local toys r us had a everything must go sale today, and everything but some star wars figures were gone. however the new power rangers reboot and justice league toys were abundant. RIP toys r us.

  • 3 7
    3 7 14 days ago

    What about the nerf blasters? they go down in price at all???

  • Demo Ezra
    Demo Ezra 15 days ago

    These videos are calming. Adding to sleep playlist :)

  • Michael Moretti
    Michael Moretti 15 days ago

    The only Star Wars merchandise I ever cared about was the figurines (especially the original Stormtroopers) and the Millennium Falcon, X-Wing and TIE Fighters that were roughly scaled to the figurines.

  • Rock Breaker Studios
    Rock Breaker Studios 16 days ago

    Its disappointing to see a major franchise like that to get killed by PC fails....

  • WingMeTips
    WingMeTips 16 days ago

    Dude... Rian Johnson Lost Disney soooooo much money... With the lower toy sales, and the new star wars theme park in disneyland... I don't think Rian Johnson will ever get another chance to direct a high budget film again.

  • Daniel Ordonez
    Daniel Ordonez 17 days ago

    They just sell a bunch of crap cheap shit to people. No quality whatsoever. I do believe the Lego Star Wars does sell because it's Legos lol but action figures, builders, mask, etc are just so cheap and stupid. I would buy the Star Wars figures if they were made by a well known quality brand like SH Figuarts but the ones they sell here are just so cheap and I don't even like the characters besides maybe Kylo Ren since I like the design. And not to mention everything in Toys R Us is so damn expensive. Their business is dead yet are giving us a 30% discount? How do they expect to get rid of their shit with such high prices and such low discounts? Like if ya'll about to go out of business at least go out with some dignity and give us big discounts and not try to milk as much money out of us before they go. lol

  • Hunter Thomas
    Hunter Thomas 18 days ago +2



  • SL twentyeight
    SL twentyeight 19 days ago

    Yep my toysrus store is closing too, I'm saddened. Been shopping there since kid born. Went there last night and got some leggoes. Store nearly empty, except for star wars toys. Tons of those around.

  • Tony Becker
    Tony Becker 19 days ago

    Stunning, how much Toys R Us invested in all this SW/SJW stuff. This undoubtedly massacred their bottom line and bad business decision contributing to their collapse. So sad. These toys will have to be marked down to 90-95% discount and even then may not move. Thanks for making this vid. It graphically depicts their downfall.

  • Very Yes
    Very Yes 19 days ago

    I´m proudly buying Star Wars knock off toys off of Aliexpress. Werirdly enough, China listens to the fans more.

  • MockingBird 9000
    MockingBird 9000 19 days ago

    At this rate they should have sold anime dolls

  • Angryhedgehog
    Angryhedgehog 20 days ago

    100% breaks my heart. Twas cutural Marxism destroyed childhood. R.I.P. TOYS r US

  • Zebra Dun
    Zebra Dun 21 day ago

    Star Wars toys are being sold, all in salvage stores cheap but there are still no buyers they end up as trash in the back lots of these stores, people won' even steal them!

  • John Trent
    John Trent 21 day ago

    Put me in charge of star wars and I can fix it

  • John Dean
    John Dean 21 day ago +1

    The interweb was ok at first so many mom and dad sites and the shops to back it all up. Now amazon and the mighty EbAY they rule. So sad I guess the sheeples will get want they want or think they want all on line and all cashless. When it comes I hope it won't I'll call it the souless society. Then when the power goes out. WHAT YOU DO THEN. Draw your money out of the banks. Ops no money.

  • Pittory pit
    Pittory pit 22 days ago

    Seems like Lego is the only company that's not completely retarded. Sure they made those Lego Ideas feminist sets, but when it comes to shit that they're actually selling to kids, they keep girl stuff and guy stuff as it has always been. The Lego Ideas sets are more than likely just to make the press shut up after all the time they've shat on them. And it makes sense, since Lego is a product made in Denmark, a really not SJW country (probably the only one in Scandinavia). We'll see tho, Lego could more fall any time now. It *has* become super Americanized over the years so.

  • chilishotline
    chilishotline 22 days ago

    Lol those exclusive interactive toys in the start were on major sale where i live in norway, got a chewbacca one for 20 bucks

  • Sullen Redshirt
    Sullen Redshirt 22 days ago

    We banned free grocery bags to save landfills from being filled with millimicron thin plastic (100 of those would fit in a paper cup), but now the landfills will get toys for Christmas, wheeeeeee!

  • Brian Hood
    Brian Hood 22 days ago

    Take a chance and buy one of everything that has a chance of being cool. Store it and 30yrs from now they will be rare and possibly in demand. Just a thought. Supply and demand.

    • Gaz Matic
      Gaz Matic 19 days ago

      Brian Hood nah. Their value is plummeting

  • Jetson George
    Jetson George 22 days ago

    It hurts the nostalgia but maybe this ending was as inevitable as the end of Blockbuster Video. In this new digital age of computers, cell phones n video games and kids permanently glued to screens their entire childhood, "playing with dolls" has gone the way of the VHS cassette. Maybe we've gotten the bad ending. Maybe us new gen of adults are just sad that our own children will not grow up in the same ways we did.

  • Ryusuta
    Ryusuta 23 days ago

    Just remember, Star Wars. The fans didn't turn their backs on you. You turned your backs on them.

  • Lieutenant Miller
    Lieutenant Miller 23 days ago

    Man....SJWs must’ve KILLED Toys r Us! Sad!

  • Hugh O'Neill
    Hugh O'Neill 26 days ago

    I actually liked the ast Jedi

  • Darth Soldier
    Darth Soldier 26 days ago

    Also, I need to buy one of every action figure... Because when all those toys end up in the landfill all I have to do is wait... for 50 years to have them on eBay because no one will have them... And if I'm lucky I might make a dollar over what I paid (adjusting for inflation of course)

  • Darth Soldier
    Darth Soldier 26 days ago

    My local toys-r-us is going out of business too, same thing

  • Michael Hall
    Michael Hall 26 days ago

    Yes, those toys are clearly Marxist, and insufficiently respectful of Donald Trump. Boycott!
    (How old are you, anyway, to be so bent-out-of-shape about whether SW toys are selling or not? Seriously?)

  • bluemonkey223
    bluemonkey223 26 days ago

    So basically Disney killed Toys R Us. I mean it was in trouble already but Disney forcing terrible toy lines down its throat was the final blow.

  • joe OBrien
    joe OBrien 26 days ago

    What gets me is Toys R Us just wont lower their fucking prices. They should be selling stuff at 50% to 80% off. They still cant get past 15% off. Soon people wont even be going to the going out of business sales. If your going out of business sell shit like you need the damn money. Theres no room for greed anymore. They want to drag this out for years or what? Star wars electronic figs shouldnt be $100 they should be $40 or $50

  • thelasthallow
    thelasthallow 26 days ago

    the camera on your phone sucks balls.

  • The Modern Viking
    The Modern Viking 26 days ago

    Lego Clone Wars are cool. and Lego Star Wars is cool

  • Cipi SixZeroFour
    Cipi SixZeroFour 27 days ago

    That's why they went bankrupt. Disney made them buy so many toys they could never sell.

  • stiepan holkien
    stiepan holkien 27 days ago

    If you could buy them by the kylo it would be awesome to do a burning video. Or whatever way to destroy them that doesnt damage the environment

  • LiquidSharingan
    LiquidSharingan 27 days ago

    I will miss Toys R Us. I remember going through the Legos section and having my eyes all bright eyed and excited for these. i wanted to take all the legos home.

  • boren81
    boren81 27 days ago

    My local Toys R Us had almost 100 of the Star Wars speeders that were supposed to be a little drivable thing at almost 200 each on clearance

  • bill joesburg
    bill joesburg 27 days ago

    WHOA what girls dolls in the boys section ? ,,,,this world is so broken I will never have kids.

  • Jmuk35
    Jmuk35 27 days ago

    Look, Disney helped kill Toys R Us.

  • SolarWavesXFinity
    SolarWavesXFinity 27 days ago

    As long as awkward grown men peruse toy stores looking for action dolls and plastic swing sabers, the corps will continue pushing this garbage.

  • tytetee
    tytetee 28 days ago

    KK killed Toys'R'Us... Even more reason to NOT DO SW.

  • James Clukey
    James Clukey 28 days ago

    I went to TRU when McFarlane's SPAWN figures occupied one whole side of an aisle ! Those were heady days of adventure! LOL ! Now the hobby of collecting has fizzled out. It's too bad. But, I still have a bad ass collection of cool toys!

  • Star Lard
    Star Lard 28 days ago

    This video inspired me to take my kids to my local Toys R Us a few weeks back, which was also liquidating everything. Partly because I wanted to take them to a giant toy store one last time, and party b/c I wanted to see how SW toys were selling in my area. It was eerie, but my store was almost exactly the same as yours. Many rows picked cleaned, but several rows chock full of not just TLJ toys, but Rogue One and Force Awakens, too. Action figures, the Bladebuilder lightsabers, and those terrible $100 giant action figures with sounds. Oh, and the Marvel gender bender barbie doll things. There were so many un-purchased SW toys they were sticking them in end caps at different aisles and the front of the store. They also had tons of unopened boxes of MORE SW toys sitting on top of the shelves, just like in your video. Very sad.

  • Sam .P
    Sam .P 28 days ago

    Fucking Disney is the worse. Catering to SJW and trying to change what was good by shoving their bullshit down our throat. That's what they get poors sells and close stores.

  • Matt H
    Matt H 29 days ago

    I would buy the action figure of Kathleen Kennedy getting fucked up the ass by Luke Skywalker.

  • Doug Grief
    Doug Grief 29 days ago

    I loved Force awakens. It respected the original trilogy while adding an okish plot. .... WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LAST JEDI?!?

  • Chromiia YT
    Chromiia YT Month ago

    I wouldn’t mind having a K2-SO action figure

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith Month ago

    Glad you didn’t cover the LEGO stuff but legos rock no matter how you package them

  • Nichole Williams
    Nichole Williams Month ago

    And now the Australian chain of Toys R Us has gone down!

  • SuperK677
    SuperK677 Month ago


  • Robert Bulan
    Robert Bulan Month ago


  • francisco4ben
    francisco4ben Month ago

    toys r us really sucks at selling toys

  • ceejay35
    ceejay35 Month ago +1

    Mattel is doing way better with their Jurassic world toys kid and collectors alike buy them and they sell like hotcakes the star wars toys are overpriced and not even worth it I'm a kid myself and I know no kid wants a 20 dollar Finn or rose because they have no attachment in the original trilogy they had cool droids and aliens and made toys of them now they just look whenever Finn or rose or whatever other stupid characters they introduced and make a thousand different variants of rose and Finn and no cool aliens or droids and the ships are overpriced and have stupid Nerf action features the feminazis have succeeded in killing star wars and the toys and let's hope they learn but at this point it's hopeless

  • Vinicius Pamplona
    Vinicius Pamplona Month ago

    the sad part is i like the clone wars stuff but this is empress KK's era where all SW related rotts

  • Prince Thunderflare

    Good news is this means Disney is going to fire Kathleen Kennedy. If she can't make Star Wars pull in the green, she's gonna see the pink. Disney doesn't care about her SJW bullshit. They care about turning a profit.

  • billwun
    billwun Month ago

    I didn't have access to a Toys R Us until I was old enough to drive, but ironically it was right at the time I gained access to weed. Used to get high as a kite and hang out in a Toys R Us with a big stupid shit-eating grin on my face.

  • Jeff the stickman Simper

    It official toys r us is the new block buster it's sad

  • Christian Secor
    Christian Secor Month ago

    In the bright side, there will ALWAYS be a lego store

  • JRGProjects
    JRGProjects Month ago

    I subbed. Marvel is the new Star Wars. Black Panther & Crew are the in thing now. Thanks.

  • Charles Kennedy
    Charles Kennedy Month ago

    SW is FUBAR but Disney makes bank on it

  • J. Monroe
    J. Monroe Month ago

    Have a 4-year old daughter (and 2 nieces) and enjoyed going to T R'Us to buy silly little things for them...

  • Gutz 1234
    Gutz 1234 Month ago

    I'm feeling so bad for toys r us 😔😔

  • Green Ranger
    Green Ranger Month ago

    GAMESTOP drop your Damn Star Wars JUNKS

  • HellRay
    HellRay Month ago

    Your grandma is awesome!

  • eerypoet4 arc5555
    eerypoet4 arc5555 Month ago

    Guys help me out with this, when Prequel era was around, did Star Wars toys sell well?

  • joevollman
    joevollman Month ago

    Jesus .... a half hour of nothing but bitching. Some trurh here on the SW toys. You obviously need to do more homework on what truly happened behind the scenes with the high ups in the company which resulted in the Toys R Us downfall. I lasted 7 minutes into your video lol yeah this makes me wanna subscribe lol

  • Clay Pidgeon
    Clay Pidgeon Month ago

    SWJs are a bit like furries. The moment they show up EVERYTHING has to be about social justice and it has to be mixed into EVERYTHING and the moment you object they cry about persecution. But furries are just weirdos with a creepy fetish that they’re too publicly into. SJW related shit can be found all over the place, they’re trying to turn the world into a politically correct version of Orwell’s 1984, and they love to pollute the escapist fantasy franchises that everyone else used to get AWAY from modern sociopolitical issues to force even more of their bile out there.

  • Deedless Deity
    Deedless Deity Month ago

    The Last Jedi beats the Last Toys'R'Us to death; a boot stomping on your face forever until you die..

  • memejuice
    memejuice Month ago +1

    Rest in peace hasbro star wars bullshit

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    Last Jedi was okay at most, but Star Wars is still a good franchise. Do you want a Star Wars light saber dildo for your a$$, is that what you want to find in the Star Wars section?

  • Xan dan
    Xan dan Month ago

    It's all EA'S fault.

  • StrikerFX47
    StrikerFX47 Month ago

    I really enjoy you're videos. You are relatable and you spread insightful truth.

  • Nicholas Eickman
    Nicholas Eickman Month ago

    Who’d have thought that the company to destroy childhood fun would be Disney... what kind of topsy-turvy world are we living in!?! Trump is in the White House and will likely receive a Nobel Peace Prize, Kanye West is discussing conservative values, and Disney is destroying millions of childhoods... God is looking down at us and even he’s confused.

  • shlibookensteppah
    shlibookensteppah Month ago

    Very true. Real quick, Kay-Bee might becoming back, due to Toys R Us's catastrophic meltdown. Weird, huh? There's a lot of reasons Star Wars, as a brand, is taking a dump, and it's not Toys R Us's fault.
    Strike 1 : The new SW movies suck donkey balls. Admit it. They do. The writing is below sub-par, the industrial design is beyond lazy, the SJW stench is over-powering, and the acting is essentially terrible. How is a toy company supposed to market this garbage successfully, when the source material is total crap. LEGO is about the only company that can still stay afloat, because you can do crazy other stuff with their products, and even they have their own stores.
    Strike 2 : Brick and mortar operations are getting impossibly hard to sustain, which is sad. There is something fun about instant gratification, in a physical sense. I miss it, since I live in the middle of nowhere.
    Strike 3 : Kids are different now. Most want to play with their phones. Even when I was in my teens, I noticed that Toys R Us had basically become a peddler of video games, quickly eclipsed by Best Buy, GameStop, Blockbuster, Wal-Mart, etc. Different times.

  • keo skey
    keo skey Month ago

    If you want to go to toys r us you have to take a road trip to Canada

  • Darth Bane
    Darth Bane Month ago

    Same thing at my toys r us shit ton of crappy boring star war toys only the legos were pretty much all sold.
    Glad this company is going away for one thing not like they were that wide spread and the prices were rediculous. The discount was at the most maybe 10% off on everything not 30 or more.

    • Darth Bane
      Darth Bane Month ago

      I dont think toys are really a big thing anymore video games are getting easier and easier to make portable, legos are still going strong and it's more unique and fun to build a lego than a solid big chunk of plastic.
      I still love legos thats how good it is. Sadly toys r us never really kept a good enough stock you never saw the biggest sets their you have to get those "ONLINE" So whats the point in going to a toy store anymore when it's online for cheaper?

  • Alana Banana
    Alana Banana Month ago

    Yeah its sad, I have never really seen anyone buy Star Wars toys while the original figures go for thousands or millions online. I would rather have the old lego millennium falcon than the new one. No wonder they shut down.
    Wtf is the fangirl dolls?? They look like Bratz figures but crap.

    - ROZZIRAKI Month ago

    It's a sad time for star wars even if u like the new trilogy u can't put all your hopes on girls let's say 5-12 buying star Wars toys over Barbie dolls or whatever they like

      - ROZZIRAKI Month ago

      Correction DISNEY can't put all their hopes on young girls

  • DocGriffon
    DocGriffon Month ago

    Children's Palace was the forerunner of Toys R Us. That was a sad, sad day when they closed in the late 80's. The amazing thing was all the old toys from the storage room they put on the shelves during the closing. Some of them were over 10 years old. I bought Marvel Mego figures & Batman Ertl cars from the 70's.

  • I am fucking your waifu and there's nothing you can do about it

    I mean their closing, but their prices are still 2-5 times higher than the prices online. At least at the one close to me that was closing.

  • Wireless_Phantom
    Wireless_Phantom Month ago

    I think KB Toys said something about returning to the states

  • Terell Chapman
    Terell Chapman Month ago

    They just don’t have deals… most 30% off…wow

  • joe lamb
    joe lamb Month ago

    Fucking homo

  • thisisacrummyname
    thisisacrummyname Month ago

    We totally get that you don't like Star Wars, but they are not the reason TOYS R US is going out of business.

  • Marc Solondz
    Marc Solondz Month ago

    Walking into a chain store that is restocking from its backrooms and warehouses on a daily basis does not make for any realistic observation. Disney does not have the power to force this shit on to TRU. You obviously have issues with SW and Disney. You have no clue about the reasons for TRU going out of business. Star Wars has very little impact on the bankruptcy of the chain. It's been a crappy chain for years and the clearance prices they currently have are not any better than their Christmas sale pricing. They are still making a profit trying to pay down debt.
    Your philosophy of sections that are historically present in the store is long antiquated. You really are clueless.