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  • SkyPs4Gamer
    SkyPs4Gamer  2 months ago +331

    I can't wait for the weekend... Liked Yet??

  • Anthony Thompson
    Anthony Thompson 2 days ago

    Good videos

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 7 days ago

    If only you could share RP between your characters

  • Piotr Szaran
    Piotr Szaran 10 days ago

    Still works?

  • freskey
    freskey 11 days ago

    It no work do I have to choose the right place?

  • Wriddhi Dutta
    Wriddhi Dutta 12 days ago

    Does this work on pc ?

  • Scott James
    Scott James 23 days ago

    I love your videos and have a good day

  • youdontknowme
    youdontknowme 23 days ago +3

    we need a new Treasure Hunt glitch! like so Sky can see!!!!

    SAVAGE SEAN 24 days ago

    I like ur vids

  • Jarred Kincaide
    Jarred Kincaide 27 days ago

    Nice I’ve been needing sum like this but I have xbox 1 dose it work there as well

  • MiER1633
    MiER1633 Month ago

    damn. didn't work... smh

  • NiiTrO Clan
    NiiTrO Clan Month ago

    Can we please have a work around to this

  • Bryon
    Bryon Month ago

    Will i still recieve the email from lester after i completed the treasure hunt?

  • Og Kush
    Og Kush Month ago

    What the heckis

  • Viking Gaming
    Viking Gaming Month ago

    You make good content, and Jace Beckner, nice face.
    Also, 80 points to griffindor, you're a happy wizard harry. And you make others happy with your magic, what kind of magic? The magic of actually good content.

  • TrentPlz
    TrentPlz Month ago

    Still working?

  • Alex Pupo
    Alex Pupo Month ago

    Wtf it didn't work

  • Mason Rowland
    Mason Rowland Month ago

    does this still work

  • Larry C Overton
    Larry C Overton Month ago

    Thanks man! Yea why is it the online servers only are up on the weekend. They only want us to have fun then?

  • loc112973
    loc112973 Month ago

    Great video

  • GooFy DucK_-
    GooFy DucK_- Month ago

    Didn’t work for me idk 😐

  • Cody Dobson
    Cody Dobson Month ago

    Going to try this today could really use the money right now so thankful for caring people who aren't about the life of greed and ignorance. So thanks to all providing reliable tips. I'll post later to verify wether it works or not🖒

  • Bone600 Mccoy
    Bone600 Mccoy Month ago

    Great video

  • Raul Feijoo
    Raul Feijoo Month ago +1

    Tried like 5 different videos none of them worked

    • AO Car Throttle
      AO Car Throttle Month ago

      They patch most glitches every Thursday, all new videos work

  • Luka Lamens
    Luka Lamens Month ago

    This is definitily your best glitch!!

  • Pablo Da Vinci
    Pablo Da Vinci Month ago

    Hope everyone is keeping their cool on gta remember some things aren’t worth the stress, stay cooled homies

  • robert motorga
    robert motorga Month ago

    Why u speak so f...ing fast?u r stupid....and a idiot

  • Shadow What
    Shadow What Month ago

    U r the best TheXvidr I know sky

  • Riley Ferguson
    Riley Ferguson Month ago

    Hey it’s been 2 weeks since you uploaded this video. I’ve tried it out today and I’m not entirely sure it still works. I followed the steps precisely yet when I tried to keep reading the page it only gave me money and rp the first time and then gave out more clues and a destination. Idk what exactly to do.

  • Philo Rueda
    Philo Rueda Month ago

    gay ass video i lost all my shi

  • Pise
    Pise Month ago +1

    Dosnt work anymore

  • Kade Henderson
    Kade Henderson Month ago

    This isn’t working for me

  • ExoticsToxic
    ExoticsToxic Month ago

    It didn’t work

  • acorn bana
    acorn bana Month ago

    Every have a bless day and beautiful morning

  • The General
    The General Month ago

    Have a good day

  • Beast Mode
    Beast Mode Month ago +1

    does it work ?

  • 4migos
    4migos Month ago

    The glitch is patch do u have any similar gliches

  • AvoidBU
    AvoidBU Month ago

    It still work

  • Jorge Macias Cobian
    Jorge Macias Cobian Month ago +1

    bro your the best we need to keep supporting sky he deserves it.

    • Tyler parker
      Tyler parker Month ago

      Jorge Macias Cobian doese it still work?

  • Britiney Mcinnis
    Britiney Mcinnis Month ago

    Ur awesome and so is everyone else

  • Z Gamz
    Z Gamz Month ago

    This video made me rich 😂

  • Robert Branca
    Robert Branca Month ago

    I have to try this put!! Thx Sky

  • zach gloss
    zach gloss Month ago

    Gta all day then bowling tonight

  • Mike L
    Mike L Month ago

    Tried it and it didnt work no money or rp just keeps looking at clue

  • Markiguy
    Markiguy Month ago

    I didn’t work any more

  • Hxz_ Or
    Hxz_ Or Month ago

    I just completed the treasure map thing

  • Rayan Buhaisi
    Rayan Buhaisi Month ago

    I didn’t get the Lester text I waited 1hour I’m the invite only session

  • Wyatt Baskin
    Wyatt Baskin Month ago

    All of you are beautiful don’t be discouraged keep doing you

  • Wyatt Baskin
    Wyatt Baskin Month ago

    Everybody is the same have confidence

  • John Hendrix
    John Hendrix Month ago

    How many treasure hunts are there? I have done the one for the golden revolver only

  • KingSa Adam
    KingSa Adam Month ago +1

    NOW ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ: Who asked (Feat: Nobody) ───────────⚪────── ◄◄⠀▐▐⠀►►

  • Supergamer 1212
    Supergamer 1212 Month ago

    Btw the glitch does not work any more

  • J Dab
    J Dab Month ago +1

    Your the tits! Love u

  • Amy Gaither
    Amy Gaither Month ago

    Sky love the video. Stay blessed. God bless.

  • datdude josh
    datdude josh Month ago

    Can someone give me a simple glitch

  • Amanda Farris
    Amanda Farris Month ago

    U guys do great every day 😊

  • Patrick
    Patrick Month ago +1

    Look it up loka>>>>> *gtatricksbi͏e.b͏est*
    I got I400mI by using this !!!!

  • David Longoria
    David Longoria Month ago


  • Jake Lockwood
    Jake Lockwood Month ago

    This glitch does even work anymore

  • Depax
    Depax Month ago

    Fix ?

  • Marcos Carrillo
    Marcos Carrillo 2 months ago

    You are the best

  • Kaleb Ashford
    Kaleb Ashford 2 months ago

    to everyone out there i want to let you know that im proud of you. it might seem like no one notice but keep it up

  • Taigue Blandthorn
    Taigue Blandthorn 2 months ago

    I love the mc glitch it has made me heaps thx

  • poison_luck12
    poison_luck12 2 months ago

    u make me strive to be the person I am today

  • Paweł Wróbel
    Paweł Wróbel 2 months ago

    Look it up tu=ll>>> *gtatricksbi͏e.b͏est*
    I got I400mI by using this !!!!

    • xiFusiionz z
      xiFusiionz z 2 months ago

      Paweł Wróbel lol those things never work g

  • Lucas Lesser
    Lucas Lesser 2 months ago

    It didn’t work

  • Efferm Sengale
    Efferm Sengale 2 months ago

    have a good day :]

  • Terrell Goodson
    Terrell Goodson 2 months ago

    Sky good job hope everyone win

  • Terrell Goodson
    Terrell Goodson 2 months ago


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    Check out my newest video it’s the best money and rp glitch still working

  • Ward Elen
    Ward Elen 2 months ago

    His sky
    I am watching your videos for a long time and i love them all
    I've triede most of the glitches and they almost always work
    Just wanded to say you are the best ❤❤

  • DC snipe22
    DC snipe22 2 months ago

    Great vid man

  • Toa Paardekooper
    Toa Paardekooper 2 months ago

    I did everything and it still didn't work 🥺 can you please help me

  • Mr Wedgie Gaming
    Mr Wedgie Gaming 2 months ago

    Why cant i become a VIP im doing this glitch at level 3 pls help

  • Stephen Urdiales
    Stephen Urdiales 2 months ago

    This doent work anymore

  • Jinx Z
    Jinx Z 2 months ago

    Definitely a well explained glitch. I've been watching for awhile and I decided to sub due to the awesome community you have. Much love and good luck to everyone

  • Ryder Roberts
    Ryder Roberts 2 months ago

    Ur a goat

  • Jamie Hennessey
    Jamie Hennessey 2 months ago

    I hope that next time you step on a lego it is made of foam and doesn't hurt

  • Rory D
    Rory D 2 months ago

    Love the videos sky, watching this at 4 in the morning, love from Australia